Sounds of Speech™

Sounds of Speech™

University of Iowa Research Foundation

Sounds of English speech.

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  • Mar 22, 2019

    By Heather Whiteley
    This app is a great tool for learning English and for learning the International Phonetic Alphabet. I came here after enjoying the Sounds of Speech website for years. I'd love to see some color added to the app. It seems silly, but the website had great aesthetics, and this one looks like they skimped on design. Adding a little color would help visually distinguish the categories from subcategories of phonemes.
  • Wish pause and slow motion were options Mar 2, 2016

    By Annie Santoro
    Love the idea of the app, I just wish I could pause the animations or view them in slow motion. My apraxia and dysarthria patients often require extra processing time, slowing it down would help their concept transfer!
  • Great App for Graduate School Aug 12, 2019

    By FarlkleQueenBee
    I love this app!! I am a graduate student for speech and have used this app many times to double check place, manner and voice. The app is very user friendly and straight forward. I love the video examples in animation as well as the real life videos of people making each phoneme. The app is also visually pleasing with clear colors of each anatomical structure. A great tool during my schooling.
  • Apr 9, 2019

    By Abhishek Shrivastava
    very nice and easy to learn.
  • Oct 9, 2016

    By Gordon Scott
    Just installed.. Crashed twice trying to exit. It's a large app, please provide ability to move to ExtSD Card. Internal storage is a valuable commodity these days, and this app is hardly a daily driver for me as an English teacher. Would be nice to include listings/links of all the YouTube videos used, so I can just tap/select sounds I wish to target. Where's the "search dictionary" function shown in your screenshots?
  • Jun 27, 2020

    By Luis Alberto Gil Álvarez
    Very bad, you can't compare it with the one in the website. I can't understand why they deleted it.
  • Grrr I should have read closer Feb 20, 2018

    By Tjack921
    I was on the website where they have English Spanish and German, so thought the app would have German. Nope, it doesn’t. Yes, it says that in the description. My bad. But still really annoying. I hoped that I could count on it being updated with German someday, but apparently the latest update was 2 years ago, so figuring it won’t. Dang it. Update to add the animations of the voiceless stops and fricatives have voicing - “tuh” instead of “t” etc. This is terrible!! At least the videos are correct.