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Ted Ginn: Kick Return Football

Ted Ginn: Kick Return Football

DoubleTap Software

99% of players can't score 50 points!

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Positive Reviews in Most Helpful

98.3% Positive Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Noah S

    I love this game! Except for the fact that the blockers can only move forward and do a better job at blocking the returner than the OTHER TEAM. And, the Legend III level is impossible to win at! Other than that, great game.

  • Good game but the screens before the game look like it was made by a 2 year old

    by Derp😿👪😙😢😢😢😠😜😞😝👪

    The game its self is a great time waster but the cover screen and where you can upgrade stuff looks a 2 year old made it that would 1 of the things to work on the other one would be to make everything more fast pace and have more action cause it looks like everyone is going in slow mo and that isn’t that realistic but other than that this is a great game that I would continue playing.

  • by Paul Menzel

    it's a fun game. It takes a little bit to get used to and I didn't understand in the beginning the whole Stars concept but after I figured everything out it was great. Even the ads you can exit out of them at any time

  • This game is a lot like Ted Ginn

    by PhinsForce

    This game is a lot like ted ginn, it’s not a first round talent but comes from a great family so you’re gonna give it a shot. You don’t need to be Cam Cameron to make it work you’ll be disappointed after two seasons because all you can do is return kicks a la Ted Ginn Jr. point is not worth a first round pick but entertaining enough to stick around in your phone because of the excitement it creates every once in a while

  • by Doarnell R Jackson

    This is a very good time waster, I could play this game for a very good while. graphics on the other hand are not that good, but then why should it be? The only thing "in my opinion is the challenge as I progress through the game. This my first time playing so my opinion does not count for much as of yet. But as I play more Inam sure I will have a lot to say about this game. Stay tuned!

  • How it goes for me

    by Missacm

    I think it’s harder when I go right up the middle but then when I run on the sideline no one can catch me so can you make a new update or something? I wish it was like this in real life for me though and the game isn’t bud and I like! Also I love football so can you keep making more football games pls!?! Ohh I almost forgot can you make the defenders faster?

  • by Phillip Williams

    Greatest hand held football game ever and would have been cool if this one was available back in the day i have had no issues playing it the graphics and sound are pretty descent if your looking for hand held football this is the one.

  • Okay game

    by Lfghdhguhhgg

    This game is good but not amazing this game has one problem you should make it where you could control him with a joystick and you be able to see what the guy is seeing but other then that this game is pretty good oh yea one more thing this game should have more jerseys and more endzone colors but other then that this game is pretty good and good by people thank you for reading this comment

  • by Art James

    Wow awesome game. Take Me out of my bored day and make it a lol exciting from time to time. I enjoy the running the thinking fast and the cash to build my team. The fans in the stand love me. The cheer each time I get the ball. What great Fans. I'm hungry. Lol rate that.

  • Fun for awhile

    by Jojonovich

    This app is fun for like the first 20 levels or so. Then you have to re-play levels you already passed in order to advance. It gets petty dumb at that point. Honestly, the game itself isn't really structured all that well. The equipment you earn is only "relatively" effective. If you look closely, as you buy equipment, the units of power/speed etc. also raise on the next "team" you can buy. In other word it's a racket.

  • by A Google user

    Good fun. No need to pay for in app purchases, you can win without them (might need to watch some ads for points though)

  • A awesome game

    by moderngamer101

    I love it I got gin in one day I’ve had it for years on different devices but I wish it would have more tournaments I’ve beat the game many times and this is my second day on this device and almost done I want months of fun not a week plz add mor tournaments thank you

  • by Wayne Steinmassl

    more information on comtrols. like can.u switchroutes. need to show how to change a route after it was cjosen.

  • Incredible

    by JeckSapticAye

    This game is really well done for what it is. While I would appreciate more of a joystick feature to make it easier to turn and juke it is still really fun and takes a good amount of strategy and is really fun to waste time with!

  • by greg knepp

    lots of fun need to add a button to clear all stats and stars and you can start over to try to beat previous stats! that would be cool

  • For everyone to you Play

    by jerbe eb

    This game might be old but it’s a pretty good game I play it a lot when I’m bored you try to keeping wining the championship and it keeps getting harder and harder if you are a football fan you should try out this game. 🔥

  • by Christiana BossLady

    it is the best game it's the best football game I ever played I like it I want to play some more and more until I get better and get a million dollars because it's so good I love the game the football game was so good that I could go play it right now without of a talker yeah it's okay that's why I've been with it all these days I'm so good at it I'm so good cuz I've been playing for a long time before I even play this I've been playing on some different apps now that's the best one so I'm going

  • Fun but poorly setup

    by Taobg

    This game is so addicting its not even funny. Its really fun, but i think you should be able to earn more money for championships because its really hard to earn 65,000$ to get a player when you win barely any money. <—— way too many ads also.

  • by Dusten Balentine

    I would have given it 5 stars if it had more levels. I finished the game in just a few hours of playing over a couple of days. once you beat all the levels it's time to delete unless you guys come up with something a little more challenging

  • It’s addictive if you like football

    by abenson29

    It’s a really fun game it’s easy and addictive only thing needs to work on is how sensitive it is when your drawing the line for your guy to run but other than that it’s awesome 5 stars from me

  • by Kristen Weaver

    The game is different its more of a make your own play and create different plays just by putting your finger on your device and drawing the play so the game is a really good and fun game accept for the ads its a good game.

  • Great all-around game

    by IUman15

    The point and time system is fair, controls are simple and easy to work, and the game its self just runs smoothly. The only bad thing is that the blockers are too expensive, but this is a great game.

  • by Levi Sablack

    let's go baby girl is going to the gym now I am not going to the gym now I am not going to the gym now I am not going to the gym now I am not going to the gym now I am not going anywhere for you guys doing anything for the day I can see you in my head hurts so bad I don't think you should come out to eat with my 👪 and friends that have a nice time in jail or a 👧 that is so good and I will try my hardest not to bad for him but I'm sure I have no 💡 where that at least one more day and 🌃 for a a

  • Always fun

    by Jj kj22

    This game was fun and all that but is there any chance that you could make the defenders move faster? It would also be awesome if you could let the kick returner move through the defenders?

  • by A Google user

    i like it...i love football and this app make it simple to play...just as easy as texting

  • Fun time waster!

    by MKrafka

    This game is alot of fun! Plenty of points can be accumulated in free play to improve your players enough to play on. The one issue I do have is that I would like to be able to go back and play in leagues already won. Other than that great game!

  • by A Google user

    This is a great game to play like you are drawing and playing football at the same time and like we ate the coach telling the play's

  • Best game ever

    by rudhcudsis

    This is the best game ever and I want one thing every time I try to make a touchdown there is always one person that is in the way please make it where your team gets out of the way thanks

  • by Mark Briguglio

    Simple gameplay but a blast to kill time. I would like to see a more complex upgrade system to enhance the gameplay but overall very fun.

  • Best time waster for football junkies

    by deadscot

    Easy play everywhere to pick up for a couple minutes here and the waiting on the wife and kids.

  • by Moe Money

    there should be a defensive play of action as well but above all great response and maneuverability

  • Score!

    by nitramj34

    This game is a really fun way to pass the time. Play it for a couple minutes or a couple of hours. Anytime you just need a football fix.

  • by Darlene Richardson

    I think it's a great experience for me because I love football and it's just a great game ☺😊😄 .So if you have a love for 🏈🏉 then you will 💙 this game

  • Great game

    by Bucster1

    I would've given it 5 stars,but,I have a few concerns. 1. The free video points keep disappearing ,and those points are a necessity for upgrades. 2. The championship games are set to high . Don't get me wrong I understand the need for the challenge , but 90 points is a little to high . 3. There needs to be a way to change the opponents jersey colors. It get really monotonous seeing the same uniforms. But overall it's an awesome time playing . Keep fixing the bugs and so forth to make it better.

  • by A Google user

    getting to learn it but its a cool game fun to play if you need get your mind of something

  • I’m still having fun with this game.

    by Bennyboy2121

    Repetitive, but fun. The power ups keep me coming back. It’s fun watching my team get better. It won’t let me aquire more than 15 stars, I’m not sure why I can’t get the necessary 21 stars to advance. Stuck on superstar II

  • by A Google user

    I love this game it's a really nice game you don't have a limit for how much letters it's so 😎cool it's really easy

  • Not bad for a phone game!

    by Zirish

    I think for what it's worth the game is entertaining and worth the play. It will be better when you can outfit your teams colors!

  • by Bryn Davies

    Great. good fun but rewarding, and gets tougher as you go through.

  • What a fun time

    by Bored choch

    I was just sitting around one evening thinking , “Oh golly I’m bored. I wonder if there is a game that could quench my boredom.” Then I saw it. Ted Gunn kick returner. I was instantly hooked. I have had an oh-so-good time playing this game.

  • Fix the bugs!

    by Buckrogersrn

    Pretty neat game, but it won’t let you advance until you collect 3 stars in each tournament, which I’ve done 58 times. Still can’t advance to the next level.... same tournament gets boring after awhile. Fix the bugs!

  • My career

    by KamW31

    I love football but I got a concussion and I can’t play until 7th and this makes me happy to play a football go. Thx for making to game From Kameron wilkinson

  • One of the best football games I’ve ever played!

    by Dk542

    I have played a lot of football games in my life, but there is nothing like this game! It’s very easy to play, handle, and control! FIVE STAR GAME

  • fun to play

    by Timsblogs

    get upgrades and easy to learn and play. A great football game when your bored. Ads are mostly optional and help in upgrading player.

  • Amazing

    by Yyyyytyyyytyt

    You're so good if you played it today you'll never get bored no joke it'll buster eardrums out I'm kidding it's not loud at all it just has some good music and some good tunes

  • Awesome game

    by The jacksons 12534

    This game is the best I tell you. It is so freakin fun. It keeps me occupied for hours and hours. You think of your own name and really see the kick and. You receive!! So awesome!

  • Even though I hate the NFL this is fun.

    by Tim's List

    This is way better than watching the stupid NFL players.

  • Good but limited

    by xxbuttheadxx

    This game is good other than the fact that the game is kinda limited with players you can get but other than that I suggest playing this game

  • Fun

    by hallboyz06

    It’s addicting and all that but u should make one game where you have you own team and actually intercept the ball:)

  • The end

    by Way it went

    When I I played it is fun in all but who knows what happens when you finish the game you did everything right well nothing

  • The best game ever

    by cheesy comidian

    I love this game my team has won every game and I wish we could customize the number and name on our jerseys

  • It's amazing

    by YolkyJoker622

    You can goof around and do circles and its easy controls I recommend it if you like football

  • Quick

    by Goboom

    Not a complex game. Short levels, perfect for when you’re on the toilet.

  • Addicting

    by Pretty Lew

    Wish they included kickoff and make all the players dance when scoring. Other than that, great game.

  • Ours of fun

    by HiRSK Agent E

    Our of cognitive fun and development. I wish the game have more levels. Even if we had to pay for it.

  • Great way to pass the time

    by wallyhush

    Straight forward levels and awards. You can learn to improve to get more awards.

  • Needs New Stages

    by Mr. Low battery

    I beat all stages 3 stars where are the new challenges. Used to play this all time going to work!

  • Best football game

    by LuckyBucky222

    Amazing game even tho my friends say it has been out since 2nd grade and we are in high school

  • This game is awesome

    by T Jass for life

    This game is so much fun and I want to play it 24/7! Great idea on making this game! So addicting and so much fun! This game is one of my favorite games ever! #bestgameever

  • Great game

    by Afigsggffdxchj

    Love the game haven’t been any glitches so far which I thought would happen

  • Prettt fun

    by BamBam1820

    It's good to play when your just looking for some fun, not something that's gonna be a forever game but can play over and over if you want!

  • Good game for killing a few minutes

    by Agragg

    I enjoy this one in small doses. Been playing for years, and it never gets old.

  • So fun!

    by This Nicjname is taken

    I could spend hours playing this! Please update with new levels!

  • Great game, gets repetitive after a while

    by Coolyoto

    So much fun, and the upgrades are awesome. Gets kinda boring after long play sessions however

  • Ease your football craving with this..

    by MoonManEnt

    Lots of fun.. just wish you could do real juke moves to make opponents miss.

  • Kick return

    by noajh

    Kick return is beast but that should let you be first person and play

  • I like it

    by Norman2006 7

    I is really fun to play the game is awesome because you get to choose were you go

  • Best football game I've played

    by The guy who wants the update

    I love it, but can you add more games and maybe limit the ads?

  • Addictive.

    by ShadowWr1ter

    Very fun. I recommend to anyone who has no life and will sit on their couch playing this for hours.

  • Field goals

    by A Wild Apex

    You should have to buy field goal kickers and they should have different percentages for making it like 20 percent or 47

  • Fortnite

    by Lil clipet

    Fortbite battle royals is a great game and I strongly agree you get this game. Also if any of you have lamps please hide them from the moths thx

  • Good game

    by Slick Billy KaP

    Still figuring a few things out but not a bad way to kill some minutes between appointments.

  • Kick Return

    by Roman Devitt

    It is a nice thing to play when you have time to kill. Game is entertaining.

  • Good but could be better

    by Blockking

    Option to have 2 return men would be cool. Laterals and reverses with that would be next level.

  • Quality

    by HarryPotterMan7805

    This game has assume quality and I love to play it when I don't feel like playing Madden on my PS4. It is a great game with a lot of potential.

  • Bets game ever could need work

    by Dinosaur beast

    Need work on the graphics players and new features and like online too

  • Its lit big fella

    by Da best critique

    Its is the holy grail of games it is lit bro but u should also get madden mobile it is ten times better than this

  • One of the easiest games I have played

    by Drosz22

    It is a easy game for anyone who plays it and it is fun

  • Cool!!

    by bromark50

    This is a fun app. Have enjoyed it from the get go. Highly recommend giving it a try.

  • I love you

    by fththcb cghm

    His game is the best game of the list. I did a lot of one it is very funny because there’s not a lot of bridges .

  • ITS LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    by MemeMaster65

    I've had this game for a while and it's still really fun it passes time really well so I recommend this game

  • Fun little game!

    by Sharbs250

    If you have a few spare minutes to kill this is the perfect game.

  • Fun and addicting game👍

    by jr803

    This is the best football game on the app store. Has a lot of interesting content and great graphics.

  • Beast mode

    by jjjjjalowe

    Sure God thank you for this day thank you for writing me you do for us asked by

  • Coolest game ever

    by NateDoggbby

    I like this game because it is really easy to control and we can get more touchdowns

  • So cool

    by deethreetime

    I love this game so much I wish I was working with y'all that's how much I love it thank you for making this game

  • Good game

    by DON3690753

    It is very fun😀 but all you have to do to get 3 points is to get in field goal range it may seem easy at first but it gets harder

  • Read this

    by huskyshark16

    It's a fun time waster but could use some better graphics

  • Great

    by bdydkdksysusjdh

    What a game. Great mechanics. I rate this 5 stars, because you can upgrade, and not many adds

  • Kick returner

    by M Burk

    This game is so much fun it is perfect for a road trip because it makes time fly

  • Fun but expensive

    by packers boy 12

    The game is fun it's self but some of the upgrades and players are to expensive

  • I love the game

    by Tons of hits

    The best thing is that I can see all these pictures

  • Cool game

    by T-King 79

    This game is addicting. It's easy and fun to play as a pass time. I like all the levels and customizations of the jersey and stuff. My only suggestion is to make the game a little more realistic.

  • Love it

    by mr little guy

    This game is so lit and easy and you don’t have to waist time kicking field goals

  • I love tedd gin kick return

    by go teed gin

    I like Playing teed gin kick return because the graphics look real and is really really really fun

  • biggest baller

    by Cfhsnjjs

    This game is for the biggest ballers and you can only win if you’re cool

  • Hella achievements

    by cfjxiii

    While playing this game I kept getting a lot of achievements just from playing and it’s a little addicting

  • Kick return

    by Pimp1520

    Fun and easy to play helps to keep kids entertained

  • Ted gin

    by Ghfctg

    Amazing game to enjoy when you layer back chilling and some music to help you focus on it better 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Review

    by 73583728

    Good game. I just don’t like that you draw lines and he has to follow them. I wish you could hold and drag. I also don’t like that it’s pay to win.

  • This game is awesome

    by Zach Ullery

    Although the terrible grapics, this game is very addicting and doesn't make you rage. I love it

  • Simple & time consuming

    by Falupa496027

    Great game very simple concept and start any go whenever you want.

  • Because it’s easy

    by so easy to scoor

    It’s so easy I can make touchdowns a lot

  • Really good game

    by codsgames

    It’s a awsome game pls make another football game kinda like madden but update the graphics on this game

  • Fun

    by Wkheathjr

    Fun to play. Few bugs but just restart the app and that resolve the issue.

  • From Bronson Bates

    by bucky23buckets

    This is the best game I’ve ever played. I just wish you could play defense and offense

  • Omg best game ever

    by ericjone33

    I play this game like 1 hour a day it is so fun!!!!! You get to get coaches and things, and get the championship ring! It is so cool!

  • Good

    by Brand noy

    Well it was good though even though you cannot hack it just kidding but make more Ted Ginn Jr games

  • Aright

    by fjfjfmoney

    It annoying when he runs past the ball

  • Kick return

    by hrrhdjdejsj

    The game is good but I’m only doing this because I missed a star

  • The best game ever

    by fame feat

    This game is so fun it’s like when you are in your favorite place ever that’s how fun it is

  • Had it for years

    by cramalam

    This game is fun I’ve always loved special teams lol

  • I love this game

    by jako122

    Very fun and most people say oh they are forced to say that but no this game is great for football season

  • Love this game

    by AnkleShakerboii3

    This game is amazing I can’t wait to play against other players

  • Amazing

    by TurboBeast85

    Amazing and addicting so good just fantastic you really can't describe it in words

  • Awesome Fun

    by Challenge11111

    This game rocks. It's challenging but not so difficult you want to stop playing

  • Easy pass time.

    by BOZM58

    Great game when your bored.

  • Review on Ted gin kr

    by Ima gay boy

    It’s very smooth and it is a god game to keep kids busy but it needs quite music

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Chuck'quez Edwards

    it was cool 😎👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • by Robert Collins


  • by judyb Fine

    fun game but can you make a game just like this but to when you can play offense and defense.

  • by Andria JACKSON

    every fun

  • by Brayden Blade

    i love it

  • by Tom Thumb

    very fun. sometimes doesn't reward field gial points.

  • by Jayden Turner


  • by Craig Walker

    great game

  • I love this game

    by jdhejdjdbrjsjdh

    I love rateing This game

  • Great

    by bdydkdksysusjdh

    What a game. Great mechanics. I rate this 5 stars, because you can upgrade, and not many adds

  • Best

    by ctchig p vbco iv

    It is intense game

  • Football

    by albeeyo

    I love the game

  • Awesome.

    by Djdozier


  • Fun game u made

    by slialm

    Cool game

  • Happy

    by lilgreenj


  • Jaws

    by ajoabshatsvsbauau


  • For everyone to you Play

    by jerbe eb

    This game might be old but it’s a pretty good game I play it a lot when I’m bored you try to keeping wining the championship and it keeps getting harder and harder if you are a football fan you should try out this game. 🔥

  • Love it

    by Ail'a

    It’s fun

  • Great strategic game

    by Jimbog76

    Favorite game rn

  • Raw

    by homeDPowe

    This game is DOPE!!

  • This is good if you like being challenged

    by loodhound

    Good good good good good good good good good Google Google Google good

  • Best game ever

    by camdakid23

    This game is so awesome it gives me some thing to do for hours u should download 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🤣🤣😄🤣🤣🤣😄😄😄😄😄😄😃😄😄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😄🤣🤣🤣😄🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Great

    by niggajiggy



    by yhbgjgdtrdg

    Too good to not play A GREAT job on the making the graphics are incredible

  • Ffffv

    by fgghvbb

    Frfhjjjggggggggg tyttggggggggg

  • Good game

    by jaynope34

    I love it

  • Yeah’ mutha Yeah!

    by Mike8842

    We be playin it right. You can to


    by Ur blind


  • Ashton

    by uc cuff


  • Yeet

    by Ryan Follmar


  • Cool

    by tongfam

    Dope app

  • Love this game!!!

    by WWE fan for lige

    It is the best football game I’ve playin in a while

  • Sure

    by dggddyugdchj


  • Best game ever

    by love this game🤘🏾👏😻

    This is the best game ever and it fun go play

  • Fun!!!

    by Patty-m3lt

    Great time killer!

  • Nathanp2004

    by nathanpeeler2004

    I love this gameeeee

  • Kick returner

    by M Burk

    This game is so much fun it is perfect for a road trip because it makes time fly

  • Good

    by Nooch713

    It fun to play

  • 👍🏻

    by ⛳️⛳️🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️🏆🏆


  • Fun

    by Tttyji


  • Donof6494

    by donof6494


  • Fun

    by wyattkline

    Really fun

  • G

    by Choleward


  • Kick return

    by Cricket fan 1971

    Good game no bugs

  • Julio6969

    by juliiooo6969


  • The end

    by Way it went

    When I I played it is fun in all but who knows what happens when you finish the game you did everything right well nothing

  • Fun app

    by Dc1137

    Fun app fun game 🏈

  • Cool

    by chief2-4-69

    Fun game

  • Jj

    by 1taketray_


  • What a fun time

    by Bored choch

    I was just sitting around one evening thinking , “Oh golly I’m bored. I wonder if there is a game that could quench my boredom.” Then I saw it. Ted Gunn kick returner. I was instantly hooked. I have had an oh-so-good time playing this game.

  • Ok

    by NickColwell

    This game is alright but inaccurate

  • good

    by jjdingerboy

    it’s pretty fun

  • ROBLOX 2

    by enyerly

    Get clothes and stuff and take all games and crate you game

  • Ted Ginn

    by Kylie312

    I Like It

  • Great all-around game

    by IUman15

    The point and time system is fair, controls are simple and easy to work, and the game its self just runs smoothly. The only bad thing is that the blockers are too expensive, but this is a great game.

  • Anybody that hates it is queer

    by T_Dono

    This game is so much fun, anybody that says it’s not is either gay, or a moth that’s missing a lamp

  • Amazing

    by jjdkex


  • Cool

    by bendkidhdhdhduidjd


  • Kick return

    by Ceeday 0

    It’s great

  • Great game, a classic

    by sudjsjjsj


  • Good

    by BraydenDaBest


  • Slske

    by ffggjkdsr


  • O ya

    by P_aII

    Best game ever

  • Good

    by fkhgrry


  • Ted Ginn

    by coolio coolio dilly

    Most awesome game ever!

  • Very good

    by Hdzhsbbah

    Very good game

  • Fun

    by cornoncobyumnum


  • I like it

    by leahmoney with curry

    I like it but it could be better

  • Great

    by bobbyjimmy101



    by jak3nbak3

    Good time killer

  • The

    by dhslgdpanckahx

    It’s ok sass

  • Great fun

    by lkat88

    Great game for time burning

  • Ted Ginn Kick Return

    by Reviewer2913

    Very fun game. Addicting

  • Football

    by luxtim

    Like easy tho

  • Ted Ginn kick return

    by ttg.t3z

    I love it 🥶🥶🥶

  • Really great game

    by sandy sandy cheeks

    To whoever is reading this , this game is legit an amazing game

  • Good

    by 400Hermit

    Fun all the way 1 game ever

  • Best title ever

    by Family Guy Fanatic 21

    I have used this game for almost a year and just realised it is ted ginn. I love the saints and this game

  • It’s great

    by mrs ayotte

    It’s an amazing game that doesn’t need WiFi I’m addicted

  • Ted Ginn awesome!

    by hdhdhedhhdhe

    Best game ever

  • Good game

    by Apet11

    All in all it is a good game but there are some kinks to fix.Like right now I am trying to unlock the Pro Tournament and you have to earn 3 stars.I think that once you finish the tournament before that you unlock the next tournament or you have to score so many points in a game or something (Example Score 25 points in one game.). But it is a pretty good game. Alex P.

  • Awesome

    by idontknowmyname2026

    Great game

  • fun game

    by LhdXbjkkj

    very fun game

  • Good game

    by reddead2008

    This games amazing but ted Ginn not even a kick returner and 59000 really little over priced don’t you think?

  • Aright

    by fjfjfmoney

    It annoying when he runs past the ball

  • Good good ooooo

    by seltzerwater44

    Game is good good oooooo

  • yup

    by Zion Neat


  • Ted Ginn return

    by viking jr

    Fun game I really enjoy playing this game

  • Bam

    by bam bob shockalocka

    Good game

  • Trash

    by roblox nerd 2007


  • Best game

    by dyyfyfyc

    This game is amazing but the game is so good it is addictive

  • Game is legit!

    by lions_eyes

    Too legit, too legit to quit. Can’t put this game down. Reminds me of me lol

  • 3 1/2

    by Hitthequan20

    It’s pretty good game overall not to many ads either

  • Pretty fun!

    by ChadV.

    I enjoy this game.

  • Mikey007

    by Omar_munoz

    It’s a fun game

  • Awesome

    by asdfqwertyuooklp

    I love the quality and creativity of the game. This made my day

  • Game

    by Sure major rock

    It’s not bad

  • Heyyyy

    by #Run3Best

    It’s literally the best so thx for makin it and sub to PewDiePie

  • Great

    by 08 Shelby gt 500

    Time killer.

  • Best game ever

    by TReyGod_yt

    This come is the bast football game ever

  • Yee

    by Amazing car man 4778899223


  • J05m

    by jo05m

    It’s great

  • Title

    by Jackie McButt


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Ted Ginn: Kick Return Football

Ted Ginn: Kick Return Football

4.5 100K+ Reviews