Snap Kitchen: meal delivery

Snap Kitchen: meal delivery

Snap Kitchen

Healthy eating made easy so you can do you.

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Healthy eating made easy so you can do you.
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  • Benchmark for UX/UI Jun 14, 2019

    By Young Dielon
    This is the app I use as a benchmark for all other apps. I work as Product Manager and you can just tell they've done, and continue to do, everything right when it comes to building a mobile app. I know for a fact that they did extensive research to understand what their customers needs and wants were when building this app - I've been a long-time customer of their retail stores in Austin and participated in a focus group when they were in the research/build phase. There were probably 5 or more Snap employees that took the time to spend an hour talking just with me. The importance they placed/place on understanding their customers and using that knowledge to build their products around that is as good as I've seen, and it really shows in this amazing app. Any feature you could possibly want is in it and it's designed so we'll it's still simple to use. The meal plan section is phenomenal. I doubt there is any meal subscription app out there that even comes close to this one. When I'm in job interviews and get the "tell me about a product you love and why" question this app is my go to. P.S. Their food rules.
  • Snappy App! Nov 11, 2018

    By Juli Beth
    The Snap Kitchen app is one of the friendliest and most intuitive apps that I have ever used! As someone who has certain dietary restrictions, being able to view a list of ingredients and nutritional info for each dish is an awesome feature that allows me to find just what I need. I also love having the ability to place my order in the app so I can just swing by and pick up my order later (or, even better, have it delivered. The food is always fabulous and I have now found my favorite food source!
  • Eating healthy made easy Jan 30, 2019

    By SamSay7675
    Look, we all know that eating healthy can be difficult. Especially when it comes to meal prep. So many things about just meal prepping, deter people from staying on their diet plans. Snap Kitchen LITERALLY does it 100% for you. From dinners/lunch to snacks to drinks to coffee. It’s also affordable and equals out to what you would spend if you’d prep. Think about it, someone makes all your Keto food for you and all you have to do is pop it in the oven!! We need this in every major city!!
  • Can't you see that it's just rainin', ain't no need to go outside Mar 9, 2018

    By mrcorycannon
    I continue to be impressed with the ever evolving ux design, visuals, and order ahead/delivery functionality of this app. The app knows which items are currently in stock at each location, so when I am inevitably craving some of those snap kitchen banana pancakes on-the-go, I can find out where they are in a “snap”. And when I am relaxing at home, I can get them delivered straight to my door, cue Jack Johnson, then enjoy a fresh stack.
  • Great app, meal selection process could be improved Mar 15, 2019

    By JoeTheEskimo
    Beautifully designed app and overall very easy to navigate. After a while, though, scrolling through the same enormous list of meals can bog me down. I would appreciate the opportunity to be able to sort meals by a greater number of factors than simply calories and price, e.g. sort by grams of protein, grams of fat or grams of carbs. Maybe also sort by type, e.g. chicken dishes, beef dishes, Asian-inspired, I’m not sure exactly but just something to help split up that long list a little bit.
  • Terrible customer service, no delivery notifications Nov 19, 2019

    By whatevermynameistaken10