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Slotomania™ Slots Casino: Vegas Slot Machine Games

Slotomania™ Slots Casino: Vegas Slot Machine Games


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49.2% Positive Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Ethelene Clayton

    Payouts could be more often and bigger. Not like this is real. I enjoy spinning the wheel, but if you don't have enough coins, you can't compete the dashes or the chest. I still wish the payouts could be more. It takes forever to complete the 'dashes' to get to the chest for the slotoclans. Please help. Can you make the payouts better. And get to the chests faster?

  • Upsetting

    by gibbi in washington

    I enjoy the game, as I have had it for several years now and now at level 7500+ But the problem that I am running in to is that with some of your newer slots you have to play a minimum bet to unlock some of the features. That’s great and all except when the minimum bet is 70-80 million per spin and the bonus I get to collect is about 9 million with the sloto club bonus. Let’s talk about the other bonuses I get to collect, the mystery boxes average win about 600,000 and gifts from other players. With the rewards level I am at I would expect more than 10,000 coins. Now to move on to the sloto cards, it seems with the higher your level is the harder it is to get the cards from random spins, I have had to bet 500 million a spin or higher to get them. Daily dash, task(bet 5+ billion coins) that is impossible to do without spending real cash on them. Again collection bonus is only 9 million every 2-3 hours depending on if I bought coins or not. The game play is fun. The tasks are daunting. But overall I enjoy it. I would like to see some of these items easier to achieve. If I wanted to loose money real or digital and not enjoy the aftermath I would go to a real casino. This is a game and meant to be fun. Not 5 minuets of fun every other day.

  • by Sarah Flesher

    I love playing, its a wonderful game, BUT, the prices are different for everyone with the in- game purchases. You get low payouts for very high prices. Seems like the more loyal you are, and more you purchase, the more expensive things get. You'd think they would reward loyal players. Nope. Just the opposite. Your punished by paying more. 40$ shouldn't be charged for a bonus game. Thats CRAZY!

  • Trying it out

    by Brittanee17

    So far I have only been playing the game a few weeks. I have read a lot of negative reviews and I’m not saying there is no validity to them. I have been lucky so far that my numbers seem to be consistent. I lose some and I win some. I’ve spent just a very small amount of money but because of previous reviews, I am apprehensive to purchase anymore because it will lead to increase cost and faster losing. The only thing I have very much noticed is the special tasks such as snakes and ladders, bingo, events like that seem close to impossible without spending money. I’m excited to see if this game continues to be entertaining or if the negative reviews will start to show through. I’ll update my review as I see fit. Update: Few more weeks of playing, I am still really enjoying the game. I also downloaded several more slots games. Some things I have noticed, most of the other slot games don’t offer the same type of variety. For instance, I enjoy the fact that Slotomania™ constantly has different events we can participate in for ever more rewards. Other slots games offer only slots and no missions to entice you to pay different slots within the game. This is a huge positive. One negative, I have started to notice a much higher failure rate on my spins versus when I started. But I have plenty of winnings to play as much as I’d like. Which is a huge plus. Just can’t bet the max or participate in the large betting jackpots. Overall, still truly enjoy playing.

  • Customer support

    by Player 1512 thats me

    The Customer Support Agents are helpful and dedicated- I know this for a fact after playing for 10 months. They are limited however by the communication process between the players and the support team. To me it seems silly- instead of a real time way to solve problems, Players are forced to email customer support, receive a “ticket #” and then wait and wait and wait until there is some sort of resolution or customer service contact- repeated or multiple requests from players for the same ticket # are seemingly spread out to multiple customer service agents who do not connect the multiple contacts/requests and therefore respond to only portions of the problem- the results are fragmented and elated responses by multiple agents working separately to resolve the same issue. How sad, awkward, and inefficient this process becomes when trying to solve real problems- I am currently waiting on a solution to a technical problem I am experiencing that has knocked me out of the game completely. I wait and wait and wait for an easy fix- I have no choice but to wait- or do I? I can choose to wait or choose to quit the game. We shall see soon what progress in solving the customer service issue at hand leads to and what decision I make about playing or quitting based on how customer service can solve problems using the current inefficient system.

  • by Julie Wriston

    This slot app really is one of the best I've played. However, it has a few bugs in the game program itself. I mentioned that the Daily Dashes were not letting me collect. Well now, when I try to pick the puzzle will reset the time..go back to lobby...and then it acts like I got my turn to play. But in the really real world...I just got screwed. Again. I hope you folks at Platika will look into these issues. I really do love this game. But getting cheated or SCREWED...NOT SO MUCH.

  • Rollercoaster slots

    by Sspych1

    I win a lot and can play for awhile, but when you lose you lose it all. Went from 300 billion to 5 billion in a day or two. Was able to hold on for a couple of days but then had to purchase coins if I wanted to play. They say they don’t interfere with the games, but you can see the reels stop and start again on a win. Like a hiccup. So I bought coins and I’m winning again. I know the games are set up to payout a certain percentage so there is most likely an algorithm to control that. But, I was just about to delete the game from my iPad and gave in to the addiction. The games are fun and challenging but how much of my disposable income to I have to spend? And the coins aren’t cheap either. You would think that if you spend $99 you’d get enough coins to play for a couple of months. I just think they are being greedy or they have some algorithm that controls the games payout based on the amount of sales. Overall, plenty of variety, and challenges. Lots of fun, but be prepared to spend some money if you want to win big.

  • Gets frustrating

    by ykshomss

    I do normally enjoy playing this game and have to several years now. However, I have noticed more and more that there will be challenges or quests and the moment I try to participate I barely win which means I hardly ever am able to finish one anymore. I’ve had have $10 billion coins before from just regular play and if I take some time in a quest I lose most of it trying to get ahead. Also, the reds puzzle game where we can chose 3.... I NEVER WIN ANYTHING. It’s like the game just decides no matter which options I chose it’s nothing. I even tried to pick the same 3 every time for a week or 2 straight and NOTHING. I’ve literally won something from that maybe twice it’s really frustrating. And if I do get puzzle cards they are duplicates which is so stupid. Bring the hero’s back! At least then we were guaranteed at least something! And don’t get me started on the clans.... I am not a fan. I am a gold level and can’t find a clan who cares enough to ever help me get the key and more often than not we miss it. I’m seriously thinking about taking a hiatus on this game for awhile since it frustrates me so much. I know we can’t I. All the time but throw us a bone every once in a while.

  • by A Google user

    I've been playing for years, but, like all the games I play, I DON'T spend actual cash. Sorry, but for a game where I'm not getting real money, you're defo not going to get real money from me. Been reading a lot of the reviews about issues and the same answer is generated "algorithms, Lady Luck just around the corner, blah blah blah." I enjoy it, but lately it's just taking my winnings - I went from 10 billion to 5 in the matter of 30 mins. I'll rebuild it based on gifts before I'll engage again.

  • Fun fun fun!!!

    by Gaylejrfan

    Always something creative to count on! Love, love, love!! Unfortunately, I am addicted! 🤣 Takes me awhile to build up points so I can play again...Lol I don't want Slotomania to end!!!I. I go thru my points too fast and then I can't play for awhile. Need to learn moderation. Love the Sloto Cards! Love the new games and added bonuses! Still don't play as much to keep building coins. Thanks for the fun! Love, love, love!Ugh. A little disappointed in the wins in this promo for ending 2018 Slotomania™ cards Trust me, they are not big and a little far and between Most likely won't be completing any album 😳oLove the Slotomania™ cards bingo! I have almost completed the latest mission, just need 7 cards. Thanks for the fun! So not happy! The last few days it has been really "glitchy" and boots me out all the time. Enjoying Rise of the Tiger right now! Although it is suppose to be an Ace featured game and I have to exit out and come back in to receive my cards....I'll keep plugging along! My points are slowly dwindling :( Love playing, will have to take a break again tho. :(n Game was froze for days, should have been on lotto bonus when it froze, lost that. Now it won't let me enter Slotomania™ Majestic. So not happy right now!!!!!

  • What happened to Slotomania?

    by Bulliechick

    I’ve been playing Slotomania™ since 2010. It’s great fun!!! The many changes and upgrades don’t make it better than the original. It’s just a game. If a person was looking for substantial benefit and eventual loss they would go to a real casino. Being able to pass the time and enjoy bonus rounds is what a slot game should be all about. Earlier versions of Slotomania™ permitted a player to keep the coins they earned from a bonus round rather than lose them as quickly as they were won. Thinking that you may keep the coins longer because you purchased a package is clearly the wrong thought. I’ve purchased packages and the coins are lost just as quickly. There was a time when it was easy to collect billions of coins but that time is long gone. All the bells and whistles don’t make it more fun, especially trying to find little tiny items in a plethora of unrelated objects for a few coins, not necessary. I will continue to play because it IS fun but not gaining one coin in 8-10 spins doesn’t make it FUN. Please lower the chances to win because no one is winning money. It’s just for FUN!! Thank goodness I've found other slot games that are just as fun.

  • by Pat Oliver

    My favorite! Starting to question the fact that goals of quests, dashes, etc. are so unrealistically high. Aggravating that you take 90% of my coin, give me a few "big" wins, ask if I'm enjoying my big wins & then want a rating. Very frustrating. I am happy to be winning some. Would be nice to get a new sloto card. Thanks!

  • Playing with tricks

    by Quick to clean up

    This game was very fun in the beginning. It truly reminds me of a casino. I say this because I got up to over 10 BILLION IN MONEY! But it’s always to good to be true cause within a matter of 3-4 days I took all the money back. It’s very disrespectful and deceitful just like real casinos are. And you can get rewards by TOTAL REWARDS a CEASERS CASINO GAME THAT IS SUPPOSED TO HELP OUT YOUR REAL CARD SCORE FOR COMPS. BUT I WILL TELL YOU WHAT,,, it’s the most HORRIFIC COMP CARD SYSTEM THAT IS OUT THERE CAUSE EVER SINCE INDIANA GRAN CASINO HAS BEEN BOUGHT OUT BY CEASERS/HARRAS. THE PLACE HAS GONE TO HELL AND THERE REWARD ARE THE WORST IN MY 20 years of playing. So all in all I will say that it’s best to stay away from a game like this unless you just want to play it for a few days. Cause if you don’t spend money they will not let you keep what you win in the beginning cause that’s all gambling games want is your real money just like casinos do. Sorry for this review but I am probably one of the most honest people out there and I call it as I see it and have it happen. Also if your 21 or older,,, stay out of any casino that is owned by CEASERS/HARRAS because only if you go there and put your money at the right time on the right day will you ever walk out a winner!!!! Now let’s see if this review will even be put out to read!! I’ll bet my money it’s not lol!!!!

  • An extremely fun diversion

    by USMC "old corps"

    Though I have had my ups and downs in the game and put up with some glitches as well, I still think it's the best online free (if you choose it to be) games out there. I have a few special games I play and always see to come out ahead. I play the quests when they come out and that's where I end up losing my shorts (so to speak). There's a new quest going on right now. I have managed to complete all but one. The particular game in question is not on my list of favorites and for a reason. Very low payback ratio. This is a game that can (and usually will) take it all away from you and you still won't be close to completing it. I alway choose the hard quest. It's the difficulty that gives you something to look forward to. I have around 32 billion coins to play with and have played the last game in the quest long enough to have pretty much finished two of the necessary components. I'm betting 25 million per spin and haven't cracked 2% of the total necessary to complete the quest. The reward isn't worth continuing. Otherwise it's a fun game if you can convince yourself to slow down when you're on a losing streak.

  • Becoming frustrated

    by Ann_Ben1

    I enjoy playing as well but I agree as far as daily dashes expecting more than money or coins you have to spend to actually play and my biggest things is ace featured games I can play for hours and never get cards or ace pack an I have spent real money more than I can count and I’m seriously thinking it’s a waste and I won’t be doing it again it’s ridiculous and to hard to complete the quest and others promotions they run like snake and ladders an others. An now with the clan thing I still hardly get cards I need to complete sets cause all I seem to get when I get cards are always the same ones I already have I haven’t gotten any new cards in a while I have never completed a whole chapter meaning there’s 12 sets I think to complete an I have never completed all of them I’m lucky to complete 6 sets and chest rewards for the clans says u collect at 8:00am and for 2 weeks now I haven’t gotten to collect at that time last week it was almost a hour later before it came up to collect and this week it’s still not there for me to collect an it 8:32am this game is getting frustrating not so relaxing anymore

  • by Debbie Albright

    If you really want to have some fun then download this app now ! So many different games to choose from and they are always adding more, plenty of different activities to keep you occupied. You can dash your way thru blasts and quests. I was hooked after my 1st time playing. Active player and love the entertainment. This game is all that and more !!!

  • Slotomania

    by Smarty888

    I really enjoy many of the games that Slotomania offers to us that enjoy the "sport" of spinning! I really have fun when I hit the bonus rounds in the games! It doesn't take long to hit good pay-outs and to level-up! Thank-you to all of you at Slotomania for the fun and relaxing diversion from the sometimes stressful day to day experiences we all endure! I don't understand why some of you get so angry at Slotomania if you don't win. If you are not happy with them-go to a real casino and see how much you win there! Lotsa love to all✌️Still having fun, still winning plenty. Thank-you Slotomania for all the fun! It has been 1 and 1/2 years for me at Slotomania™ Casino and I am still having a blast! I realize that sometimes you win more and sometimes you don't, but why complain? Just cut your losses, take a break and get back in there for some more big wins! I believe that with many things in life as well, you go through cycles(ups and downs), so relax, have fun and only spend as much money or free coins that you are willing to part with!😊✌️️Marty; Three years later, I am still having a great time at Slotomania, never a dull moment!

  • by Courtney Frazer

    There are many ways to gain free coins and the graphics and games themselves are unsurpassed. They really are so much fun! I've been playing for 2 years, hit level 2276 and my coin balance is 25 billion. I have had more coins and I have had less, but I have managed to never spend a dime- it can be done. I've even had zero coins more than once and had to work it back up. If you are losing unacceptably, switch games or simply put the phone down and try later. You cant always fulfill the dash etc..

  • Honest an fair Review; UNBIASED

    by Takedown157

    I’ve been playing slot mania for three or four years. At certain periods of time, two or three month periods, I want to delete this app because it’s impossible to win enough coins to play longer in 3 to 5 minutes. This is usually followed by a streak where I have a nice win and then I’m actually able to go three or four days in playing here in there whenever I feel like; I want enough with mega wins to sustain the play. What honestly keeps bringing me back is the sheer play ability, aesthetically pleasing graphics and the crafty way they integrate mini games into this overall slot experience. I’ve play other slot machines and hands-down this is by far the coolest and most intelligently thought out version of a slot machine game. In fact the side bonuses and other mini games I have actually indeed, Willingly spent money on a free “virtual“ slot machine that I know will never pay out. LOL. Therefore although you will go through periods of unreasonable loss percentages, at times, it is well worth waiting for the winning streak to come, which makes which will make those losses and frustration with and seem worth it.

  • Please address this issue

    by raynore2

    I have been playing this game since 2010 I love this game but a major issue is I am mediately lose coins from connection losses I’ve contacted customer support several times over the course of years I’ve never had customer support respond back to me and give Michael his back to me just a couple days ago it disconnected when I had 110 free spins left and so I contacted Customer support never heard back nor did I get the 120 billion coins I would’ve one from those spends and I would’ve won that much because it was the game where you can pick free spins or take the coin price and the going price was anywhere from 25billion to 250,000,000,000 I am very high-level at 10,000 and I really wish they would correct these issues and if not I understand how hard it is with technical support with these apps but at the very least they could respond to your messages and give you the cones back once again it’s just a game so it’s not like the coins cost anything to them if this message gets to someone that can help or check on what I’m saying because it is true that would be awesome

  • My reviewI agree with heater woman

    by miss crabby pants

    Why don’t you give all the coins that I win? I have been shorted 99% of the time!!! Why is it that whenever I give you a great rating on big wins do you stop giving me big wins? I had over 4 billion coins just days ago. Now I’m just over 300 million. Seems time for some big wins. Dealing with the same things again. I can’t buy coins, I am a widow and have to work to pay my bills. This is supposed to be my entertainment but it gets to stressful for me. Probably should switch to solitaire 😕 I have been playing your newest game. I get 5 of a kind then freezes until I get out and then back in. Lost those points 3 times for sure. What’s up with that 😏😕 at 30,000 current points I should be happy, but asking if I like the “big wins “ is like rubbing it in. Yes, you have control, not me.😕I just got some awesome free spins 🙂 but my daily dash isn’t working 😞 what’s up?daily dash is not working again 😕I am done with your game. You stopped me from doing a bonus because I was in another game. Waited 9 spins until I got a bonus. You are to unfair for my blood.

  • It’s impossible to win

    by Musiclover_jd_

    I’ve been a Slotomania player for over 5 years and happy, until this year. It’s use to be fun and exciting, especially when a new game opens up. Now it’s impossible to win in the new games, and they are always the Ace games. I loss all my money playing them and I don’t even receive an Ace. Sometimes I buy coins to play with, when there is a special and it seems every time I do, you lock all games and I loose all my coins in less then 5 minutes and I’m left frustrated and mad at myself for wasting my money. I get it’s for entertainment purposes, but where is the fun, when your constantly losing. Always the higher the bet, the more I lose and when I bet low, I can’t get the dashes finished nor finish a level to qualify for Blinko. It’s a lose, lose situation. I honestly thinking of moving on from this game and finding another that I could actually look forward to me time and playing. Trust and believe, I belong to sever groups and most members feel the same. The more you invest, the less you get. I hope you actually care and listen to the comments under your Facebook page, they are all saying the same thing. Thank you, Jackleen

  • Customer Support, Creative Game Designs and Daily Free Coins

    by Cure Seeker

    I have enjoyed Slotomania since it seems more than a decade and the new games, earning Slotomania cards to turn in duplicates for coins and the tournaments keeps this one as my favorite. I’ve always received a quick response and great Customer Service with the exception of one rep who I am certain didn’t last long without complaining. You cannot find better IT security protection which is very important when selecting games. Hackers have accessed my account on many games, but never on Slotomania. Excellent job! I cannot think of a downside except losing coins rapidly on “adventure challenges” as some of the games are hundreds of spins to hit all three requirements. The last one played, I did have my starting balance back by finishing the challenge. I really love Slotomania, it’s gambling and you win some and lose some. I have spent a lot of money playing, everyone spends money on entertainment and their favorite game apps. It’s fun, I give Slotomania 5 Stars. I rarely rate a game, but this is well deserved!

  • Annoying/Upsetting

    by ljc49ergirl

    I like playing this game, it brings out my competitive nature to finish quests, mini games, etc. BUT, and that is a very big BUT, the game makes it impossible to complete different tasks, quests, Daily Dashes because the coin requirements are so incredibly high! I have been playing this game for a long time and the wave of good fortune has come fewer and far between, I broke through level 10,000 and have proceeded to loose every single- it is really disheartening to go from 4trillion down to 0 in a matter weeks trying to complete a quest or get a bonus. It is really sad to bet 50billion+ coins to get 5million in “Ballinko”. I realize you are trying to create a “realistic” gambling game, but come on! This is a game and I want to keep playing but it is not fun to get wiped out every day after spinning 10 times. And I refuse to pay upwards of $50 to get a mere $500million coins that will be lost in a single spin. I keep hoping that I’ll hit the big prize package but to have gotten NOTHING in over 10,000 levels is so incredibly annoying. It is getting to the point that it is not even fun to keep playing. And I’ve started looking for other games to kill the time.

  • Every update causes issues and increases the probability of players spending money

    by GeorgeAZ3

    I like to play slots. I’ve grown accustomed to the slotto cards and love the snakes and ladders but the clans and red’s temple chase, and the badges and so forth are a pain. The daily challenges are often difficult to meet especially if you don’t have billions in your bank to meet the challenges. Right now since the implementation of the temple chase, every time I go to turn in slotto cards, or play the temple chase, or the mega bonus, anything but slots I get kicked out of the application entirely. Hopefully the update I installed will fix the issue but every update has hidden costs associated with it. Like it taking more points to get into the slotto club or the minimum bet to count for slotto points is increased. Etc etc etc. Overall I would not rate this as a free game. Yes, the app itself may be free but to play at a satisfying level costs money. I’m with the other player who stated if I want to spend money on slots going to a casino where you have the opportunity to recoup your money makes a lot more sense. Very frustrated with this app the last several months.

  • No Longer Dry - Recommended!

    by atreyuu2003

    Many years ago, I played slots games, always in an epic search to find one that I actually gather enjoyment from by winning fake money, but the search was always in vain. Slotomania™ was one of those games. And while it offered much variety, it was ultimately a stinker. I removed the game from my iPad, never to play it again, or any other slots game, for that matter! Recently, years later, I began playing again. Cash Frenzy and Vegas Slots Casino were paying off. So I figured, since I loved the machines so much, I would give Slotomania™ another try to see if they had learned that when people WIN, they will keep playing your game and spend money out of satisfaction and enjoyment. AND ... YES!!! They had gotten the memo. I have been winning like never before, and now I will gladly spend real cash to increase my bank, but more importantly, to support the devs! Thank you for doing what I suggested all those years ago. I am a business man, after all, and I know how to make money. Keep up the good work!

  • Playing slotomania

    by blessedplayer#IWIN

    It’s not okay to continue to play against me and when I when I’m blinko you do not give me what the ball lands in. I do know you can control these games and balls in blinko. Stop giving challenges if you don’t want me to win. I do not have time to play against you or whoever you pay to stop my games in the middle of a spin, then want register my wins. I do know that it should be a law against you for trying continusly take the wins and then put up the purchase. I thank you for leaving me along in advance and allowing me to do my me time as the slotomania states when the app is uploading. When I enter a game you immediately change the play on me. I do go out and come back in because of you making my screen jump to the play mode you can control the game with. I also agree with the other complaints that I’m able to see. They really thinks you need to fix something but in reality you are playing against them also It is 3:12 central time let me play my game please Please stop stopping my game in the spin

  • “Double Comedy” Is The Worst Game Ever!

    by Junellen48

    Your “NEW GAME” Double Comedy is the worst game you ever created! I have been playing Slotomania for many years and I can honestly say that this game is horrible! I started out with over 20 billion coins and I played for over an hour and spun the game well over 500 times and “NEVER” got a bonus or the “Special” where the curtain opens and you pick three symbols! This game has more spins without any payouts than any other game I have played! You want people to enjoy playing your games but you can’t even let us win enough to keep playing! I have spent a lot of “real” money playing your games but I may as well go to a “real” casino and maybe win some of my “real” money back! You can check my account to see how much money I have spent playing your games! I will never spend another penny on your site! You should be ashamed of yourselves! You act like you are giving something away for free! You could at least make your games a little more generous! AVERY DISSATISFIED PLAYER!!!!!

  • Very upset

    by Breenny vera

    I’ve played this game for many years. I have to say they do get back to you on your inquiries, they try to solve any problems quickly. BUT I’ve spent money, lots of time playing the game and lately the pay outs are very little if any. I wasn’t able to finish tasks because they were almost impossible. Spin the most stars and get very little ( the past few days), and what ever I get goes fast without pay out or very little. Not able to finish albums because I’m barely getting new ones. For the amount that I play and buy at least one of the three should be finished. I’m very upset and disappointed on my self for even spending one dollar in this game. I understand it’s a “casino like” game and you not always win, that I get. But how hard it is to keep a player happy who spends hours every day and money? Maybe I’m asking for too much. Honestly, they are about to loose me for good. I do like the machines and enjoy when I get coins to play. But I think I’ve had enough.

  • Player for about 3 years

    by TurboDew

    I play this game regularly because after my day I need to not think, or bother. I think I played a year stopped a year, because well like most in app pay for play they nickel and dime. I’d hit a free spin or bonus and get a loading rainbow wheel and it would crash. They introduced the piggy bank and then I’d desperately look for my my reprieve after a hundred spins of nada and purchase it, to find the new stamp for purchase card blanked out. So no bonus after 5 or more purchases, I’m sure there’s a fine print greed endorsed reason for that. The art is great, some of the games are boring, and you receive nothing for nothing graphics and lack of imagination. You have competition, like I said I need a mindless reprieve. So I have several of these types of apps. You’re the worst as far lack of fun, to asking money ratio. You have the least aggressive immediate pop ups asking for purchase up front which is good. You just harm me emotionally I guess. You need to rethink your bonus use to actually playing your game at 1 spin cost. Like I’ve said I have seen the difference, it’s absurd if you want loyalty.

  • Fun relaxing game

    by K79B08

    Been playing for about 2yrs.. I’m on level 1414. Like that there are so many different games.. love the sloto quests and all the other mini games. Nice relaxing game to play. I have some suggestions to keep players coming back.. 1: earning sloto cards seems to be getting really hard. I get 1 maybe every other couple days, can you make it easier to get cards?? Maybe add more mini games or something to earn them. This also affects completing daily dashes.. some require getting 20+ cards..which is IMPOSSIBLE when you get one card every couple of days, maybe. Also the higher I level up it seems the less you win. I’ve started with 400M, and I bet the required minimum to play usually $1M or $2.5M, within 20mins I’m broke! So that we can spend more time playing the game, can you add some extra ways to earn money for the players who are higher up in levels and who have been playing for years. It’s impossible to play the game for more than 5-10mins a day anymore because I keep losing all my money.

  • Upsetting1

    by Juliez64

    I agree with previous message. I am at level 4069 and the daily dashes are impossible lately. Takes the fun out of the game when you have 2M and have to win 9b. I also do not like the challenges that you have to win so much in a certain number of spins. Many times I get so close and incredibly come up just a little short. Gets to the point why am I even trying. And getting 5,000 coins from friends. Really? I do like the new feature that we can ask clan members for sloto cards. I quit playing for quiet a while just because it was getting impossible to play with no coins. In a couple spins all my coins would be gone and was not lucky enough to get a big number on the wheel or lotto bonus. Now I am at the point again I will have to try saving up coins again to play. And purchasing coins is another issue. The amount of coins you get when you buy is good if you are at a lower level but way out of proportion for the higher levels.

  • Great game...buuuut....

    by Kbjcooke

    I only rated it 3 stars because of how nearly impossible it is to beat quests and challenges dashes without having means to never ending coins! Every 2-3 hours, I get 360,000 coins and I’m level 912!!! The amount of coins you need to beat daily dashes and other quests is ridiculous!!! Honestly, Slotomania™ is my favorite slot game, but I can’t play as much as I’d like because bonus wheels land on maybe 2m, lotto bonuses on 2-4x, and prizes we waste millions on, are minuscule! I have mouths to feed and bills to pay and as a single mom, I can’t afford to purchase the packages I’d like. The couple of wonderful things about Slotomania™ is the quality of slots (and the amount of games we have from which to choose, and the Customer Service. I have only had two major issues where I contacted CS, and they respond within one business day. Not only do they make things right, they usually gift you with additional coins. Unfortunately, because of how difficult it’s become to get enough to play, I will more than likely have to delete it from my phone. It really bites!!!

  • Disappointed

    by Mraledge55

    Where do I start whew! Slotomania used to be a good game now it’s all on greed pay pay pay pay to play. If you play the ace game you get nothing repeated cards that they claim is random! Not!! I was playing civil treasure merchants and it lose connection when the bonus arrives 2x I’ve contacted support however they could of compensated me but didn’t, I’ve been a loyal play of slotomania for yearssss it has gone down the tubes with pure greed. One would think since they are billionaires they would have a 1800 to actually speak to someone instead you have to wait 2 days or until they feel like responding. I’ve spent and spent and spent to no avail no more thou. I hope your satisfied. I wish you would fix lost connection when your on WiFi and your home and multiple people are playing the same exact game and only one loss connection it’s not our WiFi issues it’s yours, you can’t be that greedy IJS Thanks, Furious player

  • Frustrating

    by Gueram

    In the beginning the game was fun, than it started getting frustrating because never have enough coins and the odds are the worst! I stopped playing for a long time than a friend said it changed and I decided to give it ago again, at first it seemed ok than little by little the game went back to being the same odds are so bad that I can never stay in the good. I see others win big and I ask them if they spend money and they say yes so to me if your not spending money you can not win! Than the hourly bonuses are so bad I am a level 2239 and my bonus is $2200 what good does that do? This game is supposed to be fun I understand the need for people buying extras and stuff but it should not be based off if that! One day I played and lost 99% more than I won. The bonuses or free spins almost never show up and if they did I would get very little to not even what I was betting. I like to play to help with my stress but than with the odds I end up frustrated and get more stressed. Please make some changes to make it fun and not so frustrating!😔

  • Stress relief?

    by loser7713

    The game will help you reduce stress if you can win at least your bet back a few times. Instead, you receive free coins and rarely do you get to play very long as the games just are too tight. I went through a rough year caring for both parents while trying to maintain a job. I spent a whole lot of money on these games until I WOKE UP! I realized I spent way too much as it was so easy to just purchase with a credit card. The Kicker is, you spend your money to win NO REAL CASH RETURN. Ugh!!! No more of that stupidity only to play for a while with a large purchase to be out of coins again. It’s like the games know you need to win at first purchase, then they snag you and deplete your little bundle. What about these games to find the hidden prizes or to activate the special spin bar? You can’t play them with your daily coins because you will not have enough free coins to play. I mean seriously, some of the games minimum bet is $36 million a spin. Really? Oh well, take your money to a real casino, have a drink and share some laughs.

  • Update: Hate getting asked if we I’m enjoying my wins! It means my streak is over.

    by Lala_111

    Update: winning streaks are shorter and payouts are a lot less than what they used to be. But still worth playing, many freebies and it does not take long before you can stockpile enough coins to play with for a vm while. Update: Break your piggy and you're promised a gold card....ok, so in the all the promotions that have promised a gold card, you'd think I'd get one that would complete a set, right? Nope...!!! Not a single one! Nor have I gotten the elusive Edward or Josephine, what a waste of my $$$. And as for my previous review today, which stemmed from the "Are you enjoying your big wins?" popup... I lost almost all my coins right after I wrote it. So much for my "Big Wins." Previous Review: Latest updates have made game much more enjoyable to play… Losing streaks are a lot shorter and players win more often! Slotomania continues to be number one in the amount of games available, the vast assortment and variety of games, the ways players can collect free coins and in the array of daily promos. Definitely worth playing...!!! Previous Review: I know it can't be the game...right? It couldn't possibly be programmed that way, could it??? Neh, must be me! What is really irritating is when the "You've won five in a row" window pops up and the total amount won is LESS than your bet amount!

  • Stop Interfering With Players Ability to Win

    by kidnyc26

    It’s unfortunate that the implementors of Slotomania™ are only interested in making a profit. It’s apparent that is the sole motivation. I certainly would like to see you guys stop coming up with all these so-called ways of winning more coins. Frankly, it takes the fun out of playing. Lastly, your pricing for coin purchases is absolutely ridiculous. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! If I could submit this review with “no stars” I would. You also need to get rid of the I SPY nonsense! Per my prior response above, I gave a rating of 1 star. I will now give you a rating of 3 stars as I see some improvement has been applied. However, I would strongly suggest that you do away with that “find an object” feature. Speaking for myself and maybe others, it’s difficult finding items that can’t be seen because most of the items are very obscure and difficult to see. Just food for thought!

  • Great game w/ many features!

    by Samrusso31

    Overall probably the best and my personal favorite slot machine game out right now. I seem to win a fair amount on this app compared to the several others I have tried. When it comes to the slots, they have a great variety with many games to play but not too many, where on other apps it’s filled with what seems like junk just to add more useless content. The bonus games have the same type of variety, making it very interesting every spin. Also, this is the only slots app I have found that has so much more good, fun & rewarding content/features that aren’t just spinning slots... for example, you can collect sets of Sloto Cards to fill albums and win prizes, there is a timed bonus, daily gift bonus, daily shop bonus, mega bonus on 5th times bonus, lotto bonus on 5th day in a row of collecting a timed bonus, etc.. There’s much more, but I wanna get back to playing!

  • Santa Challenge Extreme

    by Debbie D56

    I opted for the extreme Santa Challenge and for the most part have really enjoyed this challenge. It has been long-playing, introduced to games I had not played on before or that I had not played for a long time. I have played Slotomania for many years since almost the beginning. I’ve also spent quite a bit of money but I have been entertained. Downside is that you can lose your coins quick if you are not careful and if the games begin lose and then become tight. Unfortunately the problem with the Christmas Challenge is that they have opted to push a view tight games in the mix. Despicable Wolves 2 is an atrocious game. They have used it twice in the extreme version. The first time had technical problems. I believe this second version does too. I have spun 500 times and have never gotten one free spin although I have won 60 billion. Ridiculous. This is why this game gets frustrating. Debbie Dietz. Good luck everyone on this game if you are in this Challenge.

  • Fun but winnings short changed

    by C. W. Wise

    I enjoy the various games. Exciting. But only problem that is constant: 4 + 4 equals 6 according to Slotomania! You are constantly being under credited for your wins. Customer service disagrees but they still follow the 4 + 4 = 6 rule. Recently the app has been “updated “twice. Now in the middle of play the game will lock up or, all too frequently, toss me out of the app altogether. Then I have to restart the app. Fortunately, in most cases you don’t lose a bonus if you were in one. When the it people are let loose, watch out. Re above, I won a nice amount 181 million. My account was credited with 80 million only. When you contact customer service you will be told that they examined the records and you were credited with the correct amount. B.S. For the last two nights I have been on a winning streak but only about 75% of what I was winning was credited to my account. I have given up contacting these people because you are wrong and their numbers are correct.

  • When to play

    by iamsozo

    Any time!! These slots are like all casino slots, some days you win win win, and some days I try several different games and they are not hitting, I mean the reality of it is slot machines to hit 100% of the time, so therefore when I start playing and none are hitting that is when I just go find something else to do. I may come later to see if it iS Hitting or not, and again if it is I play and every one likes WINNING, AND realistic they are not hitting every day all day, no casino slots hit big time every single time you play! I have been playing since half way through 2010 I forgot the month! We seem to always hear when people are losing their coins a=but rarely hear people when they are winning. I like to give people the good feed back as well as any bad feedback, just to quick to complain and so fast to rate and tell how good the slots are.

  • Back and forth

    by Beulah4952

    I’ve played this game for many years. It was the first slot game I downloaded and I loved the games and still do; however, the business end of this game is pretty bad. I do buy coins, which I know I shouldn’t, and I wouldn’t mind but if anyone who plays it has noticed, the price for everything just keeps going up and up. What was $20 is now $40 and lots of times you get nothing for your money or, if you only purchase a small amount it’s gone in minutes. I just finished playing 1B coins in $20,000,000 increments and I got 16 wins, the highest of which was $74,000,000. Most were much less. And no bonuses or free spins. It’s discouraging. I believe that after the coins I have now are gone, I’m going to delete this app, and unlike the other times I’ve deleted it (stupid me), I’m going to leave it deleted. I might better go shopping or stop at the local casino. It can be a fun game but only if you have enough coins to bet high. And, eventually, they will be gone. 😡

  • Fun but frustrating

    by Sdc47

    I've been playing the game for about 8yrs year. I really enjoy the game, however I have several issues. First, it is way to large and every new game seems to be over 40mb. It is using up too much memory. I've considered just deleting it to make room. 2. The adds to purchase are tolerable and I have made a few purchases in the past and would consider making a purchase every once in a while if the purchases were reasonable. Such as 1m coins for $.99. 3. The game does freeze up and loose connection pretty often. Obviously I like the game or I would have already deleted it just to save space on my phone. I do think it could be improved. After last couple upgrades some games shut down and close the app. This has become more and more frequent. And now the redirect from face book takes me to the App Store instead of collecting coins. Fun but sometimes Very frustrating.

  • There seems to be a fortunate bug in Bingorilla.

    by Fred Worm

    If you get the golden monkey bonus at the same time as you get free spins, the amount you bet for the free spins is replaced by the golden monkey bonus amount won. This has happened twice on me. The first time 3 billion coins was rewarded for a $1 M bet and the second time over 5 billion coins were awarded for a $2.5 M bet! So if you want to win big, play Bingorilla. Of course the chances of it happening are slim and when you have 8 billion coins everything costs a lot more. Also I noticed that sometimes in Bingorilla you get double Bingos and triple Bingos, but are awarded for just one Bingo. I think you should get twice as much for a double win and three times as much for a triple win. Also what the hell happened to Treasure Ship? That was by far the best game but suddenly disappeared about a year ago. Although it’s true that randomness and luck are needed, there is definitely an algorithm involved in each game designed to have you winning often enough to keep you playing, just like real casino slot machines. But since the only cost are online game purchases, that is also added to the mix. You are constantly inundated with offers for online game purchases and sometimes the challenges they give you are impossible without real money involved. But just like real gambling, you got to know when to quit.

  • Frustrated

    by baronofmagic

    I have thoroughly enjoyed playing your game for the last couple years, but in the last few months I have gone from 170,000,000,000+ coins and I am down to 300,000 coins now, and you people keep asking me if I am enjoying my big wins, where do you see big wins when you have lost that many coins in a short period of time, very seldomly devices lotto cards any longer, always having to bet outrageous amounts of coin to play certain parts of certain games, it makes it quite frustrating and difficult when you have taken that many coins from me and I cannot bed as much anymore which does not allow me to progress in any games, as I said I enjoy playing the game but you bet as much as you want me to do I will have no coins to continue playing, some people cannot afford to pay to buy coins, we do this for fun, and you are taking the fun away

  • 3rd Album is Aces! SLOTOMANIA ROCKS!!!

    by Bbngomer

    Slotomania has a Terrific variety of Slot machines, ALL payout often & pretty nicely too! The Sloto Club gives you EXTRAS and extraordinary gifts and prizes for an entire week, possibly more. Now that the THIRD ALBUM IS OUT you can WIN SLOTO CARDS! Best of all you can win an ACE CARD that PAYS YOU! I just won one and spun the Ace wheel only to win 9 more SLOTO CARDS for the Third Album! AWESOME!! :) They also have daily coin gifts from friends and more on the Fan Page. An added bonus are the fun tournament games and often they open more games 👪TO EVERYONE, all levels, which let's you win even higher JACKPOTS 🤑. Customer Service is super easy to work with! They're all very friendly, fair and fast if ever U need to contact them. Thank you Playtika/Slotomania/Customer Service (CS) for keeping the games NEW, fun, exciting and in working order!! Lucy, and Max😉, you make it fun. Keep it up! 🤑🤑

  • The ONLY Game I’ve Been Playing For Years

    by tjnbk72

    I am truly a fan! Many games out there spark your interest and keep your attention for a short time and then I delete it. HOWEVER, not Slotomania™. Not only are the graphics top notch, but they keep you coming back because the designers are always changing the stakes! There’s something new and exciting for the player almost daily. I’ve never been bored. Never felt ripped off. If I purchase or don’t purchase items, I never feel let down when I don’t. All in all, this is the best and only slot game that I play on the web and if you are looking for something that’s fun and exciting and leaves you wanting to come back and play everyday, download this now. You can thank me later, but what are you waiting for. Thanks to your entire staff for creating so many countless hours of fun. I’m a lifelong fan!

  • Extremely fun

    by Tootru4657

    Some of you all don't get the picture you suppose to lose and win who complains when they are winning. Don't you jump say yeahhh ok that's the picture and you suppose to get mad when you lose. The game has gotten next to you. Lol you are into this game but you haven't learned yet. The picture is you trapped and in love with slotomania simply because now you complaining on this app designer. (Lol you trapped) you hooked, yes you going to lose if you bet all your money, why you hoping on a big win the game has got next to you. Listen to me, you in love with slotomania awwww ok stop betting so much control your betting it's easy. Go low go high go low again just keep doing that and you'll have some money left don't bet it all. Now if you still losing then get off for about 30 min. Then come back STOP betting all your money save some.

  • Enjoying

    by Attywally

    One must realize that this game is very addictive and difficult to stop playing.. and difficult not to buy coins. Now that Playtika was sold to Mr Ma and Alibaba... for about 4 billion in 2016 long time players are unhappy that Slotomania™ is very different for many of them. I play for relaxation And if I lose my coins...I am saddened...cannot get my fix but I am not so invested that I am angry or truly disappointed. I started in 2016 so... know only the newer version. Do not start if you cannot bear to lose. Compete with yourself and make Slotomania™ friends.. they are a great group and the Admits are a good bunch trying to be fair and supportive. The games do have technical difficulties because of advanced play not found in many other free sites. Many people just play free. I recommend having an alternate game to play to take a break and then come back refreshed. Just sayin’

  • Slotomania™

    by GoGo Josie

    I have been playing Slotomania™ for several years now. I have always enjoyed playing but it has been becoming less enjoyable as we win a little and you take it all back plus more. I can’t afford to play a GAME that you have to constantly make purchases in order to win. You have broke me more than one time. When you keep-taking the coins and don’t allow us to win, it is not an enjoyable game. I have stop playing this game in the past and came back to see if improved as I have allot of games. Well, it has not. Very disappointing. Again, I will look for another game if need be. Most of your levels are to hard to meet especially when you keeping taking all our money we built up to play with. Yes, I am enjoying winning a little bit since my above review. Winning is always fun. So Thank you!

  • Greedy

    by maharsin

    I love playing this game and have been a dedicated member for around 10 to 11 years I am at level 13,132 and rarely ever get any cards and I bet anywhere from 375,000,000 up 1 billion a spin in hopes of getting some. You seem to be getting greedier and greedier and expect us to buy coins to play. For instance on a power dash how is anyone going to get 7,700 club points to complete dashes just yesterday that was my dash #3 so the only way I was going to reach it was by spending 100 real dollars on a coin packet. Today you say buy a package and get rarer cards Pfffffft to that one big fat liars you are. Let loose of some of those 5* gold cards I keep getting the same ones which I have around 25 of some so what I’m saying is loosen up let loose of those cards we can’t trade it’s not fair to us after buying package after package and not being able to get what we need. Think of the player for once and not what you are going to do next to line your pockets. Fed Up

  • Game

    by vantmac

    The game is not working right. The game will disconnect as you are winning then when you reload the game all you do is lose. Supposed to have a coin bag as I made a purchase and one day you have it the next day gone then in morning it shows back up. When you send free coins or time to collect the game won’t play and goes into lose mode until you collect. The game use to be fun until you start adding multiple features all at the same time. And if there is a special for purchase the timer is on and the game does not play and when timber goes off you start winning then game boots you out just to restart the purchase timer. Also the game will put you in a losing streak just so you have the opportunity to buy your coins back. It’s not a game anymore it’s all about the purchasing and making money. If it continues I think everyone should boycott this game. I will also post on social media and Facebook about this game.

  • 82 year old Great Grandma

    by Upset 80 year old

    You are real crooks! No honesty in Slotomania. Will take all your money. Try other casinos. I am sure they are not penny pinching as Slotomania!!😡😡😡WHERE ARE THE BONUSES!!!!?????😏😏. What happened???? As usual, you asked for a rating and I gave you 5 stars and then everything stopped. Is that an honest way to do things. Again I am not saying that good payouts should always continue, but come on give us a break. Everything stopped. I guess we are stupid for continuing to play. Where is the good faith from Slotomania??? AMEN!!!!!😏😏. Not getting bonuses. Have been playing about 1/2 hour and had three bonuses. Not too good of a record. Do you think???? Could not give you 5 stars. Think even 4 stars was generous on my part!!!😏😏

  • Don't look any further, this is the one you're looking for!

    by Ones lotto

    If you like an app with a huge variety, and an outstanding staff. It's here. They have a new game every other week, all entertaining. If you have any concerns, that may pop up, you'll have a very professional person to help you. If this sounds good, look no farther. You will find one here that suits you fine. Patti I just hit my highest Jackpot, in 5 years! It can happen to you., Patti. Break out the Champagne the luck just might of changed directions, one can only hope. I was one away from as far as I could of gone. That is nothing but good coming! I'm knocking on wood right because I broke the unwritten rule. Just need to keep going in the right direction, and everything will be good! 5 Star game here, come and get some!!! Thanks always, Patti

  • Issues

    by Misty497334

    My game keeps freezing. I have to keep closing it and reopening it. When I collect gifts and Theres been times when I lost a lot of time on the gorilla because it froze up so I lost out on getting coins. I’m not getting Ace cards or other cards off any of the ace games. It’s even been hard to get gems no matter how fast or slow I hit it. It shows a ton of gems coming out then it says I have gotten like 20. I really love this game it’s been not so much fun lately. It’s like u have to bet really high to get anything. But most of the time u can’t even win bonus rounds. The sinbad badge challenge I couldn’t when anything when I was betting the amount to when the minor or major. Then I ran out of coins so I betted little just to try to win coins and of course minor screen comes up. I understand the whole slots concept. But I have been luckier at the casinos.


    by Slater56

    With the week I've had, this game really has made my day. I love casinos regardless but this is definitely a lot cheaper fun & I truly appreciate customer service tending to issues so quickly & fairly. Y'all know how to take care of your customers & that's means more to me than anything! I know my winnings may not last but I'm definitely feeling on top of the world & hope that 1 day I'll be able to see what winning a trillion looks like even though I'm just now getting a lil taste of my 1st billion. I'd probably cry seeing a grand prize because I about cried just seeing some big wins, Lol... I just don't have that kind of luck, but I guess there's nothing wrong with having hopeful wishes!! Thank you for your time & customer service when I needed it. God Bless all of y'all & your families that allow us to have your time ;-)

  • Greedy app owners

    by Greatui21

    Have spent over 5 billion coins in a week without one bonus? Have played this game over 5 years. First four years game was fair with occasional purchases to keep playing. The last year alone the game has sucked dry billions without even giving occasional win. Looking at these reviews you can see a pattern. Looks like the longer you play, the less you win. The standard reply of the creators is that these games are designed for big payouts(only when beginning). Is it coincidence that all the negative reviews are longtime players. I quit for several months because I could not win. When I came back Winning was even more difficult. I don’t understand why the designers want people to quit but unless you are full of disposable income, Don’t waste your money!

  • Needs much more improvement on coins

    by AlienHope

    This game was really intriguing in the beginning and then later I got hooked. Right after it was like I can never get coins or wins and it got boring for a while. Then I decided to purchase one of the deals (although it wasn’t a very good one) even though I knew what I was paying wasn’t worth what I was getting. So I purchased anyway. The few coins I received with that purchase were gone faster than anything. I tired betting lower or playing different stages and it seemed as if I would never win anything. And it’s been like that ever since. It’s like the game is being controlled way too much. And for the amount that the coins cost you’d think you get way more but no it’s completely not worth it. But people purchase because the game is fun obviously. I just think it would have a lot more players if they weren’t so expensive with their coins and had more odds of winning

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Lori Bernier

    Slotomania is awesome love the variety of games and prizes love to play all day if I stuff

  • by David Hungaski

    Way more fun than I imagined

  • by Linda Baniewicz

    Can't wait to see and play it!

  • by Dale Mills

    Yes we know you care about us , and how much you love making these games fun for us , right! Let's see more of that fun stuff

  • by Tony Montoya

    God laik God plays.

  • by Ong Boon

    Great game

  • by Alice Tyler

    Good game

  • by Carl Terry

    Great payouts excellent way to relax and unwind

  • by Annette Williams

    Love BIG WINS please

  • by kenny rease

    I love it

  • I absolutely love this game!

    by Daydrahday

    I play it everyday it's my favorite game in the whole App Store and it's one of the firs things I download on every new phone i

  • The Game!

    by titteer

    Also THIS DUCK GAME,I DONT THINK IT GIVES OUT ANY TYPE OF BONUS,I KEEP TRYING BUT I JUST KEEP LOSING AND THE PAYOUTS ARE EXTREMLY LIMITED WHAT HAPPENED YOU NEVER REPLIED? Yesterday and today l bought extra puzzle picks and none of them came up or were posted.l had to shut down my iPad to get it to even go off.lm not happy about this and would appreciate either a refund or it fixed!

  • Good game

    by Spoky school

    Just can’t seem to win

  • Billions

    by itbemebabydoll

    I am finally up to over $1,000,000,000. Thought I would never get there. 🤑

  • Depressing

    by jomazzing

    I enjoy playing this game but sometimes it cheats me like yesterday for example I won and played back over 1.5 billion coins and it was not accounted for in my sloto cash back bag. Also when I win 10 million at times I’m only actually awarded 9 million. Every now again the game will send me the list winnings in the gift box but I just want my coins when they are due to me. I like all the side games and the challenges I just want my winnings properly issued out.

  • Doing better

    by marty truitt

    Starting to win

  • Thank you!

    by surfer2001

    Always a fun playing the games! Like all players, wish I could win a big one every now and then!!!! Have a great day!

  • Best Slots Game!!!

    by Chrisaf10

    This game has the best slots and is kept balanced and challenging. Really fun and addictive with great customer service. Great Job Slotomania!

  • Game

    by Dixboop

    My favorite game has been under maintenance fir awhile. Wizard. Sure miss it

  • Vegas

    by 3dboyz

    So much fun and it keeps me out of the casino.

  • Ducky Strike

    by Hagen14$

    W0W! Thanks SO MUCH FOR THE HUGE WIN! Bless you and have a wonderful day🙏🙏🤗🤗 THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE BIG WIN! 🙏🤗🤗🤗🤗 Thanks for the nice win!! 🙏🤗🤗🤗 Thanks SO much for the nice win🙏🙏🤗🤗 Thank you for the big win. Bless you🙏🙏🤗🤗 Bless you for the BIG duck win! Thanks SO much!!!🙏🙏🤗🤗 Thanks so much for the BiG win. 🙏🙏🤗🤗 Bless you! Bless you for the BIG win!! Thank you! Thank you!!🤗🤗🙏🙏 Bless you for the nice win! Thanks so much!!🤗🤗 Thank you so much for the big win. Wishing you a pleasant day.🙏🙏😀😀 Bless you for allowing me to win The Royal Arms. Thank you so much! May you have a wonderful day.🙏🙏🤗🤗 Thank you for the nice win.🙏🙏 I’m very puzzled as to why the screen filled with WILDS and I lost 10 billion coins. I couldn’t seem to play the game but it took my coins. Could you check it out to see if it was just my screen or if others were affected as well? Thanks so much 🙏🙏 Thanks for the nice win🙏🙏🤗🤗 Thanks for the Mega Win. 🙏🙏🤗🤗 Bless you! Bless you! Bless you for the BIG WIN!! Thanks so much. 🙏🙏🤗🤗 Thanks so much for the BIG win! Have a wonderful day🙏🙏🤗🤗 Bless you! Bless you for the BIG win! Thanks so much 🙏🙏🤗🤗 Thanks so much for the nice win! Bless you 🙏🙏🤗🤗 Bless you for the BIG win. Thanks so mich🙏🙏🤗🤗 Thanks so much for the Mega Win! 🙏🙏🤗🤗 Bless you for the Big win! Thank you so much! 🙏🙏🤗🤗 Thanks SO MUCH for the nice win. 🤗🤗🙏🙏 Bless you! Bless you for the nice wins. Thank you very much. 🤗🤗🙏🙏 How can I thank you enough for the BIG WIN! Thanks so much!!🤗🤗🙏🙏 Thanks so much for the BiG WIN🙏🙏🤗🤗 Bless you for the Big win. Thanks so much🤗🤗🙏🙏 Thank you!! Thank you! Thanks for the BIG win! Bless you!🤗🤗🙏🙏 Thanks for the Jackpot WIN! Bless you! Bless you!! 🤗🤗🙏🙏 Thanks for the Jackpot WIN! Bless you!🙏🤗 Thanks so much for the big win. May you have a wonderful day 🙏🙏🤗🤗 Bless you! Bless you for the big win. Thanks so much🙏🙏🤗🤗 Thank you for the nice win. I really appreciate it. Have a nice day🙏🙏🤗🤗 Thanks so much for the big win in Spin Sesame. I hope you have a nice day. 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Bless you🙏🙏 Thanks for the BIG win in Ruby’s Treasure. I really appreciate it.🙏🙏🤗🤗 Thanks for the Black Mega win on the wheel. I don’t think I’ve ever won the black one in seven years. Would appreciate a big Grand prize sometime in the future. Thank you🤗🤗😀😀 I just spent 45.00 and can’t win anything. I spent 400.00 again this past month and just wish I could win when I spend the money. Thanks😀😀 Bless you for the BIG WIN in Crazy Train this morning. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day. 🙏🤗 Thanks for the big win this evening. 🙏🤗 I love this game and thank you for the big win. May you have a FANTASTIC day. 🙏🤗 Thanks for a wonderful day playing Slotomania! I appreciate the nice wins I gained! 🙏🙏😀😀 What can I say. Thank you so very much for the big win.🙏🙏May you have a blessed day. 🤗🤗 Bless you for the wins I have enjoyed today. May you have a nice evening. 🙏🤗 Thanks so much for the BIG WIN🙏🙏 I can’t THANK YOU enough for the big win. You made my day. 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  • I love this game 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    by the kandyyman


  • Fun fun fun!

    by zinz1017

    Great game with lots of surprises.

  • best game

    by Cameron5677

    the most funny game

  • Slotomania™

    by vegasdrifter

    Super fun!!

  • Steve138

    by Suckerpunch138

    Live this game I plAy everyday

  • Loosing signal all the time.

    by tee52353

    I gave this game a three star because every time I start winning big the game so they lose signal when I still have signal for other things. I enjoy the game I play all the time and there’s times that when my bonus things come up on the real it doesn’t give me my bonuses all of it.

  • Stop removing old favorites

    by suski816

    The games I really enjoyed playing are gone or under maintenance. Please bring back the Cat Cafe and the one with the Wizard!

  • $

    by Mando❤️

    Like this game.

  • This game is awesome

    by Trouble Funk

    This is an amazing game

  • Great game

    by moe2250

    So much fun

  • Slot mania

    by 1bubba3

    I love this app I am really glad that I can go from iPhone to iPad. Everyone will enjoy this if you love slots. Best games ever. I just wish I got new cards instead of cards I already have. Always get same ace or gold card. Not happy

  • Crazy train

    by Poppop2653

    Don’t update they rip you off don’t buy cause when you buy they give you me a favor jerk yourself your not getting a nickel from me anymore .Not one all aboard bonus all day long and also lost over 400 billion points not happy at all

  • Great Slot Game

    by ChampionMike

    8 have been playing Slotomania for’s a Fantastic Game....Best on the internet!

  • Sloto cards

    by sisfrakes

    I love this game just wish they would be free with sloto cards. Seems like forever

  • Respond to review

    by Retta011843

    Games are fun when you get something back if you don’t lose it all before you win again. We will see what happens this time.

  • Macau Nights

    by Glen Hill

    is the bomb!!! 👯👯🎈

  • Great review

    by upset player 1

    Great app

  • Have played for years

    by Jodiwankenobi

    This is hands down the best slots app out there. A variety of games, great graphics, many contests and ways to play and win. It is, as are real slots, a gamble- often you lose, sometimes you win. Usually though, you win enough to keep playing. Thanks for the fun!

  • Frustrated with the spinning spiral

    by 8424jyere

    I love the game, but have been frustrated by the mechanics of the game. I don’t know if it’s my iPad or the game itself but I am over the long waits for games and the spiral of death. I really don’t see many benefits of being in the Sloto club. Some of the newer games are reconstructed games of old.

  • Slotomania

    by Oliver in black n white

    Fun, fun, fun!

  • Awesome game!

    by xannyboo

    Slotomania is great! I like having many games to choose from. The games gives you a chance to Win many different ways. I think it's Great and I sit for hours and play😀

  • Points

    by auntie doodoo

    You take too many away!!!

  • Rating

    by Mooch & Shirley

    Thank you for taking care of the problem always come through ....such great customer service ....100% excellent slot , fun , great graphics, choices in slots, always something new . Recommend to all !

  • Love The Game

    by BigBren40

    Awesome game being playing for years 🥰

  • Coach

    by Richhotep

    It’s entertaining and play responsibly For the players who have billions the small coin offers don’t make a difference. However, I do see more fun ways to earn coins. You can now collect every hour

  • Carm Sherin

    by stonache

    I waited for the blinko I finally get to the level to play and you passed me right out. Why did u do this. Please fix I am still waiting for u to let me play blinko since u passed right over me. I waited and played to reach the level to play and I got there and it went right past me. HELp I want to play blinko. Come on guys it passed me right out

  • Frustrated

    by crazyowls

    I don’t understand why my dash is so high. I have friends that are way ahead of me and their dash isn’t as high as mine. I loose money all the time just trying to get 1/4 of the way. Can you explain I got an Ace pack with no ace, how does this happen? Not sure if it’s my game or Facebook but I get kicked off and goes back to sign in to FB account and can’t collect any gifts please fix this Seriously your dashes are ridiculous Not able to collect any of the freebies please fix this Still cannot collect the freebies from you can you please fix it Went to collect on my puzzle cards and lost connection and didn’t even get to try I didn’t get cards after winning the dash My puzzle chamber hasn’t reset it still shows 13 hours fix that please I sent cards to one of my clan members for her dash and she never received them. Can you please fix this.

  • Best

    by Mikala M.R.

    This has been the best game ever

  • Grrrrr eeeaaaaattttt

    by leftynow7


  • Best game

    by Usual loser

    This slot game pays the best out of all the slot games I play.

  • Missing slotocards access

    by cjb0802

    I can no longer send cards to other guest when using my IPad. However it is on my IPhone. I have a 7th generation IPad. Do you know how I can fix this. Thank you.

  • So much fun

    by Leah Mae 1

    Loving this game with all my heart.Leah Mae 1

  • Jo Ann Brice, Retired Real Estate Broker

    by 10 1/2 Chili Cook

    I have been playing Slotomania™ for 5 years and it is one of my favorites. It sure helps to pass the long days. The only thing I would change is the speed of the reels. They need to turn st least two times faster.

  • Can’t lose

    by 8956daddy

    Another's winner

  • Great fun!!

    by xXPosidentheoneXx

    Nearly as good as going to the casino! Lots of fun!!

  • Better

    by Erinjagger

    AfAfter I submit

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Slotomania™ Slots Casino: Vegas Slot Machine Games

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