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Cooking strawberry short cake

Cooking strawberry short cake


Cook a delicious strawberry short cake with this cooking game.

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Do you love cooking and just love eating scrumptious cake? Well if that is a yes then you will just love this strawberry short cake cooking game. Here you will be able to choose all the utensils and ingredients ready to make your cake, and then mix all the proper ingredients together to make your cake mixture. Once your cake mixture is done you can then pour it into a cake tin before cooking it in your very own oven. Once cooked you can then decorate it with icing and strawberries until it looks like a great masterpiece that is yummy to eat. So if you love cooking and you love cake then why not try your hand at this strawberry short cake cooking game today!

• CHOOSE your ingredients and utensils from off the shelf ready for you to start cooking.
• MIX your ingredients together to create your cake mix for baking.
• POUR your cake mix into the cake tin and place in the microwave oven ready for cooking.
• TURN your oven on and watch as your cake becomes golden brown.
• RINSE your strawberries under the water in the sink and allow to dry.
• PULL the stem from the strawberries and slice into small piece.
• SLICE your cake in half and ice the bottom layer with yummy icing.
• PLACE the strawberries on the bottom cake layer and place the top layer on top of the strawberries.
• ICE the top layer of the cake with icing, add more strawberries, and place more icing and strawberries on top.
• ENJOY eating all your strawberry short cake before anyone else has any.

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Cooking strawberry short cake

Cooking strawberry short cake

3.9 6K+ Reviews