Skiing Yeti Mountain
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  • NEEDS A FREE SKI MODE!!! Jan 8, 2019

    By Kaylin1104
    To begin with, I absolutely LOVE this game! Mainly because I ski myself and I love doing it!!! Also it is just this cute little pixelated game that is just like skiing. I love it! It is an easy way to just ski! The way you turn and stuff with only using one finger! And it looks awesome! Like how you drift and there are cliffs to jump. It is awesome! But of course what is the point in writing a review if you don’t have at least ONE pet peeve about SOMETHING. My only pet peeve about this game is the stupid post things you have to go around! I hate that! And I know that is the whole point of the game. And I’m not saying you should get RID of it because it isn’t THAT bad but it would make the game so much more fun if we could just roam a mountain and ski where ever we want! Jump as big of cliffs as we want! Anything! But just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a free ski mode! But of course the levels would still be there too. Because what’s the point of a game if there is no challenge? The levels like challenge mountain and endless or just the normal levels could be the challenges of the game when we needed one. But anyway I would appreciate a big update with this! It would be so much fun to ski where ever and as fast and long as we want! I am sure there are many that also agree somewhat of the sorts. Please consider this! Thank you! I love this game!
  • Awesome Skiing Game To Practice RL Skiing Mar 3, 2018

    By Coastal95
    Skiing Yeti does seem to be one of the coolest skiing indie games in the iOS market. I’ve been playing the beginner level for quite sometime and the challenge increases steadily as there are other modes of the game that challenge you even harder as you go down different mountains. Although, sometimes the game will lag on my iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.6 but I’m not sure why it would all of the sudden do that. The game I’m playing is up to it’s most updated version which could be why. The game isn't as fast and fluent as it used to be when I was playing it the first two weeks. Other than that, what a great game and story line!!
  • Truly Amazing Aug 12, 2016

    By Monsterman290
    This game is so simple yet AMAZINGLY fun. It is addicting and a good game to play when you are waiting for something or when you just want to play a game. It is funny, it actually has a storyline to it, has a challenge mode, and it has and endless mode. This game is all around good and fun, but it has some small problems. One problem is that. The daylight cycle setting doesn't work, and game freezes occasionally. The game developers also have funny ways of putting adds in, but it can kind of be annoying. It might not be everyone's game, but I think the game is totally awesome and everyone should at least try it out.
  • An all time CLASSIC! Oct 14, 2018

    By Big_Bam
    Love this game! I’ve spent countless hours playing this game since it first came out 3 or 4 years ago. I also paid the $3 to have the ads removed since the beginning and it’s been well worth it. One feature I wish they would add is keeping track of your best time for each run. That would just make replaying each level much mor