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Divelements Limited

SkyDemon is Europe's leading VFR flight-planning and GPS navigation software.

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App Description

Google Play

SkyDemon is one of Europe's most popular solutions for VFR flight planning and in-flight navigation.

Use this app to access your SkyDemon subscription on your Android device, unlocking SkyDemon's powerful features while on the move.


- SkyDemon vector charts are the clearest aeronautical charts you'll ever use, with dynamic airspace clipping and choice of map layers
- Route planning is as simple as touching consecutive waypoints and dragging to make changes
- Virtual Radar shows how your route relates to airspace, terrain, obstructions and other features
- Pilot Log facility calculates headings and groundspeeds from actual wind data, and shows useful frequencies
- Plates and other documents for relevant airfields are displayed automatically as you plan, and many are available georeferenced for use in flight
- Intuitive pan, pinch and rotate support with no loss of map clarity or text legibility
- File a VFR flightplan for your route directly to air traffic controllers
- Automatic TAF, METAR and SIGMET briefing as you plan a route, with graphical decoding
- Rainfall data can be overlaid on the main map, with animation, showing the trend of rainfall over time
- Integration of GAFOR route forecasts for Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia
- Both narrow-route and area NOTAM briefings available, updated as you plan
- Advanced NOTAM graphical interpretation and depiction on the main map
- Easily print your PLOG and the output from various briefings
- Warnings for airspace and other potential hazards to your flight, updated in real time
- Airfield Admin Information shows useful contacts and other details for airfields featured in our charts
- Forecast winds aloft are automatically retrieved for the flight time and displayed on the map
- Create an advanced flight performance profile for each aircraft you use
- ATS Routes mode offers an alternative chart presentation for flight along airways
- Accurate fuel, weight and balance calculations including flight costings
- Create an unlimited number of user-defined waypoints
- Analyse your track logs for posterity
- Choose between six different vector chart styles
- Extensive European chart coverage as standard


- Intelligent warnings for approaching airspace, NOTAM, obstacles, terrain and other hazards
- Virtual Radar shows a side-on projection of all approaching features and how your trajectory relates to them
- Vector map automatically follows the aircraft in north up, track up or course up orientation
- Clear and concise instruments show you flight statistics and help keep you on track
- An HSI/ILS instrument helps you keep to your planned route and line up early for approach
- Live Pilot Log shows progress through your route, ETAs, ATAs and useful frequencies based on your current position
- TerrainSafe dynamically colours mountainous terrain around you to quickly identify safer areas
- Direct To allows easy re-routing in a hurry by picking from a selection of nearby airfields
- Approach Information shows runway diagrams, TAF, METAR, NOTAM and other airfield details useful for making an approach
- Live updates of TAF and METAR while in flight, with associated alerts*
- Extended runway centrelines appear automatically on the map as you near your destination airfield
- Permanent display of position relative to nearest well-known waypoint, for position reporting
- Easy changing of the planned route while in flight by touching and dragging

* Internet connection required for live weather update while in flight

What’s New

Google Play

  • 3.11.1

    December 10, 2018 - Airfield documents can now be downloaded automatically for your route
    - You can now select more than one third-party traffic receiver
    - FLARM decoding is now available for the SkyEcho 2 traffic receiver
  • 3.11.0

    November 19, 2018 - When an approach has been selected to a specific runway, traffic guidance for other runways is hidden and joining and turning indicators are shown for the precise circuit where available
    - When selecting a circuit approach to a runway, left-hand or right-hand circuit is preselected automatically where possible
    - Blocks times are now included in the Debriefing Pack
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