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Piano Tiles 2™

Piano Tiles 2™

Cheetah Games

Tap fast and enjoy the music, and challenge your tapping speed!

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

38.3% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Deanna Poignant

    !! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME !! I used to play this game years ago and I loved it. But within minutes of downloading it again, I will be uninstalling. You can't even touch the screen without prompting an ad. Disappointing. It takes ten minutes to play one minute worth of songs. This app is a joke, and has been ruined by greed. I repeat, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

  • Too Confusing

    by AccuReviewer

    Why can’t we just have a simple game where we do what this app was designed to: tap the piano to play a song without hitting the white keys. Instead, you have to worry about all the weekly and daily challenges and rewards while being bombarded with ads every 2 seconds. Here’s how it basically goes. When you first play, you get to play a simple song - Twinkle, Twinkle. When you finish, you get an ad. Then, make sure you play Alan Walker’s song! After that song, you get an ad. Want to keep playing Alan Walker’s song? It’s only $2.99! Oh, and here’s 40% on coins so you can play more songs! While you unwantedly browse the prices for the coins, here’s an ad! Now, here’s the song menu. You’re only a beginner, so the next song is Happy Birthday. Let’s play! When you click on it, you can get a SPECIAL BOOST that will let you speed through the song! But, it costs 200 coins, or an ad! Don’t want to do either of them? It’s alright, you can play the song. Oh no, messed up on the second one because you’re a beginner and still practicing? It’s okay, here’s an ad to cheer you up! And now, we’ll show you the weekly challenges. This week’s challenge is to get the best score on a song you could never play, because guess what? You’re a beginner, and mess up on the first try. But it’s not your fault, you haven’t had any practice because every time you try you get an ad. It’s so stupid. No one cares! We just to play the game!

  • Skip to end of review for TLDR this is a long one

    by bøiZ

    I recently took a break from the game and came back and oh boy was the game different but not for a good reason. This game used to be an amazing game that you could play anywhere without needing to worry about internet and not be flooded with micro transactions and now it’s not. At first everything was fine except some new pop ups which I had already gotten used to form previous updates but after 1 game. Only 1, I got an ad. This was fine at first but as i played more and more I saw it was after every. Single. Game. It used to be your choice to watch ads like if you wanted a revive but now you’re forced to watch an ad that you can thankfully skip. The medkit system is just flat out horrible. You can revive for free with an ad and yet they expect you to pay them so you can revive instead of paying them with ads with money that doesn’t come out of your wallet. I’ve had a problem with pop ups since the first introduction of them but I didn’t mind because it was only one but now it’s like 6 just telling you to buy a song and spin the wheel and challenges and do the ranked pieces and other useless stuff. Its just horrible. TLDR This game used to be an amazing game that you could play anywhere without needing to worry about internet and not be flooded with micro transactions now it’s a horrible ad and popup mess.

  • by Sheikh SadeQue

    It is a very wonderful game, i love it. I've playing it about 1 year. Now, I've crossed 75 levels. Recently, I have tried to sign up by facebook account for save my progress and share to other devices. But it show error. I'm so disappointed. Please help me to save my progress...

  • by Laura Tamara Rodriguez

    this game is fun, or at least it would be if it weren't for 2 problems: 1: way too many ads, anything you do, leads to an ad, 2: The game glitches a lot due to ads appearing in the middle of a game, causing the game to randomly restart a lot. The game didn't used to be like this, but I guess the developers didn't want people actually having fun anymore, they even advertise rip-offs of this game.

  • Why so many pop-up’s?!

    by EmuPig

    This game is a classic that you can play while in the car, waiting for something, etc. This game kills time. So can the Dev’s PLEASE at least attempt to take or dilute the pop-up menu’s for new events and song, rewards and offers... It’s honestly insane the amount of menu’s and pop-up’s Piano Tiles 2 presents. For example, you’ll be playing a song, say you fail; you now get a menu or two asking you to buy in-game currency or revives. Annoying. Simply annoying. However, that’s only extremely annoying when you realize that more pop-up’s after you go to the main music menu... They consist of: Offers, Event Notifications, Rewards, New Music, etc. Do keep in mind that this is a SUBJECTIVE review, and that I don’t want this game to suffer from other musical piano games. So I give 2 Stars, (I would give 2.5 if I could, but surely not 3) I give 2 for its content and music. I TAKE the 3 Stars due to how immaturely this game manages its pop-up menu’s/notifications. If you actually read this, (Dev’s) or if a player actually reads this; especially if you are reading reviews before downloading this—get it, (and fix it Dev’s) but expect a lot of pop-up menus and ALL. I didn’t expect this and suffered, so take this into consideration.

  • Gone way downhill

    by Lobehappy

    Your app has gone way downhill since I first got it. It used to be a simple app with no ads, pop ups, competitions, and just a bunch of random stuff you don’t need. You already shove ads for your own game down peoples throats by throwing pop ups after pop ups about a competition or getting a new song. Another thing, why do you need so many ads, I can’t even go to settings without getting an ad thrown at me. What’s worse are most of these are the type you can’t skip, or the type that makes you click on the X 50 times to get out of it. I know you guys need money, but you guys didn’t use to be this bad. It’s hardly a game anymore, it’s more of ad central. Also, what’s with the competitions and events? It’s a nice way to make a game interesting, but there are so many going on at the same time! The puzzle pieces are another thing. You keep acting like they are a big thing, but they’re not. At most they get you a song and a picture, but most just get you a picture. And they’re random, so you could end up getting the same one. You guys used to have a great game, but now it’s just trash. In general I like the game. You guys just need to stop shoving ads and pop ups down everyone’s throat.

  • Could’ve been better😒🤬🤯😤😡

    by Jejjadhehdhjshd

    I think this game could’ve been better. I used to love the game, but now it’s boring. It’s only been 1 year after I got the game, and for 9 months, I’ve been playing this game almost nonstop, but now they added the Pianist Challenge, Star Tournament, Magic Clover, and they’ve added the Crown Tournament too. I think it’s not necessary ‘cause you just get rewards, and I don’t need them! I know I don’t have to play them, but they are so annoying having to be right on the top of my screen! Also, what’s with the ads? You want money or somethin’? Then stop being greedy! I get an ad every time before I collect my clovers from the Magic Clover challenge! And then, another ad appears right after I got my clovers! Also, when you watch an ad to get a lucky prize, or double your clovers, you literally get another ad after you do that! I tried turning off my Wi-Fi so I don’t get the ads, but the ads still appear! I really feel like Cheetah is tryin’ to make their game boring and an ad central. The game used to have barely any ads at all! But what has come to them? Making Piano Tiles 2 an ad central? Definitely. I’ve seen good games, but this is not one of them. I’ve seen better, and I think it doesn’t need so many advertisements. You gotta fix this crap. 🤬🤯😤😡😑

  • by Merlin tym

    You cannot play the damn game because 30 second unskipable ads play every time I try to click on a different menu. Then after the ad is done playing, it hasn't changed to the different menu. Its actually made unplayable by ads.

  • App went downhill

    by Bean987543321

    This app has been around for quite some time and when it first came out it was genuinely fun to play. After not playing for the longest time I just recently downloaded it again and good golly is there a boat load of ads. There are so many ads in this game, it’s so bad that when you’re navigating the menu an ad will show up if you hit a button or two. Now let’s talk about the bugs. For as long as this app has been out it shouldn’t have the bugs it has. Sometimes when you go into a song (happens almost every other song you play) there will be no sound and you’ll just be playing in silence. Another major bug is when you’ll be in the middle of a song and all of a sudden the tiles start to go really slow and the music will sound distorted. Coming from a person that had played this avidly in the past, I am sad to say that I am really disappointed with where this app has gone. This app is just like any other app that has gone mainstream in social media, they see that there are a ton of new users so they milk the heck out monetizing the app with ads. I would of recommended this app when it was in its prime, no way in gods green earth will I recommend this app now.

  • by MaKayla Roxz

    This app was really cool when I was younger especially the original game (unavailable now) so I downloaded it again to relive the fun but I was mistaken. When you open the game it will bombard you with challenges and ads! This game was about gameplay and fun but it's just ads, power-ups, and greed. I finished a musical challenge and after it said I could buy the full version for 10 diamonds I assumed it would show you what the vers included but it didn't, it didn't do anything but waste my diamon

  • by Tristan MPJ

    This game was once the best game on the play store but it has sadly become a pile of hot garbage. I know that sounds harsh but whoever made the decision to add an ad at ever possible point. It is genuinely unbearable, I understand there is a paid option to remove all ads but the creators certainly dont need the money after the games viral success. I'm sad the game I used to play constantly to beat my brothers score is now a advertisement disguised as a game.

  • THE ADS🙄🙄🙄🙄

    by Gemini8822

    I do truly love this game but I can’t even click to the next page without having to see an add. And when I die and it asks we if I want to revive with an ad, It doesn’t really matter if I choose not to watch the ad because I don’t want to because the ad will just pop up as soon as I hit that x button to not revive. Like I said I do truly love this game but there are so many ads to the point where it is ruining the whole experience. I sadly am going to delete this app(even though I love playing it) due to the fact that I haven’t even been on the app for a second before an add is shown. I tried to deal with it and just play the game but I can’t. I remember when I used to play I could play about 4 songs before I had to watch an ad. And I remember when I could click on the next page and not have an ad pop up. But now! Now it is just ridiculous! Maybe I will get the app back in a couple months to see if you have fixed the ad issue. I think it would really help if you did because you are losing a lot more of your fans way quicker by putting so many ads on your game. This is my opinion and if you see this please take it into consideration.

  • by DaSloth 124

    This game is a waste of time. It yas a good concept and all but there is lots of adds and it is very laggy at times. This game makes me rage more than fortnite did. If i were u i just wouldn't waste my time on it.

  • by Im Wolff

    Okay so a few years ago I used to have this game it used to be so awesome , but now this app is trash i dont recommend this app to anyone. Whenever you click a anything it takes you out of the app. And when if you do manage to get in sooooo many adds not even worth downloading or trying to get into it , once again i dont recommend this to anyone dont waste your time on this trashy app!

  • by Elvis Rasote

    So sad how this app had evolved from a great game to a great ad platform. The developers don't even bother to reply. What's more interesting here is that the five star quantity is higher than the one star rating well in fact if you read the comments, it is full of one star as their rating... Well the developers could have edited the rating results as well to lure more future Downloaders for their advertisers to gain more appearances on mobile devices. 😂 .. 😂 😂

  • by Zion Campbell

    When I was younger the game acually worked and the ads make things so much worst why would I spend money on a game I can't bare to play. its really bad now so just forget about it. These money grabbing companies will do anything to make more money even at the risk of their own reputation.

  • by Aubrey Lanuza

    This app is fun and exciting!! The downside has lots of ADS.. It's annoying, well maybe the creator wants to annoy the players so we would pay money to remove the ads. So I decided to uninstall it. You can find a better game same as this without much ads.

  • by Kok Wei

    I am so DISAPPOINTED with the ADs. ADs come out right after a match WITHOUT MY CONSCENT! This is terribly annoying. I understand the need of ads and I dont mind but please let me decide whether I want o watch them or not. Dont force me into doing things I hate. Fix this or you'll just lose another user.

  • Awful

    by urmomsjsjsjsjs

    Used to be good now it’s just an ad thirsty game. Levels aren’t infinite anymore and you can’t even focus because an ad will pop up after everything. After every time you level up, you get an ad. If you beat the level, you get an ad. If you get a reward after you beat the level (which would be right after the previous ad) you would get an ad. I even get ads before I start a level. This game should be simple but instead it’s over complicated and extremely confusing and it shouldn’t be for such a basic game. Also if their sponsored once that ad will be showed off for years. It’s honestly retarted. I’ve hit more X’s on ads than tiles I’ve pressed. I definitely have more time on ads than the game. I’ve already given I second chance to this game and it’s just gotten worse. So my honest opinion is that my opinion is not an opinion it’s just facts that is clear to even the basic minded. This is game is worse than fortnite and yes I mean it. So have fun watching ads, hope you don’t get any ads that are literally about the same game right after you beat a 30 second level because they’re no longer infinite.

  • by Jacob Aubertin

    I downloaded this for my 6 year old daughter. She loves it, BUT she can't navigate the ads, or you guys trying to sell the full version. Don't hide the damn "x"!

  • Completely unplayable

    by omihek

    Recently for some reason the game is broken. If there are 2 notes at once and one of them is on the most right hand side of the screen, the one on the right doesn’t register a touch no matter how hard I press. I know it’s not my phone screen going out because the notes on the right side register fine when there is only 1 note. But if there’s 2, the one on the middle left registers while the one on the far right does not. Basically makes all songs starting with number 2, Jingle Bells, unplayable. I keep opening the app to play, then stop because I’m not going to play a game where I lose even though I did everything right. Also, the amount of ads in this game is ridiculous. I get it, you gotta make money, but when over 50% of time spent in app is just seeing ads, I gotta wonder if its a piano game with ads on the side, or an ads app with a small piano game on the side. Either way I’ll keep playing if the game will actually start registering my right side touches when there’s 2 notes, because it’s just too addictive to avoid even with the ridiculous amount of ads.

  • Piano Tiles 2

    by AConcernedConsumer

    As an actual pianist, I can say I was excited to play this game. However, it definitely let me down. As soon as I saw a screen with the word “congratulation” on it, I knew the game was not for me. I am very particular about grammar, and the fact that there was no “s” on the end of “congratulation” sent a shudder down my spine. That was just the beginning of the downward spiral of terrible grammar and spelling. Everywhere I looked, I was met with wrong punctuation, terrible syntax, and misspelled words. I couldn’t handle it. I had to delete the app immediately. I noticed all the descriptions of the game have awful grammar as well. On top of all that, the game was a nightmare to navigate. Ads popped up all the time, and I never knew what I was doing. The gameplay itself was okay. I could have been entertained for a while if I was able to figure out what was happening. The game was just a HOT MESS. If this is Piano Tiles 2, I would hate to see what the original Piano Tiles was like. Yikers. It has potential, though. Someone, please fix this. Thank you😘

  • Fun but really really eh

    by Anonymous anonymous anonymity

    This game is great in so many ways but it got just as many bad things this game has so many ads i watched the same ad three times in a row bye just pressing 3 buttons all together first i messed up and after i got an ad in the main menu and guess what happened, YOU GUESSED IT another ad thats just one of the awful this this game has so many in app purchases you can’t pass 5 songs without paying well, of course thats an exaggeration but still its got so many song, revives, points and diamonds that cost more then i would like and by the way its been straight up milking alan walker for over a year now whenever i see a alan walker song instead of the old me saying YAS I LOVE ALAN WALKER now i just say “cool” and never play it this game is more in the middle but i got to say if your not in the first game or never played and piano tiles type game you probably shouldn’t start unless you plan on playing the first game but of course your here for the second so, just chose your next move carefully

  • Updates...

    by Owen_E

    I have been playing this game for many years and the recent updates make it harder and harder to navigate and play. On older versions, one could, if they were reasonable good at the game, make it through the levels pretty quickly. With the recent updates, I cannot get past level 29 despite my high scores on the songs for that specific level. There is no need for the new(ish) power-ups, they don’t enhance the experience at all. Honestly, I think they should go back a while to just where they had the songs. Game play is a bit slow, but the songs are quite fun to play; which is why I’m still drawn to this game. The songs are actually fun to play, but the recent “clutter-ization” of the game doesn’t make sense, and therefor it cannot recommend this game to any experienced “player?”. If you are just getting into the game, download it, it is a fun game, but I remember the “old days” before these new updates and changes.

  • Ads are to long!!

    by Brody Studios

    I remember downloading this app and being excited for this new Piano Titles game. During and after every game there is an ad. Which is annoying, but understandable, that’s the only way they can make money. The problem I have is that these ads are so long and frequent. Honestly, you spend more time watching ads then playing the game. Some of these ads are about 2 minutes long, which is crazy! You see the time bar counting down which you then press the x. But that doesn’t happen. Many of these ads go in 2 parts, including a mini game in there and sometimes it inevitably sends you to the App Store. But how annoying this is, it gets even worse! These ads are so frequent. They come before, during and after each game. Sometimes coming up randomly. It’s a shame too, because it’s actually a fun game. Sadly, it wasn’t worth it. If you read this, I hope you find it helpful.

  • Horrible!!!

    by Hrtyuikf

    I have played this game for a few days and found it to be very difficult. Not just because of how hard the levels are but the game logic behind the levels. Every time you go for a tile combo the game will freeze and lag you to where when it stops lagging, you have lost the level. Also, I have gotten close to the end before dying to lag on many occasions. When I try to go for a revive and watch an ad, the game can’t find an add and forces you to close it and re-open and starts you at the beginning of the same level, basically making revives impossible to pull off. I have read other reviews with these problems and nothing has been done about it. From someone who has done many game reviews on many different websites, this has by far been one of the worst and would not waste my time downloading or playing it. The Developers on this game don’t care and only care about coming out with new apps to compete with Voodoo(which they are failing at).

  • Not a rhythm game

    by Just another beiber x5

    I GUESS you could call this a music game since hitting the keys do in fact cue the music, however I’ve played many rhythm/music games in the past from DDR in my youth to Guitar Hero/rock band in my college days, this is NOT a Rhythm game because the notes do NOT go with the music at ALL nor have any rhyme or reason. There are no patterns to indicate any of the previous gibberish was perhaps intentional, even when the songs clearly follow a canon ABAC pattern. Whoever designs the levels needs to be fired and someone with any semblance of rhythm be sent in to replace them. There is no need to have fast moving single keys on a long sustained note of the song... if you WANT to include say the “left hand” if it would naturally be doing some runs during the long sustained note at least ACKNOWLEDGE that long note is there and do whatever you wish with the other 3 keys (your players can handle a bit more challenge) but I can’t bring myself to play this if the keys can’t even line up with the flow of the song.

  • Not as good as it used to be

    by Narwhaz Are Amazing

    Ok, don’t get me wrong, I love this game. It’s fun, entertaining, and is a great game to play when you’re bored. However, recently the game has been a little ad crazy. It used to never have like any ads and now is making you accept pop up ads. And the worst part is, it plays the same ads over and over and over and it really starts to get really annoying! Another problem I have is now you have to buy the new songs they’re adding for like $3.00! You used to be able to collect puzzle pieces and unlock them but I guess since they can’t get enough money... (that was sarcasm if you didn’t know) Finally, I wish they would stop with this Alan Walker stuff. I’m not saying he doesn’t have good songs but he’s not that big of a deal anymore. Cheetahmobile, I really hope you read this review out of the thousands of others because eventually your game will have no fans anymore.

  • Bad game

    by Highfive2000

    Not only is the game just... terrible in quality, but it’s addicting, which tends to inspire rage because of how bad it is. The game USED to be good, I played it a lot a few years ago when greedy monsters hadn’t taken the game over. Now, it glitches a ton, it actually stopped gameplay and gave me zero or 1 star on a level because they wanted to play an ad, even though I hadn’t messed up. It does other things occasionally too, like freezing. But the worst thing they do by far is the fake misses. On every level I’ve played, if you get too close to finishing the level, it will start highlighting a tile you were no where near and say that you pressed it and messed up, and to get another try you have to watch ads. This is.... unspeakably infuriating. It would do this up to 7 or 8 times on even the most basic levels like “happy birthday”, just to force you to watch ads. Don’t download this, save yourself the time, addiction, and ultimate rage.

  • What happened?

    by Sixxstanley

    Okay so first off, the ads. Every game you play... if you lose, there’s an ad, if you want to revive, there’s an ad. Even just opening the app. Secondly, don’t get this game if you are a musical person. I thought I would have a bit of an advantage due to the fact that I spend most of my time with an instrument, I was wrong. The game is developed to speed up to make it more challenging, and that’s apparent, but it doesn’t speed up consistently. It’s awful, the game lags, and your tempo is ruined. You can just be having a regular game, and it’ll just speed up to some nonsense tempo. It’s completely ruining the somewhat stimulating experience I used to get while playing this game. It’s not like I’m not used to the instrument layout, I play mallet instruments AND piano, but my fingers can’t hold onto a tempo that doesn’t exist. I don’t recommend this to anyone. Unless, of course they like ads and inconsistent tempos.

  • Terrible

    by WolfRanger291

    This game is addictive and I have to admit, pretty fun! Though there are some pros, cons come along with it too. My whole family plays this game and EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE had a great time except me. This game would lag on me and kick me out various times. When I watched videos to get rewards, sometimes the game would kick me out! Then I would go back in, finish the video, and get NO REWARD AT ALL!! This game has made me get filled with anger and stress. When you earn gems, you only get up to 1 or 2! I have wasted my time on this game and have now moved forward. I had erased the game already but I would just like to let you know how much of an update this game really needs. I hope I wasn’t acting rude or cruel but I just had to say this and express myself. I hope you have a good day and fix it in the future for others to enjoy. Overall it’s a good game but needs help with the glitches. Thank you for reading this (if you are) and I wish the best for you.

  • I love this game but there’s a huge issue

    by Storm110903

    I don’t normally leave bad reviews on games or on things in general but this is a major problem. Recently when I open the game it started crashing. I thought it was just a buggy update so I didn’t pay attention. But every time I opened it it has crashed. It doesn’t even make it to the loading screen before I’m back at my home screen. I don’t know why I can’t open it up. If it was a bug then there would be a small chance I could make it to the game before it crashed but every single time I opened it it would crash. I saw that a new update was out so I thought the problem would be fixed. NOPE!! Still crashing over and over and over. The only reason I haven’t deleted it is because I don’t want to lose my progress it I redownload the game in the future. I hope this gets fixed because I really enjoy this app.

  • Um...

    by ari.m.tos

    I’m pretty angry rn... This problem has happened on more than one occasion but I wasn’t sure if it was just me. Turns out it’s not. The game will not always capture it when you press a tile. I pressed on a tile TWICE. Didn’t get it. Then in the ranking game or idk what it’s called, I selected 3 songs at a time to play. The last one for me to earn notes was rated “difficult”. When I got to the last song, the game didn’t allow me to select any boosters. The selection was completely gone from the screen. I lost the round. I earned about 5 first aid kits and only got to use 2 before the game tells me I don’t have any and need to buy more. What??? The prices to buy things are not generous. Idk if these are glitches or just ways for the game to earn money, but if it’s the latter, it’s a pretty terrible way, especially with 30 second ads popping up more than they should.

  • This game was good....

    by funkmast3r_x

    I started playing this game the day I got an iPhone almost 4 years ago, and I have spent many hours grinding away at their songs to reach the max level of 121. This game used to be my way of relaxing and passing the time, but unfortunately the game developers decided that money was more important than consumer enjoyment. On one hand you have the increasing amount of almost forced micro transactions that are the only way to get to some exclusive items and songs, because without paying actual money there is no way a person could complete their missions. And believe me, if I couldn’t do it at my level of experience then the average player definitely wouldn’t be able to. And on the other hand, the app apparently has been misusing Facebook data, so now Facebook has blocked the app from allowing Facebook logins. Because if this all of my hard work over the years is gone, all of my achievements, saved songs, records, and in-game money that I have earned over the years of playing is now inaccessible and I have to start back at square one. Because of all this I see no point in continuing my use of this app or any other app by the developers, and I strongly advise people to not waste anytime with it either. IT’S NOT WORTH IT. Fortnite would be a better use if your time and energy then this piece of garbage.

  • Please remove the “my god” statement as it is wrong!

    by Sillicacher

    I love this game and the review I gave because of the sound was my fault not the game. HOWEVER I agree with the other reviewer that the statement uses the Lords name in vain and I don’t appreciate it either. Fix that and I’ll give u five stars again. Finally you gave the opportunity to pay to rid myself of the adds during play.....yeah right! $4.99 was worth it to me to pay because I LOVE this game and play for hours daily. So I was stoked with your new levels and the opportunity to rid myself of the ads. Well, they are still there. THANK YOU bunches as you guys rock in this game and the others you have out. Do have a song request....Hallelujah by Lenard Cohen would be awesome. A few more religious songs would be great too. Like maybe some from Petra, and others. Also a few Souza marches like Stars and Stripes, etc along with the 5 songs of our military branches would be AWESOME! A couple ideas/requests to consider if you would for me. It would be great to see our scores alongside the songs we have played. It would make it much easier to know what we have to beat to move up. Yes, the stars and crowns do that in a way but a number score would be awesome. Thank you again for a rally fabulous game. Leah 😇🐕 🐾🐾 😇

  • The fall of PT2

    by DizzyLittleGirl

    So, I got this game for the first time about 1-2 years ago, and it was really fun. Once you finished a song, you would collect coins and play endless mode. It was pretty fun, and became popular! I later had to change my phone and could not play it anymore. I just reinstalled it to see how it’s doing, and it has really gone downhill. There is nothing at the end of a song, it’s just treated like a “level”. There used to be a lot of other features too, like playing different songs to get puzzle pieces for a new one, but not anymore. Overall, the game is just dull and boring now. And seems like the dev(s) are doing it for money, and not quality anymore, They’d shove an ad down your throat whenever they get a chance and also have many more in-app purchases. Unless we get the old PT2 back, I don’t recommend this app AT ALL.

  • Ads take away the value

    by Barnicle Boi

    This game is very addicting and really fun in the context of making a game out of classical piano. This is definitely a 5 star game. However, the ads make it almost unplayable. It’s intensely irritating to have to watch a 30 second to a minute ad every time you fail, and EVERY time you go to your settings, an ad pops up. I understand that’s how you guys get your revenue, but there’s a point where ads can devalue the play experience. I’ve never written a review on anything until now, and the reason why I do is because I’ve loved this game ever since the first one came out. It’s much better than the first obviously, but even if it’s just one flaw that this game has, it’s a massive flaw. Instead, try adding an option for people to have an ad free experience for a reasonable price.

  • Not as good as it used to be

    by Jaydawg3.0

    First of all, I used to love this game. I recently redownloaded it and was suprised at how much it changed. Before you could get musical notes after you got three stars and then after that it turned into endless tiles and that was fine and everyone enjoyed that. But now you can only play it to a certain point and then it stops automatically. There are so many ads now and to remove them you have to pay. Also there are now “boosters” and that is honestly just for the people who aren’t that great at the game. Also I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like the music used to be way smoother than it is now. Last of all, l like Alan Walker, but the fact that they are basically just making it their main marketing point is so stupid. Instead of trying to get different artists and songs they are just milking and pushing it.

  • Too many ads and made Despacito extremely hard to play

    by -Favs

    The ads are freaking ridiculous, you shouldn’t ask people to pay for something they don’t want to see. The crazy part is, they purposely take you to the App Store despite you clicking X out. With that being said, they normally start each song really slowly and then gradually increase the speed but it’s not the same for Despacito. They made it extremely hard to play and I only paid $3.99 because it’s one of my favorite songs but you guys made it extremely difficult to play and enjoy. Bad bad bad, I’m very disappointed🤦🏽‍♀️. Edit: I had to change my review from two stars to one, I wish I could give them a -5 review. These ads are ridiculous, even when my WiFi is off, they still manage to pop. I shouldn’t have to turn my data and WiFi off to play a freaking game.

  • Read this

    by :33..33:

    First off I want to say that I could not hear the sound even when I Enable sound in the settings then I tried muting my volume and turning off the sound and then turning my volume back on in and turning the volume in the game back on but It just did not work I would like the company to notices review and see how this happened I do not know how it happened but look in the settings and see how it happened I really want y’all to fix this issue the next issue is all the ads you have to pay 4:99 just to disable the ads and that is just a ripoff the ads come up a lot like they just come non stop there is like five ads per level and I’m just annoyed about this this is the worst piano game I’ve ever seen because you focus on Alan Walker and I hate him.

  • Not so good

    by BackdoorBen

    I just got the game and I mean while it is fun to play it said I could play songs like Despacito and a few others that is why I downloaded it. But it turns out you can’t it just told you that you could so they could get you to download it and then they get ad revenue. Which is the second problem. The ads are EVERYWHERE. Not just one here and one their they are everywhere. Like come on I would rather just pay Five dollars for the game then have to sit through the ads. Like come on devs pls fix it or like make it 1.99 or something like seriously I would rather play roblox than this there are so many ads. But I guess everything else is okay the levels are not to hard and not to easy but it is fun and would be more fun if there were not so many ads

  • my progress

    by kawaiikitty003

    The other day I decided to update this app and when I went to play it, all my hard work was all gone. That’s really disappointing because this has already happened once before when I was on level forty, and since then i’ve been trying to get back up to level forty and was currently on level twenty one. I saw it needed to be updated so I did just that, but when I got onto the game I see this new version and style of the game. I’m sorry to the people who worked hard on it but I hate it but more importantly, all my progress is gone, it’s going to take me a lot of time to even get me to back level forty. I’ve played this game for a long time, it’s been a solid four years since I got this game and every time I update it it gets worse. I really wish i could give this five stars but I cant, i’m sorry.

  • Terrible ads

    by PandasNRice

    I have been a long time player of this app. I wanted to get in to the groove of playing again but when I downloaded the app, I was flashed with ads left and right. These ads are not even short, they are around 10-20 second ones. I can’t even navigate to the settings because there are literally ads that pop right up before you are able to it. Honestly, the amounts of ads makes this app unplayable and unenjoyable. I used to not mind the ads when there were little to few ads every couple of songs, but now there are ads even when you navigate through the menu. This app was worth downloading two years ago. Don’t even bother downloading this app because there is not even an option to pay to not see ads. This game has become a market for advertising.

  • Worst experience in a long time.

    by Alpuca :P

    Rarely do I write a review, but this game annoys me way too much. I get you need ads to support the game, BUT WHY IS THERE A POP-UP EVERY 5 SECONDS. Secondly, why are you trying to force us to buy coins, gems, Alan Walker's songs? This is one horrible representation of Alan Walker and it's disgusting. Thirdly, I keep on getting lag spikes and overheating from this game. And I'm not running this game on a potato, the lag spikes just keep killing me. At last, why do you guys need me to wait 5 seconds after each game just so you can pop up your cringe worthy characters telling me "wow you just won a med kit". Let me skip through all that and stop wasting my time. The game used to be good without all the annoying events that just randomly pops up. Overall, new updates and the amount of ads kills the game.

  • Disapointing

    by Manx92

    I’ve honestly had this app for a very long time and I thought it was great. But after a while I stopped going on it and when I returned I was extremely upset with what had happened. I get ad pop ups every two seconds and there are pop ups about challenges and daily tasks and stuff and to be quite honest with you... I don’t care. I just want to play the piano tiles I know and love. Unfortunately I can’t do that either now because the audio does not work. At. All. So I’m going to give this app a two star review purely because it used to be good. It is no longer an app I enjoy, seriously there is way too many pop ups to count and the audio does not work. It’s a waste of storage at this point so I’m deleting.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Andre Valentine

    need WiFi

  • by Lilja Kiiski

    This has nice songs, a great variety, but WAY too many ads. You spend more time watching ads than actually playing.

  • by Magu Namae

    Better not to install this app.

  • by Awwwgusto 26

    You know i just want to play the game, not watch a million and a half flippin ads

  • by Snow X


  • Fun but....

    by ADJ9856


  • Endless pop ups and ads

    by Lolo roma

    It was an amazing game before, I stopped playing it for some time, then i came back to it with unfortunate endless pop ups and ads .. horrible game

  • ew

    by scrunchie_life

    i absolutely hate this game.

  • Djsjejdhhsjendh

    by tinydancer151

    When was the last update. Like it’s still Christmas in the game in JULY. ok so ya

  • Went downhill

    by thisismrblank

    I have played this game since it came out and it was good but it went downhill with the surplus of ads

  • Ads and problems

    by ndndbdhdb

    So the ads take a break comon why ads and you dont have sound what a bad game and you always kick me out of the game fix them im going to delete this game you always make me mad Thank you

  • It’s not the best 😕🤷🏼‍♀️

    by Gabbyfabby

    I really wanted to get this app but now I regret giving it it’s not that fun and the music I thought it was going to be better so it’s not that funny now i’ve only had it for a couple days but I can tell I need to delete it it’s not that fun I was very very excited to get it don’t waste your time in getting please

  • Ads

    by CallMeBigBoy

    Way too much ads

  • Absolute garbage.

    by 二まさ棚な

    I have been a long time player of this game, I’ve loved this game for a /very/ long time, and so I reinstalled to play it again. Oh what a fool I was. The once beautifully simple game is now a frantic cashgrab of events, and albums. When you start you no longer are able to go to the music menu straight away, you are met with 5 different windows of in-game event advertisement and pleas to buy the “Alan Whowhatever” album. This app has become a disappointment, and I’m deleting right after I publish this review.


    by Girlygirl💓

    I honestly like PLAYING the game, but it stresses me out because there’s literally ads and crap popping every 2 seconds, it literally takes me ten minutes to get on the game to actually play, so honestly it’s kinda HORRIBLE. Fix it please!

  • An ad per click.

    by fftred bhtff

    Horrible. Just horrible

  • way too many adds

    by layna :)

    I love this game but I don’t play it as much anymore because now it has what it feels like 30 adds in one minute! As soon as I click on the app, 5 things pop up that I have to X out of then soon as I choose a song, 2-3 adds shows up! It feels like I can’t play anything until I watch 10 adds... it wasn’t like this until around March or April. :(

  • I don’t know

    by rayleeMay

    It’s wayyy to out of Date

  • Stop

    by ELI.173

    Quit it With the promotions after each song...

  • I am here. I will win.

    by Tap way

    I will be personally coming after you guys, this is unacceptable, it should be illegal. I’ll make it illegal believe me.

  • Just gonna say this: ADS

    by theincrediblestar

    I used to love this game but now is ridiculously full of ads, I can’t enjoy the game.

  • To many pop ups.

    by Cinscamon

    Would of been nice to play the game but when you have 10 pop ups after every song and when you first load the app. Yeah I just wanted to play not constantly click an X button all day.

  • Ads

    by Enter.A.Nickname

    The game was nice, but there are an unreal number of ads. Not only an ad between each level, but an ad played when I hit the settings button, the another ad to leave settings, then another ad before starting the next level. I get that ads are important, but they’re hardly worth it if you can’t even play the game.

  • Bad

    by Mich12342812

    Every time I download this the volume shuts off so there is no music and this happens to my friends too.

  • Lag

    by the person with one star

    Laggy I can’t even touch it fast enough when it’s going really slow

  • Alaniz

    by msgjfutkdulvlxeXrycbvg

    There is a lot of pop ups and the songs....well the song....the good ones you have to pay for

  • Ads

    by Not Good and To Many Problems

    It takes me five minutes to get to a song I want because of all the pop ups and ads. Cool Alan walker sponsored you, but you don’t have to give me four pop ups about him

  • yikes

    by SantyMusic

    i used to play this game a lot maybe 2-3 years ago and i loved it. i loved the simple system of "get three stars, song gets faster, get three crowns, song is endless." i hate how they've removed that feature. it takes the whole thrill out of the game, which is why i played it so much in the first place. now they've added so many new trendy songs to try to stay popular and relevant even though most of the original selection was classical-ish music. not particularly a sucker for classical music but it just took away the charm of the game it initially had. i also hate how there are too many new things put in to try to make things more "exciting". if you ask me it's just confusing. every other click is an ad. like, i'm drowning in ads. just please make it like it used to be. i'd love it again it that happened.


    by dnanandndndndzjjxbx


  • OMG SO 🤬 ADS

    by bailey loves HayDay

    It seems like every time you play a song there’s an ad. Just watched an ad? Go to the home screen to watch, you guessed it, another ad!! I’ve had this game for not even 10 minutes and had to delete it because it felt like most of the time spent on that game was watching an ad for another game or app. And to pay $4.99? Not worth your money or time!! Don’t waste it on this game guys.

  • Awful

    by urmomsjsjsjsjs

    Used to be good now it’s just an ad thirsty game. Levels aren’t infinite anymore and you can’t even focus because an ad will pop up after everything. After every time you level up, you get an ad. If you beat the level, you get an ad. If you get a reward after you beat the level (which would be right after the previous ad) you would get an ad. I even get ads before I start a level. This game should be simple but instead it’s over complicated and extremely confusing and it shouldn’t be for such a basic game. Also if their sponsored once that ad will be showed off for years. It’s honestly retarted. I’ve hit more X’s on ads than tiles I’ve pressed. I definitely have more time on ads than the game. I’ve already given I second chance to this game and it’s just gotten worse. So my honest opinion is that my opinion is not an opinion it’s just facts that is clear to even the basic minded. This is game is worse than fortnite and yes I mean it. So have fun watching ads, hope you don’t get any ads that are literally about the same game right after you beat a 30 second level because they’re no longer infinite.

  • So annoying

    by avacardio

    THERES ADDS EVERYWHERE!! You can’t even choose your own song.

  • 👎

    by butteecup


  • Ad overload

    by Coryzia

    I get that ads are a part of mobile gaming, but when I can’t even open up the settings without having to sit through one, it’s a big no-go for me. Shame because this is exactly the type of game I love to waste hours on!

  • Not a bad game but it is a 1 star ⭐️

    by Pam the sweet chick

    This is a game that is a little too much easier and it needs more songs and better songs and more so I don’t know if it is gonna Have a better idea 💡 of it self so ya there must be something better in the future I wonder #no like the songs# so if it

  • Annoying

    by Skullgirlslovingcake

    Cluttered, ad-ridden mess i hate nothing more than when I op out of a “watch this Ad to double your earnings” and i’m forced to watch an Ad right after. Jesus christ.

  • So many adds

    by Mmm222335566

    I used to play piano tiles 2 I enjoyed so much. Now whenever I click on sections like music or store i see adds its really annoying. There were not so much adds before.

  • Too many ads

    by cool_dude478


  • This is stupid🤦‍♂️😐😤

    by LoadingPleaseWait...

    Honestly if you do play the game which I recommend you don’t, when you play the game it asks you “do you want double just watch a vid” mine as well click it because if you don’t you’ll get an ad anyway and plus you practically have to play the same songs over and over agin just to unlock a new one and that’s no fun it takes a long time if you want an actual good piano game download magic piano or dream piano they don’t have as much ads they have good songs and it’s easy to unlock other songs I’m disappointed in this game🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😐😤

  • Too many adds!!

    by Veronica Malachowicz

    this game is super fun to play... but after every round i have to get a stupid add and it just ruins the fun in the game because if i accidentally touch my finger on the wrong key then i have to watch an add all over again. DONT GET THIS APP IF YOU HATE ADDS!!!!!!!!

  • Went too far

    by EmmerDoodle

    I remember when I had android and I loved this game. The problem is that they got modern music, modern music aren’t meant for pianos. And what about the pop ups and the transition?? WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS GAME IT WAS SO RELAXING!!

  • Ads

    by adtaker#1#

    After two day of playing this game I have wasted 30 minutes of my life watching ads this game has way to many

  • Ads

    by Aries...Plays

    There are way to many ads!!!

  • Waste of time

    by matt199797

    Adds pop up every 10 seconds literally... and they keep pressuring you to pay 4.99 to remove the pop up adds.

  • Only Ads...barely any game play

    by Iliketycoons

    Okay so. I just had FOUR ADS in a row. Without even touching anything. It's annoying. So PLEASE if u LOVE ads download this game.

  • Ads

    by zak32145


  • Literally just an INFOMMERCIAL of junk

    by BillThaxton

    Ads will literally pop up every 1 or 2 times the screen changes. The ratio for ads compared to the previous version is now about 20:1 and half of those “ads you’ll be trying to figure out where the piano tiles are because they force other game apps in front of you without even advertising them as such...the stupid instructions will scream something like: “PUSH THE CAR, PUSH THE CAR!” all the while a stupid fat finger is blinking and I’m like, where are my piano tiles? And of course there is no opt out until you either play the crappy demo or die. Whatever.

  • WAY to many pop ups

    by another upest lady

    OK, this app is really fun and I enjoy doing all of the classical music songs but every time I open the app there is a bazillion pop-ups and ads and it’s very frustrating my personal thing on this is you guys really need to cut back because that is very annoying and I am I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks this I could just be petty but please in the next update for this app let there be not as many you guys are trying to do way too many things at once and I just want to get to the songs so maybe one or two pop-ups is fine but when I click every section at the bottom there’s a new ad or pop-up and that makes me just want to delete the app so, please fix this.

  • Uuuuuuhhhhhh

    by PERSON$$$103

    Soooo many ads and other random things that are reaalllyyyyy annoying and you are only playing the game like half the time. HATE IT SO BAD NOTHING FUN ABOUT IT

  • used to be fun

    by phanwhat

    i’ve been playing this game for about 3 or so years and i used to love it, but the game’s made a lot of changes that i don’t agree with. there are too many annoying pop ups, and what’s up with the weird cartoon girl? last but not least, THE ADS. all in all just it’s like plants vs zombies all over again. completely sold out.

  • It is so bad

    by Bria Redman Rd., River Avenue

    This is the worst app I have ever played in my life so I’m going to delete it after I’m done righting this review maybe if they fix it in a few years I will get it again and try it and then maybe I can change this review I would actually give this zero stars I am just being nice this game really really really really really really really stinks so the makers of this game please fix it otherwise I will not buy another game that you made I bet a lot of people feel this way so that is why it’s the worst thing I’ve ever played in my whole entire life I mean come on I need to start making this game better I don’t know if you even came in at this point it is so bad that you probably don’t you messed it up I Press the right tile but it says I do not.

  • just too much

    by MeowMix49

    i used to play this game a while ago, but when i downloaded it more recently i became quickly fed up with the amount of pop ups and ads, as well as “daily challenges” and “the rating system” or something similar. it’s not just the game, and it becomes overwhelming. it’s also very glitchy with sound, as when i play, there’s no song playing. not sure if it’s suppose to be that way, but it’s not what i expected. however, it’s fun to actually play the game when it’s not being overdone with ads and challenges. thank you!


    by Faifre

    You can’t even navigate this game there are so many ads. Absolutely ridiculous. Delete.

  • Terrible

    by fdcddgr

    Get ads every second

  • Too much ads

    by bbtywisne4

    I had this game for a while. I was fine with random ads once in a while, but it’s gotten so bad that you have to watch 2-3 ads before you can play a song. Then you have to watch another 2-3 ads to play another song. I had to write a review and say that I’m deleting the game and will never play or download the series ever again.

  • Doing the most

    by sjsixksndbsbd

    Too many ads. Ads shouldn’t happen after EVERY since time I play. And then they’re loud and disruptive. Also, this game is going the most with these presents and clovers and stuff. Just drop it honestly and let us just play the game.

  • Unnecessary Add on’s

    by Isabelle plays msp :P

    Piano tiles is a great game. Until this version came out.. they added so many confusing things and it’s SOO annoying. I don’t understand them and I just want to play piano tiles. I don’t want to do the leaderboard stuff I DONT CARE. please change this. I’m deleting this app.

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