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John Ayliff

The Earth is gone. Find a new home for the last survivors of the human race.

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Editor’s Review

  1. A randomly-generated text-based strategy game where your decisions decide the storyline
  2. No intrusive ads! Just 100% choose-your-own-adventure play for hours of fast-paced gaming
  3. Choose carefully! The ultimate choice for planet colonization is yours, but one wrong decision could be disastrous

Reviewed by Kaylin on October 4, 2018

Review Highlights

  • addictive

    in 238 reviews

    Fascinating and addictive. I keep wanting to try again just to see if I can do better

  • great concept

    in 93 reviews

    awesome, i love it and played a 100 times, still its new! great concept and great work!

  • challenging

    in 58 reviews

    Awesome game. I like to play it when I'm bored. Always interesting and quite challenging.

  • nice story

    in 33 reviews

    Great game. Nice story. Easy to play over and over again. No ads. Awesome

  • good time killer

    in 33 reviews

    Good time killer. Fun to see where you end! Could use some variety though.

  • minimalistic design

    in 12 reviews

    Minimalistic, entertaining and excellent! No ads and other nonsense

App Description

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An AI ship full of frozen colonists must find the best planet to be the new home of the human race. A randomly-generated text-based strategy game.

Push your luck: do you settle here, on this not-quite-ideal planet, or keep searching and risk your ship being damaged in the journey? The planets you encounter are randomly generated, and as you travel you encounter random events, so each playthrough is different. See the stories of the colonies you found, and keep trying for a higher score.

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