Rolling Sky
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  • Awesome, but WHY ALL THE CHANGES Jan 12, 2020

    By Fire Ruby1
    Hey so I’m FireRuby1. Ive had this game since it first came out and it has been fantastic from the start. Ima gamer so I’ve conquered like almost every single level on there. I love how there’s always new levels to keep you going. But what I don’t like is YOU GUYS DELETING THE OLD LEVELS! Why! Why do you do that??? Why can’t you just keep the old and bring in the new altogether? I have an old phone that I’m keeping and I’m never gonna update the game on there so I can keep those levels. My new phone doesn’t have them cuz the game is updated and different. You guys put way too many ads in. I had to buy the 3.99 deal just to play the game without raging. I’m pretty sure you guys did that just to get money but you’re pushing people away with all the ads. This game used to have no ads then one day it just got worse. What I will say is though I LOVE new levels and the music and how challenging they are. It keeps you occupied when there’s nothing else to do but wanna throw your phone at the wall for dying at the same exact spot like on Labyrinth (which you took off) and microchip! Those are such good levels! I just wish you guys didn’t delete the best levels like (1-up) that was another favorite of mine. You guys are picking the best levels to get rid of. Anyways. Hope this review is somewhat of importance 💙I still love this game but bring back the old
  • What happened to the old rolling sky? May 24, 2020

    By gfdfyui
    Hi there so first of all I’m a little mad at you😡 when I first downloaded this game I loved it even more than Roblox and fortnight and Minecraft it was my favorite game I played with it for aeons ever since I was two ya two years old even though I was bad at it l still loved it then guess what happened I was playing it and went for a break then when I came back to play it looked the same so I started playing then I lost and a ad came that happened every time I lost a level that’s one complaint my second one is that it crashes so much my last complaint is that it hacked me I was playing it then it crashed and when I went back on the game I saw pennywise and he said I will kill you then joker came and then the game crashed I almost peed in my pants then the next day I came back to play rolling sky but my mom said no so I was playing with my barbies and l broke one and then I got a notification from rolling sky that said oops broke your toy go and fix it and then a picture of pennywise came on my screen this time I actually peed in my pants like what does this have to do with pennywise then one day I got another notification from rolling sky that said get up sleepyhead then I felt like someone was watching me so I immediately deleted it. Thanks for reading, Eight year old Eesha
  • Nearly Unplayable (new users - please read) Jun 1, 2019

    By Ben_Morlan
    With the amount of ads the game has, this game is close to unplayable. There are ads in nearly every conceivable point in the game, for when you crash, to simply going to a new level. Sometimes when I click off the ad, it sends me to the app store (since the ads often are of App Store games), and occasionally (not often), it makes me watch another ad right after that. These ads are usually 30 seconds long, and you can’t skip them. I first downloaded the game in 2016, the first year it came out. I played it a lot, and throughly enjoyed it. There were very little ads, and the interface was simple and easy to navigate and understand. Eventually though, I stopped playing the game