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Riddle Stones - Cross Numbers

Riddle Stones - Cross Numbers


Solve cross puzzles by logic & deduction! Brain challenge adventure of the mind!

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Editor’s Review

  1. Bored with repetitive puzzles? Enjoy completely unique challenges that never copy one another for hours of brain-stimulating fun
  2. Innovative game design brings attractive graphics to challenging and compelling gameplay that you will never want to stop
  3. Logic games have proven useful for promoting brain health! Keep your brain active and expand your long and short-term memories

Reviewed by Katelyn on February 23, 2018

Review Highlights

  • addictive

    in 336 reviews

    Addicting! Can be very challenging, but not in a way that feels like you can't win

  • challenging

    in 161 reviews

    There's only one way to solve each puzzle. Simple yet challenging. Addictng

  • relaxing

    in 19 reviews

    Seems simple but it's actually very challenging. A relaxing way to sharpen your mind.

  • fun puzzle game

    in 16 reviews

    A fun puzzle that actually usually your noggin

  • brain exercise

    in 13 reviews

    Wonderful game. Good brain exercise

  • easy to use

    in 10 reviews

    Fun challenging and easy to use.

App Description

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Love logic deduction games and number puzzles like sudoku?

Riddle Stones is a game of logic that will train your brain: like crosswords but with squares and numbers. The game is based on the asian riddles known as picross, griddler and nonogram. It’s a real mind challenge wrapped in a fun experience where you need to think and use your brains to succeed.

To decipher our puzzle grids, you will use numbers indicating which squares to activate in each grid based on simple rules. Each number tells you where to add squares in a row or a column. You can compare it to sudoku or crosswords with more fun brain training. You will learn easily, progress rapidly and quickly get addicted! It will blow you mind!

Riddle Stones offers a fascinating cross-over between crosswords, sudoku and other puzzles based on numbers where you cross the hints to find which squares to activate. But be careful and think right, if you tap the wrong square, you will trigger a trap!

Fans of picross, nonogram, griddler, paint by numbers rejoice and enjoy Riddle Stones...
Solve grid cross-puzzles by logic & deduction! PLAY NOW!

Also available on Facebook.

Riddle Stones is completely free to play, but some in-game items such as extra lives require payment.

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Riddle Stones - Cross Numbers

Riddle Stones - Cross Numbers

4.3 22K+ Reviews

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