Screen Mirroring - Miracast

Screen Mirroring - Miracast

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TV Cast for Smart TV Display Phone Screen

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TV Cast for Smart TV Display Phone Screen
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  • Good but I can’t screen mirror I need premium Jun 23, 2020

    Please fix this. Problem in Title
  • Jun 28, 2020

    By Daddy O
    Very easy to use
  • Very simple Jun 9, 2020

    By Alvah Swenson
    the app is very simple to use they asked me to search for my TV and I did and I just had to allow my TV to accept my cell phone, the app pretty much does everything for you and I was connected and next thing you know whatever is on my phone popped up on my Screen Mirroring I was like super excited I can play my video games
  • May 8, 2020

    By Krishu Gupta
    I would like to share a tip I found recently with anyone using this app and wants to run it from there mobile data and not their Wi-Fi. While keeping your Wi-Fi turned on, simply select "forget network" on the Wi-Fi you usually use, (and any other networks your phone may automatically connect to) and turn your mobile data on. You will now be able to pair your phone to your device without having to be connected through Wi-Fi. It probably won't be as stable but it's an option. Hope this is useful
  • Good May 14, 2020

    By Oxford Traylor