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Smule - The #1 Singing App

Smule - The #1 Singing App


Enjoy karaoke on your phone. Sing karaoke with top artists & friends!

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68.3% Positive Reviews

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  • What else could you want in a singing app?!

    by Yellow boy fyguyg

    I’ve been using the app for a couple of years or more and during that time, I’ve continued to think — “How could you ask for anything more?”. All I can say is, there must be some very talented people (who listen to customer feedback) working for Smule Sing!... because they are constantly seeking to improve the user experience! The pitch monitor is terrific for training your ear because it gives you instant feedback. If you are trying to really learn a song, that feedback is invaluable because you can tell (as you sing), whether you are “way off, pretty close or dead on”. What I have discovered is — most everyone is on a journey of learning to sing “better”. That is true for those who are relatively new to well as those who sing or have sung professionally. Singing well... really is a lifelong process. One of the neat things about this community are the acquaintances and friendships which develop over time. It’s not uncommon to sing with someone on the other side of the planet! That is still awesome to think about... even when language barriers present a challenge, the universal language of music bridges the gap and makes for a much more harmonious world! That should be a plus in almost anyone’s book! I know it is for me.

  • by Misadventures in Motherhood

    I personally love the amazing song library and fantastic arrangements! What drives me crazy is that if you're making a video there seems to be no way to rewind. So if you get three quarters of the way through the song and flub a note, you have to start back from the very beginning again. Now, this is on my phone; perhaps it's different on the computer, but if there's no way to rewind to fix a mistake, that might be a dealbreaker for me. Torn.

  • 💥💥This app has CHANGED MY LIFE!!💥💥💥

    by TonyB71

    I downloaded the app because it sounded fun and I was quickly hooked. It took a little time but after joining several people, I was able to find my way to some pro level talented singers who were on the app to have fun and sing just like me. Over time, I’ve made amazing friendships with people from all over the world. Smule is such a wonderful outlet for me. I check it many times a day to see who’s joined me or commented on my songs. There is every style of singer on there and with the community songbook, the list of song choices is virtually endless! The ones who give this app a low rating are mostly ones who didn’t stick around long enough learn how to properly use the app (always use headphones!) As for the price, you can join others as many times as you want without paying for the VIP subscription. Your options are limited on vocal and filter fx but you can still make it sound great. If you choose to pay for VIP, you can get it cheaper through Smule than through iTunes and it’s well worth it. For the amount of joy I bet through the app, the subscription price is a deal! Do yourself a favor and check it out! Stuck with it awhile and you’ll find a whole world of wonderful people who love to sing!

  • by Tanay Sontakke

    The singing experience is really worth 5 stars. But my rating is for the app as a whole. User-friendliness needs a little improv. Deleting recordings or bookmarks is inconv. with the page refreshing each time. Please allow for multiple selections of recordings and bookmarks at a time. I suggest long-press on a recording and then displaying options overhead is better than side-menus(3 dots). Just like a normal Android messaging app. Also, please integrate livejam with Android.

  • Wish I could sing older songs

    by a casual pedestrian

    I have been on this app for so many years, back to when I remember watching a million ads to be able to accumulate enough credits to purchase songs. I had built up quite a collection before things changed. I don’t mind the current system all that much, but there is one particular flaw that has always disappointed me more than others. I am a huge broadway fan, and as much as I love the new musicals that are popular right now, I also have a lot of favorites that maybe aren’t so current and popular. There are songs on the app, but nobody is singing them. I don’t have the type of money to be able to afford a VIP subscription, so with nobody making duets there is no way that I’m able to sing the songs that I want. What I’m suggesting is that for songs that maybe don’t get a ton of attention on the app, or at least the ones that are uploaded by Smule and not by users, there might be a way to make a permanent duet track, so that when people want to go back to older songs and sing them, they are able to even if they don’t have a VIP membership like me. Thank you for your time and possibly your consideration. This is mostly just my sadness over the fact that I’m not able to sing all the Songs For a New World songs that I want, but oh well.

  • Junerich1 smule experience

    by nurse... Rich

    My name is june . I am a professional person who has enjoyed smule now for approximately 2 years. I was a singer : actress ; model in my younger years . I find this app very enjoyable both as a comfort to those to relax and release stress and also I enjoy searching for voices . It is amazing how many experienced and talented people we have . This concept has enabled so many members to reach out and sing rather than medication to those who suffer from depression and other challenges. My history as a professional has been nursing as a hospital emergency nurse and cardiac nurse and also a long career in psychology which I am currently working as a psychology nurse . Music is one of the only methods sometimes to comfort those in a crisis. I wanted to say thank you and bless you for not only being a nurse I love to help people but I currently have 5700 followers and enjoy helping them as well as singing with them . This app has been a comfort to me as well and has helped me deal with my mom’s death which was hard . She had ovarian cancer stage 4 ... 7 years ago diagnosed and recently died . But I would sing to her every day which made it easier for her .. thanks again Junerich1

  • Ok, but no VIP

    by Unicornlover021

    I love this so much! I like that you can talk to people now. I also like singing with other people, I find it soothing! This is a perfect app for singers! Something that I don’t like is that the people who aren’t VIP can’t sing by themselves. They have to get invited to sing by themselves. I’m hoping you can change this! I also think that the VIP isn’t really useful! I dislike the VIP because there isn’t enough equality! It’s also not fair for the VIP’s to get to change their name tag or how their name looks like! I just hope you can change this, if you don’t I’m very sad and probably stop playing this game for a while! And please look through this! I dislike it when people just use machines to send like different things like, oh ok I’ll look at it or thanks for your review! I just dislike that! Please read this through! If not I might delete and find another app that has the qualities I like. I’m also fine with there still being VIP people, I just think that people just want VIP to make them FEEL and LOOK better. But, I REALLY hope you guys can change the name tag! If you change these things then I will be SUPER DUPER satisfied! You guys are the best! And I actually mean that I might delete the app... ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ! -A very hopeful user

  • Please remove the 100 video rule.

    by Nadiawaly123

    I love this app! I make funny singing videos and I never had a problem with this app! I love how you can communicate with people that have the same interest in singing! This app is really great but the only problem is the limitations for the none V.I.P members. I get that they need to make money somehow but the other limitations such as not being able to start your own duets or solos were working just fine. I don’t mean to disrespect the creators in anyway I just really would appreciate if the creators would at least let us make as much videos as we want without being limited. I never really was a fan of the limitations on this app like not being able to sing some songs if you are not a V.I.P but I know that they need to make money somehow so I never really questioned it but I feel like it’s just not that fair that we can’t make more than 100 videos if we are not a V.I.P. Again I don’t mean in anyway to disrespect the creators and I really love this app and the hard work they put in creating it but I would really appreciate that when the new updates come out that you guys can take off the 100 video limitation for the non V.I.P members. Thanks so much, I absolutely love this app otherwise!!! 👌

  • by R J

    Love this app! Phenomenal! My only problem is now that phone upgraded to Android Pie the quality of recordings as not as good. Higher notes have distortion and even recorded songs sound as it had auto-tune all the time.

  • I love this app but unfortunately...

    by SoulSurferBlack

    The VIP purchase got highly out of line... (when I first got this it didn’t have to put vip in there so I was happy without it) Even though I’m able to sing with other people, the part of the problem is “I don’t think I want to sing any of these songs with them, Is there anything else I would try out?” I’ll admit that’s how I am. Because when I get invited to a duet it’s those songs, I probably don’t even know or that it’s not my favorite. Then after I’ve gone threw those I try to sing either solo or maybe put in a duet, but apparently after the time’s has changed, it’s getting a little more boring and annoying now while not having VIP... I still have it but I hardly ever use it now because of it. I’m sorry people who works in this app but you’ve actually pretty much ruined this over trying getting more money... You probably need it for whatever kinda of reasons but... I’m sorry to say but your being... well... “Extremely Spoiled”... And even though I love the app... I’m slowly starting to feel like deleting this not “just” because of how expensive it is... but because I can’t pick what I want to try out anymore either. I love this, but it’s already taking up a lot of space on my device. So this is my result

  • by Jayaprasad Nayar

    A good app which has given me hours upon hours of pure entertainment. Haven't given it 5 stars since, of late, the app goes dormant & requires to be uninstalled & reinstalled almost on a daily basis. Wonder if there is a fix for this malady?

  • I love this App not so much now

    by buddyblue

    I love to sing alone and with another person! I find it relaxing! I’m changing that review I just auto renewed through iTunes my VIP Subscription. Now for the second time the VIP status is gone! I have sent many e mails no answer! The last time they fixed it and said I should renew through them no way! I called Apple support and they said that there should be no reason why I would have to renew through Smule! ITUNES will renew my money within 2 months. When this happened before they told me that there was something wrong and I really didn’t understand. I’m hoping they help me strange thing is I have had this App since 2014 with no problem what happened SMULE FIX IT. JUST BEWARE NEVER GO THROUGH SMULE TO PAY pay through iTunes because they are very good about giving refunds and they don’t take money out when they aren’t supposed Too not sneaky! I am wondering if they take the VIP status away so you go through them that would be terrible! BEWARE PEOPLE! HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ANYONE ELSE? JUST WONDERING! ITS BEEN TWO DAYS AND NO ANSWER SIX EMAILS LATER. NOT HAPPY AT ALL. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY NOT GETTING BACK TO ITS COSTUMERS. FROM AN ANGRY COSTUMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • by Carmela erika

    great singing app... able to sing with people around the world and one way to meet new friends ☺ But i don't like the latest update, wherein pictures of mentions are not shown .

  • Music

    by klobug1216

    I love this app because I love to sing and it’s super good you can sing with people You can sing like all your favorite songs it is a really good app if you love to sing and stuff like I do and it’s just a lot of fun and like you can just do so much stuff with that you can do popular songs you can do like all types different songs you can sing like songs from around the world like it’s just super cool I don’t know like everything about this but I had it before and I thought is really cool and really fun you guys really need to get this right because I did all stars because it’s a really good app it’s really fun I still need to look into it more because I didn’t look into it all of it but it’s like a really really good fine and if you love to sing like I said this is good for you and you can like practice is it stings are the lyrics and yeah so just give this a bunch of stars you don’t like that’s OK it’s your opinion but yeah I think it’s a really good app so make sure you get is a big thumbs up and you like it sorry didn’t spell everything right I’m trying to say this is a really good app🦄🦄....

  • by Sham Sunder Dhawan

    Wonderful app. should not be discontinued. Pl. restore my smule app. as it is. I am a senior citizen pl. allow to continue. Thanks.

  • I like it but...

    by heaven_1267🎧

    I used sing since 2012 and I love but with the recent updates I haven’t really like the app as much... First in the past used to be able to watch a Videos to get credits to buy songs or so sometimes they would automatically give you credits on your profile as soon as you login but now you have to be a VIP just to get songs seriously...Second you used to be able to view all your videos from your first everyone to your most recent now you have to be a VIP just to view any of your older posts after two years ago like wow...Third you used to be able to choose if you want to do a solo duet or group song if you don’t have enough credits for the song you got to earn more but now just to be able to do a solo duet or group creation for people to join you also have to be VIP just wow.. it’s really upsetting because some people can’t give VIP i used this app for a long time now I’m 13 even if I asked my mom to buy VIP on this app I know she wouldn’t and I know plenty of people are probably upset over the new updates because now you just have to buy vip for stuff like

  • by Jhoie Saldua

    please put a LOG OUT option on your settings so we can log out to our different accounts. and yes I have 2. it's tiring to uninstall then install just so I can access my other account.

  • by Yui Chan

    What an amazing app! Very fun to use if bored or have nothing to do. The songs have very good reviews as well.

  • Credits?

    by Darksoul2226

    I love Sing! so much, but the VIP things needs to stop. I used to grow a community with the account Darksoul222. I used to earn those credits and I was able to gain followers and keep them happy by being able to use their voice. NOT THEIR MONEY!! I can’t keep my area going because of this! I need credits back! I loved Sing!, but it’s going downhill FAST for me. I have to use safari to do songs and things. I’m not telling u who because they r reasonable they also gave me the chance I wanted to grow a community. Now I can’t use my voice, I NEED TO USE MY MONEY!! I’ve had many issues because of this. I’m not able to do what I love. I had to put my profile on hiatus. JUST BECAUSE OF THIS! Soon I’m about to call someone and give them my complaint. I know no one will see this because of how many people just throw stars out and write a few good words. Smule, I’ve had enough fix this problem or I’m going to find a way to contact you guys. GOOD DAY! (Please fix this, it would be greatly appreciated because now the app I used had your app outdated.)

  • Brilliant Platform

    by ameliAmuseD

    As an artist of many mediums and a founder of two organizations to support creativity as well as connect the muses with the creators and inspire others, I am well versed in apps made for profit VS option of ‘prophecy’ I applaud Smule for their artistic centered apps, though Sing! Karaoke is my favorite. The options are magnificent for those interested in singing for sake of joy thru live streaming free-styles with own instruments, Lyrics, choreography, ect. I didn’t sing Karaoke before this came out. Now I have connected with talented and kind people worldwide utilizing our voices, remembering to speak up and be the verbs we are, instead of the nouns we are told to be. Excellently thought out, fantastically well cared for, and admired much. I recommend Smule Sing! Karaoke to all, and thank the developers for keeping in contact the connection of artists, aware of stream. When you grouped your magic guitar app with Sing! years ago I knew this was not made to sell anything but consciously promote worth in the arts. Ty! ~ meliamuse

  • by Annika Lorez

    what happpen with the new update? the app cant even open, it only can open once and then when want to opem it again it won't work....what happen to it??

  • Where is the talent at?

    by Mysterynite77

    I am a singer when I got this app I was shocked that a lot of vip members can’t carry a tune way off but yet their video has million of views comments they are wonderful but yet ones commenting are worse singers then them people this isn’t a singing app it’s a buy your way to the rank and level singing app I dropped it about a year ago even when I didn’t use it they charged me not happy at all with it I never want to ever use it again only way I would is if I wanted to download one of my songs I recorded just horrible people who are tone deaf who lie to others say they could go on American idol even those so called groups wanted me to join and you have to get invited to be super talentive I heard some of them I thought no way cause I know what singing is they ain’t got it I never did except their invite cause they knew I could sing but how ever it floats your boat if you wanna spend money on something to drain your bank account go for it not me🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Great, but what happened to landscape mode?

    by kre410

    This last update took away the ability to rotate my iPad. The reason it’s important is the camera. If I want to do a video I have to prop on pillows and the charger port is on the bottom and there’s a cord problem.....cord, chord...pun. Ok so please bring it back. My iPad Pro is designed to prop in landscape mode. On the positive and there are many...there is no song too underground or obscure. Someone has uploaded it. If I can fine the original Venus In Furs by Velvet Underground, you can find most anything unless it’s x-rated. The quality is spot on and no special headset needed. This works perfectly with you apple headset. It’s fun and the community is very forgiving and kind. Oh sure, you have some Divas and clubs who judge...but they are nobody and I simply block anyone who is rude or critiques me. After all, this is karaoke and its for fun. We aren’t looking for the next big thing here. Anyway, it’s very fun and hours go by quickly. And that’s what’s important . Fun.

  • by B. Colwell

    The only problem I have is the total lack of response from devs and zero customer service. Especially considering how much money they collect from VIPs? How about a lil VIP treatment then? Absent that, the typical user with a fair complaint (like all I see listed here) has no evidence that the devs are anything but spoiled tech bros laughing their way all the way to the bank. Not a good look.

  • Great Therapy

    by Pzammy

    This is one of the best forms of therapy I have ever found would you like to sing in anyway this is it. I'm 51 and sing-along I met some really cool people some not so cool people but it's anywhere you go or anything you just got to pick them out right have a good time sing with people all over the world don't judge other people sing with them and have fun everyone has their own style such a different variety of music you don't have to pay if you don't want to if you don't want to pay to sing a lot to do with us if you want to pay a little bit a month or a yearly feethat would be your choice and you can make that. Pick out your own song sing solos or get some people to join you I love it so glad that my daughter him tell me about this website I'll talk to people about it work we have a good time with it so can you release in life I need some therapy this just may be your answer please make sure you wear your headphones have a blessed day

  • how bad the background is for some people

    by fun game word cookie

    some people get bad backgrounds beacuse they have noises bothering them when they are singing. And when that happens people dont want to listen to that recording that has bad noises in the background. I dont understand why people just dont go in quiter places like were people wont bother you or talk to you in your singings, plus that is the worst part about the singings. The annoyinces are bad they can get worser sometimes. This singing app is good to use but, those annoying people in your background make people hate your singings and just by singing people want to annoy you and your veiwers by that i mean your viewers will get annoyed by watching your video. When people dont like your videos its not by your tone of voice its just beacuse your background was a little too anoying and too loud. When people annoy you they sometimes may be louder than your singing. When people annoy you in your backgrounds ur singing becomes quiter than your usal singing tone of voice.

  • by lost child

    when i had this app on my old iphone i could hear myself singing in the app. but now that i have an android i cant hear myself sing. why

  • Fun app but..

    by Jessmyst

    The app itself is a fun concept and I do enjoy it. However, for an app that makes you subscribe for many features, they seem to care very little about being easy to use for everyone. As an iPhone 7 user, there is of course no headphone jack, making wired headphones annoying to deal with since it’s so easy to loose the adapters. Anyone who uses the app a lot knows that headphones make for much better quality recordings. Well, for whatever reason, the app makes it so if you use Bluetooth headphones; they disconnect when you go to record. This has been an issue for a while and I’ve seen many complaints, but with each update they make, they fail to fix that. I expect more from an app that forces you to pay for many of the features than ignoring the complaints of users. I’ll continue to use it because it is quite fun for passing time, but I unsubscribed to it and do not plan to pay for it again until they fix that issue. It’s such a simple feature to include and they continue to ignore the needs of the customers

  • Great app if equal access!

    by Kay Music Fan

    Why did some people get Spotlight AND Hype FX before others got either...? Love this app but still really want Hype FX available to ALL soon! Also wondering why Super Harmony only shows up on some songs, and isn’t a set iOS FX choice...? Other issue is with the “bad gateway” message where songs are just GONE when you try to save them...ONCE I found them saved in a queue like Smule was backing them up, but it seems like that was only one day, cus I never saw it again otherwise. And the option for saving something when you come back to the app has NEVER worked for me, only crashed the app until I agreed to trash the recording. If you could fix these problems, it would be a 5 star app. And if you could magically find a way to allow for an in-ear monitor when using Bluetooth headphones (the lag currently makes this impossible, but Bluetooth is becoming a necessity), that would make you a 6 star app 😆😆😆

  • All Time Favorite App 💜

    by Joro9o

    I have always loved singing, just not around/with other people listening - Until this year. I was going through a rough patch, started to record myself singing on Voice Memos (acapella in parking garages and showers for the acoustics) as a distraction from life. Then I wondered if there was a better way to save my songs. Googled and searched the App Store and found this gem! All it took was that one week trial and I was hooked.. I can go back and fix minor mistakes I made without having to record the ENTIRE song again. I can add a filter effect to change my voice to match the music of the songs I’m singing. I can sing along with celebrities. I can sing along with friends I invite privately or publicly. I can even sing with strangers around the world! Music is healing, and music truly does connect all humans. Thank you Smule for helping us to heal and unite all of us! 🙏🏼

  • Smulians app

    by Vieve_48

    Your Smule app can release the stress especially during after wrk. I gives me so much fun and it practices back my vocal cords again. I am so thankful that you make such this idea to give more happiness to your clients. And now the more i practice the more my vocal chords getting better, and it needs practice more though i always sing every now and then I’m already satisfied of what I’m doing. This is such a big help too for those who have a weak heart because this is a way wherein the hearts could function it very well. In the beginning I was really proud of myself that of always having been practice it helps the beating of my heart getting better back again. And it’s a challenge for me because it is not only for the best artist can do to sing. This app, even the lowest tune of the voice could also sing. Again, thank you so very much for this entertainment that you offer.

  • I love this app!

    by LunaLizzard

    It’s so much fun! I would’ve given it 5 stars but when I signed up for the 7 day VIP trial it only worked 5 of those days. I contacted support and this was their response: It appears that you have not started a free trial from the account associated with email address If you subscribe to a free trial, you’ll gain the same VIP privileges as a subscriber. If you enjoy your free trial, do nothing and it will automatically convert to a VIP subscription at the end of the trial period. So I sent screenshots to show them I had and their response was very... Nonchalant. They repeatedly told me to check my iTunes subscriptions. Even after asking if they could give me the days that didn’t work, their response was As per our system, your 7-day trial started on Dec 17th and ended on Dec 24th so everything seems fine on our end. Unfortunately, we do not have any further information about your subscription, as it was processed via iTunes. Please check out the Apple subscription article if you have further questions. I’d have to just say, I have had a lot more enjoyable experiences with other companies support but as far as the app goes I enjoy it a lot. I haven’t heard of anyone else having issues with the trial so maybe it was something on my end. But after the issue I experienced I’m unsure about paying for VIP. I think I’ll just continue with a free account.

  • Smule Is The Way To Go! 🤩

    by AshleyPrincess22

    Smule really helps me relax , I can watch videos of people singing, even duet with them or solo.I love to watch lives because they show me to be confident.I enjoy Smule a lot , Just a few things tick me off , How you can’t do Solo or start a Group or Duet because you’re not VIP. I really have nothing to do at home so I play on my phone and Smule is one of the best , but I think Smule should have some better quality , Cause some people ( Like me ) Don’t like earbuds or headphones, they irritate me so much so yeah... But on the bright side , I can have fun when I’m bored and have a great day with the microphone In MY PHONE!!! 🏅🏅Also, It’s so amazing that you can meet new friends sing with them and create friendship through 1 single song! Smule brings together people which is lovely. 😊 I love how you can change the voice to Like “ Double You “ ( That’s my Fave. ) I have to wrap it up here , But Smule , Keep rising , gaining and Winning! 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤💗💗

  • By roseygal564

    by roseygal564

    I love this game no joke I get to do duets with other people and I have so much fun on it I don't know what I would be doing if I didn't have this game I would probably be bored sitting in my room doing nothing set for homework I love this game and I've had so much fun playing this game and I am not being paid to say this message like some people think I actually really love this game and I think anyone who doesn't have this game should get it because other people around the world that have singing talents can use the singing talents and sing with other people and people can get really high expectations and be really happy with this game and it even rows my whole my extreme a lot for singing I think I'm not now might not be stage fright after this I want to play every single day after school and I cannot wait to play some more!!!!!!!!!😇😍😂😝😜😍😇😂🤣😘😋😋😋

  • I love this app!

    by MeaghanLemon

    It's a great app. I love it! The only thing I would like changed is that I would like it a bit better if they could somehow either figure out how to make it so that you would not need headphones to reduce feedback, or stop telling you to put headphones on when you just don't care about the feedback noise. Sometimes a bit of feedback can be okay (depending on the song), so, sometimes, I don't care. But whatever, it's a great app, and there are so many good songs on there! Edit: one more thing I would like them to do is I would like a way to delete unwanted invites (invites to songs you don’t know or don’t like). I get invited to sing some songs that I’ve never even heard of, and some songs that I’m not really into. I’d like a way to delete those invites so that I can more easily get to the invites to songs that I do want to sing!

  • Need a pitch adjusting option


    Hi. This is Rosne. I’m using smule from 10 month. It’s a greatest app for singing. I’m using every option of it. I’ve improved my singing so much better than before. I’m just loving this app so much. Everything is so well in this app. But one thing I want the developers to make. Please make an option as pitch adjust. Sometimes some music creat on high scale & everybody can’t sing on high scale. So some people still try to sing on high scale or skip it. Sometimes We can’t sing our favourite song because of high scales. But singing out of your voice range can damage voice... please make this “”PITCH ADJUST”” option so that anybody can sing any song. I’m requesting smules developer to make this option pleeeeeaaaassssseeeee....... & make it a fastest app ever with fast massages & fast loading. we want to sing heart out..... sing to relief our heart. Not to damage voice. Thanks for reading my review 🎼🎼🎼

  • Susileedean

    by Susilee Dean

    I love this app. I’ve been having such a wonderful time singing with awesome “regular people” like me throughout the world. It is also fun to sing with the rock stars too, and I’ve gotten some valuable singing tips from listening to them and trying to match their performance. Smule has voice enhancements and picture editing that are very good. One suggested fix on group songs would be this: a little more control over post-production on group songs that one initiates oneself, (such as filters to mute annoying trolls), would be helpful. But in my experience there have been only a couple of those. All the other singers have been very trustworthy and well-intentioned and form a tight-knit community of positive sharing. I have been very fortunate in having beautiful and enthusiastic singing partners, who truly care about music. And thankfully there is the option to block individual harassers, that prevents any damage to future group songs that one starts. (With solos and duets, it isn’t an issue.) A helpful feature is the numerical scoring system that provides one with valuable instant feedback on one’s own performance. There is some amazing talent in this community, probably mostly untapped until now. Great job, Smule! Thanks so much for a great app!💖👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💖🙏🏻

  • Awesome concept, getting there...

    by ktjt78

    Smule is giving planet earth exactly what they’ve always wanted. However, because of the complexity of recording live and simultaneously across the globe they are constantly operating on the edge of failure. Add to that the massive numbers of users and it’s not hard to figure out why the issues persist. Nevertheless they can be frustrating. Between the live jam drops and kicking you out, it’s tough. But these issues really only apply to live jam. The recording feature for solo duet and collabs is fantastic and unparalleled. The only real user interface improvement would be to somehow provide the ability to edit a song with video feature instead of having to record the entire song over for a minor error or sneeze. Overall it’s an awesome app and will provide you with hours of fun!

  • Happy Single Parent

    by Single Father that Loves life

    I love to sing and used to go to karaoke five days a week and then I became a father. Well the singing had to come to a stop as parenting trumps everything. Singing relaxes me it soothes my inner soul. It takes me to a place mentally where I feel all the stressors in my every day life are put on hold while I’m singing. A friend introduced me to Smule and the past few weeks have been fun. I’m getting used to singing again although some of the songs my voice isn’t ready to try yet but Smule has become my new form of relaxation. My kids love listening to me sing and being a single parent is tough especially keeping the kids entertained and well Smule helps me relax and keeps my kids entertained so mission accomplished. Great app. If I could rate it 100 times I’d still give Smule 5 stars every time. Thank you for this app.

  • I don’t give 5’s

    by Aarorth

    This is this is my first time getting a review for one of the apps I like this app and fun the only thing is it’s just like all other apps you got to actually spend money to actually truly enjoyed all the features so in that that’s one of the biggest reasons it’s not get the five it’s not totally free I understand Having to charge in order to help Keep employees happy at the main office they create this software or this app I should say but there’s ways around charging to get the full effect of it I think if someone came out with a totally free version doing the same exact thing you would see it really skyrocket and pretty much become the main user good I’m just getting tired of some of these apps want to charge in order to be, full-fledged member or to get the enjoyment of the four teachers if you have any questions you can always ask

  • Love it! But I want to add just another feature (please free to everyone though)

    by SodapopPeyton

    Ok this app is AMAZING! There could definitely be some future singers and artists on here. Speaking of artists, you guys could add a feature of like a recording studio with no music where people with their written songs can share them or people can go ‘unplugged’ with their music. Maybe they can also record background music like a guitar and add it in there too. Finally, when you are singing anywhere, regular or with a duet or anything, you should be able to add effects to your voice on certain parts. For example, when someone is singing and their voice goes down in that robotic way (with magic, come on we’ve all tried) but yeah that could improve our singing performance. Please and Thanks!

  • Fun singing app

    by lightwarrior101

    You don’t have to be a singer to enjoy this app. In fact, you may find that you’ll be singing a lot more once you start using this. You try your hand at singing one song, and then another, and another. This is a lot of fun and the music provides sounds pretty much exactly like the real thing except your singing. There are different effects to choose from while you’re singing or after you’re singing to see what works best for you. That’s the fun stuff. The negative con is this is $7.99 a week, which might seem cheap for some people, but that adds up over time. It’s kind of pricey for an app. Usually you pay to download an app one price and then it’s yours to use indefinitely. That’s really the only reason for knocking a star off. Otherwise enjoyable app, but not worth it if you’re not going to use it religiously.

  • Yup👍

    by @aspen697

    I love this app. Used it for over a year. I figured that if I’ve been opening this app almost every day for the past year... it was worthy of a review. Smule has basically any song you could think of (along with multiple other versions of the song), as well as acting collabs. Just a really great app if your looking to practice your singing and teach yourself. Very positive vibes. Great way to meet people all around the world. I seriously use this app almost every day. There is something therapeutic about singing. And you don’t have to be freaking John legend or Beyonce to sing with others. Everyone is very supportive because we are all aiming for the same thing.... to improve our singing. It is a bit spendy but I think it’s worth it for the amount of hours I spend on it.

  • Updates

    by Kenny Lincoln

    Everything gets changed every time they update and the mic you used to use may not work anymore. There is little to no support from the company other than canned answers. This was a great app and still could be but changing things so often and so drastically is very stupid. You go into it thinking you have your levels and eq set and your mic is just perfect only to find that nothing works the next time you open the app. I have never had more trouble with audio in my life than with this app. I do not know how a latency problem could occur on this app but I promise it will. I used to love smule and I used to subscribe but I have not been vip in a long time because I refuse to pay for bad service. Fix your app and I might buy it again.

  • Love the singing, but...

    by miya361

    I rediscovered Smule after about 2 years of absence and I really enjoy singing with other people. Although I‘m not a very good singer, people still have kind words and it just makes me feel good. I can understand that this app has to be financed somehow, so I see why you have to pay for certain things – I just think it could be a little cheaper. What really annoys me though is the instability of the app. No matter if I‘m on wifi or mobile data, it often loses connection, takes forever to just load a song to listen to it or has errors when uploading a song. It’s just constantly lagging, sometimes not loading things at all. This is not a problem of my internet connection, no other app (game or video or whatever) has any problem. I’m a patient person, but that’s unnecessary waiting and seriously annoying.


    by FlufflePuffs

    I use an IPad to sing on, and I am a VIP, but I, having a few troubles with the new update, the lyrics only show horizontally, and I’m not able to auto-rotate anymore, this has affected my experience with this app, also the new update is VERY glitchy, when I try to exit in the middle of singing a song, I have to press the button at least 3 times for it to even budge, same with exiting the search bar! It’s extremely glitchy and the audio quality seems to get worse. I also don’t know why you’re not giving the people without a subscription more freedom, at least give them more than Once choice in music, or bring back credits. Don’t get me wrong I love this app with my heart, but I think the new update isn’t in my favor, and I would appreciate it if you could fix this issue soon, it’s starting to make me slowly hate the app.

  • What happened to this app

    by Hey everyoneee!:)

    I don’t usually even write reviews for things but I’m so frustrated I felt like I had to write one. I’ve had smule since I was in 6th grade. I’m now going to college and this app has changed for the worse. Before there was a coin system where you could watch ads to get coins and get benefits like solos, now to do anything on this app you need to be a VIP. Maybe if the prices were super cheap would that idea even sound okay but they’re literally trying to charge 8 dollars a week. What kind of bull is that. All I want to do is sing and practice singing not spend all my money on a app. I’m so disappointed and angry. I used to sing with this app all the time but now it’s so rare because of how money hungry they are. Fix your app smh.

  • Such a great app to be so disappointed...

    by g8k33pr

    I have loved this app since I was first aware of it around 3 years ago! I didn’t even mind paying the $8/month for the “VIP” membership because I recorded new stuff almost every day! I made friends, I learned new music, I honed my vocal skills. But...I just can’t afford the subscription now that it has nearly tripled in cost. There are ads everywhere now too, which are supposed to be the real money generators, but apparently that’s not enough to keep Smule going. I’m really sad, honestly. It is such a wonderful app, but I can’t justify paying $100/year (or more with a weekly/monthly subscription) for an app, especially when there are competitors that don’t charge at all. I’m sorry, Smule. It was fun while it lasted.

  • I like this app during it sud pay so much for

    by Daphnye

    What I like about it is that not all of us can sing Picture perfect all it’s about is you have fun and do your best and yeah like I said you do not have to worry about what people say about you like when I first stared I was not the best my name is aspen but my brother stared before me my profile name was my brother seraphin but I changed my picture of me people did not understand if I was a boy or a girl because I always like to where sweaters and pants and T-shirts but I like thing like dresses earrings sometimes put a Little make up on and do my nails as well and it do’s not madder if you best of voice or no. But the only problem is this app it’s self do’s not have most songs I like but not all of the and what i think is they sud fixe is for like VIP or monthly shouldn’t be so expensive like 7. 99 oh week like come on people

  • Why? Just why?

    by Killerq098sbaby

    OK I like the app and all but what bothers me the most is that you have to like get VIP in order to be able to sing songs on your own or a duet. I wish it would go back to the credits when you had to watch video to get those credits to buy songs to sing to. But other than that it’s a good app but I wish there was a change so people who don’t have money like me can buy songs without having to get the VIP that we can’t afford because we don’t have money so it’s not fair to a lot of us that want to do a solo or a group even a duet but we can’t because you have to get VIP to buy songs now which is stupid the credits were way better. So if you want me to keep your app then fix it please and thank you I appreciate your time for reading this review of your app.

  • New Features

    by Tisha LAMP

    I love the new feature for the microphone however, I do not like that you cannot change your voice filters until after your performance has been completed. I personally like to turn my filter off and set it normal, that way I can hear myself singing- Without altering the quality of my voice!!! I would also like to mention that this app is highly addicting and I absolutely love every second of it lol [edit from 4yrs ago] 4yrs later and I am still here! So many wonderful things are happening to this app! I'm so excited to be a part of it and watch how much this app has grown and how big the community has gotten… I'm pretty sure I'll be updating this in another four years to let you know that I am still here and I'm not going anywhere!

  • Great! But.. a little problem for me...

    by Flame_6

    Smule is a Great app & I have been using this app for about 1-2 years now and I’m still loving it but there is a little glitch that I kinda have that occurs very often. When ever I’m animating on a app called FlipaClip, And I decide to slide my finger to go over the frames. The music decides to stop and I either have to wait or turn it back on. And this has been happening ever sense the update. I’m very unsure of what to do at this point, I don’t know if it’s just part of the update that when your listen to the music and then it randomly stops when your animating or something. But I do want it fixed or added, it would make my day that it gets added or fixed. Thank you for reading this & I hope this problem/glitch gets fixed soon..

  • LOVE THE APP, just wish I could sing solo sometimes😔

    by amazinglw22

    This app is the most impressive karaoke app out there😆😆 a warning though. You can only sing solo on a few songs. The rest of the songs, you have to pay a monthly fee or something like that. If you really really really want to sing the song you have to hope and pray that someone who does pay a fee made a “collab” that you can sing to for free. The only downside is that the collab, once you made it, will automatically post to your account and you cannot make it private (you can only make solo videos private). It is all a lot to take in yes, but all apps come with a slight downside, and this is it. Other than the freaking fee, this app truly is amazing and if you are a passionate singer, this is THE app for you

  • Mr1Gonzalez

    by Mr1G

    When I first downloaded this app early 2014 it was probably 3 stars. Most of the songs were typical radio songs and the best thing about it was that you and another person could sing together. Since then I have been pushing to enhance the "group option" Groups formed and created lovely collabs. Including the beginning of video calls, my personal rating of Smule went up. However, what prevents this app from getting 5 stars is the community within. There are pockets of very talented and very friendly people, but there are also people that flaunt their ego (and other things) just like any other community. Smule does fail to keep a consistent satisfaction especially with minor bugs that turns great to good. Overall, it's a good app. Once again, overall, it's a good app. Not great, not bad, not even mediocre, but good.

  • Ok app

    by MelonMoon

    This app is wonderful! I use it everyday because it is great quality! But, when you don’t have a subscription, things start to go downhill. We have very little freedom to choose whatever song we would like and MUST go to the invites in order to sing it. If you are lucky enough, you might find an invite that is a solo for you. And when there are no invites for a song that you are literally DYING to sing, you are still forced to buy VIP in order to do a solo, duo, or group. Why do I not buy the subscription? Well, because it is overpriced. You have to pay 8 dollars just so you can sing the song of your choice without joining an invite. You should have to pay at least 1 dollar if you want more people to get VIP. I think that they should let you make your own invite if no one else with VIP has made one for us.

  • Good app but sometimes problems occur.

    by Amythest Dragon

    This is a really nice app but some major problems are swaying my emotions towards this app. For starters I want to bring out all the apps good features. It’s really fun to be able to sing with people or solo. I like the effects you can add to your video. I also like that the game gives you the words and tune. However there are also some problems. For one , too many adds. Another problem; sometimes when I sing I get static in my headphones and the song runs slow. This is especially annoying because I can only get sound through one ear in my headphones, so static makes me feel like 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😡😡😡😡☠️☠️☠️☠️😾😾😾👍👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 so please fix. Then again it might be a problem with my phone but if it’s the app fix it.

  • I wish I could say...

    by Soloxtragedy

    I wish I could say this app is still what it used to be. However, it would seem in attempts to broaden features available, many things have drastically gone downhill. I’m a paying subscriber to Smule and have been for many years. After the last dozen or so updates, so many things that used to be great and engaging about this app have now become the things we all hate the most. The sound quality of vocal recordings is now appalling— with a headphone mic AND/or with a professional studio microphone there was recently far too much reverb in every effect, including none and polish. Now everything is muffled and flat. Additionally, the “message” feature on a profile being available to literally anyone results in NOTHING but spam. I’ve not received a message from someone I don’t know that is constructive or of substance— it’s an unnecessary feature and honestly annoying. So many more. It’s just sad that something that was once so incredible and appreciated by tens of thousands of people has become nothing more than every other cheap “karaoke” app out there. 🤷🏼‍♀️ stop saying you hear us Smule! We don’t care how it looks we care how it SOUNDS and whatever you have going on is not working.

  • Super fun! Sing and get those endorphins released! For $49/yr...this is the trick...

    by Love 2Sing

    Hubby and I both have been enjoying the Smule app for about 2 months now and we’ve had so much fun turning our kitchen into a karaoke music studio! I’ve seen complaints that people are feeling swindled into paying $99/yr or getting charged week to week. This is how to avoid that happening: —load the app and sign up for the 7 day free trial. —keep TRACK of when your 7 days expire!! Otherwise, yes, Apple will start charging your credit card. It’s the agreement you signed up for. —on Day 6 go into your iTunes and under subscriptions...cancel your Smule subscription with Apple. This does not invalidate your Smule account. —then go to the Smule site, go into your account THERE and choose the VIP option or whatever one works for you. Agreed, Apple is definitely not being upfront with how to get the $49/yr deal, but they’re out to make a buck. Handling your account through the site (you’ll have to enter your card info there again) is the way to go. We’ve had no problems, only fun!! Look for me on Smule! I’m gelatogirl47. :-)

  • I love it but...

    by #unicorns rule :Maddie

    It’s an amazing game. I love to sing so this game pretty much completes me but the problem is that you can’t sing a solo without paying and I don’t want to pay for something that I love to do. I know you can sing with someone but it’s no one you would have met before and when you get to sing on your own they can here you singing clearly and it’s just scary because a total stranger is listening to your voice. Also, when you want to sing a certain song, you can only sing it if there is someone else is singing it and a lot of the songs I want to sing, nobody else is singing it. Another thing is that it allows you to FaceTime people you don’t even know and it’s pretty scary. Otherwise I love this game because you get to sing. Sorry for typing so much. I guess I just like to type.

  • Inappropriate Content Allowed

    by KillinmeSmalls94

    I really liked this app and I understand that it’s open to every one, whether they have a talent for singing or not so much. But I liked it up to the point where I noticed a topless woman covering her nipples on the home feed. If that happened once, fine, but this woman gets thousands of views is constantly on the page. That is totally inappropriate and not the place for it on this app. No user should be allowed to post themselves almost naked on an app for SINGING, especially since thousands of children go on this app. There are other places for that. Content like that should be blocked and the user denied access unless they want to just sing instead flaunting their busty body. It’s ridiculous and it pisses me off. I had to unsubscribe. Hopefully that will change but who knows.

  • I want to give it 5 stars, but.....

    by Kate4564

    Okay, I lOVE this app. It feels like it gives my confidence, and the people i’ve met are awesome as well. I love the songs, the way you can edit the background, and how you can even chat with people! However, the VIP is VERY expensive. 7 weeks is still over a dollar per day. Then, if you don’t get VIP you can barley sing any songs, you should at least be aloud to host duets. Or give non VIPs more then 100 songs to choose from, because it’s really annoying, and I know you want to make money, but for me, I would probably delete the app after a while. I think you should advertise this app though, it’s amazing, and you do get a 7 day free trial in the beginning. Please take all of this into consideration! TheReal_Twigpaw

  • Enjoy this karaoke time yess

    by ti4na2ran

    I do love this app very much is much fun relaxing signing with other people rock I have joint all ready for 2 yrs or may be more and I’m very happy you never fell alone on my free time any time I can sing for has long or short time There is so may people sing wow I love it the you can make friend all around the world and the only think I haven be able to comunícate with any body I’m able to see there comments but if I want to comment back never have and answer is the only think disappoint me and I wish they can have more variety of songs mostly at the time they have the same songs but I do recommend this awesome app I liked every one to join us 😘😘

  • Wireless Please

    by Travlin' Grandmother

    I would have given a 5 star except for 1 little negative I have with this app. You cannot use wireless ear buds, wireless headphones etc. isn’t there a way you can fix it to where wireless/Bluetooth headphones can be used with this app? I’ve had to buy multiple ear buds/headphones because every time the wires have broken from the way I hold my phone. I’ve also bought multiple types of holders for my phone so the wires are not stressed to breaking point. I love this app and its many features have helped me tremendously with my voice control, I just would really love to see it where wireless/Bluetooth would be an option. When you get it to where you can use wireless Bluetooth headphones then you’ll get a 5 star rating.


    by mistress Of mystery

    Ok so it’s a great app, it’s probably my most used app in fact, I’ve been on it for 4 years, but there is a lot of problems with live jam. For one thing there is a glitch in which it kicks someone out randomly and then they can’t get back in, and no they weren’t banned. Well to elaborate you can get back in but you are basically a ghost. You can’t sing you can’t comment, and they don’t even know you are there. It says out headphones on at the bottom and it says there are zero people in the room. But there obviously are people. Anyway that’s the most annoying glitch. A lot of the times I get disconnected from a jam as well. And there is always the issue of the lag on the jam. Please address these issues, everyone I’ve been talking to is having them as well.

  • Fabulous app but beware of scammers

    by Betty Boop Sue

    I have been a member of this app for three years and it’s just wonderful! I have sung with and made singing friends all over the world and the features are fantastic! I recommend this app!!!! However the developers need to figure out a way to keep the scammers off this site. Every week I get messages from fake singers- look at their profiles because they are easy to spot!! They don’t sing a lot of songs and they have few followers yet they follow hundreds of ladies!! They are not even smart enough to change their photos when they change profiles. Come on Smule-do something about this! You would have gotten a five star rating from me if it were not for the flood of scammers.

  • Incredible!!

    by alli_gator42779

    Sing! is probably the best karaoke app I’ve ever used. They have almost any song you can imagine because of the ability for any user to upload their own song if they can’t find it in the database, and it’s so easy to use that it puts almost any other app to shame. I still wish there was a fast forward feature (apparently one was added recently, by tapping on the lyrics and scrolling, but I can’t get it to work on my phone). The only other thing I would request is the ability to log out and change between accounts in the app so I don’t have to constantly reinstall every time I want to change accounts.

  • Definitely worth paying for

    by Reckia6

    I have tried many on-line karaoke sites and this one is my favorite so far. It is worth paying for, as it has a vast selection of songs. And I was surprised how deep they go into the song catalogs of classic rock bands such as Genesis, The Doors and Black Sabbath. I like how you can use different settings for your voice. I just wish they had a feature that would change the keys of songs, but maybe that will be in the future. Anyway, buy it and enjoy it. I have had it for just two weeks and have sang over 90 songs! On the downside, if you are not a paid member there is very little you can do. That is kind of a pain.

  • Comments

    by Maret2018

    When I write a comment in a private message I cannot edit copy and paste it in a comment in the song when is already favorite and I have to write it again. That is a loss of time‼️ 1)?could you correct that please⁉️2) another idea: it would be awesome to be able to listen to your song with different filters after being saved‼️ 3) I made a collab in a song and sent it to the person that asked for it and then more singers summed up which was expected and ok! But I wanted to keep my collab alone and it was lost! Why was that⁉️😳 thank you‼️ In general I am very very satisfied with the app‼️ very grateful‼️ I think that you are AMAZING‼️❤️🌺🌈❤️🌺🌹😍

  • Great app, but...

    by WaterFlower2537

    I really love this app, it’s a great way to become a better singer and destress! But I have a few things that I might want changed. I wish you could customize your profile and sing as many songs as you want without having to be a VIP. I understand that the creators have to make money some way and I am in no way trying to disrespect them. It’s just that some people cannot afford to become a VIP and pay that much money. I’m not asking for much, I just wish you could customize your profile and be able to sing more than a 100 songs. I will probably delete this app once I reach my 100 songs limit because I have no reason to use it anymore. But overall, I really love this app!


    by JessMcOrtega

    I constantly daydream of my school days in choir, as fine arts became my escape during very rough times. Anything from band, art, and especially choir, I was there,but after I graduated way back in 09, I was never able to find anything that filled the void...until my best friend found this app for me. I never sang a solo,always duet at least,still gets my nerves,but this app is filling a void and helping me ease into new things my anxiety/PTSD have never let me do. This app let's me do it,and even though I can't afford the VIP membership,this app is worth it. I've rarely had an issue finding songs, ANY song! Thank you for this wonderful way to relieve stress! Love this app!

  • Rating your App

    by JennElaine48

    I was skeptical when I found this site. I worry about viral bugs, scams, and when downloaded just an all the round crappy app. However.....I fell in love with this app. I have truly got my money’s worth. I was just using the free part. I couldn’t help but pay for the extras. This is the BEST app on the internet. (SERIOUSLY) I don’t go a day that I don’t use this it for at least 3 hours. More like 4-7hours total because I use it off and on through the day. I am not able to work so this is fantastic for me. I give your app a 👍🤜💯💯 I would give you a 1,000% however I don’t have that as an option icon. LOL We just need more songs as options.

  • Freestyle option

    by luner jackson

    I gave 5 stars cuz the app is great but I’m extremely frustrated as the focus on making the screen better when for 6 months now I have been paying for VIP and smule has not fixed the issue with uploading your own song to freestyle and when you record it is off beat. They have a timing issue they seem to ignore or can’t fix and very well may cause me to erase the app and use all the other ones that’s are free and seem to have less problems. Like I said I gave 5 stars cuz I will say it was up until this issue and I will comment next time with 1 stars if it’s not fixed soon. I hope this is resolved soon.

  • Life changing

    by you going now 😎

    I have been use in Sumle for about a year now and.......I LOVE IT! When I do live jams people are always so nice! I always get bullied at school and people say “ wow, she can not sing”. And I told them that and they said”There just people who can not sing”. I always love to sing where ever I go, and people just look at me. I told them that and they said “ There just looking at you beacause you sing great”! I don’t know why it says 12+! Because it is a friendly app for people all ages. Maybe put 4+ next time. That is the only thing I would change. I hope you have a great day and thank you for reading! I hope sumle changes your life too!

  • Confident

    by dee19812018

    I love Smule it makes me feel confident. I like the fact that I can sing it until I get it the way I want it before posting. I also love the fact that you can sing with fellow smulers. This is the best app for anyone wether you can sing or not it’s just Goode ole fun and you can take it wherever you go. It’s cool that it’s free, BUT I love being a VIP Member where I can sing whatever I want and sing with whomever I want. There’s only one thing negative I have to say and when I receive a phone call while singing I have to start from scratch, but I’m sure Smule will have this fixed in no time. I highly recommend this to anyone it’s a good time for sure.

  • Genres

    by Avery Nitra

    I love the app, I love being able to sing with people around the world, but there is one problem that is driving me insane. You can scroll along to different genres, like pop, R&B, country, and things like that. But when you reach the rock section, you’re hit with Lady Gaga, Billy Eilish, John Legend, the Jonas Brothers, and everything that’s NOT ROCK. As a person who listens, sings and practically worships all kinds of rock, this sorta kinda pisses me off. I don’t wanna be THAT person, but if I wanna sing rock, I wanna be looking at Avenged Sevenfold, Chevelle, Bad Wolves, and people like AC/DC. That is rock. Not edgy pop music. Granted that they DO have a wide variety of rock when you look it up, it’s annoying to see stuff like this when you go to the rock section.

  • Robot Likes to songs

    by Frustrated indirect user

    I like most things about the app and it is great platform for upcoming talent. But what I hate the most about the app is the song that has the most likes and plays are usually the worst sung ever (90% and above). I am not trying to belittle anyone or their singing but there are 100 times better version sung by others with hardly 10 likes. My point being the ones with most likes are as a result of ROBOT(Bot generates likes) which keep on generating like thousands of likes regardless of the singing quality. Try it for yourself. Look for songs wit most likes (atleasy Bollywood ones) and you will be disappointed with 9 out of 10. To maintain credibility of such a great platform app developers need to figure out a way to stop the bots.

  • Decent app, but not much freedom.

    by Cerise/Cherry

    I’ve been on this app for 3 years. It was so much more simple back when I first got the app... and we had so much more freedom. The app used to give us credits to use inside of the app to purchase songs without being charged for anything. I used to love the app. Not only that, but users used to be so much nicer. I can’t stand the people on this app now, cause they’re so quick to judge, and are just crazy rude. Now, with the new updates, we don’t have anything to buy songs with. We have to buy a CRAZY overpriced VIP to gain access to songs, and it’s not worth it. Kids who don’t know how to use this app are also on here too much, and people spam like CRAZY, so it’s no longer fun. It’s still ok, but it could be WAY better.

  • One Big Family

    by Mohave_Kaye

    I am disabled and don't get out a lot, and SMULE has been a joy for me. I love to sing and am able to sing with people all over the world since its an international app. I had lung cancer and my left lung was removed, but thanks to SMULE, I have increased my lung capacity to almost what it was before I had cancer. And I'm told I sound pretty good. Singing is a great way to vent your emotions, be it happy, sad, silly, angry....there's a song for everything‼️ I'm so glad I discovered SMULE. With SMULE, you can express yourself with music. I love it‼️it's like a big family. People even call each other sister or brother...most do anyway.

  • Not for everyone

    by Alleyeah

    I got the subscription trial to try this app out and see how I like it. There were three things I really disliked. After each song I’m asked to thumbs up the provider of the song which is found incredibly annoying as it should not pop up at all and should be near the persons name so you can choose it. Each time I went to record I had to change the effects over and over. The fact that bubble effects even exist is ridiculous. That and my face being made into four smaller boxes in the video. I don’t like how difficult it is to figure out which artists you are able to sing with. I wanted to seek them out specifically but could only see the promoted ones at the top. It would be nice to have the option to duet with artist but then remove their voice to only display your own(I sing better when I hear them but when I playback I don’t hear myself as well as I could without them. I decided to cancel the subscription and delete the app because of numerous unwanted pop ups such as ratings and prechosen filters along with challenges configuring the app.

  • Miss my songs

    by BoyMom1232

    I have been using this app for years. Over the years by watching advertisements and playing games I had a certain number of points. I used Those points to buy songs. I had over 100 songs that I spent a lot of time getting. During one of the upgrades I lost all of my songs. Now I can’t invite people to sing with me me unless I use one of the few free songs or I buy vip ( the free songs are very limited, and the membership is too expensive for me) I really miss the option to buy songs using points and I miss my songs. I wish I had never updated 😔. I still enjoy joining others in singing duets but I spend far less time on Smule than I used to because I cannot invite people to sing duets. The funny thing is that I was Selected to test one of the new versions that ended up leading to all of my songs getting deleted.I contributed to my obsolete status on Smule. All of that being said, the features are great and the sound quality is fantastic. If you can afford a VIP membership this is probably the best place to be.

  • No fast forward?

    by aARON BURR SIR???

    I don't understand why there is no fast forward, if I am in the middle of singing and iMessage up I don't want to go all the way to the beginning. I also don't like how it makes you start 1/2 of a word. It just messes up all the lyrics for me. I would appreciated if you would start at the beginning of the line of where I started singing. I don't like having to sit through the whole thing again. Especially when it's all one section of the other person singing. I would appreciate it if you would fix this problem thank you. 2/1/18 It won’t even let me in the app. It keeps crashing and when I reopening it won’t let me in.

  • Fun and enjoyable....minus the VIP.

    by Mr678

    It’s a fun and enjoyable app. I’ve sung over and over using this app again and again. Really, this is a great app! Although, there is one thing that bothers me. Say you want to sing this song, a song you’ve wanted to sing for a long time, however, no one really knows this song a lot as it’s not popular. If you search it up and click on the song to sing it, if there’s not VIP players who have sung the song and clicked duet, then you cannot sing the song at all. This has happened to me several times and it has honestly become annoying. I don’t see this app as something I should pay for weekly. Therefore, the VIP features, has brought this review to a 3-Star instead of a 5-Star.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by leah lashwood

    its a great app i just wish tou didnt need vio so much

  • VIP

    by Singing and Art is mah Life

    I mean, the app itself is fun, but the app kinda took some money out of my bank account when the app said I got Free VIP. Then, I lost VIP bc I found out that it was taking my money behind my back and stopped subscription. Then I tried to sing myself, and said I have to have VIP

  • by for dneh Dowell


  • It’s okay but....

    by i have 53 bunnies

    I did two songs and I deleted them because I didn’t like how they sounded. But then it wouldn’t let me do any more! But 8 know that if it actually worked, I would give it five stars.

  • Awesome

    by Zoey drews

    This app is awesome I love it the only thing is the duets with artists are pre recorded

  • by Jessica Adkison

    this is a good app

  • by A Google user


  • by trinity ross

    vip is a bit pricey and the trial is only a week but it's a good app

  • by Jose Ortega

    good app to get u in a good mood!

  • Great app but...

    by makelife EASY

    This app is AMAZING! I have been having sooo much fun the past few days. There’s only one problem... VIP. I had it for the for the tree day trial. BUT TEN DOLLARS FOR A WEEK?!?!?! There’s only seven days in a week. Please lower a little bit.

  • by Leatha Jones


  • Um I can’t even use the app

    by Karla1024

    I don’t know really if this problem only occurs to me but whenever I get on everything freezes and I can’t click anywhere.I have found that it only works when I delete the app and then reinstall it for that one time only and then it resorts back to freezing every other time.The app is great the mic has improved but I can’t even use the app so I’m really disappointed😔

  • by Jason Panaligan

    Great App for an alternative to expensive karaoke

  • by AnuSree anu


  • by MusiC JaM

    Great app for singers ..but i wish in all songs the "solo" one should be unlocked

  • by Vijayalakshmi Gollanapalli

    Devine Music App

  • Magic piano

    by princess3princess

    Love this helps me learn on my music. 5/5

  • It’s a fun app

    by Gramma 2ollux

    It’s really fun but the songs I like which are musicals are all taken which I do not like

  • Love the game

    by jjj🚝🚇✈️🛩🚅

    I am a goog


    by charleighmarley_10

    if corbyn besson is reading this I LOVE YOU. also to daniel seavey, jonah marais, jack avery, and the very one and only ZACH HERRON!!! thats right im y’all’s biggest fan even tho if someone says “ IM UR BIGGEST FAN” (not me who says it) they arent IM UR ONLY BIGGEST FAN!!! oh also go in every state on ur tour! Love y’all

  • Great app, but...

    by WaterFlower2537

    I really love this app, it’s a great way to become a better singer and destress! But I have a few things that I might want changed. I wish you could customize your profile and sing as many songs as you want without having to be a VIP. I understand that the creators have to make money some way and I am in no way trying to disrespect them. It’s just that some people cannot afford to become a VIP and pay that much money. I’m not asking for much, I just wish you could customize your profile and be able to sing more than a 100 songs. I will probably delete this app once I reach my 100 songs limit because I have no reason to use it anymore. But overall, I really love this app!

  • Ok but the internet

    by xpuppyx

    Hi so I have been playing this for a long time so I know what the app is like, but, every time I ever try to play this app on my new iPhone, it crashes and says no internet connection. This could just be my phone or my internet, or both, but if this is a problem coming from the app, the I really hope that the creators of Smule are able to fix this app! Thanks! :) (P.S. I’m counting on you Smule!)

  • It’s fine as a karaoke app but there are issues

    by chungha's #1 fan

    The mic oversensitivity. I shouldn’t be able to hear static when I’m not even singing. It super annoying to hear static in my collabs even when the room is pitch silent. Joining over 100 times leads to smule bugging out. I was a part of a collab and after 101 joins, layers began to not be heard anymore, as if they were being deleted. It was so frustrating, we ended up not being able to fully finish the collab.

  • Why I give this 5 stars

    by Hola099


  • I love it so much

    by harrypotter4lyfe

    This app is amazing! It rates your voice, keeps you on cue, and lets you duet in front of an audience! What more could you ask for? 💕

  • updates

    by ZZ-the fox

    okay so I NEED PANDA AND ALSO U CAN SING FOR FREE i’m not wasting money on this so one star until ya got that and good game two stars now good people three stars and bad pics but 4 stars now and for doing this game for everyone ADD TEN MORE STARS now boom 14 stars in all

  • I would love this app more if..

    by Ideksorry

    I feel like it shouldn’t cost money to have a solo one, because that’s the whole point of the app, but I do understand you guys need to make money from it, but I think you should charge to do duets or for certain songs.

  • Genres

    by Avery Nitra

    I love the app, I love being able to sing with people around the world, but there is one problem that is driving me insane. You can scroll along to different genres, like pop, R&B, country, and things like that. But when you reach the rock section, you’re hit with Lady Gaga, Billy Eilish, John Legend, the Jonas Brothers, and everything that’s NOT ROCK. As a person who listens, sings and practically worships all kinds of rock, this sorta kinda pisses me off. I don’t wanna be THAT person, but if I wanna sing rock, I wanna be looking at Avenged Sevenfold, Chevelle, Bad Wolves, and people like AC/DC. That is rock. Not edgy pop music. Granted that they DO have a wide variety of rock when you look it up, it’s annoying to see stuff like this when you go to the rock section.

  • Amazing but...

    by Jill Contresas

    This game is AMAZING but I have something you should add, everyone should be a VIP because some of us don’t have the money to be VIP please.

  • Best app

    by clemunce

    You can pick a song no right no wrong

  • I love this game

    by norriyah

    One day I downloaded this game that I didn’t know so Paris I checked it out. And then I said this is a bad game and then the next day it was a good game and starting every single day I played it

  • 😎 cool 😎

    by boyakaba

    Awesome just I saw a video I want it

  • Singforfun

    by Marley49

    I love this app

  • Good but one slight problem

    by girls are awesomeX

    OK one slight issue my best friend has android and I have to give her the lead Mike to get her on the actual mic so can you please can you fix it to where she can actually sing/talk with me on a live jam

  • Smule

    by fgghjjjjkh


  • Smule

    by Espizeto

    Sooo fun!! This never makes me disappointed and I’m very pleased in the results all the songs! Also you can pick any song from any genre!

  • SMULE is Awesome

    by Edward770474

    I love SMULE because everyone gets to be a star of a different kind. You also get to sing songs with some of your favorite stars and singers you like.

  • Smule ROCKS!!

    by smulefuntastic

    Get all the fun you want with people all over the world and don’t have to leave home! GO SMULE!!! 🎤😎

  • I love it

    by judymcduck

    I’ve used this app for a couple of months and it’s great I give it a 5 star review


    by supervoices188

    I love the app,don’t get me wrong, but I don’t wanna buy a subscription to do everything.could you pls take away the subscription? That would be REALLY nice of you. Love, Supervoices188

  • One Big Family

    by Mohave_Kaye

    I am disabled and don't get out a lot, and SMULE has been a joy for me. I love to sing and am able to sing with people all over the world since its an international app. I had lung cancer and my left lung was removed, but thanks to SMULE, I have increased my lung capacity to almost what it was before I had cancer. And I'm told I sound pretty good. Singing is a great way to vent your emotions, be it happy, sad, silly, angry....there's a song for everything‼️ I'm so glad I discovered SMULE. With SMULE, you can express yourself with music. I love it‼️it's like a big family. People even call each other sister or brother...most do anyway.

  • Not for everyone

    by Alleyeah

    I got the subscription trial to try this app out and see how I like it. There were three things I really disliked. After each song I’m asked to thumbs up the provider of the song which is found incredibly annoying as it should not pop up at all and should be near the persons name so you can choose it. Each time I went to record I had to change the effects over and over. The fact that bubble effects even exist is ridiculous. That and my face being made into four smaller boxes in the video. I don’t like how difficult it is to figure out which artists you are able to sing with. I wanted to seek them out specifically but could only see the promoted ones at the top. It would be nice to have the option to duet with artist but then remove their voice to only display your own(I sing better when I hear them but when I playback I don’t hear myself as well as I could without them. I decided to cancel the subscription and delete the app because of numerous unwanted pop ups such as ratings and prechosen filters along with challenges configuring the app.

  • I Like Singing But I'm Not The Best!

    by JoJo Mangum

    So I like singing.but I don't know a lot of songs with this app it helps me Learn songs and Even want to learn Songs on the Piano! I got the App because all my YouTubers were saying Get This app. Now I have it and I LOVE it! I don't think my brothers love it when I start Singing Loud😂 I give this app a 5 if it had a 10 I would give it a 10! I just❤️💛💚💙💜 It!

  • The best!!

    by miss i will play dat thang!!

    I love singing, and smile really brought out the best of my voice

  • I like they use auto tune

    by its ok not!

    How I know is because when I record my voice it’s bad but on this app it can make your bully’s friends or anyone jealous

  • Fix

    by Jumbean

    It great app been using it for a while and past few days won’t load even on WiFi has been updated and everything

  • Sounds cool but....

    by -I have left the server-

    VIP is a big turn off for me \( ・_・) I’d like to sing by myself to hear my voice.. Instead I have to pay just to be able to change.... my profile color... I just heard my voice in my other ear and I almost died. I would love this app more... if it didn’t require for me to stick money in it just to be able to sing by myself... for now I’m stuck with singing awkwardly with other people... It makes me want another singing app to exist where it doesn’t require money :/

  • Need help


    I downloaded the app and I put in my email address and it didn’t accept my password so I deleted the game plz Wright me back Thank you

  • Lo mejor que aún inventado. I lovet

    by la sisisol

    De verdad que adoro esta aplicación

  • I love Smule!

    by lupita the unicorn

    It’s great I love singing so awesome!!!!!!!

  • Such a good app

    by darwin canalss

    This is such a good app! When I started I was singing and listening to my Favorite songs and than my phone turns off and THE MUSIC STILL GOIN I loved it soo now I listen to my favorite songs while turned off! I love your app

  • Amazing App

    by Tasi9

    This app is so amazing, I have met so many friends from all over the world.

  • I like

    by tbear1829

    I like this app but they need more free songs for solo

  • Great app but...

    by Guypersonthing

    I love Smule, as it is an amazing platform to express yourself and use your voice. With that being said, I don’t understand why Bluetooth accessibility is still not added. It was mentioned back in December but I haven’t heard anything since. That’s the only real issue I have with this app, otherwise it’s AMAZING



    This app has changed my life, interacting singing with other members all over the world it’s just amazing , a little bit pricey monthly subscription, I’ve been a member for a while and truly love it ‘ but there’s a slight problem i just don’t like personality ‘ it’s just not fair for VIP MEMBERS LIKE MYSELF NOT TO APPEAR ON MAIN ((EXPLORE )))PAGE OF Smule. I’ve seen the same people over and over again in ((RECOMMEND FOR YOU)) and ((TRENDING RECORDINGS)) as WELL AS ((TRENDING SINGERS)) some of the people that APPEAR THERE ARE NOT VIP. PLEASE BE FAIR. BESIDES THIS, THE APP ITS JUST AMAZING I WILL RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE I WOULD IT GIVE IT 5 STARS IF IT WASEN’T FOR THIS LITTLE ISSUE. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT “”

  • I Like it

    by Oma Felembo

    I like the new look for this app and it gets better. It will be better to see more of Profile Colors. I'm looking forward to the next update.

  • Smule , brought me back to reality....

    by Tracy-arthur

    After losing my second born, to suicide, i lost all will to live... i always loved singing, so when i found this app , i could put all of my heart and soul into it... and i found myself getting happier and wanting to survive.. so this app saved me ...

  • Better singer

    by Bjohnson2017

    I love this app it makes me a better singer and now I don’t have to be scared of singing in front of 1,000 of people.

  • Music lover

    by Kmakeuplover

    Awsome app!!!!!!

  • Great app

    by bagifu

    Best app but please make everything free

  • Add a new song onto Smule?

    by FlowerPeltWarriorsOC

    I would give this a 5 star but I just can't bc I don't know how to add your blown song into this I don't have VIP so I'm just wondering if you can add your own song!!! Is it even possible?????

  • _DjGuz_Jk look me up!

    by _DjGuz_Jk

    Yo. I love this app. I been having this app since 2015! And through all these years i can tell you how nice and true full people I meet... this is a app that get you out of your problems for the moment. And also keeps you so social with your friends at the same time while you sing with them! I personally love it.

  • Nice Karaoke App

    by SweetMelissa_01

    Kudos to the developers! This app is better than the other karaoke apps. I suggest singers limit the chat and stick with karaoke and they should have lots of fun.

  • Love it 🥰

    by zariagirl

    This game is amazing it has almost every sing and keep up with the good work 😜😘😍❤️