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Smule - The #1 Singing App

Smule - The #1 Singing App


Enjoy karaoke on your phone. Sing karaoke with top artists & friends!

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

33.3% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • Disappointed

    by Pls Fix My Favorite Game!

    I saw someone playing the game and I found it REALLY cool and fun and I wanted to try it. But before I get any further I saw a BTS ARMY play, since I am one myself. So I wanted to try bc I found it really cool how I can practice the songs from BTS and practice my vocals at the same time. Especially since they use their vocals a lot. When I went to download it and it downloaded. I got sooo excited, especially when I saw that you guys added all songs from them made me EXTRA excited. Only to find out you actually have to pay to listen to just ONE song? Really? Honestly if you wanted to put money into the app then it would’ve honestly been better if you had to buy the app. And then everything IN the app is free. Bc if you have to pay for the music, or pay to listen to the song, thats just gonna make ppl now want to. Especially ppl who don’t wanna waste their money like that. So please take up to the idea and put the app itself for money and everything else in it for free. Don’t be selfish wanting to get money. Cause remember people don’t have that much money, and you wasting their money just means you won’t be getting any money either since you wasted it all. I think if you make this improvement or whatever, the app will get more people to download it. If it does change to the way I would like it to be, you can count on me playing almost literally everyday. Since it’s a good app to learn lyrics and to work on your vocals.

  • by Michelle Del Nero

    this app won't even let me sign in it is a joke you have got to be kidding me. First off it won't let me install it and now this what a joke!😑pick up your game Smule! LET PEOPLE SIGN IN!!!!


    there's still no way to unlove our accidental love on a recording. and your block feature has reversed effects. I am the one who blocked someone but the person can still watch everything on my channel silently while I can't see everything on hers anymore. I am the one blocking her, but she's still able to silently watch me. where is the protection against stalkers?

  • by Gayathri S

    I actually dnt want to give any star. The way you guyz are implementing VIP "thing" is so pathetic. There are several other apps where you can sing songs freely. In smule even a single song cant be sung if vip subsrciption is not there. This is so pathetic. And im thinking of uninstalling the app.

  • NEVER download this app. Here’s why:

    by Arsenic Reviews

    I had Smule OG. It was so fun and I could just sing my heart out for FREE. You might see ads of great singers singing songs you probably like. Download it for free, sing one song, then overpay to even sing another. Honestly, I don’t have any type of social media and I don’t want to. This is just a sly form of social media where you post and sing along with others. ‘Others’ as in random people. You also have to sign up with a Facebook account, phone, or email. Obviously, as I already stated, I don’t have social media so Facebook was out. I didn’t want the developers to call me for something so I went along with email and I already regret it. This app is pointless. I hate it. Also, you can’t sing without signing up. Also, this app does NOT help you with your vocals or help you sing better. For my first song, just to prove it, I did it in a weird voice and sometimes just whispered and I got the highest score and a ‘Bravo! Good job!’ This game is rigged. Don’t waste money on it. I was excited, though, because it had songs I like but I had to pay to sing more. I deleted the app immediately after that. If you read this, DON’T BUY THIS APP. I’m literally reviewing after I delete the app. Developers, thanks for making a scam. Much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

  • by Just Lizzy

    BEFORE YOU INSTALL READ THIS: When I first installed it thought this was a decent singing app. I was wrong, but go ahead and install it and see for yourself how bad of an app this is. BTW, You have to pay $9.99 a month just to CUSTOMIZE your profile! You also have to pay monthly to sing a solo song. LISTEN if your a busy person that rarely gets on their phone, don't install this app. I'm warning you! It will waste your storage and your time.

  • Stop 🛑

    by 100%MeMyself&I

    PLEASE Stop storing sooo much junk on my phone! For an app that you can’t even open if you’re not online you sure store a lot on my phone! I deleted this app and then re-downloaded it, and as soon as I logged into my account it stored an extra 1.7 gb of data!!! I love singing and I have friends who use this app so I don’t want to delete it, but my phone has limited space! Also how is it possible that people can afford $8 A WEEK for VIP??? I know for sure that I can’t! Also please stop shortchanging you’re non-VIPs so much! I read somewhere within the app (I don’t remember where) that non-VIPs have 100+ songs to choose from otherwise they can join others or become a VIP. Well, I have only found about 5 songs that I can sing or open as invites (and trust me I have looked very very hard)!!! The other 95+ must either not exist or are in a different language! And another thing: seriously!?!?!? I have to be a VIP to listen to MY OWN RECORDINGS!?!?!?!?!?! I wouldn’t mind if others couldn’t listen to them but me!?!?!?! Really!?!?!?! Sure I can listen to a few of them but the more I sing the less I can listen to! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP UNLESS YOU REALLY LOVE TO SING, CAN AFFORD TO PAY $8 A WEEK (which obviously I cannot), OR REALLY DON’T MIND GETTING SHORT CHANGED!!!

  • by Call me Not

    I want to love this app and have become a paying subscriber for the second time but the lag on playback is unacceptable. I have an android phone and it doesn't matter if I use headphones or don't, vocals and music sync while recording but way, way off for playback. I have tried everything on my end to resolve this - it's a dysfunctional app as is.

  • Smule has gone too far down the ditch.

    by GhostlySnow

    I’ve had this app for years, and it started out great, only to go downhill. Fast. The main things I have complaints about are that the subscription prices are way over-priced and they’re not worth it, that non-subscription users have much too little freedom, that the company’s customer service is absolutely horrendous, and that with this new update, using this app on an iPad has become a little more difficult. Allow me to elaborate: the screen doesn’t flip to landscape mode anymore within the application. I use a case with a stand on it, but it can only be used when the iPad is in landscape mode. Now, it seems apparent that many people aren’t paying close enough attention to the problems with this application AND the company. When you put together the fact that the VIP subscription is far too expensive, that the customer service is terrible (they literally do not care about what their customers think at all, to add.), and that there are far too many ads everywhere, Smule is really making itself look like a money-hungry cheat, not to mention how much Smule ALREADY makes. Seriously. What’s your problem? The amount of unprofessionalism is astounding.

  • by Izabella MeadowSong

    such a dumb app. you cant use sing anything by yourself unless you pay to do it. Money hungry idiots. Thought this was a cool app but I was wrong it's useless unless you pay🙄 I cant do anything without paying. idk if this is for everyone but incant do anything 👎

  • by robin

    For the (incredible!) price I expect PRISTINE quality. It would seem like the problems mentioned by Android users YEARS ago still remain: singing with headphones causes SERIOUS lag, which unfortunately cannot be corrected even with the voice match functioned dragged to max. It would need to go down to maybe -700 ms in order to properly match my voice to the track the way I recorded it. Also, the pitchbars are almost never displayed in sync with the tracks I sing either. Not gonna subscribe.

  • by LIFEisCHILL

    I really didnt like this app, first thing was that after your ONE free song, you can still sing, but either you get VIP or join someone elses song and thats NOT what I want to do nor do I wish to spend money on a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION for such a simple game. They could at least let us have single for free honestly if someone purchases VIP you still make money.

  • This App is Crap!

    by Director of Fun

    I wanted to check this app out, because I saw lots of ads for it on Smule’s Magic Piano app. I love to sing, so I thought it would be fun. But it’ll be a cold day in heck before I sing with some stranger on the other side of the world. You need VIP to sing by yourself? That is ABSURD! PREPOSTEROUS! You shouldn’t have to pay to sing! All of this VIP crap... I am sick of it. Every app there is now, it seems like you have to pay for everything in a FREE app! We are all “Very Important People”. We all make a difference in this world. We are all special and unique. I’m sure there are talented people like myself who find it ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS that you should have to pay that much money to use a FREE app! Singing is my life, and you are OBVIOUSLY too incompetent to provide an app worthy of someone as talented as me. Considering that I AM competent enough to know that it is RIDICULOUS to charge that much money to use the app. You might as well get rid of VIP and make the app A Billion dollars! This app has WAY too many 5 star reviews! There must be lots of incompetent people in this world! Now... If you’ll excuse me I am going to browse through the app store for a GOOD singing app!

  • Unbelievably undeveloped and scandalous

    by real reveiws 10

    I seemed like a great app for a few months, and then, I decided to take my app to the next level and get the subscription. But I was only going to have the FREE trial for a month, and I wasn’t intending to pay after that, I would jut cancel the subscription. I was assured that this would work by the smile help area, and I went along with my month. Later, me being stupid I thought that if I deleted the app, it would cancel the subscription as well. So I didn’t think much of it, and just as before, went along with my life. Once I saw that 11$ was billed to my account, I thought that it just must have kept billing and all I had to do was redownload the app and cancel my subscription. So I got on google and found out how to do that, and they said that I could just hit cancel in settings. There is no cancel button. None. No button you can click to cancel. Once you are in, you are in no going back. I still have yet to be able to cancel my subscription so if anyone knows something that I missed to help me, please do.

  • Absolute trash money stealers

    by Shaknxckoalcn

    THIS APP STOLE MY MONEY. I got this app to see what it was and I deleted this app the same day that I purchased it about 5 minutes later. And now, MONTHS after it was deleted, I come to find that I’m paying $8 every week for a stupid app that I used for 5 minutes then deleted. I DELETED THIS APP MONTHS AGO YET ITS STILL TAKING MY MONEY. That is completely unfair that it’s been charging me for nothing. Be very careful when getting this app because it will steal your money from you without you even knowing it. EVEN IF YOU DELETE THE APP IT WILL STILL TAKE YOUR MONEY. So seriously, be cautious and check your iTunes subscriptions cause it’s been stealing my money for months, despite the fact that I deleted it. It took $96 from me without me even knowing it or having the app on my phone. This is complete bs and the app manufacturers only care about taking everyone’s money. Please don’t download this awful horrible app. And if you already have downloaded it and deleted it, check your subscriptions asap because they’re most likely stealing your money too.


    by CattGry

    BEWARE this app has enormous fees and horrible development. DO NOT subscribe unless you want to have half your recordings deleted before you can even post them and pay insane amounts each week. Such a great concept, it’s so truly tragic that they’ve survived with this horrendous business model. I have the iPhone X, running on iOS 12 and I have continued to try to record audio + video. I am so timid of recording myself, it’s a big deal when I decide I like what I’ve created. To have to redo it over and over again because the app continues to glitch is absolutely traumatic and disappointing. It’s gotten so bad that I am now going to do my best to get the incredible amount of money I’ve spent on it back... Please don’t get caught up in what you think this app could be and get robbed like me. Laying your heart on the table and getting an “Opps! There was a problem saving the audio and video of this recording” then having the app crash on you... Devastating!!!!!! Begging for a refund and offering any potential buyer the biggest of warnings for this atrocity!


    by Frickin Star Girl hater

    When I am playing my games a specific ad from this app is so annoying. It is this stupid ad that has someone singing something lost boy from neverland. Like it is so annoying. It is the only ad that plays ever. I already hated that song before and now I hate it more. I didn’t know you can hate something that much. Every time it plays I instantly mute it. Just because of this it made me not want to download it because it drove me insane. Like one more play of this ad will literally rip the hair out of my head. It is so obnoxious. Never play this ad ever again. Once when this ad played so many times, I literally threw my freakin’ phone on my wall which dented my wall and totally broke my phone. This is such a stupid ad and such a stupid song, literally want to rip out my eyes from my eye sockets. Get this stupid freaking ad off and away forever! This is how I feel like: 😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡🤬🤢🤮👺👹☠️👎👊🖕🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️🙈🔪⛏🗡⚔️⚰️💊💊💊💊💊❗️⁉️❗️❗️⏩🔚😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤢🤮☠️👊👊👊👊👊! So you could clearly see that I am freaking upset about this and annoyed!


    by frustrated and saddened

    ok i LOVE this app so much. but the only bummer is when the songbook came out. now, i think it’s a creative idea, but with the update it got rid of a certain category with all of the “official” songs alphabetized so now finding the perfect song with the perfect audio and lyrics is a nightmare. i’m not too much of a fan of other people uploading popular songs because usually something is wrong, whether it’s lyric timing or present vocal track (acoustic covers and underground songs are usually helpful tho from the community) and there used to be this nice LONG list of “official” (as in smule uploaded the songs itself) songs that i would love to scroll through to find old songs i had forgotten about, favorite songs, and new songs. it was my go to!! and i loved when they uploaded new ones. but now that list is jumbled up with all the rest of songs ever uploaded and it’s a headache. PLEASE BRING BACK THE SMULE SONG LIST & CONTINUE UPLOADING NEW SONGS!!!!!!!

  • Have to buy a subscription to sing.

    by Khajidah the Sneak Thief

    I saw this app and I originally thought it was really cool. I downloaded the game and then when I went onto the app it shows you have to pay for every song that you want to sing by yourself. A subscription costs money and I thought it was stupid that they didn’t just make you pay for the app in the first place. This made me very mad. I thought I would be able to sing some songs for free like you can do on magic piano, but no, you have to pay for each song. What’s the point of downloading a free app if you have to pay for everything in the app? Another thing I noticed is I couldn’t figure out how to make my account private. I don’t want other people looking on all my songs and videos. This app would be great for anyone who is willing to pay for the subscription, but for the people who don’t want to have to pay $10 a month to use it, don’t get this app. Smule, this app has a lot of potential, but please fix this subscription problem. Thank you.

  • Loved it till it changed!

    by jilted Former fan

    I have been using this app for about 3years and enjoyed it, even before I became a vip member. I found many people to follow and join. People who sang music that I enjoyed singing with. Occasionally I would go back and listen to some of the older joins I had done with others. BUT yesterday when I tried to look back at some older duets a notification came up saying I can NO LONGER see these recordings UNLESS I pay and become vip! To say the LEAST I was extremely annoyed! (the recordings were recorded without being vip) I find this new update selfish and taking advantage of people! I recorded those songs for free I shouldn’t have to pay to listen to them! I didn’t mind paying for the vip for opening my own songs or making recordings for myself! But to have to pay to listen to stuff that I joined for free? OUTRAGEOUS! I hope they don’t keep this new update. I was going to renew my vip membership but I’m not sure if I even want to now!

  • Not a good system

    by Rults

    Singing is something that is very personal and very vulnerable to many people. This app doesn’t even allow you to dip your feet into the water (try out a couple songs, mess with the different recording options, styles, ect) before forcing you to put clips of you singing onto your profile. It gives you a very minimal selection of General and music styles and then songs narrowed down after that to select from and this is the only free song you get unless you want to sing with someone else. Smule magic piano at least had a leveling system and free songs on a rotation that you could look through. Maybe if the app offered you the opportunity to explore with more songs before forcing you to join others and put yourself out there it would be better, I’m not going to pay to be VIP if I can’t even experiment with the app and feel comfortable because they leave you no other option but to sing the one free song that they let you select.

  • Beware

    by KraziTreeHugger

    Luv this app for so many reasons....but my favorite thing about it is its ability to connect people from all over the world...and for that, this app is priceless! :)Peace:)Luvn:)Honey:) KraziTreeHugger 2yrs later I must add truth & explain why this app is a failure. I pay 50$ a yr to be a VIP & used to carry my sons VIP SUBSCRIPTION TOO, UNTIL the app became unsafe for children. There are gangs on the app using real weapons in their videos and selling drugs over the app as well. There are pimps with prostitution groups which not only disturb me as a parent, but I've seen children collaborating with both the gang lords and the prostitutes. I've had real death threats to myself and others because I asked politely if they would be considerate enough to mark their violence and nudity private. No matter what I will seek justice for the youth are being denied a fair trial on smule. It is a children's app and people are paying enough money, the owners and profiting co. Should take any and serious measures to rid this app of its dangerous predators. They prey upon the young and the weak. It should be illegal to allow users to upload music, lyrics with explicit content without being approved by SMULE. There is so much filth and vulgarity polluting the grounds that it is no longer safe for children. Again I'm sorry to have to give the app such a bad review but the truth is ugly and precautions must be took when allowing your children on this app. Concerned Mom

  • Smule is getting very very old.

    by Cap'n Corrie

    Update after update more things fall through the cracks. It doesn’t seem like there’s a developer working that has a brain. If somebody’s harassing you and you block them, they still have access to your favorite songs, the new group feature which they can go in and listen comment and see who is posted what. To top it all off they can go through your friends list and cost whatever havoc they so desire. When I block somebody I don’t want them to see me at all. NOT AT ALL! They shouldn’t be able to make comments in my groups this was the stupid group idea whoever came up with that having your private chat rooms was better. They should have no access to my friends list and they should not be able to see what songs I’m singing on. Making it so or I will not be renewing my absurd Lee expensive subscription just to be harassed by your redneck customers.

  • Customer Service

    by Arealpersontoi

    I have enjoyed Smule, love to sing, been a part of groups, but something has got to change with the customer service. I have been a vip member over two years. Recently my debit card was hacked and they were unable to auto debit my card. I was waiting on a new card. I sent them SEVERAL emails letting them know I did not cancel my subscription. Once I received my new card I updated it and it did not allow me to renew my vip account. They replied ONE time, saying they couldn’t guarantee my former price and to go through iTunes? I was confused and sent them another email asking for help. Still no reply. I looked at their current price and cannot believe how much it’s gone up. I believe they gotten quite greedy. I will not be renewing my vip if I cannot have it for what I’ve been paying. I’ll be happy to join others. Smule, you’ve changed and your customer service needs an update.

  • Not happy 😡😤

    by AkaPaulGK

    So I went to sing and the song was going to fast so went to do a song I already new it sounded staticky and stupid so I went to find a new song and it was my favorite song so I tapped it and said I wanted to be solo and it asked me to pay so I went to with a partner and it told me to pay so I went to group and you can guess it, it told me to pay so I went to a different song thinking it was just that song and the same thing happened and I would have paid if I was not so poor and after that happened I watched some one going live and when it was done I had a hard time getting out and when I tried to get out it said do you want to comment and I pushed cancel and it commented for me and said I can sing but it used my real name my full name even though I told them my user name was askektsktLdjjcxdiid then I finally figured out how to get out of the live so I got out and deleted the app out of anger.

  • Bad review

    by Ironburton

    After looking at my finances for the month I realized that $8 a week for this was kinda high. So I canceled the subscription. Which was a very convoluted process. It took a long time and I had to google how to do it. Now it says on the app that the subscription renews every Tuesday. At least that’s what it said to me. Maybe because I bought it on a Tuesday? Maybe... we’ll last week I decided to cancel it. I think this was a Wednesday. Or Thursday, regardless, enough time before the next weekly payment would be due. Well I was charged for it anyway, even though I canceled it. And was told that the renewal date was actually several days before and I couldn’t have my money refunded. Screw this app. Screw shady developers that give you easy access to buy as many expensive subscriptions as you want but send you through 100 rings of fire to cancel (even though they say cancel at anytime) and then charge you anyway.

  • Too Desperate for People to buy V.I.P

    by GoldenRedRose

    Currently not happy with this app. So, I put one star. Just hear me out. First, I love to sing, doesn’t mean I’m good at it, but I loved to just sing my heart out. That’s why I got it, and it was fun to sing with people and to try and harmonize. I never minded that I had to join other people for songs I wanted to sing, I just got use to it. Singing isn’t really something I want to live my life by, so I don’t want to pay money just to sing solos. That was until I just got on today, and looked through some of my songs. Awhile back, I made a song with someone and before I knew it it had 60 listeners, well I wanted to check it today and see how many it had. . . I couldn’t. In a desperate attempt to get me to buy V.I.P, they blocked my old archive. This is absolutely ridiculous! I should be able to look and listen to my old songs without paying anything! I could care less for people to listen to it, but now I can’t even listen to myself. That was stupid and dumb and honestly, pathetic. The only reason I still have the app is because I like to sing and listen to the only available songs left. This should be fixed for people who just like singing as a hobby. If you make it bad, the people who considered buying it, will not want to buy it. I’m just still shocked that my past songs were blocked.

  • Overcharge my account

    by Honniez

    Where can I report smule sing for overcharging my bank account? The app was double charging me monthly, so I switched to weekly payments, and what do you know? They’ve been double charging my acct. One week, I’ll receive one charge, the following week, I’m being charged for that week and the week prior, again. I’m not an avid user. I sing a song a month, at the most. This is outrageous thievery. It has to stop. I’m betting it’s happening to everyone. They’re making millions, why are they continuing to rip me off?? I clicked 1 star, btw. Not two! I’m so annoyed by this.. I’ve had hundreds of dollars in overcharges since joining, and I’ve tried to report the issue several times. Nothing! No response! It’s seemingly impossible to get a hold of a human. Be careful of apps with subscriptions. They often double charge, and Smule is one of them.

  • unauthorized charges

    by blueairplane269

    i downloaded this app + made an account and shortly after it wouldn’t let me do anything without signing up for a “free trial”. this app then took $10 out of my bank account every 7 days for a “VIP membership”...i never agreed to a VIP access membership nor did i choose the option to get billed every 7 days. in addition to getting charged several times, some of the $10 charges are only 4 days apart..not even 7. i didn’t post on this app even once since downloading, never verified my account, and have now been charged $110... don’t download this app or read the fake reviews about how great it is. it could be a good app if you’re willing to pay an astronomical amount of money :-) i have never been charged/scammed like this before & have owned apple products for YEARS. how unfortunate apps like this still exist.. cannot imagine how much money this app has collected from people.

  • Prices are OUTRAGEOUS!

    by lolsrslysarah

    I am a long time, VIP. I started when this app was fresh and completely new. I’ve been trying to get my friends to join me and now I see why they can’t commit!! It used to be completely free with limitations, but after a 7 day trial, YOU CHARGE $7.99 A WEEK?! What gives?! My friends can’t even sing ONE song without the 7 day trial and subscription. I’m really, really disappointed. For something that’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable is now a joy that is being taken away from others. I love this app because it didn’t matter who sang well, and who didn’t sing well... Everyone was able to come together and just have fun without any judgments. Now it’s just a con and a money grabber. No wonder you have the “Undiscovered Talents,” and “Trending” lists because this is for people who can sing and try to gain fame now instead. Way to go.

  • They cut of your VIP subscription super fast when you do not renew it.

    by Celinekac

    Ok, so here’s what I’ve noticed that is very unreasonable and unfair. March last year, I subscribed to their 1 year plan which is less than $50. By January of this year, I kept receiving notification that I have to renew it, i didn’t renew it because I wasn't really using it that much. So, by early February, they completely cut off my VIP subscription which is i believe too early since it supposed to be cut off the same date I subscribeb (1 year duhh!). Last week, August 4. I tried subscribing on their weekly Plan which is $2.99. Yesterday (Aug.7), I received an email that says my VIP subscription cannot be renewed, (I purposely removed my payment details so they cannot automatically renew it to see how many days I’m actually gonna get.) And guess what? Today, August 8. I’m no longer a VIP! So their one week subscription for $2.99 is not actually for one week, it’s only 4 days! And this is really annoying me! I think it’s very unreasonable and a rip off! I would understand if they tell you that your subscription will not be renewed, days before it expires. But to cut you off too fast and not even getting the full one week that you fully paid is definitely a cheating to me!

  • Great app, but so frustrating

    by Speedy_2079

    I’ve had this app for many years now, and love to use it as much as possible. Over the years though, the demand to become VIP has increased drastically. Each time something in the app became only accessible to VIPs in the past, I was a little annoyed but still willing to keep the app. But on this latest update, I got on only to discover that I am now unable to view some of my own recordings I’ve done in the past! Now, in order to view the recordings my own archives, that I created with my own voice, I have to pay a full subscription to become a VIP member. I’m sorry Smule, but this is just taking things too far. I absolutely love this app, but I wish it weren’t geared so much towards the paying members. It’s a free app-there shouldn’t be so much pressure on me to either pay or receive very limited benefits.

  • What's the point?

    by XxGraeyxX

    I used to love this app, I would sing all the time and genuinely enjoy myself in high school... I haven't used it in a few years and I just remembered why. Upon redownloading I realized that I couldn't sing by myself anymore without paying for the privilage, which honesly couldn't be less worth it to me. Maybe if active training were a part of the vip membership but I have an active and busy college life now, I refuse to pay for something I would use only a couple of days from a month (if even) just to sing by myself in a community. It's a shame because not only is there this problem, but I didn't see one new official smule setup from after I was last on the app everything was pretty poor quality as all of the songs I tried to sing (with other people, of course) were user made and just had the actual audio track underneath. A pity.

  • Almost completely inaccessible

    by starlightpiano2013

    I am a blind user of this app, and I have used it before in the past. It was wonderful at first because it once had a minimalist design and it still has great features. You're about to lose a customer though because I use VoiceOver, and I'm finding half of the buttons unlabelled and no song lyrics tab or anything for me to use since VoiceOver has trouble with lyrics in real-time. I also experience a lot of issues with being on mic in a livejam. Just navigating around on the screen for that is difficult. It's all still usable, but I had to do a lot of experimenting to figure out how to navigate everything on this app and which buttons to push to get certain things to work. Please fix this so I can get back to my first love of making music. Thanks for your time.

  • ****Warning**** to parents or people who find animal abuse ads offensive.

    by missusprim

    When I’m using a KARAOKE app for the sole purpose of SINGING it’s HIGHLY OFFENSIVE to scroll through songs and see a graphic ad with an animal(s) being abused. WHY IS THIS ON AN APP THAT IS BEING USED (by kids AND adults) FOR SINGING? How is this allowed? Does the makers of Smule have no morals? Are they that desperate for sponsorship that they allow this? Don’t they monitor this sort of thing? Update: Have contacted Smule to possibly remove these and other offensive ads and they, to no surprise, didn’t do so. Today there was the very same ad that started this all. At their request I provided information such as date, time, content, type of link, etc. and it was NOT resolved. Perhaps Smule users are only there for the ride and to endure the nonsense ads that they spew forth like so many other apps. Too bad, though, as this app has such potential.

  • Not even played

    by gamer2.98765670

    I have not even begun to play this game but I can already tell it is a big piece of garbage. I do agree that $8 a week is way overpriced and a total ripoff. I was reading that if you start your free trial than the app will automatically charge you $8 a week. I also prefer to sing by myself and I don’t approve of having to sing a song with some random stranger that could live on the other side of the world. My father forbids the spending of money for in app purchases. I can’t believe how many people love this game when it is so clear that it is a rip-off and there are so many better apps out there. I am taking other reviewers advice and l am going to delete this stupid money stealing, ripoff app right now. I am grateful that the other reviewers have warned me about this evil and sinister app.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Group songs

    by Tobytyga

    I think it’s not right for anyone to subscribe to Smule when they have a discrepancy in their group song allowing sabotaging of the song. What Smule don’t understand that It causes conflicts, when allowing people to sing over everyone else instead choosing a part of the song as group song suggests. Smule allows this to happen and want address the problem instead turn a blind eye and refuses to refund you. That’s a problem. Nobody should have to pay for someone’s else mistake. Smule doesn’t give you an option to delete the one off the song so they get it right. But instead you have to delete the whole song and start over again for the same action to happen again by someone else. Then you want customers to respectful, when Smule can’t hold same standard. Buyers beware you want this out until you subscribe.

  • Okay but annoying

    by A n A r c h y

    I personally would rate this app 3 1/2 out of 5, maybe 4, but the vip auto renewal policy is obnoxious. There should at least have been an option to turn it off. Also the first "free week" is only a full week if you don't choose to go back to normal access. If that sounds confusing what I mean is that with the free week of vip access, if you don't want it to auto pay for the next week you have to cancel it a day or two before the first week is up. I mean it's $8.00 for vip access for a week which in my opinion is already overpriced. Without it you have to get access to the songs you want more slowly and progressively. So yeah pretty much I dislike this app because of the auto-pay inclement and the in my opinion overpriced cost for vip access. So yeah I didn't actually use this app for those reasons, and I just felt like hating on it.

  • Huge disappointment

    by Lulquen

    Bought the app due to it's ad, thought it would be really fun just to karaoke and stuff like that. I had other smule apps so I had a standard already as to what it'd be like. First impressions, it was great I didn't see anything bad about it, then after the tutorial was done and I was ready to start my karaoke adventure. I loved the different genres they had and me being a giant musical nerd was filled with absolute glee with how many songs they had, that was until I tried to sing a song. I was smacked down with HAVING to sign up for a trial or not being able to sing the song I'd like to. Yes, you could easily try and join someone else there but hey I have confidence of a chicken nugget. Also if they could change that they should also change the ability to delete your recordings and make your account private.

  • There some fixing to Do !

    by InfaRed

    I don’t like that you can’t use all the songs because their ““ VIP that makes no sense if you wanna make a good app then eat then you should have it you know you should be able to have all the songs and you shouldn’t have to you know pay for a membership and like you should be able to listen to the songs are not listen to the songs but like you should be able to sing the songs and I just think there’s a lot of fixing to do and this really I really do hope this comment is seen because this fromFrom me this is somethingThat should be seen because this shouldn’t be happening if you’re gonna have a singing songs make a date to listen to all the same apps early I mean songs so you could actually do you know do what you want to do an apparatus everybody’s going to give you bad ratings

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Desirea Applegarth

    unable to even get into the app.

  • by JK NATION slay

    is so stupid some old games talking about talking about send me a few exits

  • overpriced

    by ryannn1236272

    not free, copyright infringement, built a community on being free and did a bait and switch... report them!

  • Waste of money

    by hana-ri12345

    This app takes way too long to load songs. And by the time it loads halfway it says “failed”. Honest to God disappointment.


    by HiyunUngree

    New features like “Hot” makes this app unfair to use for anyone who pays for the app. When I used to sing before, there’d be hundreds of listens and many joins. Now because of the “Hot” it takes precedent over other subscribers of the apps. In the past, we used to just see the latest recordings and videos, but to add “hot” as the default search result is taking away from people who do pay the monthly subscription fee. It is pointless to sing a duet and hope others will join if you’re not already “hot” Smule needs to go back to some of the old school features. I’m not paying 10$ per month just to sing duets that no one joins, and not because I can’t sing. As I stated I went from 300 listens to 3, I went from 50-100 joins to maybe 1. What am I paying for? To store the 3500 songs I’ve sang? I’ll just download them and unsubscribe.

  • I can’t cancel subscription

    by isabella_amodeo-1020

    Me and my mom have been trying to cancel the subscription we watched the video and still we can’t figure it out but everything else is amazing

  • Waste of Time

    by loves2read473

    Warning: do not buy this unless you want to spend money! Please, this app makes me sooo frustrated that I have to spend money on it. I only got to do ONE song, and then when I wanted to sing another, it was like “buy a membership.” DONT get me started on the limits of the non VIP members. Why make the app free if your making us spend money?! Do not waste your time downloading this if you don’t spend money on apps/games. I understand that you have to make money, but please! For that price it’s a TOTAL RIPOFF. Sorry, Smule creators but it just wasn’t for me.

  • Can’t stop the billing

    by naomiGreenBee

    I deleted this app months ago and keep getting automatic withdrawals totaling like $21.99 a month. Can’t figure out how to stop it. Really don’t recommended downloading!!!

  • Ads

    by AnnamarieMurrayTrueCrimeFan

    Your ads are bad because the x button is so small you can't even close it.

  • Worst game ever

    by deetoddss

    You have to pay to sing a song you get one song at the beginning so choose a good one

  • Okay I guess

    by hdbjdhdy

    It’s a cool app but you have to pay a lot just to sing? WOW I’m happy some people make acc so u can do free solos but...

  • Pedophiles Allowed

    by pedovert

    My daughter using the app ,was about to sing in a live stream and a male showed his private parts.Please protect the innocence of your children ,nothing is safe .😞

  • Price

    by Chef492

    Subscription prices are RIDICULOUS

  • 😐

    by pwriiya

    It doesn't work anymore

  • Ads > VIP

    by Thedudemeister08

    Why don’t you guys use advertising to make money instead of VIP. The VIP is stupid because the only way I can sing is by joining someone for free.

  • Freeze

    by durazno19

    La app se frisa mucho oh no se si es solo por mi antes de la ultima actualización todo estaba bien.

  • Songs

    by 👓🎮👌

    Can you add some free songs? If you do, please don’t make them songs that are not popular or enjoyed. Thanks again!

  • dissapointing

    by JuAnArIeLrIvErA

    i love the app but i hate that have to pay for a membership

  • Hated it

    by Celesteplayz1414

    I’m trying to start singing career on Soundlcoud and was trying to find good singing apps but in order to sing anything on here you have to duet someone and or pay and I’m not tryna do that. Unless you wanna spend money on this app I highly don’t recommend.

  • Hate some of the things

    by 🍮🍔👍🏻

    So i had a previous account and I hadn’t use it in a long time. I had a solo on there so I thought okay I can do that for free. No you have to buy the membership if you want to do a solo performance. So I thought that was pretty crappy. I know that they have to make money but why not do it buy charging for duets I see more of those than anything. So don’t get it if don’t like doing duets an less you plan on getting charged to do a solo. Also some of those reviews out there are B.S.

  • Crap

    by jadiab

    You have to pay just sing a freakin song. Stupid

  • Why would you use this app?

    by zoey Pride

    Idk why anyone would is this app you have to pay to even sing on it if you would like to sing solo for free why not check out StarMaker you have the option to pay for extra stuff but you can at least sing for free on the app.

  • Overcharge my account

    by Honniez

    Where can I report smule sing for overcharging my bank account? The app was double charging me monthly, so I switched to weekly payments, and what do you know? They’ve been double charging my acct. One week, I’ll receive one charge, the following week, I’m being charged for that week and the week prior, again. I’m not an avid user. I sing a song a month, at the most. This is outrageous thievery. It has to stop. I’m betting it’s happening to everyone. They’re making millions, why are they continuing to rip me off?? I clicked 1 star, btw. Not two! I’m so annoyed by this.. I’ve had hundreds of dollars in overcharges since joining, and I’ve tried to report the issue several times. Nothing! No response! It’s seemingly impossible to get a hold of a human. Be careful of apps with subscriptions. They often double charge, and Smule is one of them.

  • 😡

    by Storiebug

    This app is bad! why don’t you just pay for the app in the beginning if you’re going to make me pay money every week! Plus this app made me sound badder when I singed! I do NOT recommend this app

  • Smule makes you buy the app

    by Hnnwnxndnrnfndnfndj

    Every time I press x it will take me to the App Store please stop or else no one will like this app it’s weird and forcing us to do something we don’t want and need to do.


    by GJessel

    I ended up seeing what nobody should see. During a live jam a man revealed his privates to 78 people this is so inappropriate, also a man and a woman were in the same room and started doing or 👉🏽👌🏽 each other. I was getting chatted very inappropriate things. I don't recommend to people 500 years old or younger.

  • NEVER download this app. Here’s why:

    by Arsenic Reviews

    I had Smule OG. It was so fun and I could just sing my heart out for FREE. You might see ads of great singers singing songs you probably like. Download it for free, sing one song, then overpay to even sing another. Honestly, I don’t have any type of social media and I don’t want to. This is just a sly form of social media where you post and sing along with others. ‘Others’ as in random people. You also have to sign up with a Facebook account, phone, or email. Obviously, as I already stated, I don’t have social media so Facebook was out. I didn’t want the developers to call me for something so I went along with email and I already regret it. This app is pointless. I hate it. Also, you can’t sing without signing up. Also, this app does NOT help you with your vocals or help you sing better. For my first song, just to prove it, I did it in a weird voice and sometimes just whispered and I got the highest score and a ‘Bravo! Good job!’ This game is rigged. Don’t waste money on it. I was excited, though, because it had songs I like but I had to pay to sing more. I deleted the app immediately after that. If you read this, DON’T BUY THIS APP. I’m literally reviewing after I delete the app. Developers, thanks for making a scam. Much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

  • Trial

    by chnenrhjfbdbdmgnbwnxj

    So identify think smoke is that good because you can’t do anything I try to do solo it says do a trial it’s so annoying I hate the vip they need to take it down

  • Me was disappointed

    by Giggles7689

    The reason because you got to have vip for the songs so you can sing solo and me don’t want to sing with other people.

  • Fave songs

    by Lololpool

    I cant get the VIP and I hate the fact that I have to join a person and sing with them. I think you should be able to watch an ad and unlock that song for the day you unlocked it. You get 5 songs per day. I wouldn’t mind it at all I’m sure others would too. I understand you need to make money, but just 5 songs each day for an ad each song. Honestly That would be enough. (Sorry tried so hard not going all Hamilton with that but it didn’t work 😅) But id love to sing Hamilton songs, even if it’s just 1 for an ad each. Aside from that, half the songs I’m able to sing I don’t like them at all. If you could let us unlock five songs for a day with five ads I’d rate this higher. Thank you for, if you did, reading this and considering my idea.

  • what???

    by ohyunee_

    i just uploaded a song and it said “bad gateway” and now it disappeared i’m so mad, i tried refresh so many times and it’s not there

  • Don’t be stupid

    by Anthonyplays141

    Every song should be free

  • Can’t do anything without money

    by GonzalezOriginal

    I’m not a singer; but I’m a musician and I just wanted to have some fun and sing. Extremely disappointed within the first 5 minutes of this app—as you need to pay for a subscription to even sing any songs. I was used to the piano Smule where everything was usually free or you earned coins by playing songs and used those to purchase other songs. But I’m not gonna spend money just to goof off and sing.

  • Waste of time

    by madisonpachi

    Super mega bad idae

  • Why do you have to pay😾💩👿

    by damelys25

    Why do you have to pay

  • ehhh..

    by Brikii

    i mean,, it’s alright but,, you have to pay for literally like every feature. whenever i try to search up a song to sing sometimes there’s no one else to join and so i cant do it because i can’t pay for it. i don’t want to pay for all of these stupid features just let me do my thing. you guys have tons of other apps why do you need to drain money from this one?? all in all i don’t really like this app because it’s why to restricted to what i can do without the stupid smule premium stuff.

  • Smule

    by Shonna2011

    I used to love this app but now I don’t. Had some issues couldn’t be vip anymore and I was scrolling down trying to listen to some old songs and they had the nerves to white out my oldest songs where I couldn’t see them or play them. Why? only because I’m no longer vip. It’s already limited there for the price you want ppl to pay. That’s why ppl are leaving. Try Starmaker everyone you get way more than Smule even if your not vip you can customize your profile with many pictures that change and sing solos make your own collabs get noticed and more for free

  • Perverts playground

    by Jengelmann

    If you have kids using this app beware! I was supervising my 9 year old doing a live stream on 2 different occasions and one she was asked to remove her pants and show her privates and the second time a male tried showing her is.

  • UnsSafe

    by Jeffpasos

    A person was asking for inappropriate parts, and trying to forse it, secure ur app or take it down because that’s not cool.

  • Some equality would be nice...

    by Reveiwing Raven

    This is a great app, I know, but I absolutely LOATHE the VIP in this app. I hate how much of a cash grab it is. If you want to try this app without VIP, good luck. Your only option is to do duets with strangers, and if you’re self conscious of your voice this app is a no-go. Plus, VIP is way too expensive! Not everyone can afford to pay nearly $20 a month, you know. Fix your VIP, and I’m sure this app will satisfy more people.

  • Not happy

    by bdhbchej b

    Seeing it needs money is stupid like needing money to sing to a song?. Everyone wants to sing but pay.

  • I can’t play without paying

    by i hate thus game!

    I saw this game on and add but when I downloaded it it told me that I had to buy songs so I could send them or I’d join a group but I didn’t want to I’m not gonna pay for a stupid game that cost money for nothing I can’t I can’t play the game without paying again this is a stupid game

  • I AM MAD

    by j hope fangirl

    so I am a Billie Elish fan, so the first time I played I got the song lovely. But when I am pressing the “get 5 free smoola “ button I get ads but I don’t get any SMOOLA COINS!!! IM REALLY MAD CUZ I HAD TO WATCH ADS 4 TIMES AND STILL HAVENT GOTTEN ANY SMOOLA TO BUY A NEW SONG

  • “VIP” Subscription TOO EXPENSIVE

    by Wilberjess

    I was enjoying the free trial until I found out how prohibitively expensive it would be if I wanted to keep using this app. Most low income people would not be able to afford it, which makes it almost a political issue for me. The VIP prices make it seem like an elitist, rich-kids-only club. I’ve never been resentful toward an app until now. I understand research and development has a cost, but really?? It’s an app!! It shouldn’t compete with weekly transportation, food, or utility costs. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to give my official feedback to the people at Smule who determine pricing for iPhone users in the U.S. 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • You don’t have to use this

    by jdjfzgirdrycjglxiryxyircyctudt

    Every time I come back to here, I’m always forced to pay. If I don’t pay I can’t even sing some of my favorite songs. And I’ve always wanted feedback on how I sing. But no that’s not the case here. If you ever want to use this app or sing your songs that you love. You most likely have to pay for it. And when you install the app, you noticed how many people spent money on VIP. When you’re a VIP you have access to every song. But you have to pay to have the VIP. You either need to pay weekly, monthly, or yearly. And if you paid yearly that’s $100 out the drain per year. So if you don’t want to pay money, don’t waste your money on this.

  • Freezes every time I open it

    by stephaniecerda

    The newest update doesn’t work well with my iPhone 8+. I can’t play. It freezes after I open it every single time. I’ve tried reinstalling and it didn’t help. I hope the new update will fix this because I miss playing for sure!!

  • Bad people

    by unknown321456

    DO NOT AND I MEAN DON’T GET THIS APP People prey on people and it’s very bad people can share bad images and no way to stop it bad bad idea getting app I have deleted it and I suggest you do to.

  • Audio isn’t reliable

    by zekepowell

    Never on time... every recording I do, the audio doesn’t match what it did when I recorded. WASTE of money!!

  • Why just why

    by xpurplecatx

    Any song I want to sing the free trial will show up and not let me sing

  • Awful

    by Calla_Kayla

    i can’t even get into the app!!! whenever i try to put in my email and password (because i has an account but i deleted the app) it says incorrect password!!! it’s super frustrating

  • Awful customer service

    by Ddule1

    The app is great when it works. Pray nothing goes wrong because their “support team” is the less than helpful. I didn’t let the app renew and bill me again because they didn’t reply until 3 days later and I couldn’t record videos without them cutting in and out. I could sing any song (even the same song) fine if I didn’t choose video option and they weren’t resolving my issue but as soon as the app expired they have refused to help me unless I pay for the app again. I don’t want to give my money to an app that won’t work on they days I paid for it. I’ve kindly told them I’d like to keep the app if they can help me but they are refusing to do so. So disappointing as I’ve been using them for almost a year now.

  • Pay or duet

    by Httjvxrh

    Them removing the ability to get to songs to free and having your song book being all the songs you have gotten is well, annoying. It’s impossible for me to find songs that are free since I can’t see if a song is for vip or not.. I honestly miss seeing twinkle little star in my song book and I quite dislike how this app just seems to want your money, it’s lost it’s charm and it’s sad to see how it devolved. Thank god child me found it when I did, others wise I would have never gotten the chance to enjoy this app.. Now it just feels slimy. The community is amazing and everyone is really friendly, but I hate how you have to pay, or have a duet.

  • Why crash?

    by Alanys Mia Fernández Fernández

    Recently, I try to get on the app and it either crashes or randomly gives me the mic when there are two people already singing. I do not like this HUGE bug and would really appreciate it if you could fix this bug as soon as possible.

  • Money

    by #hatedthisapp

    This app makes you pay to sing. You can’t just sing it cost money to make something. 9.99 a WEEK that’s outrageous.

  • Bad vip

    by project zorgo4455

    So I want to keep singing but I have to get vip

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