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Tandem Language Exchange: Speak & learn languages

Tandem Language Exchange: Speak & learn languages

Tripod Technology GmbH

Learn, study, and master any language for free by chatting with native speakers

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

14.2% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by The Reza

    I am not getting one point. I wanted to open account and its been one month still my application is not accepted. Why you guys take such a long time. If you guys do not wanna accept account then at least inform it. Do not keep us wait. At least reject immediately. I do not wanna rate you low and will rate high only if my problem get solved. Thanks

  • by Viktor Tsiolkovsky

    "you may wait for 7 days", turned into wait for more than 3 months and nothing. my application hasnt been "looked into" no invite. hadnt even gotten a chance to use the app once. thanks for wasting my time

  • Every app is Tinder when you’re a toxic dudebro.

    by paperpoppet

    When signing up for the app there are several warnings that this is “NOT A DATING APP” and threats of lifetime bans should this or other rules be violated. With such strong warnings I foolishly thought there was no need to toggle the “my gender only” switch on when setting my account up. How very Pollyanna of me. Needless to say, my chat inbox immediately became so flooded with pathetic horndogs wanting to know where I live and if I have a boyfriend that I had to delete the account. Like, seriously. In less than two hours. “Safe” is apparently a relative concept. So, women, do yourself a favor and hit that “my gender only” switch as fast as you can. Or not. I actually improved my Spanish considerably in the two hours I spent finding creative ways to tell perverts to kick rocks. This app’s developers need to pull their heads out of the sand and include better filtering and blocking options.

  • by Vitor Hugo

    I used the app before and it's excellent. But I am not able to log in my account again. Because I deleted my Facebook and was registered with this. Now I want to create an account with the same email that I created the Facebook but now I want to create with Google and not Facebook. But the app says that it's already registered.

  • by Acariya

    Tandem just got even more wack as you have to upgrade to see peoples pictures. Next they'll probably make you upgrade before you can even message people. Weeeeaaaak!

  • Meh

    by q45923

    There are nice folks in this exchange community, and the two stars are for them. The app itself isn't great. The interface is fancy but lacks a lot of forethought. Here are some examples. There are few options for filtering. People disappear very rapidly from the app, so you need to be ready to start a conversation immediately. Audio clips are a bit counterproductive for communication. There's already a level of awkwardness in trying to speak in a language you don't know. Trading audio clips adds a new level of anxiety. The green "activity" indicator can mean anything from logged in to logged in three days ago. The app is also buggy: notifications are missed and the same people rotate in and out of the chat list.

  • Too many glitches

    by Ar401y

    I want to love this app but there are too many glitches that get in the way of fully enjoying it. For starters even though I have enabled the notifications, I don’t actually get any, so I’ll go days or hours without responding to one of my language partners. Secondly, more often than none the home page will freeze on me and I don’t have access to the app. I can click on any of the tabs or scroll up or down. It’s extremely frustrating. Usually I have to delete the app and re download it in order to get it to work. I’m hoping I can have these issues resolved before I’m forced to just delete the app permanently.

  • So disappointed

    by MellliDan

    I subscribed under my Facebook account and it was great (I was doing the trial). I deactivated my Facebook so my account closed off and I reopened with my email and accidentally subscribed as one year with the pro.... I emailed tandem to let them know I mistakenly did it and I wanted to see if I can change my subscription or cancel it and get reimbursed (I was almost sure I would become a pro member anyways). They went ahead, canceled my pro subscription and didn’t even reimburse me. So i paid for the pro but don’t have access to it! It’s such a shame, I was so happy with tandem and was even telling all my friends and family about it.

  • Worst Language App don’t waste your money

    by Free Speech Fan

    This is my third attempt to write a review. If it is not posted today i will write to every consumer control organization and Apple and have this app removed from iTunes. The app is total crap at best, at worst a scam to collect user information. 90% if the people on the app are not advanced language speakers. When you try to initiate an intelligent conversation about more than Babis and kitties, you are kicked off the app, although political discussion is one of the choices of discussion topics. You are then not refunded your money. I suspect this app is run by the Russian Internet Agency given their fascist viewpoints. It is a cheap language training platform for their agents. BEWARE!

  • Re think your marketing strategy

    by dontchasethesinged

    In an age where consumers want products asap, tandem makes you wait as soon as you sign up. Then gives you the option to access their services if you pay monthly. Now I would say you can integrate ai into your forms so you don’t have to go through 1 by 1 on your forms and match a partner. Though you offer a skip the line option tells me that you’re only making the users wait so they give in and pay for your service so they can access your service. I know you need money to run your business, but this is the utmost corrupt way... by throttling the free user to the point they pay for the service. Un installed.

  • Banned…for life? 😡👎🏽

    by Polarisphere

    There’s no way to validate any credibility of any reports. The company just processes them from face value, which by itself is invalid and unsound. There should be an investigation of both parties before any lifelong verdict is administered. Anyone can simply report anyone for fraudulent claims and that person can be blacklisted without any way to plead their innocence/defend themselves. It’s simply unfair this system of yours. Numbers aren’t enough justification here. Set up a probation/correctional period instead of banning any or everybody forever. Have them monetarily pay to regain access if that suits your business. Whatever! But this lifelong ban will definitely hurt your business in the long run.

  • Unable to sign in; support is useless

    by Davidmitcha

    I have been accepted into the community and have successfully registered. However I have been unable to sign in for nearly 3 weeks and have tried three times to get help from support. Each time I provide my OS build, app version, device type, etc. with a detailed description of steps taken to remedy the app. I’ve deleted it, resprung, restarted, reset network settings, restored the device... All support ever says is to restart, ignoring my detailed messages. As a developer, I’d like to speak to one of their tech staff because I know what the issue is but I haven’t been permitted to do so.

  • Staff Needs Improvement


    Honestly, I would give Tandem zero stars if I could. Their staff is very unprofessional when looking into cases. If you show love and kindness to people in app then come across someone who harasses you, you might as well be banned too in the eyes of Tandem staff! Tandem staff are even vague in their responses if you ask them for a clarification of things. Good luck improving your community unless you get your things figured out Tandem. I would NOT recommend this app for people looking for serious language learning as the staff have a hard time with their problem solving skills. You can get banned for doing nothing wrong whatsoever.

  • Blocked after signup

    by Friendlyoze

    Tried to sign up to this today but at the end of the onboarding was blocked from using the app. Ironically as I’m trying to learn german I have my phone set to german language so can’t understand the reasoning message (as it’s in German) and perhaps that is why I was blocked as I entered some information in that the app didn’t like during the onboarding, because I couldn’t really understand all the questions and was guessing a bit. So make sure you answer correctly or you might not be able to use the app

  • Good app...when it works

    by 122fountain3345

    This app is awesome when I'm actually able to use it, which is only about 5 minutes a day because it's constantly frozen. I will open the app and it will show the main page, then let me press the screen once and then I won't be able to press anything anymore. Or it will freeze in the middle of me typing out my messages. Probably going to delete soon if this doesn't get fixed because there's no point in having it since I can't use it.

  • “PRO” advertised games... Where are the games?

    by Desperately seeking 'Bones'

    I purchased the “PRO” version for the language games. I’m learning German and it says that German is offered to iPhone users (which I am). But, there is no tab or any indication that language games are offered. Where are the games??? I will be deleting my subscription if this isn’t fixed. Great app, and I only purchased the “PRO” version for those games. I won’t need to spend the money if they games are offered as advertised.

  • Stop showing features that aren’t available

    by Izz/e327

    Showing features that aren’t available is just frustrating your users. It doesn’t make me want to use it more. Also, stop making the app inconvenient on purpose and then giving the user to translate for a cost. I have been a user forever and it’s frustrating to see these features become paid features, especially for those who have used the app and shared it with their friends for years.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Juan Lopez

    los mensajes se demoran en llegar y la gente solo quiere conseguir citas, deberian quitar las fotos o cobrar por usar la App

  • Decepcionada

    by azu3123

    - Cuando te inscribes tardan una semana en aceptar la inscripción. - Cuando te inscribes escribes todos los datos que te piden y después te dejan la pantalla sin poder hacer nada, solo comerciales. - La mayoría de la gente solo desea practicar lo poco o mucho que ellos saben pero no les gusta aprender bien y enseñar menos. - Los usuarios te escriben y si no respondes te dicen groserías que no te queda de otra mas que bloquearlos pero ya la ofensa ya esta hecha y te decepcionas de gente tan grosera. - La gente es muy abusiva, te escriben o llaman usando tu idioma natal y después se acaba la charla y perdiste mucho tiempo y al final no aprendiste ni practicaste nada. - Y por último, te bloquean y no sabes la razón ya que como siempre la App solo te deja la pantalla en cero sin nada que puedas hacer, ni una opción te dán. Y todavía dicen si piensas que fue un error haberte bloqueado contáctanos. Y como se supone que los voy a contactar si solo te dejan la pantalla sin ninguna opción. La verdad pienso y lo he comprobado que aprendo más estudiando por mi propia cuenta que usando esta App. Aquí sólo pierdes el tiempo. Lo peor de todo es que te bloquean pero no eliminan tu información , tu perfil, tus fotos y eso es peligroso, mas aparte venden tu información ya que me desde que me inscribí me han estado llame y llame de números internacionales.

  • I’m so disappointed and I wasted my time

    by ,?!)(./-123&&@!?,

    It’s not helpful actually, I’ve been in it for a month now and all the people that I sent them messages: either they see it and doesn’t respond or they talk about anything but helping me learn the language I want which is French, I think it’s more like dating app, I sent messages to over than 20 people none of them helped me in practice the language, it’s really a disappointing app!

  • I just want to get in

    by jamisonann333

    I had this app last year and loved it but I deleted my account, now I created a new one and I’ve been waiting over a week to be accepted??? Seriously what is the point of that I just need to work on my arabic, it feels like mean girls are controlling this app.

  • Good concept, needs work

    by SAMFARR314

    Messaging is kind of buggy/goofy. Not a lot of people contact on here. Deleted account after 3 days because no one would respond to me. Developer, don’t bother responding to me.

  • Banned…for life? 😡👎🏽

    by Polarisphere

    There’s no way to validate any credibility of any reports. The company just processes them from face value, which by itself is invalid and unsound. There should be an investigation of both parties before any lifelong verdict is administered. Anyone can simply report anyone for fraudulent claims and that person can be blacklisted without any way to plead their innocence/defend themselves. It’s simply unfair this system of yours. Numbers aren’t enough justification here. Set up a probation/correctional period instead of banning any or everybody forever. Have them monetarily pay to regain access if that suits your business. Whatever! But this lifelong ban will definitely hurt your business in the long run.

  • I don’t use this app but It was paid

    by 코인주쩨욤

    I used this app only first time But Its paid today. what the heck? Please return my $34.99. I’m really uncomfortable

  • Not enough activity to make investment

    by Jest Saying

    Just didn’t get responses from all but two of about 25 requests from people. Seems most of the people are not there to learn conversation. I don’t see how investing any money in the app will make it better.

  • No support

    by Harveyreally

    In app or in App Store -even for paid users !

  • Used to connect my Facebook account

    by .바.보.

    I decided to delete my Facebook account and noticed that Tandem still sent emails to my Facebook email. Because I couldn’t login with the Facebook authorization, I tried email and apparently my email could not be found... but Tandem sends me emails. Then, I decided to register the email and received a verification link which told me I could login to the account using the email and password. That did not work, I’ve tried numerous times.


    by Mixatxcpl

    An app designed to learn a new language…to learn about other cultures….sounds great, right? Wrong. This app is so terribly flawed. And those that control it are even more flawed. It is supposed to be for language exchange and not for dating. However, the ads are of dating sites. I have even had ads containing nudity. I have seen numerous photos of shirtless men and girls posing in yoga pants with subjects such as ‘wanting to chat with hot guys’. I have reported these as well as reported profiles with photos concealing their identity (Tandem requires a face photo which is unimportant for learning a language). I was banned not once but twice. This means you are permanently banned for “breaking the rules”. What are these rules?? I have twice made dear friends and had numerous positive reviews. But if someone simply does not like something that you say…BOOM…you are banned. I was banned for someone reporting the photos of me were not me when they indeed were. And this report made me lose all of my connections. My photos were nothing special. They actually included me and my family. Yet someone said they are not me and suddenly I was deleted. No warning, just banned. However, when I have reported inappropriate profiles I was told the person would receive a warning. Twice having to start over with a new email and profile. It seems to me that this is controlled by someone that can permanently ban you for no substantial reason, explanation, or future conversation on the topic. To reconnect with my friends….I am NOW forced to do exactly what I was accused of which is to create a fake profile with fake photos. Ridiculous.

  • !!

    by Zhinooo

    Even One star is much, who can wait till 7 days!!

  • You're not going anywhere with this

    by AJohnsonSrbija

    Literally everyone is using this as a dating app. Everyone will open your messages and not reply. It's like pulling teeth to try to find a native speaker to practice with that'll actually carry out a conversation with you. This is pretty much just a waste of time. Might as well be tinder in disguise. Especially considering all the body pics people post on their profile...

  • Need qr codes linking to profiles and account names with links

    by Uevf

    Need a way to put qr code for others to get your account profile and a link or username within the app linking only to you

  • Tandem??

    by James Johnny

    Tandem used to be a good app, but now they’re too many people using the app for other purposes. I’m still grateful though, because without tandem I wouldn’t have gotten to known my nu er.

  • Broken log in, no help from support

    by Bergietron

    Hit log in, enter my details and it kicks me back to the main screen saying my email is already registered and I should try signing know, the thing I literally just tried doing. 3 days after submitting a support request there’s no answer.

  • A SCAM

    by Karencasas

    I got this app with the idea of learning a new language. When I created an account I was only able to create one by putting in my card number for a one week trial. I was supposed to get a notification 24 hrs before the trial ended so that I would know that my trial was over. There was no opt-out option when I initially joined, and now I am being charged $34.99 without the notice that I was supposed to be given. I have asked for a refund through iTunes but it says that it’s not valid. Next time have an opt-out button when signing up AND the notifications that you claim you will have, don’t just scam people

  • Cannot register

    by Nonstationary

    Tried using email to register, and when I click the link they send to confirm my email address, it keeps telling me the link has expired.

  • Pro is not worth it

    by RMgfdgdfug

    I like the principle behind the app but except for meeting people it doesn’t do much for language skills

  • Still buggy!

    by M.Shahnazari

    Can’t believe the chat UI is still buggy after a looooong time. I just install it every couple of months with some hole and see nothing changed! Chats list gets repeated like a loop! Haven’t seen such user-un-friedly app before!

  • Just get Hello Talk

    by morgan🖤

    It’s absolutely ridiculous how you have to fill out an application and have to be excepted to join the app. If you want to get going immediately just download hello talk. You make your account and give immediately start speaking with people and learning the languages. there’s no seven day wait and rejection because The dumb System doesn’t think you show your fullface in the profile picture

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Tandem Language Exchange: Speak & learn languages

Tandem Language Exchange: Speak & learn languages

4.3 88K+ Reviews

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