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SOS Game

SOS Game


Play SOS game against your Android phone or your friends!

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App Description

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SOS game is now on Android. You can play SOS game against your Android phone or your friends! Enjoy SOS game for free!

Achieve a high score and it will be published on the online leaderboard.

How to play SOS game?
- You can play this game against a friend or your Android device.
- If you want to play against your Android device, select Single Player.
- Or select Two Players to play with a friend.
- You can watch your turn from the top panel.
- When it is your turn, tap on a tile where you want to put a letter.
- Select S or O letter from the open dialog.
- If you complete an SOS, vertically, horizontally or diagonal, it is your turn again until you cannot make an SOS.
- Then other player takes the turn.
- You get 1 point for each SOS.
- Player who makes more SOS wins the game.

Compete against other SOS player and your friends!


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SOS Game

SOS Game

3.8 10K+ Reviews

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