Swords and Sandals 2 Redux

Swords and Sandals 2 Redux

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  • Glitch? Jan 22, 2018

    By risha70
    I love this game, I even bought the Maximus Upgrade because it was my favorite game back in the day, I wasn’t disappointed either. There was a few minor details (some are glitches) that have bugged me since I started playing. Dungeon XIV (14) has the hardest challenges in there. When I beat the gladiators I immediately died to the dungeon keeper because of how hard he is. You can’t even defend against him since all of his attacks hit and you only have a 25% chance of hitting, making it near impossible. And this is for other fights too where people have several hundreds more power than you and you can only get 25% chance. Anyways, when I went into the Gladiators fight, it took like 20 straight minutes because of the challenge. He wasn’t even he boss! And when I beat him, it gave me an achievement saying I won with 5% health or something and it said I died. I had to reroll my luck and ended losing almost all my money. This made me extremely mad and almost convinced me to delete it, but I still love the aspect of the game. Maybe remove the 25% chance of hitting for harder enemies and I’ll give it 5/5 rating. Thank you!
  • Better than the original mobile game. Has it's quirks May 17, 2018

    By NewVoltageHD
    This game is decent but it does not have the niche appeal of the original game. There are some changes that I don't agree with but overall I don't consider it to be a cash grab. If the developers read this then I would recommend adding certain content back. First add back the original enchanting with elements as it was a fun creative addition. Second the exp rates need to be lowered due to the fact that I unlock new weapons and armor before I can finish the previous set. This game could be great with some small changes. If you have nostalgia for the old game, I would not recommend the full version but if you like swords and sandals then I would buy it. (There are features from the old game that are not listed with the Maximus upgrade description) Thanks E-games. (Also please create Swords and Sandals 3 with multiplayer for mobile, don't redux it, just remaster it. People would buy it 😉) -Matt
  • Great game Jun 1, 2018

    By Cyun726
    I’ve been a fan of the series for a long time, but oddly enough Swords and Sandals 2 has always been my favorite. The game on the computer wasn’t perfect, but regardless the nostalgia of playing one of my favorite games back in the day prompted me to buy the Maximus upgrade. Wasn’t disappointed. There are a couple kinks that need fixing, but the redux was very well made and fixed a lot of problems that were in the original Swords and Sandals 2 game. The storytelling element was also a very nice touch as well. Kudos to you guys, thanks for the great game!!
  • Sweet Memories Jun 15, 2019

    By hillyrobot
    I have been so down in the dumps and live over 3000 miles away from my little brothers. We used to play this game on the computer non stop. Now that I have this game again I feel like I’ve been transported back to happier times. So thank you so much for making this. I know they really liked those terrible happy trails games so if u could make those too I know my brothers would go crazy!! Once again. Thank you so much
  • Fun game but... Apr 15, 2020

    By AlmightyDisapointment
    Some weird bugs, but the worst is the fact the enemy you face glitches a extra turn sometimes, and in my case all the time, i had a opponent literally get a extra turn every time he went costed me the arena, a big problem considering you have a difficulty were you cant die or you lose a character so if anything thats a big let down knowing i wont be able to play that mode with this bug being active
  • Love this game but it's full of bugs Feb 1, 2019

    By 99 Herblore
    Every now and then you'll win a fight but lose anyways. It shows your gladiator standing over a vanquished opponent and then the banner at the bottom says you died and it sends you to the graveyard. In addition to this, my character ignores all opponent's armor in both boss fights and ghost fights making it extremely easy. These two bugs pretty much ruin it for me and I paid money for the full version. Just play the free version, not worth the money.
  • Wish it were more like the online version Mar 6, 2018

    By Rhqtnwtht
    My opponents have agility at level 2 yet they are still leaping towards me making it too difficult to keep my distance from them. In the original you could level up your charisma to like 10 and just shout at your opponents until they lost. In this version charisma is almost useless. Even with charisma at 10 or more dealing damage is very rare. Make it more like the original online version
  • 0/5 unplayable "game" Sep 18, 2017

    By MorpheusMalatorus
    Literally the worst game I have ever played and I've played some really bad games but this one is horrible. Casually playing on standard difficulty when suddenly on my 2nd fight ever my opponent regenerates health and energy in the same turn as attacking me and deals double the damage that my special attack does on his weakest attack I've fought this over 30 times now and got close to winning many times but of course he somehow gets back all of his health and instantly kills me in one hit dealing 70+ damage really great game
  • Broken!!! Apr 1, 2019

    By poopoohead1337
    This game is pretty good, but why can’t you taunt or use potions while using a bow? I’ve seen the enemy taunt while holding a bow, why can’t we? This just makes the bow more underpowered than it already is. I hope that this is just another bug and not a feature of the game. Also, when you try leaving the shops while using classic graphics mode, the screen becomes permanently black. Don’t treat your Ultratus players like this!!!