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Super City (Superhero Sim)

Super City (Superhero Sim)


Create your own superhero and battle others in the ultimate shared universe!

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Editor’s Review

  1. Gloves are off! Create a unique superhero & cross the battlefield with over 150 heroes & villains from every universe
  2. Not so serious superheroes! The awesome design & crazy gameplay provides a ton of rib-cracking laughter
  3. Create a unique battle style! Combine superheroes' abilities & perform crazy combos

Reviewed by Antonio Rozich on May 3, 2018

Review Highlights

  • addictive

    in 706 reviews

    Who has the manifestation power? Please tell me. Overall great game. Very addictive! :-)

  • good graphics

    in 276 reviews

    Super city is the best game mdickie made so far its sooo addictive and has good graphics

  • great time killer

    in 140 reviews

    Its such a fun game. Its addictive and is a great time killer! Great job once more

  • funny

    in 81 reviews

    IT IS HiLArIouS OMG SO AWSOME AND FUNNY. but can you add more maps and characters plz.

  • awesome gameplay

    in 60 reviews

    I really love your game! Simple and awesome gameplay.. Even my cousins love it

  • easy controls

    in 50 reviews

    easy controls, good graphics, good concept everything is made precisely

App Description

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Create your own superhuman and cross paths with up to 150 other heroes & villains in the ultimate shared universe! Decide where your loyalties lie and fight for control of every corner of Super City as your own unique story plays out. Inheriting an above-average combat system from the wrestling series, this game supercharges the action with new powers, technology, costumes and locations!

Upgrade to save your changes to all characters and make the world your own. This also includes starting with a character of your choice and never ending until you choose to. You can also enjoy setting up your own "Fight Scenes" to blow off steam with no pressure!

Look out for in-game hints, but the basic controls are as follows:
A = Attack (on its own to aim low, with a direction to aim high)
G = Grapple
A+G = Block
R = Run (double tap to jump or fly)
A+R = Big Attack
P = Pick-Up / Drop (with a direction to throw)
R+P = Set fire
T = Taunt, use prop, release hold
S = Special power
* Tap the portrait to transform (once activated).
* Touch the clock (or bottom of the screen) to pause the game.
* Tap the speech bubbles to speed through conversations.
* Pinch the middle of the display to zoom in or out.

Super City depicts a fictitious universe. Any similarities to real characters past or present is purely coincidental.

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Super City (Superhero Sim)

Super City (Superhero Sim)

4.3 139K+ Reviews

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