Sweepy: Home Cleaning Schedule

Sweepy: Home Cleaning Schedule


The app that helps you keep your home clean and organized.

4.5 Ratings 158 Reviews 1K+ Downloads
The app that helps you keep your home clean and organized.
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  • Wonderful app but could use some adjustments May 7, 2020

    By fabledfawn
    I love love love this app, it’s fantastic for reminding me what I need to do around the house. The ability to add and customise rooms as needed is great! I made a custom “room” to help me keep track of my personal skin & haircare routine, as well as when to give my kitty her medicines! I love the colour coding, it is so nice to be able to scroll through and instantly see where I need to work. The little “ding” when you check something off is so satisfying! I really wish there were a way to sort tasks & rooms by what needs done, so that all the rooms that are in red would show up first. I think that would be super helpful Thanks for the fantastic app
  • May 20, 2020

    By Monica Lacey
    Really love this app as a stay at home mom. I can keep track of the things that I don't do often like cleaning baseboards. I really wish they had a widget that you could put on your home screen though.
  • So helpful! But also frustrating... May 23, 2020

    By Casssis
    My family and I moved into a new house and wanted a lifestyle change that involves regular cleaning. Two members of my family, including myswlf, have ADD and find prioritizing and staying on task difficult and Sweepy is a wonderful solution. I love the customization ability, the depiction of cleanliness of a room as a bar which drops from green to red, and the general appealing and cute interface! But, there is a major sticking point: my family like the idea of the feature which gives a day-by-day breakdown of chores that need doing (with reminders!) but find that it just doesn't work because we have not thus far found a way to assign tasks to a certain person, only based on "effort". I may wake up to a notification that I need to make my parents' bed! I would love if, when creating a task, you could pick a family member to be in charge of that task, either always, or on a day-by-day basis. The ability to assign tasks to each family member or restrict rooms to certain family members only would take Sweepy from pretty darn good to just what my family needs! I hope the developers and those interested in downloading will consider this feedback. Thank you!
  • Apr 30, 2020

    By Jack Wint
    Really great for organization of cleaning tasks so you dont get overwhelmed, but a subscription just plan them out is pretty silly. Why not just make it a one time purchase?
  • Love the app, wish it didn’t turn off my music Jun 17, 2020

    By AnnoyedInOrlando
    This app is really helpful for someone like me. I do prefer a clean room but I’m honestly blind to things like dust, a pile of clothes on the floor, or an unmade bed. This app helps remind me oh yeah you do need to pick that up for the room to actually be “clean”. I like that I can see a list of things I can do quickly while on my way to be lazy in front of the tv or if a have a few extra minutes in the morning before heading to work. The one con that I’d really like a fix for (and this goes for all apps that use sound really), if I’m playing music don’t turn off my music to play a simple sound. I do like that feature but only when nothing is playing on my phone already or if it plays then allows the music to continue right after. With this app it shuts the music off completely so I have to go hit play again. It makes it too annoying to mark things done as I go along.