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Poppin - Better real dates

Poppin - Better real dates


Dating app to find people who are going to the same Facebook events as you.

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App Description

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Poppin is the dating app that cares the most in improving your real dates. Beyond presenting new people to you, we want you to have an incredible date in a place you like to go. Isn't it better to meet people in an place you like to be? We think so!

So let's do this way: first you tell us where you'd like to hang out with your match. A party or eat out a burger? A bar or stay home watching Netflix? Choose the options that fits you the most and let the others know what you like!

From there, you'll see people and what they're up to. Did you see anyone interesting? Go on and like him / her. If you have a match, It's Poppin! You already know what your bae likes to do and can set up a date through the chat. This way, you’ll be more comfortable in the first date.

I mean, Poppin is the app that will help you setting up better dates!

Check how Poppin works:

1. Tell us what you'd like to do with your match. Everyone will do the same.

2. See people and know what they’re up to. They will also know what you enjoy doing and see what you have in common.

3. Like people you're interested in. You’re doing this secretely.

4. When interest is mutual, It's Poppin! You got a match and can chat throught the app.

5. Now it's easier to set up a date! See what you and your match are up to and ask her/him out for something you both like.

Did you like this idea? Download Poppin, meet new people and go for better dates.

If you have any questions or problems, send us a message:

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Poppin - Better real dates

Poppin - Better real dates

3.7 3K+ Reviews

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