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Piano Tiles 2™

Piano Tiles 2™

Cheetah Games

Tap fast and enjoy the music, and challenge your tapping speed!

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  • GREAT....Butttttt......

    by Catzatmatsat

    I love the game. I usually don’t like there times of games. But I love this one. My first +1 is because it helps me tipe faster. That’s because it goes fast sometimes and I end up getting better at ripping fast. My second reson is because of something weird. Ok so I can’t stay still. Like I need at the most 1 body part moving. If I’m not moving fast at all my brain hurts. Like really bad. It makes me mad. That’s why I like this. It’s challenging my fingers to go faster. I think that’s how I got to #1 on the Christmas leaderboard thing with the galaxy coffee cup? Ya know the thing...? Well lol 😂 still I really like this game. I literally got #1 in like 1 min. It was crazy lol. Never knew there would be such a good game like this to challenge my fingers lol 😆 definitely recommend if your like me and can’t stop moving lol idk if it’s only me buttttttt.............................. yea. The only problem is the bait.... I mean. It says u can do the Alan walker songs but... YOU CANT! U can only do one halfway for free.... the rest you can’t do! If you wanted to play those songs then don’t get this game... I won’t let you........... I know I know I’m as sad as you are lol 😂 but if you get passed that it’s a good game!

  • Great but needs some changes 🎶🎵💞

    by Teagan Stansell

    Okay, this is like the best game in history, from the music to really everything, but there are a few things I suggest should change. One is, when your playing and there’s a distraction and you need to stop the game a minute, there’s no pause button. Which can be really annoying when your really far in the game and then go to do something and have to start over again. Another little thing that bothers me is when your on “Endless Tiles” which is pretty far in, and you lose, you can’t even start over again some what close to where you lost. This can be very frustrating especially when you were doing really good and was so far in. This next one is not a pet peeve, its just a question. Do you guys have any pop songs? If not, please please please try to make that possible. Other than those complaints, I think if your looking for a good addicting game you should definitely download piano tiles 2.❤️💞😍❣️😀😘🌈🦄🦄🦄😻🎵 Michelle S.

  • Piano Tiles 2

    by MiipyMishyMooshy

    I’ve played this game for about 2 years. I’ve enjoyed it as much as I could. But now that it’s 2019 so many things have changed and it has made it worse. Everyone in this review thing are complaining about the ads. I do agree that it’s quite annoying. But do you care about entertainment or money? That’s the biggest issue with this game just like every other game. Another thing I complain about is that they don’t update the game a lot. Christmas has already ended and they haven’t removed the Christmas theme. Another thing is that you adore Alan Walker, isn’t this game supposed to be a classical game? Yes Alan Walker is a good singer but there are other singers who sing way better. Also you have to wait for lives in order to play this game. For those who don’t have this game, every time you play a song you’ll lose a heart indicating that you will lose energy. But why do we have to wait for a whole day just to get literally 20 something hearts?! That’s just a waste of time and we deserve to have about 40 lives. Obviously the company will most likely not read this review but to those that don’t have this game, you’ve been warned.

  • by Kylan Marshall

    The Best piano game I've ever played. And I've been through a ton before. There are only occasionally ads. P.S (I have a android). There are a lot of songs. My favorite is Sweet Bye and Bye. I hope you get to play it. I don't know why some people hate it so. I do wish they had a search bar though. Other than that I like it. I hope you enjoyed my review.

  • Advertisement problem

    by -robodose-

    I believe that this is a good game with a lot of good songs and high quality sound. However, there is a small advertisement problem. I am not sure whether it is just my device or if it is a common problem for a lot of people, but I often decide to watch an advertisement to be able to continue a song or to unlock something. I find that it’s a good way of advertising, it’s just that whenever I watch an advertisement, it doesn’t do anything. For example, one time I was playing a game and I was so close to getting to endless tiles, but then I missed a tile, so I watched an advertisement to get a second life, but then the game was still telling me that I needed a med-kit or to watch an advertisement to continue the song. I watched another advertisement, but the same thing happened. I would highly appreciate it if you put this review into thought. As I said, this is a really good game, one of my favorites, and it would be even better if you fix this small problem. I appreciate you reading this review, thank you.

  • by Jamie Baio

    This game is relaxing and yet challenging at higher levels. Themusic is calming to listen to. I wish there were more range of songs. So far I am not too far in this particular piano game, so not too sure, but I hope it will get better than just a few Walker-Faded and Twinkle Little Stars -songs ..

  • Piano Palooza! 🎹

    by Imagination8000

    I really wish there was a search bar because I really enjoy playing “Little Star” and others at night to help calm me down before bed. I also wish we could change the background theme after holidays and such. Does it have to be decked out in snow ❄️ all the time? Unless they change it with the next updates, and it would be nice to have tips at the beginning of what the diamonds 💎 and coin could be used for. I hope we can also challenge other players worldwide, like real life piano competitions 🎹 🌟 THINGS I ENJOY: Few reasons why I DO like this app, is that I can hopefully buy the actual sheet music from a music store in reality if I have never played it on an actual piano yet. I’m teacher-less right now, and I love all of these song suggestions. I could painstakingly learn it by ear, but I don’t have perfect pitch on piano like I do for Violin/Viola. 🎻 Overall, if you loved Guitar-Hero and are too lazy to play it on the Wii like me these days, this is the app for you. I love the free revive pause button because you can either continue from where you were in the song where you messed up, or quit that song and do another. Or simply rest your fingers for a few seconds... WARNING: Your hands may cramp or your thumbs may get tight after awhile. It’s addicting. It’s like texting but with tapping tiles instead. If you’ve got fast and restless fingers like me, this is the perfect app for you. If you don’t like classical music, then don’t get it.

  • Something that’d be awesome!

    by 😁🤣😂😅

    This is a great game. I take piano lessons, and for one of my recitals I chose to play bluestone alley. I really liked it. I have a lot of fun playing. The only bad thing is that I just feel like there are too many ads. I also play flappy dunk and that has WAY to many ads. So you guys don’t have “too” many ads but maybe when you you watch a video to keep going, if you watch a video, the rate that you have to pay in gems, should not go up. Also I would like this game WAY more if I could buy gems with hearts or notes. I know you need ads to make money, but with the millions of players that you have, I don’t think taking out a couple of ads would hurt. Also, I think it would be really cool if you could make your own song. Not just like put sons together, (because I know you guys already made that, 👍) like actually make a song. I don’t really know how you would do that, but you guys are amazing. And it’s 2018! Nothing’s impossible!! (except defeat Jesus.)

  • Read this

    by MzTc hardn

    When I played I played hours nonstop like that is how fun it is but it suddenly gets boring because I have to replay a lot of songs 5k times and I get one 1 gem out of it but over all it was a good game when it lasted. Also the time thing is rigged But if you are reading this developers then make your game with no in game money because this game is suppose to have fun by playing it but I can not play because of the money plus if someone just got a iPad and they always wanted this game but so sad she runs out of gems can not pay for the gems then she try’s new games then she is not happy then that makes her and her pour family sad and doubt that they worked so hard to buy a iPad then they sell the iPad because she did not play on it anymore and then the whole story repeats. You mite be thinking well did she want to buy it in the first place because all of the cool girls had the game she just wanted a friend but you had to ruin her life by being greedy. FYI that is a true story.

  • by bulzy23

    only reason this not 5 stars is because of the ridiculous amount of adverts you have to sit through if you dont want to have to pay £5 to get rid of the ads. it's literally after every single go and even though I was loving this game I had to uninstall itnasni just couldn't put up with the adverts any longer. Such a shame that this game designer wants a ridiculous amount to remove ads as they have lost (and I bet I'm not the first) a player due to it

  • Music Fanatic

    by - Songbird1698

    I’d like to start out in saying that making a game isn’t easy... especially the best ones. I like the fact that in Piano Tiles you don’t HAVE to know notes to play beautiful songs. If you’re wondering why I rated it 4 stars.. listen. I love several music pieces, and one of my favorites; —(Kiss the Rain, Yiruma— has it so that I have to watch an ad every single time I want to play the Music Clip Trial. First of all, there’s enough ads ANYWAY!! I get frustrated when I want to play a song, and an ad comes up! Piano Tiles gets enough money between advertising and people who pay for items in the app! - No offense PTHQ-. I have a suggestion; since we get so much coins, why don’t we use them to buy EVERY SONG/virtual currency with them! This is going to be expensive, but people without a lot of diamonds and people who want to not spend any money on the game will be happier and will play your game more often. It’s a great game!!! Thanks for listening 🎹😉 - Songbird1698

  • Review

    by highlyNESSAsary

    This game is fun and can really pass by time if you will allow it to. Although this is an entertaining game, I had to rate it 4 stars instead of 5 perfect stars for minor things within the app that disqualify the game from being excellent. There is not a way to pause the game and this can cause a loss that was not intended and a potential high score to cause you to be back at square one..being that you’d have to start over because of distractions or interruptions that occurred while playing. Another con is the ads while on the app or opening the app. I catch myself having to exit completely out of the app and reopen it in order to get rid of the ad. Lastly, there is not a way to go back once you’ve selected a song to play.. which again you’d have to exit out the app and reopen it to go back to the home screen. Other than these 3 things, the game continues to keep me occupied and myself well entertained.

  • What happened?

    by Ovenlock

    I’ve been playing this game for years, at least two but t feels things have changed. I don’t know if it’s the title page with ads over and over again, or whether is the fact that I keep getting ads now even after I paid for them to be removed? But that’s just me! I love the game play it’s great, I would constantly tell my friends to play it as I still do now. But even since all there’s been is ads, I can’t get the flow I used to and that’s the only reason I won’t be giving it the perfect fives stars because after the latest of updates after I paid to have ads removed they keep getting shoved down my throat, or to buy a new song or something else! I have paid many times before on this game on each of my accounts I’ve used on it. But now it all just feels like something different, and it’s not the five-star quality I would give it in the past.

  • by A Google user

    As a veteran player of the game ( I have more than 600 songs ) , I am begging you - MAKE A SEARCH BAR PLEASE. Exept this, the game is amazing and I love it. Because of the search bar - 4/5

  • Piano tiles

    by Yanna0208

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  • by The Ultimate Fangirl

    I had this app about a year ago (I think) and back then there was much better quality and less ads. now, the sound glitches like every 3 notes and there is a pop-up add what seems like almost every time you click something

  • Please fix but still an amazing app

    by MaudZero

    This game is amazing. But are 3 problems I have and I think some people have to. 1. Sometimes I tap on the gift boxes first then I end up dying because I tap on the gift first. Please fix where we can tap on the gift and black tile in any order and still be alive. 2. I want more usages with the coins/money we get in the game because I have a lot of money and I have nothing to spend it on. Maybe we can make are own disk, have songs that can only be bought by coins. 3. In the missions when playing on the 3 design songs I would want to have the ability to replay the song and have the ability to still earn gift boxes, be able to be brought back to life, and use my special. This is not a problem but I would want if we can use our special when I get back to life.

  • by Salome Virtanen

    i would love the game more, bit i think there's a bug with long notes: after playing a long note, it doesn't react to other long notes. works ok if you don't make the note long, but there's a lot of points missing that way. this happens in my phone and tablet.

  • by Tristen Klingaman

    The amount of ads is abhorrent, I've played for awhile and it males it impossoble to get anywhere in the app since i get an ad for just clicking on a new tab. The game itself is fun but I got four ads before i selected another song.

  • Two problems that need to get fixed👩🏽‍🔧🛠🔨🔧🔩

    by Jason Warren

    So, let me start off my sentence with, “this is one of the best games ever!” It is very challenging, and I love all the new Alan walker songs that comes at ya every day. That was the good news. Here comes the bad news. So, I played a week ago (maybe less or more days ago?) and I saw this new Alan walker song, the spectre. I was wondering why that ONE song costs $4.99! I wish there was some way for the songs that are new in piano tiles to be free or at least $0.99 so it will make more sense. There is another problem...😑 So, the same day I played and saw the new song, I was playing this really fast song I loved, but I was terrible at. Soon, it started to glitch. I was in rage😡. I tried every possible way to stop the glitch, but nothing, NOTHING worked! I wish it could go away. Can you please fix it? It makes me lose piano tiles, and without the glitch, I would’ve had more fun. Thank you😄🙂😏!

  • Fun game, minor issues

    by Dotamidora

    The game itself is very fun to play. You can actually start playing as soon as you download the app, unlike some games which force you through endless tutorials. That being said, while most of the keys are self explanatory, some aren’t and the only way to figure out the keys is trial and error. An optional tutorial could be added to balance this out. Additionally the layout is somewhat confusing. Specific songs are hard to find, and it is not made clear that you can play a song other than the suggested song. (A large play button with the title of the song takes up half the screen, and a small clickable box opens a select song screen) In terms of advertising the game plays ads after almost every song which, while understandable, quickly gets annoying. Optional ads for rewards are often prompted, but when denied another ad plays.

  • Please add one thing.

    by FanGirl218

    I love this game and it’s really amazing, but I don’t have a Facebook account and I don’t plan on making one. I want to use Google to log in to save my data, but unfortunately most game developers have never heard of Google. I would love it if Cheetah Mobile would add the ability to log in with Google to save your data in case you lose the game somehow. For example someone could have dropped their phone in water they didn’t log in because they don’t have a Facebook account. They get a new phone and they have to start all over again. By the way they were at the top of the leaderboard, and they just got the game and they have to start all over again. Other than that, Piano Tiles has very good music. I love a lot of the songs it has. Thank you so much for making this game. Have a nice day.

  • A Decent Game With Major Issues

    by Sorenroy

    This is currently my go to game on my phone. If I have a little downtime, I try to get a few extra stars or crowns. That being said, there are some issues that stop me from giving this a better review. First, as someone who’s mother has to wear arm braces every night because of carpal tunnel, a game that makes my fingers and neck hurt after I play it for too long gives me no peace of mind. Second, this game, at least on my phone (an iPhone SE), has major performance issues. Sometimes, seemingly randomly, the game will freeze in the middle of a song. This is especially frustrating when you’re trying to get a better score on something very challenging. In a rhythm game, it is crucial that this does not happen. Also, there’s nothing major that should be slowing down performance. It’s just tiles moving down the screen. I don’t see why this is happening.

  • The cost

    by Madison A C.

    So, to begin, I think this is a good game to play if you just so happen to be bored. However with that being said the cost on this is crazy because while I was playing the world journey thing I clearly clicked on one of the tiles and it just clicked on another tile a good 5 inches away from where I had actually clicked. Now obviously this was to get me to buy something, and , seeing as I had nothing else to do, I bought it. It said my purchase had been successful, it continued to load and wouldn’t leave the screen. I then had to leave the game, and there was no point in using what I had bought. So I ask for my money back but it said it was irreversible. Please don’t fall for any ads!!!! And piano tiles, if you’re reading this, PLEASE DON’T CONTINUE THIS. Why? Because eventually a younger kid will spend a ton of their parents money because of the ignorant ads.

  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

    by SuperWhoLock28

    This is honestly the best game on my phone hands down. I love the music selection! But i feel that there could be an improvement or two. Like when searching for a song you have to scroll for what feels like an eternity. In order to combat this you could add a search bar to find music! Searching by name or composer would be way easier in my opinion. Another possible improvement could be a pause of sorts. When you’re in the middle of a song and then exit the app or turn your device off you end up losing all of your progress. Perhaps you can add a feature that would pause the game or something like that. Thank you so much for taking these ideas into consideration! Keep up the great work!!

  • Great game, but ads....

    by LoudHouseFan

    The game is great! I love the different songs it has and how it challenges you. My typing grade for school even went up because of me using this app! For those of you who want to get it, I suggest getting it. The one problem I have tho, is dealing with the ads. If your the type of person that actually likes ads, then this game is absolutely perfect for you (I don’t think many of you are tho). I feel like whenever you press a button, there’s an ad. This needs to stop!!! Also, I don’t like how some songs you have to BUY instead of unlocking them! It’s so unfair!! Like Alen Walker songs, you have to buy to be able to play them, unless you watch an AD! Well, other that the problems I think should be fixed, the game is perfect! You should try it out yourself!! Have fun!! :3

  • Honestly, better than expected

    by Fourballwonder

    This game is the best ‘Don’t touch the white tile’ type of game out there, but there are some kinks. When you go too fast it doesn’t read your taps and it’s missing some amazing songs, like Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, I think. But it has a massive selection of classical songs and is very well rounded. There are not too many ads, and 5 seconds in you can skip them. Overall, amazing purchase, but do NOT get Piano Tiles 3, it is not good at all, the tapping is so much different from this game and it doesn’t have the same look or feel to it, if they had the exact same layout as this one but with the songs of Piano Tiles 3 that would be an even better game then this one, sorry developers.

  • Good but ....

    by Cooper cutie

    I do like this game. Really I do! It’s fun, addicting, and the music makes me relax while my fingers tap away. Ideal for a game like piano tiles. However I feel there is something BIG missing. There should be competitive piano play with high scores, world championship, prizes, achievements that make people want play for a reason. Right now, all you do is play aimlessly. Is there really a point? Having prizes and goals help you want to continue. There should be an achievement for “fastest tapper” or you can have an achievement for completing all of the music. You can be rewarded with the song points. Currently, When you lose in the game, you don’t feel mad or sad. It’s not like you were trying to break a high score and earn an achievement. So what do you say? Make the update? Music to my ears.

  • I love this game!!

    by person from earth!

    This is one my my favorite apps in existence! I love the concept of the game and I have gotten pretty far in the game. Right now I am a level 63 pianist! You should add a few things like a search bar for songs and composers, and a world leaderboard. One of the main reasons for these suggestions is that I have played songs that I like but I forget what they are called but remember who they are by. Another reason is that since I am at a level 63 pianist, I have unlocked a lot of songs! I do not feel like going through them to find a certain song. I also wonder where I am ranked compared to people all around the world. I love the new updates! You should add more tile types as you have been doing! Great game!


    by candypandy55

    Well I still like this game but the ads are so annoying. First of all every time im about to play a game and an ad pops up. So you know when after an ad most of the time a page pops up that say something like play for free. Well whenever I try to exit out it just goes to the app store on the games page. So i have to press the home button then turn off my phone and turn it back on to play and there are so many ads so its bery anoyying. Second of all THERES SO MANY ADS. I dont think I have to explain why. I understand that they need ads so the company can get money but theres just way to many. Other then that i like the game and how when you press tiles it actually makes sound that goes with the music. So there forth I give it a three star rating but I would a five star rating if they fixed the ads and stuff.

  • Too many ads

    by chelsea q.n. vu

    This used to be a great piano app. It had great songs and fun songs, until they changed it and removed so many songs. Most of the songs they removed were my favorite piano songs. One of the songs they removed was “The Swan”. which was my favorite. I also noticed that every time you press a button an ad would show up. Man there is a HUGE chunk of ads. I play this game a few times a week, and there are pretty much 10 ads a day. I would suggest the person who created “Piano Tiles 2” to remove ads. I’ve read other people’s reviews and they said there are too many ads. Piano Tiles 2, please please please PLEASE remove ads and add the songs you removed. I started playing this about since 3 years ago. No ads, great songs. In 2018, so many ads, not good songs. Thank you.

  • Love it! But...

    by good job roblox creators!

    Hi! I absolutely love this game! It is fun, the songs are great, and it is overall amazing. But there is one little thing that annoyed me. Of course, it’s not that big of a deal but it is against my religion and some people don’t understand that. So when I got this game, I decided to put on notifications, because, why not. And now I’m annoyed I did that and turned them off because every single notification said “my g**! Your so lucky!” Blah blah blah. And I’m not allowed to say the lords name in vain, it is against my religion. Like I said, it’s not a big deal but I would love if you would say “gosh” or “goodness” instead. Besides that, I absolutely LOVE this game and you will NOT be disappointed! Sorry for the long review! Thanks :)

  • Need to stop ads

    by Hopingforittowork

    First of all, I ABSOLUTELY love this game and have been playing since it’s released... currently sitting at level 82. However, I haven’t been playing for awhile since the ads was kind of getting in the ways so I took a break from the game. Lately, I decided to start playing the game again, but it’s almost unplayable if you didn’t pay for the ”stop the ads”. The ads issue just grew horrifically intolerable, almost wanted to uninstall the game but I just love the musics and the rhythms that this game has.... please do something before making even more people who actually love this game to quit.... I usually don’t write review, but I feel like the company should know there’s issue about having TOO MUCH ads, although it’s one way to get sponsorship, but who’s going to the customer?

  • The app purchase didn’t work and if I click on a tile it presses another one

    by me123_i_rate_stuff

    So I have 3 issues with this app/ things to fix but I love this and I love that they have Chopin •1) I purchased something that said it would remove ads or whatever AND an Alan Walker song, Faded, and after I purchased them I still got ads and the song still costs money. I wasted almost 6$ that I could’ve used differently. •2) When I click on a tile at the very top left, it will say I clicked one on the very bottom right and this really frustrates me, I think it may be a bug, because I have one finger on at a time, and I make sure my screen is well cleaned and not dirty before I play and I am for sure it isn’t just my screen •3) Very glitchy. It was a little glitchy when I started but it’s gotten worse and every time I play a song it will freeze and after it un freezes it says I missed the keys. Very frustrating. The only reason I gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️ is because I know a lot of effort was put in to making this a fun app and I know you are still working very hard to make it better. This app is very fun and my favorite songs to play are Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2 And Chopins Minute Waltz.(op. 64 no.1) Thank you!

  • My favorite mobile game

    by ¡¡¡¡¡?????!!!!!

    I love this game. But there are some bugs that would make this review a 5 star rating if you fix them. One bug is when you are tapping slider tiles and sometimes regular tiles, it registers your tap as if you pressed below it, or it just doesn’t register at all. This would be so awesome if you fixed it. Another major bug is when you are watching an ad, sometimes it is just a frozen black screen, and you can’t do anything about it. If you double click home button and close piano tiles, then when you get back in, you just lost all your progress for the song you were just trying to revive yourself in. Also sometimes it is laggy and screws you up. Thank you

  • Problems Here and There

    by Da - Fuzz

    I really enjoy have this game on my phone. It's quick, strategic, and addictive. I do suggest that you add the option to pause. It gets annoying when someone is talking to me or I have an itch when I'm really far into the game. Also, there's often a glitch where it freezes for a second. I tap where the next block would be, and it says that I died. Another problem I'd like to address is when I use a revive. When I try to use one, it glitches in the middle of the ad and takes me out of the app. I happens a lot and is extreme annoying. Over all, I would give this app 4 stars. It has glitches and problems here and there, but it is addictive and strategic. Very good.

  • New update for pausing the game

    by rylie kylie bons twins pls

    I love playing this game but when your parents or someone called you and playing the game you say hold on like on New Year’s Eve we’re about to say happy New Years and you missed it from playing this game it did not happen to me but it might happen to you. Pls can you make and update with a pause button so you can pause or restart because then when your about to catch your new high score and you miss the count down look how sad we are and are family members I missed New Years count down or you get in a car accident from this game because there was a green light and drives while Playing the game and now your in the hospital pls add a new update so the can pause

  • Best piano app and a great time killer but...

    by Тυna

    I’ve been playing this game for almost 3 years and it’s so fun and addicting. It’s a great app for when your in school and have no internet. The only thing is if you are connected to internet there will be a lot of ads (unless you buy “no ads”) but I’ve felt like recently they’ve added more ads than before. I would just click to go see my songs and I get a ad, every few clicks I get a ad. I’ve barely been able to click a song to play before having to spend 3 extra minutes watching ads. I would like to just play the game rather than watch ads. And the ads always have really small “x” buttons so it’s impossible to click it, bringing you to an alternate site like App Store.

  • I loved it but.....

    by spirts of nature and fire

    When I deleted this game to try a new one I didn’t like it so I downloaded it back then when I got back I earn the faded song I still had the other songs but faded my favorite song to it enjoyed me so much! But I did not have it any more! It turns out I have to PAY it but I earned it already........ :( and why does everything has to do with money?? Faded was my most favorite song and it relaxed me when am stressed no other song. Please bring it back please it was my joy but the other things it is good not to much ads like the other games! Good job on that! Though am really enjoying much as it used to be.... If u read all of this am impressed Sorry for the bad grammar

  • Poino tiles 2

    by Lishar815

    This game is awesome and the best thing is the music and the songs are amazingly beautiful. The only reason why I downloaded this game because I played it on my uncles iPhone and the first song I played was the prettiest melody I have ever heard in my whole intire life then when I turned seven I begged and begged to download it and when I got it I played and played and played for hours and hours and hours and I played until one of the melodies made me cry and made me tiered so I slept and when I woken up I got my iPad and played and played for hours and hours and hours I give it three trillion times four hundred stars whoever made this game is talented and amazing

  • Great-ish?

    by Xx420MemeLORD420xX

    Now to start off, this game was and still is a great game. But ever since launch it has just downgraded in quality. I’ve been playing for a couple years and enjoyed it, but for what ever reason you guys just started to not care all to much about the app. You’re just throwing a crap ton of ads at us and don’t bother to fix most of the stuff that’s broken. There’s this one bug that I despise and usually occurs around the higher speeds (1000 score) where you can tap or hold down a tile but it just won’t register. This gets me furious because I’m on the brink of getting another 3 crowns but the glitch kicks in aaannnddd I’m 250 score away from the 3rd crown. I want stuff to be fixed and less advertisement inflated rather than more content.

  • Love this app

    by M. Hwang

    I have had piano tiles for about a year now and love it. Normally, I would rate this app a 5 but I've had a problem. This is probably just my phone but the app would glitch up and then the song tiles would rush down and make me lose. I am normally not the worst at this game, but that is the only serious problem. I also don't like how you either have to wait a long time to get new lives, pay fake money to get lives, or pay real money to get like an endless supply for a while. Those are my only problems. I absolutely love this game and I would recommend this game to all people of all ages. 4 stars isn't bad, so I would definitely encourage you to get this game!!

  • Fun !!!but too many advertisements

    by West hill 46

    I understand when you play free someone has to pay the bills . But this is by far worst game there is .. most games you play the game then you have to watch advertisement .. Then you play again and so on and so fourth .. this game if you go from menu to settings you watch a advertisement then you go from settings back to main menu you have to watch another one .. You watch one b4 you play then one right after you your done .. Then when your done if you switch to another song you watch another one ..then if you choose that song you watch another one .. I can’t stress how bad it is !!! Seriously overwhelming !! But other than that game play is really fun !! Reason for 3 stars

  • Could be better

    by unicon2009

    I love this game just when you’re a beginner The songs are hard and they get harder and harder even when you just start so I would Play this game if you play the piano tiles one first because I didn’t and some of the songs are way too hard for me and I’m just a beginner. So that’s a bug that needs to be fixed . Also when you run out of heart you have to buy them or you have to watch a video to get them and there’s too many adds so that when you die you can use them but some of them are way too long. Also have to play songs even if you don’t want if you want to get new songs or use your jems and music notes to get them!💎

  • The game is good and all but..

    by Defeet Thy Night

    The game is incredibly fun but for my iPhone SE it glitches out sometimes when I hit a black tile it won’t activate it and it will just do nothing.. and other times when I do it I hit the space to the right... which is not possible since I have 5000 on fur Elise which is VERY hard to get you need to be pro to get this kind of score... also on fur Elise which you might not even play (it’s fun) there’s. A giant black tile that you have to click 60 times.. and I genuinely want it to be removed... it is WAY TOO much accident prone... because when you hit 2000 the next tile goes by in like half a second... and it’s irritating to try getting 5000 again on that level

  • Great game but...

    by <(^_^)> + {•")=<{•_^)>

    This is a great game and I love to play it all the time, but there is one issue I have with it. Sometimes the game will let you hold your finger on the screen and swipe it to hit the other notes, sometimes it won't. There doesn't seem to be any common factor either. It either works or it doesn't. Other than that I can only say I am a little annoyed by the ads but altogether they aren't so bad. Edit: THE ADS ON THIS GAME ARE OVERWHELMING. If we get the option to watch an ad to revive then that's ok. But if I say no and still have to watch an ad then what's the point? If you are going to give us options then you should live up to the choice that we make. No I don't want to watch an ad and be revived so don't show me the ads

  • A few fixes.. worth downloading

    by princess kitty 101

    This game is really fun and all but there are a few fixes that would make this game even better! 1. When I press on the app, my screen will go like clear and bot show half of my screen. I have updated and updated but it still have this problem. I don’t know if I’m the only one who has this problem or not but it would be nice to have it fixed because it’s annoying. 2.The regular panic tiles two is better because you level up way faster and the game gives you way more diamonds and gifts. 3. This game is worth downloading but these problems are getting really annoying though and it would be a way better game if these problems were fixed.

  • I just have to say this.

    by Dttlaw

    If you were to play this game, you would know how great it is. It uses almost every song on Earth and translates them into Piano. Though, there is a downside to what may seem like a fantasy. The glitch. I am fine with all of the ads of the game, it’s tolerable. But the songs of the ads play while I am playing the game. It is so annoying. Please fix this issue and I’ll definitely give you a five star rating. By the way, if you are considering getting his game, get it. It is a great game that involves competitive skill that leaves you wanting to play again once you don’t hit the black tile. Get this game, I think you’ll really like it 😀.

  • Amazing but less ads please!!

    by DarkAngelPrincessOfEvil

    This game is fun to play all the time. It gets me through waiting of any kind. It’s a great way to pass time and really relaxing. Hearing a melody from a piano really does put you in a sense of zen. This is also fun in the fact that there are challenges and more than just classical songs that would be expected to be played on an actual piano. There’s a mix of a lot of music which all can appreciate. I would have rated this five stars but there are so many ads, sometimes it prevents the player from actually playing and enjoying the game. Reduce the ads and a five star rating will be well deserved. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Great game but one minor issue

    by THE#1DORK

    I love piano tiles so much!! It’s an amazing game and I’m thankful it’s here. But the new update, which includes Faded by Alan Walker, has a few problems. I love the song so I collected as many of the music puzzle pieces as I could. I’m on 99 pieces and I can’t get the song. Do u know why?!?! You know when you play any of the songs on here and when you get to a certain number you get 1 puzzle piece? I kept on trying to get my 100th piece and when I get to past that certain number and die, it says nothing whatsoever about giving me a puzzle piece. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or something, but please please fix it. Thank you!

  • Great app, but frustrating issue

    by Wolf of Flame

    I have so much fun with this game and i sit and play for hours. Despite the huge battery drain on my phone, i just cant help but play an really strive to get the triple crowns. However, i can't help but really get frustrated when the leftmost tiles dont register that they're clicked. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does occur i have to close the game and set my phone aside before i chuck it across the room in frustration. I can't be the only person with this problem, so it would be great if it could be fixed. Most of the time I find that it mainly happens on chords, aka the double notes, and then proceed to get worse quickly over time.

  • Well

    by Gamergrrl's reviews

    1. You are using Alan Walker too much. He has made good songs such as Faded, but he is your games sell out and that’s kind of rude. 2. Most of people’s favorite songs are locked away and you have to pay a large amount on money to get them, showing that all you care about is money. 3. It’s difficulty level seems to jump around from incredibly easy to extremely difficult, which is unfair, considering that if a new person downloads this game, beats the first level, and dies instantly on the next one. No doubt, it’s fun and time consuming, but it seems like it’s only existing to make money. If you read this, I hope you realize these things need to be fixed.

  • Great Game! But I’m annoyed

    by Olivia :|

    Ok so I got 2 stars on a song and I wasn’t happy with my score so I played again. I got to 2 crowns then missed a square. I noticed that it told me I had 23 tiles until the next crown and I really really really wanted the 3rd crown so I clicked the ad to revive me but then the game crashed and sent me to my phones home screen! Why!! Anyways so I opened the app again and guess what- my progress wasn’t saved. Not even the 2 crowns I just worked for. To add on- it took me a few tries to get that far because this particular song was pretty challenging for me. ☹️ I will say though that this is indeed, a fun app that I enjoy playing.

  • Great

    by 💗puppies and kittens💗

    This app Is amazing and very fun to play, I would recommend to anyone looking for a game to play. This game really makes you feel good about beating your record. The only things keeping my rate at a 4 star is the fact that there’s no pause button Incase someone needs your attention but you want to beat your record and your close. Another thing is something that just happened recently, while I was playing a song an add popped up and took me to a website, this almost made me have to restart the song but it was my first lose and I just watched an add to get back in and I don’t think that should happen.

  • Kinda getting rusty..

    by SillySloths

    I remember when I used to play this, there were way less adverts, and bugs! Like today, I experienced a rather annoying one.. I was in the middle of playing the game, and about to get my third star, when an add cut me off, and interrupted my game play. I was forced to watch through the whole thing, and when it was over, I wasn’t even allowed to keep playing. It acted like I died, and said I only earned 2 stars. This was incredibly infuriating, because it was two of my least favorite things put into one; bugs, and advertisements. I’m in no way saying to stop adverts, because I understand it helps your company earn money, but please, fix this bug!

  • Speed Adjuster and Full Piano Pieces!

    by Hilingunza

    Absolutely love this game and the two things I would like for the developers to add is a feature where by you can start any piece at any given speed you like, because for some pieces like Rondo Alla Turca, I would like to start of really fast and playing till 5 crowns for the piece to start going fast is just annoying. I'm sure others would agree too. The second thing is for complete pieces! Some pieces like La Campanella and Moonlight Sonata Mov3 end way too early and would like for the whole piece to be made possible for players because they are such beautiful pieces that end way too soon.

  • It’s good expect...

    by Loreleli Martinez

    I really enjoy this game, but there have been some technical issues. At first, I couldn’t get enough of it. I was addicted to it, my mom was addicted to it, even my grandma loved it, but all of a sudden these glitches started to happen. One time it started playing the tiles by itself and it wouldn’t stop. I had to leave the tab and restart the whole app. That hasn’t happened again, but now I can’t even hear the tiles without headphones. I try to play it but no sound will come out of my phone unless I have headphones in. That is something I cannot fix. I don’t want to remove the game from my phone, but if these things keep happening I will be forced to.

  • Amazing game!

    by m_bella200

    This game is so much fun and on long car trips, waiting on lines, waiting in general, and sometimes just for fun this game keeps me occupied for very long periods of time! I would definitely recommend this game to my friends but they already have Piano Tiles so it all works out!! Tiles has many levels that you have to beat and they get faster and faster by each song! You can also go back to the first song (which I believe is Twinkle...etc.) if you want a song a bit slower and watch your progress! This game is a five ⭐️ rating for me!!!! 😌👌❤️

  • Best app ever❤️❤️❤️

    by itunesbrent

    This app is really fun. I had this game for a very long time on my moms phone and me and my brother are the best. My brother almost plays this app ever single day. But... there is one problem it is really hard to get a song because you have to get 3 crowns to unlock a song but that is only what I no because that is as high that I can get. First, you have to get three stars then, you have bonus time, then ending tiles and then that’s when you have to get three crowns or maybe you go higher and there is another thing you you have to get three of.

  • Best App!

    by GamingGirl122

    I’ve had this app for a VERY long time and I’m already addicted to it! Sometimes I’ll play it at night with head phones on. It’s also super easy to play! You could just use a screen to play music instead of a actual piano! I’ve been so happy you added burst and slide tiles. They make awesome sounds and make music more cool! Your updates have been awesome, but the problem I have is ads. I don’t like getting interrupted by a ad in a game that I have been addicted to for a long time. But everything’s is mostly free, and that’s what I like about it! This game is a must need if you want to play piano without buying one!

  • Love this Game!

    by joyb85

    I really enjoy playing this game. It helps my hand-eye coordination. The only thing that comes off a little annoying is when you watch an ad for a prize or extra life or whatever. On my phone, the little "x" in the corner won't let me exit the ad and then I have to close the app. After I close the app, my progress for that round has been deleted! A lot of ads pop up that I can exit out of, but the ones to earn prizes don't work. Overall, the game is really amazing, I just wish this issue would get fixed.

  • Fix the glitch

    by Awesome I mean

    I have found a glitch with the game. I know this is a new glitch because i have been playing this game for years. It seems that i am always losing level 17 of the pianist challenge because i somehow did not tap a sliding tile but i did. I held my finger there when i was playing a Normal song, a Specialty disc, or a difficult song. The thing is i’m not lying about this. It is the truth in fact i think there is a glitch, no i think you are trolling people. Think about it, i could get to a score of 2000 on Für Elise but, i couldn’t because i somehow did not tap on the right spot WHICH I DID. Either way glitch or you guys trolling people it needs to be fixed.


    by Server maker

    I haven’t heard many piano songs so this just gives me a advantage to learn some new tunes. Another thing is, I love a challenge so after the regular “go around” I love the bonus tiles a lot but not as much as the endless tiles, it is so fun and challenging!! Thank you so much for making this lovely musical game for everyone who enjoys hearing the piano!!!! One more thing, I used to take violin but then the company ran out of business and I got to keep the violin for good! I don’t know much but for anyone that wants to do a instrument and doesn’t learn much I say KEEP TRYING AND NEVER GIVE UP!!!

  • Fun for all

    by Unilab98

    My 8-year-old cousin introduced me to this game. It’s fantastic. I enjoy a good challenge. Great music options. Especially as you move up levels. My mom is now addicted, as well. I tried to sell it to my 60 something year old dad as a good way to better his dexterity. He isn’t sold yet. Lol. It can take some time to get used to the menu and how to get different songs or go back to something from a previous level. Started playing yesterday and don’t have the navigation all down yet. But I still play plenty.

  • ADS!!

    by Carlicar10

    First of all I love this app I love playing the piano and surprising my grandparents when they think I am actually playing the piano. But the ads are out of control. I know that ads are a way of making money but seriously you don’t need that much. Like when I play this other app called Yarn there are a lot of ads and when I am showing my dad a story he gets annoyed by the ads. Well that is the same thing for this app but worse!! I wouldn’t recommend this app if you hate ads!! It’s a great game and it is relaxing and if you come home from a hard day at work and play this app it relaxes you but it might annoy you because of the ads.

  • Liked it back in the day but now...

    by Collin96!

    WAY too many ads! I know the app has to make money but and I never even post reviews but this app... I played this game non stop a couple years ago and I loved it and got really good at it! Recently I redownloaded it. Garbage. Deleted it within the first 15 minutes of installing. As soon as I opened it, it glitched. Killed the app and tried again, got better with time. Three stars because I used to love it. Not five stars anymore because the ads are just too much, to the point that I’m watching one between every play. However, I’ll always appreciate the fact that this app is good exposure to classical pieces.

  • Honestly

    by a player of both sides

    Honestly, I enjoy playing this game it can be relaxing and I do understand that it is a free to play game so there for there will be ads. However this does not excuse the company from making the gameplay quality poor, for instance as I play the piano accompaniment game mode I find myself missing notes that I have for sure clicked and to test this theory I have turned on the view when clicked option in my settings and I have clicked the notes and they do not play this has happened in a few other modes but not as recurrent. Please fix these errors and I will recommend, I will not recommend until then.

  • Love it!

    by Starry gymnast

    So I just got it yesterday and I have had it in the past but I earlier to day made a new record on one of the songs and I got 2141 on a song called Bluestone Alley-adopted. This game is so fun and also helps pass time! I was in a car ride and played this the whole time!!! The best part was I actually didn’t get bored from playing this for like 2 hours strait like you would think. I actually still am playing right now except it asked me if I would like to rate it so I thought why not... also I am turning 13 today!!!🤙🏻

  • Custom songs

    by MrSmakz7

    Sooooo many other games are starting to let u play songs from your music library, maybe u could include this? I would play this game so much more if i could play my favorite songs while also playing one of my favorite games. I know it could be hard, but maybe just add an add for every song you want to play or just gems from the game. This would make the game way better and i think a lot of people would enjoy this feature. Thanks for listening, and otherwise a great game!

  • I love it, however... 😔

    by bxjdbfirbduebfnfjrnd

    I play this game ALL the time. It is so fun and addicting to play. But sometimes when I miss a tile and press free revive with an ad, after the ad is done it doesn’t revive me it goes right back to the revive screen. I clicked again and watched another ad and it did the same thing. I ended up just exiting the app to come back later, I don’t want that to happen again. Another thing is all the pop up ads, THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY. Every time I do ANYTHING an ad just pops up. The ads are super long and annoying, if you could PLEASE take them away, that would be AMAZING.

  • Really annoying bug? Glitch? Whatever, it’s frustrating

    by Wertyigddvjbhh

    So overall this game is really fun and I enjoy playing it. However, sometimes, when I would reach the requirements to continue into the next level, it wouldn’t unlock it. ??? I’m currently on level 21 and 6 crowns are required to pass into the next level. Well I’m an overachiever and I got 7 crowns and it won’t unlock the new songs for level 22. What does it expect me to do now? I can’t continue and it’s basically encouraging me to stop playing since I can’t play new songs. It’s super annoying. Please fix.

  • This is so fun!!

    by Snow Flake 250

    I have had “Piano Tiles” and “Piano Tiles 2” before. But i never really played it so i deleted it. Then i got it again because i wanted some games. So i played it and realized that i’d been missing out on all the fun!! i love this game, but there are some flaws. when i just enter the game, it shows me A BUNCH of things that i don’t wanna do. then when i just hit a wrong tile and i have the option to watch a vid to revive. i get an add before i press anything. then i still have to watch an add to keep going!! like what the heck!? ıṃ ṡȏ ѧṅṅȏʏєԀ!!

  • More like 4.2...

    by poop-emoji

    Don’t get me wrong, I love this app! Just a few minor things and suggestions. Item 1. The adds. Adds. Adds! ADDS!!! There are so many adds! This one add won’t let me X out of it! Please fix this! Item 2. Why do we have to get keys and diamonds to get GOOD songs? Why are we so limited with the music we have? Last item, item 3. Can we get some more pop music in here? Please? We mostly have folk songs and random other stuff, but there is like, NO pop music. This would be a great thing to add. Thank you! -Player

  • Greatest Game Ever Made.

    by OwenTout

    This game, I must say, has nothing wrong with it whatsoever. There are some premium levels that are unlocked with "diamonds" but those can be obtained by simply playing the game! This game has just the right amount of ads where you won't be too upset watching them. Other games need to use the same purchasing mechanism as this game. That is because there are some in-app purchases, except they are extremely cheap having the most expensive being only $10. In general, this game is a MUST BUY!

  • Ehhh...

    by pOtAtO4LiFeUu

    I really love this game, but the problem is ads. There is too many ads. Almost every second ads appear, which annoys me really much. The second thing that really annoys me is that whenever I lose and try to revive myself with an ad it doesn’t let me. Like when I watch a video and it’s done it still doesn’t let me play, even when I watch the ad again and again it still doesn’t let me. Also when ever it gives me the option to watch an ad to revive myself and I press it it doesn’t let me. The ad stuff are really annoying me, please fix this. Overall this game is really fun and I enjoy playing it.

  • Almost perfect

    by raddudebadtude184

    I gotta say this game is like.. AMAZING🤩🤩. I luv it soooo much and it’s perfect. Welll..... almost perfect. There is 1 problem that is the mist annoying thing in the whole world. And u guessed it, adds. And no, not too much adds. They actually do a good job balancing adds. It’s they show the SAME ADD over and over and over and over and like.... 1,000,000 more overs again. The DISNEY LAND commercial!!!!!!!!! Like... Disney land is pretty popular already so... why haunt piano tiles??? it’s like... u can show it like 1ce in a while but u show it too much. It drives me.... crazy. wanna make ur app perfect in my opinion???? then PLZ fix this

  • Endless Mode

    by VintagePianist

    I had this game a couple months ago and deleted it for storage. I loved playing it because after each level you got to go right into endless mode. Now, I downloaded it again and now you can’t do endless mode unless you finish the level, then do it again. The endless mode was the only reason I got the app back but now you have to complete the level, do the level again, and then you get endless mode. I would rate this game 5 stars, but how they made the endless mode change ruined it. Please make it so if you complete a level for the first time, you go right into endless again.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Angel Biscarra

    Just the best

  • by Amlan Thati

    Bunty ka Botol gisa

  • by best gamer 78533

    The game is very very fantastic it is about piano lessons

  • by Aesthetical Min

    the game is great and all, but my problem is how you can't spend diamonds for lives anymore + how when you end the song on the first try that the bonus tiles and endless tiles are removed, i liked it better that way, but yeah

  • by priti khubchandani

    amazing 😊😊😀😁😃😄

  • by Mohammad kimi Danish musa

    so fub

  • by Corie Copeland

    I absulutly love it! # sorry for misspeled words 😁

  • by Jeramey Peters

    I am a perfeshanial i say it is glichey but fun and they dont have easter songs

  • by Bhavesh Ghanta

    it is good

  • by Galaxia Cosmic

    Where's Facebook or Google login?

  • by ishika Purremchand

    I love this game.

  • To many adds

    by stglen from mount hammer

    I love this app but there are to many adds and I barely get to play the game.

  • Too many ads!☹️😩

    by Logan35373748382

    I really like this game. I like how challenging it is and beating your records but there are too many ads. I feel like whenever I press a button there’s an ad and there are the same ads so it’s really annoying. And they just pop up randomly too. I love this game but like I said there are just too many ads. That is all I have to say. Nothing else is wrong with this game in my opinion.

  • Great but......

    by jazrgray

    I love ❤️ this game 🐵 but it has some technical difficulties 🤔 it always freezes when there are ads then it stops and takes me back to the home screen and it never lets me click

  • Melody

    by bear_Hung

    I love the game but it gets harder and harder

  • Adds Adds Adds

    by 12158456

    I just got this app again and it is not the same anymore because it is all just adds. For example I was just looking for a song to play and it gave me a add and every time I finish a song it gives me another add. Most of the time you won’t even playing the game. This was a extremely good game in the past shame to see it go to waste.

  • Fun but wayyy to many ads

    by elevens eggos ;-;

    This app has way too many ads.i go to play a song a ad pops up. Finish a song a ad pops up. In the middle of a song a ad pops up and u have to spend 5$ just to get rid of them

  • I love it but...

    by DrBaboon

    Ok so I love this game but one thing or two is that it won’t let me log in to my Facebook so I can save my data. And number two is that you sure made it where you can use your Game Center to save your data. Plz fix and add this to that game

  • Good game too many adds

    by PinappleBear

    I think this is an amazing game with all the options it gives you to play, but there is just a couple problems it can be a little bit glitchy at times and every time you want to redo a song or pick a new song it just gives you an ad so you’re seeing ads more than you’re actually playing the game otherwise it’s a pretty good game and gives you lotta stress but it’s the good kind!

  • Awesome 😎

    by jugtevfvs

    I’m a huge fan of this app, it’s changing but its still possible to beat

  • Ads

    by milyroeh

    Its good but all the adds so bad but and how i still like it so can you get rid of adds pls i like the songs but it said you can chosen a song and you cant! But i still like it and tils 1 two so manny adds!

  • Menos anuncios

    by SansotoC

    Algunas veces los anuncios son invasivos y dan ganas de dejar de jugar. Yo compré muchos diamantes hace tiempo ahora no sirven para nada solo para vidas me parece una falta de respeto a los que compraron diamantes que eran la moneda más importante en el juego ahora es todo a travez de compras directas 😐

  • Can’t even play the game

    by Stormellaaa

    Each time I click on something weather to change my song, change the options, or select a different menu an add pops up. I get it it generates revenue for the developers that’s great. What’s not great is the fact I can’t even play the game. It wouldn’t be so bad if adds just showed up every once in a while or when I choose to watch an add for free coins or whatever in the game. Or even after each song. Sadly I could o oh get through the initial start up then bombarded with adds since. Can’t play the game anymore so I deleted it. Game was okay but the adds ruined the experience.

  • To many ads!

    by b.e.a.n.s

    It’s a very good game with fun gameplay at gives you challenges and there even are competitive modes! But the reason why I’m only giving it 3 stars is because there are simply just to many ads. It gets annoying real fast.

  • I’m going crazy

    by Hayda007


  • Good, But There is an Issue

    by weirdisthepanda

    The game is very good and addictive. I love it very much, but there is an issue with one of the advertisements. When I do the free revive, occasionally there is an ad that is black. It freezes up the game or something because I cannot get out of it. This causes me to loose all of my progress on the level I was working on. It is truly a good game except for things that make me rage like that, though.



    I love this game, but I have a major problem with it: the ads. For example, one day there was a FORTY-FIVE SECOND pop up ad for tik Tok I couldn’t get out of! Sometimes I can’t get out of a ad no matter what I do! No matter what I tapped on it just sent me to the AppStore thanks to giant tap boxes! But, overall I love this game. Just fix the 45 second pop ups and I’ll love it even more

  • Why its okay

    by G Child G Money

    Its not really that hard to play but its to fast when its on the 2nd crown its okay

  • LOVE this game, but... the freaking ADS!!!

    by ScifiCash

    I wish there was a way to limit or get rid of all the ads. I love this game so much, but it’s so obnoxious to finish levels or songs and there be an ad or two every single freaking time. No breaks from ads... play a song, get an ad or two. The ads really keep me away from playing this game as much as I want to. Because all I want to do is play and enjoy, but that’s hard to do when ads are playing left and right between every single song. Like I said though, I absolutely love this game and playing all the different kinds of songs... I just get frustrated with the ads.

  • A bug

    by beneyrd

    I bot the Alan walker set and it never gave it to me

  • Coolest thing

    by jvergara5903

    Hi there my name is Julia. So it was a lot of fun but... it would be better if you had a thing that you can pick what song you wanted to do cool but it was cool.

  • Good but needs more

    by MikeZ738

    This is a great game but I HATE THE ADS And it never saves my progress

  • Meh.

    by holder02

    This game is pretty fun. It lets you exercise your fingers a lot. Even though this game is good, it does have a few problems that really gets on my nerves. One is the 1 million ads that play every nanosecond of playing on the app. I have an ad every single time I fail or complete a song. It’s really annoying and I feel that takes away part of the fun. Another thing is the lives mechanic. Most games are made to entertain the user. This life mechanic makes the user stressed out and they’re not having fun. I hope that future installments don’t have this.

  • Way to many adds


    I can’t tap once without getting a ad they need to minimize the ads

  • Searches

    by ReeseWillMom

    I LOVE piano tiles and it’s my favorite game out every other game I have on my iPhone. The only thing that really annoys me the most is that you can’t search for the songs you want to play. So all I’m saying is you need to add a search to the game. (Also stop making multiple games! It’s really confusing!!!)



    Okay, well, I really love this game. But I started getting into it and all the sudden I could barely play because of the freaking ADS. I would give this 5 stars if I could play it.. I’m mad. I’m maaad. Okay that was a little harsh! I’m not THAT mad. I still really love the game!

  • Love it but...

    by catomg55

    Don’t get me wrong I love it but I hate the pop up adds like every single time I try to play a song a add pops up and it won’t it won’t load and I have to restart it 😭😭😭😡😡😡

  • Always awesome but...

    by ASuperGreatFan

    I really love the game, it opens my heart to emotions. I love the music it has and everything but I speak in the name of many users when I BEG YOU TO MAKE AN QUEEN EVENT. You know, make Bohemian Rhapsody happen! Radio Gaga! I want to break free!!! Don’t wait till it’s gone again. :(

  • Awesome game

    by hdhgdhss

    This game is awesome there is some ads but they are pretty short I love the updates please play game but there is a little to much ads so piano tiles team please get rid of some ads thanks

  • Audio

    by CatFreak1025

    I can’t hear anything coming from the game and I’ve checked the settings of the game and my phone and can’t seem to figure out what it is.

  • Love It But...

    by Djdancer222

    I Really Love This Game But In The Selection Tab I Have Always Try Because The Songs Cost Real Money And I’m A Child 🙄 Anyways Great Game! -Djdancer222

  • Add Billie Eilish pls

    by chwawalover

    Billie Eilish is one of my favorite singer and I want you to add here but still great,

  • Relaxing game, but...

    by joewoll

    Very relaxing game, it makes your heart race and keeps you focused raking your mind of other things, but “oh my god” in notifications 👎🏼


    by ajaveritt78

    I love this game but I think you should have a option when playing the game to be able to pause quit and restart but this is still I awesome game 👍

  • R.I.P alan walker

    by zahuyi

    Rip alan walker

  • Why I have it a three

    by Pretty princess👸

    I don't know if it's my phone or the game but when I started playing titles 2 I loved it but now for some reason there was no sound and I checked the settings and the sound was on and I also checked the settings un the game and it was on too so I decided to turn up my volume up but it was fully up so ima give it a three.

  • too many ads

    by Skyler__still 19

    i deleted the game after having it for a long time, and i recently just downloaded it back and i’ve NEVER seen a game with as many ads as this game has! this game used to be so fun but i hate playing it because every thing you click you have to watch an ad!!!!!!

  • ADS!!!!!

    by Anoymouse Pad

    I love this game, and I have loved this game for about three years, but the amount of ads is just ridiculous. I mean an ad every once in awhile isn’t that bad, but I open the game and I’m looking for a specific song and run into an ad that lasts +20 seconds, that’s just dumb. I mean I’m not even getting anything for it. Please fix this, I just want to play the game.

  • Too many ads

    by chelsea q.n. vu

    This used to be a great piano app. It had great songs and fun songs, until they changed it and removed so many songs. Most of the songs they removed were my favorite piano songs. One of the songs they removed was “The Swan”. which was my favorite. I also noticed that every time you press a button an ad would show up. Man there is a HUGE chunk of ads. I play this game a few times a week, and there are pretty much 10 ads a day. I would suggest the person who created “Piano Tiles 2” to remove ads. I’ve read other people’s reviews and they said there are too many ads. Piano Tiles 2, please please please PLEASE remove ads and add the songs you removed. I started playing this about since 3 years ago. No ads, great songs. In 2018, so many ads, not good songs. Thank you.

  • tone down the ads PLEASE

    by dimøndwolf

    okay so I really like this game but the ads THE ADS ARE SO FREAKING ANNOYING literally when I press something like 90% chance an ad will pop up okay I get you wanna like advertise but you’re going overboard with how many ads there are I literally press a button and an ad comes right up okay thanks for listening to my rant about how annoying the ads are bye

  • The ADS!

    by ryleigh1007

    This is a fun game but i cannot deal with the ads. There is one literally every minute. I cannot deal with that. It’s too much.

  • To many ads

    by porfavor lea esto

    I love love piano ,I even have my own piano put in this game is to boring because it has a lot of ads like when I want to play an Alan walker song it cast a lot of money to play all and if you put ‘’try” it puts an add and I can only play on electronics until 9 pm but the ads make me waste my free time and thats why I don’t like this game not even the other games bc they have to much ads and plus it wastes my free time just like this one so if you want to get your fans and friends back then just pls put less ads for it doesn’t waste all my free time pls pls.I put only 4 stars bc 1st bc of the ads 2nd bc it doesn’t let me play the full piano song for the Alan walker songs just a little bit 3rd bc it’s to fast and my fingers are not used to moving them to much bc then it hurts and it will never be used to be fast 4th bc I bearly lets me play bc of the ads. You can put ads just don’t put a bunch, that’s why your fans quit the piano tiles 2 bc you put to much ads.sorry if this makes you feel bad but is best if you don’t put a lot of ads for you can have your fans and friends back to play again and if you remove all the ads you can prove that you did a good game

  • Good but...

    by Audrey parish

    I really like this game but it has a lot of adds so if you could pls fix it it would be deeply awesome thx

  • Custom songs

    by MrSmakz7

    Sooooo many other games are starting to let u play songs from your music library, maybe u could include this? I would play this game so much more if i could play my favorite songs while also playing one of my favorite games. I know it could be hard, but maybe just add an add for every song you want to play or just gems from the game. This would make the game way better and i think a lot of people would enjoy this feature. Thanks for listening, and otherwise a great game!

  • Love this game

    by Jamie11129

    This game is so much fun I love playing with it and it gets my fingers moving the only thing I don’t like about it is it’s really glitchy sometimes but rather than that it’s an awesome game I recommend it to all of my friends and I would recommend anyone getting it I love this game and I hope all of you guys do to

  • Too Many Adds

    by 1536488499291839

    The game itself is fun to play and is incredibly entertaining. However I cannot do a single thing on this app without getting some kind of pop up ad. I occasionally get ones that last 30 seconds to a minute and I can’t skip them. I get that you can spend money on add free using of the app, but I never really understood the business strategy of annoying your customers into spending money on your app. Great game, terrible ads.

  • So, fun right?

    by rainbowfan ponies

    I like this game. It’s fun. But, I don’t like how you have to wait for a day or something to regain hearts or energy. Can’t we just play without having to worry about losing hearts or energy??? I also don’t really like that the songs like the Spectre, Alone and Faded you have to pay for. But anyways, good game. And it’s spring not winter.👋🏻 🙂

  • I love this game!

    by Those aren't pillows

    This game is so fun to play and it is easy it also can be challenging.

  • Pianooooooo

    by alpacas elegantes

    I like this game a lot! It’s very addicting and it’s a fun game to play. There ARE a LOT of adds though, and I personally just want to play my game without so many interruptions, or paying to have a add free game. Besides that, I am really enjoying this game!

  • Good Game but...

    by el_mongo69

    The game is very good, and fun. It gives you free songs to try, but there is one main problem that occurs and is annoying. AND IT’S THE AMOUNT OF ADS THAT THIS GAME HAS. I delete the tab and go back in but it only gives me a 30 second ad. This is the reason I stopped playing it. I know that you can remove ads by buying something but I’m not willing to waste my money on a game that I’ll get over with in a year.

  • Fun all except for the ads

    by HorseHairBear

    I love this game. But there is one thing that I hate about this game. I love Alan Walker and I love all of his songs so I like to play them in this game, but I don’t buy them I just keep pressing try. So when I pressed try it gives me an ad. Then I press try after the add and guess what happens? Another ad happens! After that one I finally get to play. But after I die another round of that happens! So I would kindly ask you to fix the ads.

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