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Huuuge Casino Slots - Play Free Slot Machines

Huuuge Casino Slots - Play Free Slot Machines

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Play the best free slots, slot machines and casino games straight from Vegas

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  • Absolutely Frustrated

    by BD5560

    Had sworn off playing app games but have had a blast playing this game. Only complaint is that I've lost a Huge amount of $$$ when the slot spins and seems to get hung up or crashes and kicks me out. It ta keys my bet amount 😤. I've got highest speed internet available so it must be due to site being overloaded. Third time today in the middle of Artic Animal I was in the middle of the 100 free spins and got kicked. It was well on the way to over a billion each time. Once I got nothing. The other two times you gave me far less than I would've won. Thanks for that but it's hard enough to build a bank but with that happening it's impossible. I've spent too much on this game to see that happen too often. Enjoy the game but if this keeps happening I'll look to other sites.

  • I used to love this game.

    by Courtney Connolly

    This game was amazing when I first started. After the constant updates and maintenance they have been doing, it really has ruined the game. Why can’t they just keep things how they were. I’m speaking for my entire club when I say this. We don’t enjoy playing anymore! You guys only care about making money and not what your players think. Put everything back to the way it was. We are a diamond 1 / master team Aladin. We jump back n forth so I put both. It is unbelievable what is going on with the game. Needless to say the false advertisement of you win chips, diamonds and tickets with all event completion. This is false! They stopped doing this months ago. But failed to update it on their main screen. Also, they give the same amount of money for completing events in a gold club as they do for a diamond club. Which is not right nor fair. Speaking of today’s events I saw that a gold clubs first reward for completing license to win was 10m for each player and it was the same for our diamond 1 club. But the amount needed to complete was wayyyyy higher. I AM SPEAKING FOR ALL HUUUGE CASINO AND BILLIONAIRE CASINO PLAYERS WHEN I SAY STOP CHANGING THINGS WE HATE IT!!! BRING EVERYTHING BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS!!! WE ALL UNDERSTOOD IT YOURE JUST MAKING IT MORE DIFFICULT FOR US.

  • app! Update at bottom

    by Dandelion685

    I've been checking out quite a few slots apps lately and this one is just so-so. I have been playing the Diamonds slot game all morning and have only won "big" on bars - never 7's or diamonds. It would be nice if it paid out if you get 1 diamond, but it only pays out if you get 3, which I have yet to do and that is very disappointing! They do start you off with 11 or 12 million coins, so that is great. And I have won anywhere from 200k to 1 million coins on a combo of bars or 7's and 1 diamond - but I just can't seem to get all 7's or all diamonds. I have yet to check out the other slot games. I don't care for slots that have cartoon characters or weird symbols and weird matching because I find them soooo confusing! But this app is ok, it must be if I've been playing it all morning!! If I could just get all 7's or diamonds..... Update: so I tried a couple diff slots - like the 10x classic, I think that's what it's called, and NOT ONCE did the payline land on 10x or 3x - NOT ONCE in like 20 min of continuous playing. What a JOKE!! But it did keep landing on cherries - whoopie!!

  • Not the best investment.

    by Dead in a shoebox

    In Dec 2018, I spent over 750$ on purchases. At first I didn’t realize I was spending so much. However, itty bitty can become biggy piggy. Fast. I made a purchase I didn’t understand, where I purchased a big block of coins, but could only receive them, a little bit each day. It took 60 days to use the coins up. Whew! I’ll not make that mistake again. The second is purchasing tickets. Ya, dumb right? But I thought it would be fun. And I thought there was a payoff ahead built in. No. I continued buying tickets until I won the gold bonus. Whew! I’ll never do that again. So enjoy the games - they do fill the emptiness of those stress-relieving times we need, but spend wisely. Understand your purchases before you click, okay. And, one last stupid thing. I love giving to others. At least six, maybe even up to eight times, I made the $178,000,000 coin purchase so members could receive free coins. I felt great doing this, HOWEVER, I was the only member in my club. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. Whew! I won’t be doing that again. In Jan 2019, I spent under 80$. Lessons learned!

  • I don't always play app games but when I do, it's this one!

    by ONE77awa

    I do not enjoy app games... but I love playing this one! I live in South Florida where we have several casinos within decent traveling distance. I love going to the casinos not just for the games but the environment and thrill! This game projects that thrill. The music and sound effects are on point and exactly what I want to hear when I think casino games! I love how the games teach you how to play as well! And as far as money spent, I've spent maybe $3 and didn't even have to, I just did because the deals were so cheap yet rewarding! The game starts you off with a lot of money and basically throws money at you at time intervals. If you know when to walk away from a "cold" game and when to increase your bids when the table is "hot" then you will really enjoy this game! Very social app as well, love playing for my Club, sending out round of drinks to fellow players and chatting as well! ❤️

  • This is the Best & Most Fun Gaming App!

    by KatrinaFL

    I enjoy playing the variety of games & the options to bet on Classic's when open to All. The 75 Golden tickets sale is Fantastic. I will write that I'm some disappointed with the sale before today's sale...I had over 100 Gold tickets & needed 1 piece to complete the 5B puzzle...I did Not get that piece...very discouraging. I've bought many times & now I have to question whether I should spend more 'Real $$$' on virtual chips if this is how tight or Greedy this game has become. Please loosen up so winning can be Fun & more Frequently! Show Appreciation for the member's that 'invest' monies into your App. I'm a Leader of a Club & really love my Club member's and I always try to keep them positive even when they are losing! If we Win, then Huuuge will also Win! Keep up with the Great CS! Very user friendly with the update on contacting Huuuge! Please make this a Win/Win for All. Have Fun & big wins for All 😊🍀

  • Great Games!

    by BaddGman

    I really like this app as it has almost-almost all of the best designs out there, game play and explanations are fantastic except, like I have seen others post, you tend to lose a lot more than you win the higher you bet on some games which is the opposite in most real Casinos... I would give the whole app a 4.5 Star rating but it only allows 4 or 5, because other than the payout concerns, this app is a Tremendous amount of fun-has Excellent graphics-a Lot less ads than others-and the Club experience is Top Notch and easy!! I have recommended this to all my Facebook friends! Is there a way that you can adjust the app to allow us to Gift our Club Members while in the Club Area? Thanks again for making my day better by giving me something fun to do no matter how the rest of it went! I know I can always get a smile with y'all's efforts!!!!

  • Need get jackpot again please big amount thanks wink

    by OhioGirl88

    Love this game and it’s not right I haven’t hit higher jackpot not fair I saw some ppl hit bigger pots of jackpot and I didn’t get jackpot bigger one only small one and I would like get bigger jackpot pots again it been almost 2 year haven’t got bigger jackpot pots it would be nice if I get bigger one if I get bigger jackpot I’ll give you 5 star rate and change this comment also game when I play apps close itself few time and I play low bet always broke fast and free spin hard get or bonus game hard get please fix and it kept spinning none stop and apps close few time before I can re open apps and I have close apps and restart my phone it’s game self please give me bigger jackpot pots and I’ll give best feedback positive right now get 3 star and when I level up no more chest reward I had before couple time n never got chest reward like pick one out 3 mean 1 chest had bigger chips than 2 chest please bring back thanks

  • Great Game, However

    by Lala24b

    I really enjoy this game, yes you can lose it all in one game or you can win millions etc. Not sure why anyone would complain about that it’s a CASINO game!! Seems everyone who left a negative review was simply angry they didn’t win every single time..reading those reviews reminds me of a toddler having a tantrum. As far as having to spend actual money umm you are not obligated. The developers made a great game and ofcourse want to make money off it! The only gripe I have with this app is not being able to change the team name without contacting support first. Developers seriously for something like that the team leader should be able to do it without a hassle. I don’t want to submit three names for you to chose from for me on top of asking permission thanks. Lol happy gaming people!

  • Fun

    by SnoopDogMom

    Great graphics, encourages team play, lots of fun. Hard to keep playing when funds go down, no bonuses available unless you join a team, more ways to earn coins easier would be helpful. Lots of variety. Social Play games could be more fun if players were forced to bet in a shorter time frame, people take advantage of those who spend a lot of money on social slots. In the past four months, player advantages have slowly been taken away. Why did they remove the ability to double your funds when you level up? The slots are tighter than I have ever seen causing more and more players to be forced to either play with less or have to purchase coin packets with real money. The draw is still there but the advantages are not. More and more players are leaving high pressure teams to play at a lower level for fun without the competition.

  • Old and Tired

    by Bladerunner427

    I having been on this app since January 2017. I formed a club, TE. I know, stylish. This app has gone down hill since then. Honestly, I can’t tell you how much money I have spent on my 2 accounts on this app. They changed the games, they changed the operation. They took away our diamonds, so we can’t help each other. They changed the League Points, so now you can only get them by playing slots. Not one of the other exciting games they have, just slots. I keep getting complaints from my members. All I tell them is you have 2 choices. Quit or bring it up with Huuuge. I am doing the latter. I am also hoping that whoever they put in charge of design will hear the pop soon and put us back where we were. The app has become a job. Oh, I just read that Apple is the cause of us losing our diamond trade?! Yes, they will get an email too...

  • Can't NOT play!

    by hates smacking sounds

    I joined a club w/ a great group of people in it, they are the only reason that I CAN continue to play HC since my USD purchases ran out. My club members are kind and generous, helping w/ chip boost when they can. I have an addictive personality, and this is the casino game I have chosen to play, over all of my choices. At the beginning I could bet a small amount and win big. Now, since a lot of "improvements" to some slots, I have a hard time winning or hitting jackpots. i.e. Bet 100k win 8k. It just so happens that today I have been winning big. It's about time, HC. HC's fb page has freebies links. Sometimes it's a decent amount, but I would really like to receive more the GOLD tickets to complete a four piece puzzle. HC posted that by allowing notifications from them, I would receive huuuge amounts of freebies, daily. I have yet to be notified of, what I consider, a huuuge amount. I gave four stars, reluctantly, because HC seems to be a bit "watch this" w/ their computer skills on the "win/lose" settings. We all are assigned a member number. I don't want them to "list" me and I end up on a total losing streak. 3.5 stars

  • Years IN

    by Taffy27

    It’s an addictive game of luck that allows you to have serious fun either with a group or solo. I’ve had complaints but who doesn’t? With each new update, I’m never left bored out of my mind. It’s a really great pass time. The perks to this game is daily 100k chips given in addition to whatever you earn from the daily free spins. They even have some sweet deals for those who want to purchase chips. The cons to this is some of the earning for clubs. I noticed that higher ranked clubs have to spin way more for points just to earn the same reward as lower leveled squads. Other than that, you’ll find that the developers do listen to players as a whole and their customer service response time is phenomenal. Happy Spinning

  • Huuuge Casino is lots of fun!

    by Bertie Brane

    I really enjoy this app. I like how you can connect with other players. I LOVE the emoji's you can press during spins. I like the idea of clubs. I My first club was ranked Silver. I felt I out grew it. I joined a Diamond club and everything was great. I met people from all over the world. Clubs can be too much like a soap opera...beware of the drama. Avoid drama don't get sucked in. Recently I was invited to join a different club. Been playing on huuuge for abt 4 months. Your club should be supportive, just like a family. I enjoy the selection of slots! You could use a few new games. I enjoy the benefits of using Facebook to log into game. You have a few issues with lag and continuously running slots, especially during events. I do not believe your recent update helped this situation. My observation is the Lag and Spinning are worse! However, I have made so many friends, I don't want to leave due to technical issues. My previous review I gave you 5 stars. I stated Great job Huuuge! But since your latest update I'm giving you a 4. Thank you for including league points in events. I highly recommend this app!

  • Great fun

    by Tadabear

    To prove my past rating... I have purchased over $400 in in app purchases this month and have only won small wins until I had no bank roll... PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK... meaning the more your purchase the more they keep you from winning. When I pause and don't buy anything I rack up... if you buy they will pause your winnings. If you take a break they will let you win to lure you back!!!! (This game is huuge fun if you don't mind the huuge prices. They recently updated everything and the prices are more for less😩I've actually spent quite a bundle ($$$$)on this game because it started out really fun, unlike any other game I've played... recently the changes are just too expensive now!)

  • Greed has ruined this game

    by Jason Well

    I started playing about 8 months ago and really enjoyed the game. I also met wonderful friends. But for the last month, all that happens is losing chips. The odds in Vegas are better than here. Constantly watching your chip count drop while playing events is frustrating and no fun. 9 times out of 10 your win is lower than your original bet. On many of the games you will spin 30 times before getting a hit and the win is a fraction of what was spent. Club members used to get a 100k bonus for every jackpot won by a team member, now it only gives a small percentage of maybe 1k-20k plus way fewer jack pots. There is no incentive to keep playing.

  • Fun and Entertaining

    by JR 123!!!

    This is one of the better slots out there! It can be frustrating when you don't win. A lot of fun and very entertaining! Downside is the constant freezes and getting kicked. The games are rigged so that those who bet high win high, those who play with a moderate bet rarely get ahead...If you buy chips, the game eats them up! The creators of this app need to level the playing field and give everyone a fair chance. This IS NOT VEGAS!! you can see, there was a request that I send an email to support. Well I did. I have not heard back from anyone regarding the game freezes. The games still freeze in the spin position and then you have to close out of the game or you get kicked off. Other times the game won't open at all. As for the wins, they are very sporadic... the app is very "real money hungry"... you pay pay pay to get chips and the app just eats them up. The new league challenges are very high completion amounts but the games don't pay high amounts when they are completed. Most of our team plays the events to try and help the club but end up with no chips at the end of it...this doesn't seem fair to me...the payoff needs to be better!

  • What makes it Special

    by KatLook

    The games are lots of fun, frustrating when you get into some serious downward spirals....Nobody expects to win all the time...what would be the fun in that? I think they could dispense with some percentage of the greediness, and have the most loyal paying players on the web, though! What makes this very special is the meeting friends, yes TRUE friends, who cheer each other on. We've developed a club of very special lovely folks who all support and care about each other. This environment of chatting and club joining is the real gem here, and for that, I will always be grateful. In fact, the friends I get to visit with are the ONLY reasons I come back nearly every day!

  • Contacts with Support Staff

    by Turlsworld

    I've been playing for quite a while now ... and like most I have my frustrations with the games.... there are days when the slots seem soooo tight ... u just can't win! But I really love this game. Hands down BEST casino on the net. And I have to say I have contacted the Support Staff no less than a half dozen times... each time they responded very quickly ... honestly could not have been nicer ... always resolved my problem. AND ...MOST IMPORTANT.... usually gave me a gift (chips/lottery tickets) ... if I was experiencing some sort of problem. I see other folks complaining .... and I don't get it .... the Support Staff at Huge ... in my opinion... is Stella 💫💫✨✨.......

  • Huuuuuuuge stinks lately because of updates!

    by CarriesBack

    This is my favorite casino game but since all of the updating the games are no longer fun. Going through tons of chips without hitting a decent payout, crappy bonuses, daily gift isn't bigger than 1,500,000, the tix payout for lottery needs to be upped to higher amounts.....all in all, I'm beginning to play elsewhere because I am not about to waste my money on games that don't pay out but once every 3-4 weeks. People need to have the chips to play, if you want to keep us here, take my advice, otherwise you will see tons of people leaving to go to other games. Also, be forewarned, multiple accounts to make people get their billions is not really the ideal solution to make this game better.....

  • Huuuuge and Billionaire (same company)

    by Vaneman1

    You start off doing well, it’s new and fun, you build up lots of coins and then’s over! The game quickly takes your coins away, so that you will purchase coins. I lost 12 billion in two days! The games do not hit often enough to come close to keeping you a float. It’s a business, I get it. Very frustrating for struggling people who can’t afford to buy non tangible things with real money. The play coins/money & diamond packets are WAY to expensive for a game. You can get 15 gold tickets on level ups and still take 30-40 tickets to get a puzzle coin piece?? Disappointing, frustrating and really took the fun out of this entertainment. Actually became not fun to play! I deleted both apps. Good Riddance!

  • Used to love this app

    by Enigma ; )

    I agree 110% with KatLook! I have been on this app longer than the majority of these reviewers, waaay before clubs and diamonds. With that said, the higher your level the harder to win. Especially Jackpots! And if you do win, enjoy it for the time because guaranteed the very next day and up to a week following you will lose it all! Any bet, any slot, of course then comes the "chip sales" you'll need to buy more or buy lottery tix in hopes you make up your losses. But, don't forget, there are "trillionaires" whom in my experience ALWAYS hit multiples or Jps. Players often wonder how they obtain their chips because if you check their stats some have only won a couple billion, yet they have several trillion chips! Hmmmm? As for support? Same 'ole service. Helpful if they actually read our frustration rather than claim, algorithms, cache, wifi connection, network connection. Perhaps they need to re-read their privacy policy, lol, what a misnomer. Ultimately, app is fun, meeting and playing with other players. But, it is a business, and their business is to MAKE money. They often get greedy with no real explanation.

  • mentalcase52

    by mentalcase52

    Customer support does work you just have to hang in there, be right, be willing to keep going with your complaint and they will finally make it right. I truly appreciate that in a game and it’s developers. Thumbs up! Before playing the puzzle lottery( nears its end I think it is 5:00pm beginning to 5:00 pm next day ending) go out of the game and go back in to make sure the high prizes are still available. If it is 5:00 pm next day the prizes are not right, go out of game, and go back in it will change the prizes back to their original rewards. It will save yourself a huuge headache. Be careful of glitches and just have a good time. It is just a game after all.

  • Where’s all the fun

    by taacox

    Game used to be really fun, but now you can’t help your team members, you pay out do not come close to your bets, most of the time you can’t even hit a free spin to hit your daily goals. You get diamonds you can’t use. And it’s gotten to where you have to buy coins more often to be able to play longer. Games are so tight now you don’t hit jackpots in most of the games. Other games let you help team members. And give you more pay outs. I think it’s just the games them selves that make me keep coming back. But it’s getting to the point where I spending to much money not to be getting real money back and there games you can actually win on now online so just might spend my money there.

  • Love it

    by XxBAILEYxKYxX

    Keep seeing people post about how it's rigged and just makes you buy more chips. I don't see that at all. It's been the same chances since I started. When you get the big box for leveling up save the gold tickets for the weekend when the puzzle is x5. Also find a slot game, I do Cash Madness, and just set a decent bid and let it roll all night while ya sleep. Will gain several levels and also a good stack of chips and tickets for the weekend. It's just frustrating when you get on a dry streak. But it happens. It's slots. If everyone won at slots everyone who plays them in vegas would be loaded.

  • Fun and easy

    by dia z

    I love the people I have met and stay in contact with. I’m in a fun club, with not any pressure. Wins are up and down. The platform has made payouts less, especially with the new games. The lottery spin only advances 5 or 6 spaces at a time now and it is next to impossible to finish gold or silver. A while back their stock took a hit, so maybe the cheaper payouts are understandable. You are right that customer service is not good, so don’t rely on them to fix anything. After something happens you can’t send a screenshot and they don’t reimburse anything. But, even with the problems, I will keep playing and overall enjoy all of the Zynga games.

  • Used to be a great game...

    by LANCELOT 101 @mighty millions

    I just spent $30 on this game because apparently you can only win the gold puzzle peace with another gold one, and I didn’t even get the gold puzzle peace (28 gold tickets) and how are the people who are like lvl 500 and have no money and then only get free golden tickets at 510, because you need to spend a lot of money just to lvl up once and then once ou get too 510 you only get 20 tickets,. I think it would be best too if they started giving away small tickets and bigger cash rather than just 300k-350. I don’t know I used to love this game and play it 24/7 but now days it’s just gotten so bad in my point of view, maybe I’ll just go find another slot game that’s actually nice to there players :’(

  • Game won’t start

    by LizWheels

    I have been trying to play this game but cannot get it going. I click on it and it sort of starts then kicks me out—-have tried six times. Also very disappointing that in the beginning payouts were really good. After playing and purchasing some chips for several months I was able to reach 886 billion then it starts dropping rapidly to the point I am today. I can’t get above the 500 thousand mark because it nose dives immediately. Last I remember I was at the 32 thousand mark and now it won’t let me play at all. Once I am able to get on again and use up my purchased chips, I will be deleting HUGE casinos for good.

  • Language

    by Luvsdolphins2006

    I love this game except for all the freezing that seems to be happening even with playing on high speed wifi it happens regardless. But I play with a lot of people even in my club that are from other countries and I love being able to do it and make lots of friends. The only problem with it is the language barrier. Is there a way to be able to put a way to translate when we communicate? I know like on Facebook now, if something is posted in another language then it has a button to click to translate it for you. It would be so great to have something like that on here. Just a thought. Thank you

  • Having fun ....

    by Sktksjrisj

    I have deleted other slot apps but this one I've held onto the longest. Lots of variety. Don't know what I will do if the losing pattern streak creeps up on me like the others but it hasn't happened yet. I look forward to playing every night to unwind from the day. Edit 9/8/17....... Okay - been a few weeks since the above review paragraph & I believe I have hit my losing streak. Started at level 80. Haven't been able to bounce back. I think I'm going to cash in my lottery, play the max bets, dry it up and move on. Had a lot of fun though. The build up lasted longer than when I've played on others. I will give it that. Have fun peeps!

  • Con Game

    by JJavajo

    I have had the same experience of playing billions of chips and not a big win!!! Lately if I play and have a win the game bet amount returns to the max bet instead of the bet I place. If I forget to Check Bet Amount I am out of chips in less than 1 minute. So instead of a nice time playing game I feel ctaken advantage of and upset that it has happened again. So l am checking out other slot games that plays a fair game to ENJOY ... they are out there!!! I too have not received the bonus chips in the ticket lotteries .... very sad reflection of ethics of development team and sponsors

  • Too hard to stay ahead now

    by Parminch

    Used to be fun but with each update it gets harder to stay in the game! Even if you buy! It has nothing to do with winning! I win plenty but you have made the diamonds worth nothing and the XPs impossible to get and the amount you have to bet to level up is such that it cannot happen! I even have made purchases etc and you have just made it too hard to stay in the game! If you would make it possible to move up and make diamonds worth something ..... then the odds being the same would not matter but now you have made it impossible to play .... i have to win billions to move up and when I do, I get one diamond! Seriously?

  • A++++++ GAME

    by Turlie 247

    This is THE best app for casino games! The graphics are spectacular. The games they provide allow a customer to play whatever game they like...from old fashioned 7's and bars to newer games with scatters. A wide choice of poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and duces wild. The social network here allows a customer to make friends from other countries. The clubs available to join are numerous, plus the clubs are a benefit to receiving extra chips because when your club members jackpot, you get chips. Wow!!!! Chips are renewed every five to ten minutes ( not every 2-3 hours like other apps). I LOVE HUUUGE CASINO.......

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • Huuuge

    by eggs94

    Fun game

  • Love it!

    by tuilittlr

    I’ve been playing for a year or so and love it. Now, though, when I open the app, all I get is a black screen. Have tried to load again but still get black screen. I miss playing.

  • Can you win real cash

    by ebljr

    Can you win real cash

  • Huge wins

    by diazzy d

    Love this game! It is addicting, but I still love it!

  • So far all is good

    by Stitchmaker

    Very happy with game so far

  • Huuge Diamonds

    by Jockcoro

    Exciting and fun. Just like being in Las Vegas. This is a game to keep. The problem is to try and stop lay playing. It's so exciting, it's hard to stop. Thanks for letting me play. Enjoying playing your games. Exciting and challenging. Thanks for letting me play.

  • Play with friends and new friends

    by Countrydrive

    Win jackpots and free spins. Updated frequently with new games, events, promotions, etc.

  • Huuuge Global

    by Sweetie meme

    Exciting, lively, game. Love it!

  • Excellent Varity

    by cum2dump

    This site gives many more games options and pays out more that other sites!

  • Huuuge casino

    by Gee Bee TK AJ

    This is a fun game, but it could be better. Joining a club does not help you advance unless you have diamonds because that’s the only way you can collect event winnings...not really winning when you have to pay to collect it. The slots are not that giving, it’s hard to win off of them. Also I don’t think team members can share diamonds and you can’t use play cash to get diamonds so you can collect what should have been winnings, but you have to pay to collect...duh.

  • Left behind

    by Becca977

    Is everything back to standard yet

  • Thank you

    by Helpful Python

    I love playing. I’m retired and like playing when I’m not doing anything and especially in the evenings while hubby is watching tv. Is it perfect? Probably not but I really enjoy it. I am having issues figuring out what to do with the diamonds that I’ve accumulated but other then that all’s good.

  • 777

    by Sacto.[916]

    This a good tie waster. Not being negative,but it’s not really very exciting. Good graphics, if the pay outs were real it would be a different story 🤨

  • Fun Time

    by Acf1chef

    You win, you lose with several things but this game is fun. Small wins and Huuuge wins. Love it.

  • Disconnects

    by xxxed out

    Constantly disconnects seem alway when you have a large hit or you are in the bonus round never had it when on a losing streak only on winning streaks set to lose!!

  • Cool game

    by TheEmme8

    They give free credits to play daily.

  • Love the games

    by BanksShihTzu

    Huuge Casino is the best online gaming yet. Clubs are kinda snotty, kicking you out with no warning, but the play activity is awesome…

  • Game is great

    by locouknowit26

    Loving it so far , and only a few minutes in. Try coming up with some scratch offs.

  • hey

    by pijavenapija

    no buy no win :)

  • Fun to play

    by Mary's favs

    Bad weather in Dallas. Gonna play this fun game

  • No Hugge Win

    by Ashante2

    Does not give you big win. Hard to win at all. Uses all you coins and does not give back. 🤡🤡🤡

  • Ever win?

    by ubunny

    I love huge. It's with three u. I keep hoping to win. I love the customer service I got previously. I have a VIP black diamond deal

  • Huuuge Casino

    by lady Geri

    This is my first time playing this game. So far I’m in love with this game. I just wish the winnings were Real. 🥰🥰

  • Gamer girl.

    by Auntie Debs

    Love Huge Casino. Great games. While I really like your game Phoenix Gardens is by far the worst of all games.

  • Fun games

    by Jmsec16

    I enjoy playing them.

  • Great game!

    by INGIE46

    Excellent game very addicting.

  • Best Slot game

    by Skunky4life

    This is so fun love it .

  • Simply Fun!

    by Angrythistle

    Play smart and you can play forever without buying in app!

  • Fun

    by kmcnurse

    So far great hits and lots of fun!

  • Great game

    by Dsweet1

    Love it!!! Super fun. Get & start the obsession today!!!

  • Great Game

    by Negatron13

    Very dun

  • Love it

    by essence074

    Love it

  • game good

    by lil'Billiegoat

    Wife's mad that how good this game is, cause i play this nd ignore her. Now enough small tak got to get back in their!!!! And NO! I DONT HAVE A PROBLEM! SO....LOL

  • Love this game

    by Loran's bakery

    TY for fixing my problem.I really love this game.Its very additive.I play this game so much.just love it

  • Bummer

    by LashbrookB

    I have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on this game. It seems it’s getting more expensive and there isn’t much to show for it at all. You shouldn’t have to spend the amount of money you do, FOR LESS. I’ll play a different slot game from now on. Unless you guys decide you want to give me the 50 billion I’ve purchased over the past two years and actually allow me to play and win.

  • I love this game!

    by Bmickeyt

    I joined several years ago and found a Great team! Love, Love Love this game!

  • Fun but troublesome

    by Xpoisonassassinx

    The game is fun no doubt. But it seems like I can’t level up anymore. Every time I spin slots I don’t get experience points. On top of this I can barely do anything since I don’t have any chips left. I get 2-3 million and it all just disappears because I don’t get chips from leveling up anymore.

  • Great game

    by Bncutty

    Play for a year... Lott’s of Fun!

  • Huge casino

    by ziggy1203

    Best game ever

  • Huge casino

    by Themannnnnnnnnnnnnnnlol

    Thank you for everything I have lots of fun

  • Lost connection

    by khgvthv

    Love the game but unfortunately I am continuously losing connection or being kicked off which takes a lot of the pleasure out of playing

  • Bad Press

    by 561198

    Just did the update and seeing all the complaints from everyone listed here. I too loved this game but now the lottery has become too hard. I realize you can earn a larger amount at each level. However, if you purchased 95 Gold tickets you could usually collect the four required to hit the funds in one try. Now I have won or purchased over 200 gold tickets and only need two to complete and have only earned one ticket. If it continues to be so hard to complete the four tickets you will loose players including me. Some things are better the old way... getting too greedy!

  • Not enough games

    by Lucenttest

    I loved this game in the beginning but payouts became far and few between. Now when I go back to it there doesn’t seem to have as many fun games to play. Sorry fixed income can’t afford to purchase and feel maybe the reasoning.

  • Cost & wins

    by KarinaTheDreama

    Understanding this will never be equal nor in our favor ... You guys have gotten very very greedy. The amount of money a put in alone is off the charts & the odds are so completely off the hook w wins to loss. I play for hours each day- I consistently loose my purchased coin w in an hour almost always. Though, w recent change in cost, I have noticed odds have only slightly improved. YOU HAVE US - DONT LOSE US! Just really sad at all the greed in the world. Seems like u guys are one of the worst examples. Just saying! But thanks fir recent slight improvement anyways!

  • What’s the purpose of the first wheel Spin

    by chopper1520

    You spin the wheel when you first log on Leemay when you three $4 million or chips but it’s not adding to your amount so what’s the purpose waste of my time

  • Huge casino

    by AuntTT7

    Luv luv this game...I play several spin games but this one is by far the best.....thank you for providing it...

  • Huuuge Casino

    by Manahattan

    I really like this game, your not always having to buy coin like other games it’s all about money to them and this game I can play and play. Fun game

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