Remind: School Communication

Remind: School Communication


School Communication

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  • First ever app review.... this should be used at every school! Mar 8, 2019

    By Amy E from AZ
    This is the first app I’ve ever reviewed! But I have to say how this app has been so amazing for our family! My 5 year old son has autism and receives a lot of special services including seeing numerous teachers and therapists at school. Before this app I was never able to keep up with all the emails, found it impossible to go through everything and respond to everyone in a timely manner. Once his school started using Remind, all the important communications, the stuff directly from his teachers regarding things in his specific care, now had their very own home on my phone, and the unique style alerts easily combined to separate these important messages from the noise of my constantly roaring email inbox! With this app I have been able to GREATLY improve my communications with my son’s teachers and therapists at school and it allows so much better cross communication between the entire group on his team as well! I think every school should be using this app. Teachers, get your classroom on here! Parents, send Remind invites to your children’s teachers! I love this app so much and hope to see it used everywhere soon!
  • This is an awesome app Dec 15, 2019

    By Kylee Boshers
    This is an amazing app to use. You can use it for many different things, you can use it for school or just for groups for school. You can use it for work. You can pretty much use it for anything related to learning or working. It’s an awesome app to have because it has helped me to remember things for school I mainly use it for my beta club stuff. You can add friends and different things in it, and you can also, you can make your own profile. You can add friends on it and it’s just a really good app to use if you forget things like I do and I just love to see what things and opportunities for school and mainly my group for school, beta. Whoever made this app is amazing I could give them a huge thumbs up, and also I want to give he/she a hug because of this app I am able to remember things for beta club. THANKS FOR GIVING ME TJIS OPPORTUNITY to make a review. P.S. I want to say thank you again and I want to meet the person who made this app because they are a genius or they all or all geniuses
  • Jun 19, 2020

    By Mark Guy
    Good app, needs a few things though. As a parent, I've been using it for the last couple of years. My kids transferred to a new town this past year, so I left the old school and joined the new school. My problem is that I can't (or at least can't figure out how to) delete old classrooms. I still have all of the old teachers classes in my list, and they're no longer relevant to myself or my children. If there's a way to remove old classes, please let me know.