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Explore lifestyle inspiration: new recipes, creative wedding tips & design ideas
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  • Story pins May 14, 2020

    By janaisuarez
    I really love this app but i do want to know how you make story pins, their very creative and I think that it was a very cool idea. Sombody said you have to have a certain amount of followers but I don’t think that’s fare since is harder to get followers on Pinterest than on tik tok or Instagram, I don’t know though maybe I just have to turn it on in settings. I have 437 followers (which I think is a decent amount) but I can’t do the story pins so I’m really confused. I looked through the Pinterest app in the App Store and it said nothing about story pins......😕 Edit: so I figured out it’s called carousel pin and that you can make collages BUT you have to do it from your computer and I think that’s crazy. Just for a pin you have to go onto your computer instead just by your phone,again this is a very cool app and I love the idea of carousel pins but that’s just extra steps for no reason. For your next update can you maybe included letting us create these from our phone..... I don’t know maybe it’s just me. Another thing is that I seen a comment that is asking how to make a video pin and then there’s me asking how to make a carousel pin, if you could just include how to make these things in your description or put how to do it in settings that would be nice😊 but Pinterest is a very fun and cool app🙂🙂!!!!!!
  • Love the app, hate the updates Mar 4, 2020

    By Emu taco's
    I love Pinterest but if you’re going to update the app and give me options of things to do, don’t take it away! I used to be able to like pins if I didn’t have a board to put it in. I can “react” to certain pictures but I can only use one reactions option and it’s not for all pins. So now I have a bunch of pointless boards so I can still see things that I like. I loved having the option of sections in boards because if I have a “house work” board I can do a section with the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, etc. It was a while since I updated and when I finally did, I wish I hadn't. I went to create sections for my travel board based on places to make it easier to plan my own trips and I can’t! I’m actually mad about this. And something that isn’t really a major issue but kinda disappointing is that when I come across a pin that I like and want to see more of, I tap on it. But sometimes it’s just an add and it takes me to a website. Which I guess I can see more by going through the website but I can usually access the website if I voluntarily tap on the picture after getting a preview. This is also the only app that closes out on me. I know it’s a free app and it takes a while to give the app its full potential but this isn’t really a new app anymore. Keep updates!!! When you bring in a new feature, don’t take it away from us! Some of us are (more like were) using those