SonarPhone by Vexilar

SonarPhone by Vexilar

Vexilar, Inc.

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  • Highly recommend, incredible value!! Nov 10, 2017

    By Jefferson76
    Completely changed my review from 2 stars to 4. I now highly recommend this app. Important trick, you can drag from the gain arrow buttons in any direction to make them behave like a slider, but only in the direction of the button you initially touched. If you use SonarPhone with the Navonics app, you have the best value in boating/fishing electronics period. The interface still needs a lot of work but I can now live with it. The only big omission now is no real time only display. Come on Vexilar, give me a five star update soon. Update: with the real time bar now bigger and color coded I really love this app and product. This is something I asked for and they said they would do it and they did. So why not five stars yet? The interface is still not great. It would be so much better if they just used the built in iOS interfaces for the menus. For example when changing chart speed if you want to go from say 60% to 100% you have to make four large swipes where with the iOS selection wheels you could do it in one simple slide. Good thing menu items aren't frequently changed though so… Nearly perfect.
  • Overall good app and product! Feb 11, 2017

    By TheOnlyCashper
    I am very pleased with the product and the app that comes with it is nice. The app has good functionality and just like it says gives you the visual display like higher priced depth finders. Having the ability to use more than one device at a time is also a nice feature. It seems somewhat laggy at times but overall it is minor when it occurs. The app seems older looking but that is understandable due to older and other devices that can run it which is nice that i can use my old iPhone 4 when my 6s plus runs out of battery or just as a backup. I give this app a 2 thumbs up overall and a 4 star rating. 👍👍
  • Worth the price Mar 27, 2015

    By RD901
    I tried this unit out on the back of a Ranger Bass boat and compared it to a Humming Bird depth finder and found the display to be the same. Two issues I had problems with: 1. The one suction cup could not hold the transducer during normal run speeds across the lake . The transducer would turn sideways . 2. When going into screen settings any changes made were difficult to undo. I had difficulty getting the settings display to close. Overall I feel that with time I will become a better operator but for now I give this unit four stars.
  • Sonar Phone Jul 20, 2014

    By USN Veteran
    Great product, allows me to have a sonar on all my boats without buying more than on unit. I have a T Box on my bass boat and a T Pod for shore and pier fishing. Would like to see a option where you can hide on screen control buttons, that would allow screen to be bigger and give you a 7" graph on a iPad.