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Tests and psychological advice. Choose a test and learn more about yourself.

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Tests and psychological advice. Choose a test and learn more about yourself.
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  • Great potential! Mar 14, 2019

    By Nik625
    As a therapist, I could see using this app often to supplement my current practice when evaluating clients. The assessments are mostly free and appesr to align well with DSM 5 Criteria. There are some very minor bugs, I've noticed. When clicked on related issues, it has trouble loading those assessments (error message says something about not being able to find the cost of the test?) Is the plan to monetize the app eventually? It's great as it is and I would certainly use it for free... And I might be willing to pay, but I would need more information about each assessment and the scoring and interpretation first and the cost couldn't be exorbitant. We already pay a lot for continuing education, office space, equipment, licenses, liability insurance, EHR and scheduling services, etc.
  • Jun 8, 2020

    By Nadi Sebbi
    Good for helping me understand myself better, but as previous comments mentioned the adds are rather intrusive. Otherwise great app. Update: today the adds were much less intrusive than usual 🙂 in some questions I find it hard to answer as at times I wish to answer in the middle ground where there is none, though in some questions there is middle ground which I do appreciate. I especially like it when there are 5 answers to pick from.
  • Helps a lot Jun 1, 2020

    By 最棒的人
  • Jun 28, 2020

    By Jodie Soondra
    Lots of ads, but the advice is rather good. The questions are pretty predictable and a bit too straightforward (from a psychological perspective), I think the questions would be better as examples to have a more relatable and understandable perspective.
  • Jun 18, 2020