Ted Ginn: Kick Return Football

Ted Ginn: Kick Return Football

DoubleTap Software

Draw your route to the endzone!

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  • Mar 8, 2020

    By Darrin Hayden
    Great game. I win so much I consider myself the "best ever" at it. I am at $336,221.00 and I complete the quarterfinals, semifinals,and the championship every time to collect my winnings. I average 20 x3 games a day. I am really the best ever now. Zag strategy and puzzle strategy are the strategies I use the most. (Five stars)
  • Jun 1, 2020

    By Quintin Reed
    Its fun esay to play. It seems you get stuck at a certain level and that as far as you can get.
  • Good game but the screens before the game look like it was made by a 2 year old Feb 25, 2018

    By Derp😿👪😙😢😢😢😠😜😞😝👪
    The game its self is a great time waster but the cover screen and where you can upgrade stuff looks a 2 year old made it that would 1 of the things to work on the other one would be to make everything more fast pace and have more action cause it looks like everyone is going in slow mo and that isn’t that realistic but other than that this is a great game that I would continue playing.
  • May 10, 2020

    By Ruairi Steverson
    This game is great. Everything you have to do do is easy though, so I would add different levels of experiences