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Sight Words - Basic Dolch Words for 1st grade kids

Sight Words - Basic Dolch Words for 1st grade kids

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Sight Words Spelling Bug Game using basic Dolch sight words for kids- 1st grade

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App Description

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Unlock the secrets to intuitive spelling by playing Bug Goop: Sight Words! Your child quickly learns to recognize the sight words intuitively!

Did you know that children use just over 300 common words to do most (70%) of their writing for their first three years of literacy? Many of these common words are known as sight words, or Dolch words, as they cannot be “sounded out” and must be learned by sight. With Bug Goop: Sight Words, children can learn these essential sight words while playing.

To make sure the little ones are having fun while learning, this specially-designed educational tool is disguised as a cute, simple game. In a colorful and sunny, bug-filled world, a hungry spider spins a web to catch some flies. But there’s an angry dragonfly in the way! Your job is to tap the flies in order to help catch them without letting the angry dragonfly scare the spider!

Each little winged insect comes out of a tree log while carrying a letter block, and you’ll sometimes spot them pairing up in an effort to carry a group of letters. The aim of the game is to tap the flies carrying the letters that spell the sight word displayed at the bottom of your screen. Once you have completed the word, a purple spider will collect all the flies and reward you with points before you move on to the next word on the list. Once you have completed spelling all the words, you can advance to the next level with a new set of Dolch words for you to learn.

Flying letter tiles and a colorful world make this educational app a truly fun sight word game (with no typing for reluctant spellers!). And to ensure that your child commits a visual image of each sight word to memory, Bug Goop: Sight Words was designed with input from early education specialists. These specialized teachers helped design Bug Goop: Sight Words to maximize learning and fun!

Some sight word games allow the child to merely click on a picture of an object and were clearly designed by tech developers with no educational background. They may be entertaining, but they are sadly of very little educational value. But in Bug Goop: Sight Words, the child reads the word itself to play the game, leaving no shortcuts that can hinder their ability to learn the word. And that is the secret to early learning in reading and writing: phonics.

Phonetic learning makes all the difference! When learning words in phonics groups, children remember those words more easily and can use what they learned with other words. For example, a group with the words: one, none, done etc. also teaches many more spelling words that have the same phonetic sound.

So don’t settle for those other apps that just use pictures and hope for the best! Give your child the gift of phonics-based sight word games like Bug Goop: Sight Words!

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Sight Words - Basic Dolch Words for 1st grade kids

Sight Words - Basic Dolch Words for 1st grade kids

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