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Paycom Software, Inc.

Manage your own payroll and HR data

4.6 145K+ Reviews
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Positive Reviews in Most Helpful

85.8% Positive Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by ariel taylor

    very helpful and easy to use

  • So much better

    by Michael Kovinis

    Over the last few months this app has gotten so much better! The nice redesign is welcome but I’m looking forward to the day when I can see more native things I can do. It would be amazing to 3D touch and clock in more quickly. Or let me have shortcuts to what I use most. I love how complete the app is but Paycom needs to make it easier to get where I need to quicker. I’m a power user of mobile devices and represent a generation that will be expecting this type of functionality. You all are far better than the completion so I’m sure you have plans already.

  • by Jeanie Kelley

    I love it.

  • Punching in times is all good except one thing

    by maximus9908

    My job always bugs us to pinch in times on time and make sure that we don't mess up our times when punching in. Its all fine and good until you do mess up. What i think you guys need to do is put a function where you can put in a delete request in the time management section so that everyone who does punch in wrong can do that on their own and not go to their supervisor to have them delete it and everything. But as for everything else its works perfect. Please get this resolved, it can save so much time in anyones hands.

  • by virginia hernandez


  • by Leslie Creedon

  • by Maranda Stewart

  • by Jane Howerton

  • Improvements Needed

    by Since 1992

    This app is long overdue but I am expecting a few glitches should be worked out. First, it looks and feels just like the browser version. Don't expect more or less than what you're already getting. Use fingerprint login or don't use it at all. If you choose to forgo the fingerprint login then the browser version will be more convenient for you. I like and use the fingerprint so it's not an issue for me. A "back" button is missing and needed in a few places in this app. For instance, when I click on and view a check stub it pulls it up just fine but then you are stranded. The only way to continue in the app is to close it and reopen it. Edit: I now have a functioning back button! The app in general also feels to be moving quicker. I no longer see any reason to give less than 5 stars.

  • by Kate McConnell

  • Fine for quick clocking in and out

    by TTTTanya

    This app is very serviceable for clocking in and out and approving my timesheet. Using touch ID (and now face ID) is significantly easier for me to get on the clock right away instead of logging in on the website. I used it once for a reimbursement, and the interface for that was a little clunky. I'm writing this now because after getting my new iPhone XR, the face ID didn't work. I saw a developer response to another review that recommended resetting the quick login. This worked for me. Thank you.

  • by A Google user

  • Favorites in the app and iPhone X

    by HappyCamper519

    The mobile app is so, so easy to access and navigate! I use it the most for time entry, submitting expenses, and listening to our company trainings through the learning management section while traveling. I also just enrolled in all of my benefits for 2018 via the app. My husband was amazed at how concise, informational and easy my enrollment was compared to his benefit selection process. The iPhone X can use facial recognition instead of thumb print. OMG! It’s the coolest!!

  • by Deanna Shere

  • Convenient and easy to use

    by satisfied HR team member

    Love being able to get things done on the app quickly. The best thing is the expenses! Taking a quick picture of my receipt and uploading it right away makes it so much easier to get them in on time. Being able to request time off right when I am thinking of it is great too, I don’t have to wait to be at a computer or back to work if I’m planning over the weekend.

  • by Laura Valencia

  • Love using the App!

    by dsz15

    The App is a game changer for myself and my colleagues. Our company has a large number of expenses and previously it was cumbersome logging into Safari to submit expenses but now using the app it takes about 2 minutes compared to the previous 10. We also love the Touch ID login. When you are traveling a good bit and need access to your information this has relieved a number of headaches.

  • by James Kay

  • Amazing Functionality

    by Zchbaby

    I love the app! I’m able to submit expenses as I go! I enrolled in benefits at the last minute via the Paycom mobile app. I was able to pull up my coverage plan in the doctor’s office! I even take learning courses when I wind up with extra time on my hands, which keeps me from having to take more time to do it later when I get back to a computer. Paycom is next level and the great app is just another perk!

  • by Roger jensen

  • A little useful, but behind times

    by B1onisland

    This app can be such a useful thing if some more effort is put into it. For example now it’s basically a web based page for what you can access online with they only added feature I notice, is the ability to use Touch ID... What I would appreciate is the ability to clock in with my location being used as a verification that I am actually at work and not having to wait in line for the finger scanner when I leave/arrive at work (which I doubt is ever cleaned😱)

  • by John Wofter

  • Great app

    by Ms Daffern

    I'm not sure why so many have issues with the app. I was worried when my company switched to Paycom based on these reviews but it seems most of those I read were not the app but rather something their HR could take care of. So far, not a single problem here. Love the quick login option. Wish the site was easier to navigate but hoping the app keeps updating to help navigate easier

  • by Michael A Bardwell Jr

  • More than “payroll” - I love this app!

    by Aken22

    This app is so much more than just “payroll”! I love being about to complete my trainings, participate in surveys, and complete performance reviews all from my phone at any time! It’s also a parent’s best friend when welcoming a baby. I was able to submit my qualifying event and update my benefits to include my new son as a dependent with ease while relaxing at the hospital! Truly thankful for this app!

  • by Jessica Munoz

  • Makes everyday details easy.

    by Jim Schrack

    The app makes the everyday details of work a lot easier. I am able to check leave, pay, and other HR matters without having to be at a computer. It also allows me to do any training I might have while I’m out and about, instead of wasting the little time in the day I have when I could be productive.

  • by Shonda Godfrey

  • App is great

    by daibodhisattva

    Other reviews are misleading. Some features of the service could be improved but the app works perfect for me. I’d enjoy more if you included more native device features like force press. The fact it’s a web app sometimes makes it a little slow bit have hopes for more native functions soon.

  • by Curtis Petersen

    The hospital that I work for just moved to PayCom. I have had the chance to use this app for a while now. You can do almost everything in the app as you can with your PC. I can punch into work as I am walking down the hallway and punch out the same way. What I do for work I have to switch from budget pools and I can do this on the fly.

  • I love paycom app

    by 87MacKenzie

    The app makes it so easy to clock in and out at work. I love using it and the quick feature is great as well! I’m so glad the app is always updating too. There’s always a new addition to the app that makes things easier or more organized than the previous version. If you use paycom you need to try the app!! It’s great!

  • Love It

    by CherokeeChick

    My company recently switched up PayCom and we love it! It’s simple to use and great to be able to clock-in and out when working at home. I really love having the thumbprint enabled for opening the ap quickly. I also love that I can view my pay stubs from my phone. The website is easy to use for days in the office.

  • Great Layout and Easy to Use

    by Tawntawn123

    I love having this app! The layout is great - being able to access my information quickly is super convenient and the fingerprint login is genius. I haven't had any issues so far... No crashing, no error messages, just easy convenient access to my employee information!

  • by Brittany Terry

    I like the fact its a 4 digit code to get in the app. Sometimes im so busy and need check my app without typing a long password. plus app is so easy to navigate.

  • Resourceful easy using HR app

    by Lirbs

    I have used a lot of different apps for payroll and time-sheets apps and I have to say that PayCom is on my top 5 of lists. It’s easy, has all the necessary info you need for time requests, payroll, benefits, bank storing info, etc. I highly recommend this app to any employer looking for a change in how they manage their employees payroll/HR info.

  • Paycom App

    by Paula-la-la

    I love the app. It’s great being able to log in from home or anywhere away from the office, and having access to my records, my benefits, my time off requests or accruals . It’s very user friendly which is always a plus! And I love that I can sign in with my finger print, I don’t have to type in a password. It’s great !

  • Updated review

    by LunnSon

    This app has had a little bit of a rough start but it has gotten a whole lot better. The support and development teams have been excellent with helping and fixing previous concerns. I work from my home office and this has been a great way to clock my hours.

  • Okay

    by Dbnanno

    As far as clocking in & out or requesting time off this app is great. However, I don’t like the fact that it does not tell you the hours you have worked each day or a total for the week. I, also, would like to know what I can expect my pay check to be at least 24 to 48 hours in advance. I think this app is more employer friendly than it is employee friendly.

  • Leverage your HRIS software

    by happy Paycom user

    Not only is the usability and user friendliness miles ahead of other systems, this product is designed to engage and empower employees to own their information, and feel even more connected to the operations in their organization which was always the case with other HRIS providers

  • Clocking in

    by MLB628271

    After using several other mobile apps to clock in and out, Paycom is by far the easiest and quickest. Touch ID to log in and such simple navigation. I also have access to any documents my HR department has sent me and can review the information with ease. My favorite by a landslide!

  • Your Information at Your Fingertips

    by Ucotfigigogofofogogogogog

    The Paycom application is great because it allows me to access all employee information, on the go, all in one place! Everything from expenses, sample paychecks, sick/vacation time, and a lot more. I would definitely recommend downloading the app!

  • Face ID issues

    by Mahajo

    Overall this app is fine but lately the be been getting an “authentication failed” when opening the app. It says to touch the Face ID icon again, so I do, same thing happens. I have to log on manually like a new user every time. Very annoying. Hope this is fixed soon. (I tried force closing the app and making sure Face ID is enabled to no avail).

  • Great functionality

    by J T $

    Recently I was at a doctors appointment and my manager texted me asking me if I had put my time in. I hadn’t. Luckily I was able to use the app and not only add my normal hours but put my sick time on there as well. App works great on my iPhone X, I’m not sure what others are complaining about.

  • Easy to use

    by Thea Mae 16

    I normally use the app to schedule time off or submit my expenses. It’s easy to do those things. Snapping a pic of my receipt and uploading is really helpful. I’ll watch some of my companies training videos and they’re normally easy to watch

  • Paycom Is Great: On the Employee End

    by BradHaptonstall

    It’s a great app and interface, but the client version is very buggy and hard to navigate. I still rank it five stars because my employees that use the app are very satisfied. I just wish the client side of the interface was streamlined and easily accessible.

  • Easy to Use

    by Spookie29

    Works great most the time unless theres server maintenance /issues. Lots of features and I like being able to use fingerprint scanner which makes it super quick to login in to clock in and out or make schedule requests.

  • Setting the standard for modern workplaces

    by Smith1050

    I hope you guys become the new standard for employers because I’m not sure I’d be able to go back to what I used to have. Such an easy way for companies to show employees they care about investing in them

  • Great for records, a little slow to get to punch clock

    by mcinnm

    Works well, but I wish there was a quicker link to the web time clock, and that if it signs me out while I’m working or eating lunch, it would automatically go back to the login page, so I wouldn’t waste time punching buttons just to back there anyways

  • Love the app

    by Roadshow guy

    My company has been using the Paycom app since last September and myself and the other employees that I've talked to, absolutely love it. There's never a server issue, everything is quick, easy and always works. Highly recommend Paycom

  • Inconsistent

    by RW@Pinehurst

    I do like the basics of this app. Being able to check my hours is very convenient as well as having all my pay checks saved electronically But......Two issues Every time I log in it asks me if It can use my location. I’ve changed my settings in my phone to allow this and looked in the app settings no luck, I continue to have to stop and allow it every time I log into app I have never been able to clock into work on my phone fist time each day. I have been able to clock out for lunch, in from lunch and out for day but even those “punches” only work 40-60 percent of the time. Thanks

  • Almost a Great App

    by DarkBayou

    Mostly the Paycom app is pretty nice and very useful. Major bonus for me it is also very blind friendly and screen reader compatible. One annoying flaw though. The app or website will not let me change my profile info. Two times I’ve needed too edit my profile I had to do it through HR with the company I work for.

  • Love this!!!

    by kfx777

    Applied with a company that I now know uses paycom and my experience in training was great! I love being able to see my pay stubs from anywhere. I use the learning modules while I’m driving and use it like a podcast. Big fan!

  • Stephanie

    by Eyez/ Johnathan J.

    Stephanie is a hard working individual whom is a “irreplaceable person”. Never gave up helping I(Johnathan Johnson) get through the “hard times of accessing the correct information”. Stephanie was patient and courtesy the all time. Continue to a great person Stephanie👀👍🏾🤬🤬🤗. Sincerely Mr. Johnathan Johnson New York City, New York

  • Improved editing expenses :|

    by J.E.L.3

    Previously this was not allowing me to replace a photo of an expense document when editing expense report. That's been corrected. So, I've raised my rating. Fingerprint reader very helpful to encourage usage. (nobody likes memorizing pass-codes) :) To get five stars, it needs: 1. Make sure the entire display fits on a screen. Even on iPhone 6, an expense entry needs to be scrolled a lot. Pay stubs are 50% wider than the screen for no reason. 2. Overall needs to be more responsive when loading expenses. Sometimes it's hard to see if it's accepted or acting on a command. Very glad to have this instead of web access.

  • Roadblock

    by GlenThe3

    I tend to use the web version but needed some info quick so I launched the iOS app. Touch ID worked, then I answered two personal questions to confirm my identity, then the app rejected me because it didn't like my home ISP, which is provided legitimately through Cox. I had to go back to the web to get what I needed. This doesn't seem right.

  • Paycom app is great!

    by MelanieRenea

    I had left before submitting my time to be approved for the week and was able to log in and approve everything for my manager. So easy. I can also keep track of my time off in the app as well.

  • Love the app

    by Daniko0426

    I have used the Paycom service for some time now. We recently began using the mobile app to remove the constraint of having to be at a PC. I love the easy navigation and flexibility offered with the mobile service!

  • Simple

    by Astrizzle

    Easy to use and biometric sign in is a very nice feature. Also pretty fast speed depending on your LTE or 4G coverage New enhancements on the view paystubs works better now. Didn't know you could do expense reimbursements here too

  • Great app!

    by RunZensah

    I love the ease of use and the fact I can use my fingerprint to log in (unlike some other apps out there). This seems to have the same functionality as the full website and I love. Great job!

  • Less human error and more...

    by Johnny Blibbers

    I don’t know what to expect because I’m use to having more people involved. However, I can see less human error and more professionalism though. When I’m easy clicking this one size fits all HR program I’ll give it 5 stars.

  • Favorite App

    by Sway J

    I moved this app from the last screen on my iPhone to the front after seeing how often I use it. Have not logged in on a desktop since the app was released. Great job

  • Good for everyday use

    by TJ Liwanag

    I like how easy it is to log in and clock myself in. This app makes it super convenient. Please do something about the clock-in buttons, though. The Lunch In and Lunch Out are too close together allowing for higher chances of mistakes to happen.

  • Great mobile functionality!

    by Jerryuouutrwqsfg

    Entering my expenses from the road, managing my time off and having access to all of my pay in the palm of my hand has been incredible! Best payroll company and app I’ve ever used.

  • Easy to use love my access from anywhere!

    by Recruiting Rockstar

    I don’t have to wait to schedule a time on HR’s calendar I now have the freedom to manage my time, vacation and sick requests when I am thinking about it.

  • Effective for what it does

    by J Exton

    The app isn’t perfect, but it does what I need it to on a daily basis. Shows signs of continuing improvement, and allows me to do all of the same actions as I have on the desktop website.

  • Incredibly User-friendly!!

    by Angela Abbaszadeh

    I love using the Paycom App to view my pay stubs, request time-off, and to submit expenses! It’s so easy to use and you have 24/ 7 access to your data!

  • I am in control

    by MichaelLB2

    I’ve never worked for a company that has such an innovative was to manage their employees. The app is so easy to use and truly feel in control of my operations!

  • Logging in

    by Shrlokhms

    This app is so easy to use and so convenient. With the new safety questions placed on the website it takes so muck longer to clock in, but with the app you put in 4 #'s and your done. I love it

  • Fantastic

    by Best band in the south!

    The app is extremely quick and efficient. I was able to enroll in benefits just as easily as I could have from my desktop. No complaints at all.

  • Good app, just one feature missing

    by wwerifleman1994

    Love the app especially with the new interface update. Only feature missing is the ability under “test sample paycheck” to add in overtime rate and hours to determine how much you’ll make with overtime.

  • Updating Review - Works as Intended after Update

    by ClassyTurkey

    So there needed to be an update on the backend for the new UI to take effect with my company. After this happened the new UI showed up. Overall I enjoy the new UI look and it works well with the iPhone X.

  • Way better!

    by lexx33xx

    This app was kinda rough when I first started using it, but there have been some really useful updates. Much more user friendly.

  • Time efficient!

    by Jenmat777

    I love being able to access this tool from my hand held device! The convenience is life changing when you work in such a fast paced environment like I do.

  • Getting better

    by Don Jonesse

    Keep up the great work! This app does everything! Hoping to see the client side soon. The login is so much easier now that I can use my fingerprint!

  • Coming along

    by Expurience

    As my company takes advantage of more features, this is becoming more useful. Some areas still reveal that this is a glorified web app, but for the most part, it’s cohesive. I would prefer sensitive information like SSN or salary to not be fully displayed unless requested specifically (i.e, dots or partial display).

  • Face ID doesn’t work

    by plethor.a

    It’s a good app, it is convenient and ease to navigate. It used to work perfectly with Touch ID, but does not work for me with Face ID. Would appreciate if it gets fixed. Thanks!

  • Not The Best, Not The Worst Either

    by Johnny Curve74

    It works for the most part, it has it's ups and downs overall, but when it’s working fine? It’s perfectly fine, when it’s working when it wanna works then that’s a problem for me

  • Great app!

    by juliejubilee93

    Great functionality and easy to use! Excited that I can login easily with my fingerprint, and access everything I need from pay stubs to learning courses!

  • Super clean and easy to use!

    by pser1234

    Everything you need to do in one place! Very easy to navigate and the fingerprint login makes it simple to access!

  • User friendly app

    by jjaaz

    I use this app all the time to enter expenses, check my pay stub, and request time off. This app is so convenient and easy to use.

  • Pay check viewing

    by Pussnboots86

    Is there a way to see how much money I have made so far before the end of pay period ?

  • Functional

    by Sundaye Sunday

    This is a really good app but the ‘out lunch’ and ‘out day’ buttons should not be next to each other. When it’s time to punch out for lunch I frequently hit ‘out day’ which is annoying because they are practically right on top of each other.

  • Useful for employees but needs more

    by Futurezero

    First, this app is very useful for employees. However, as a manager, it would be great if I could manage time off requests, view attendance calendar, etc. The mobile site is very buggy and often crashes safari. Can we get a “client app” too?

  • Simple

    by katieisareallycomminname

    The app reflects almost exactly as the browser version of ESS. It is super easy to use and navigate your way through on your phone

  • Saves me 5 hours every month

    by yankeefan774

    I’m so thankful my company uses Paycom. This app has saved me countless hours entering time sheets, submitting expenses, and I can even enroll in my benefits and set my 401k deduction amount on here.

  • Love the app. Very convenient

    by Gavman8448

    The ability to pull information, request time off, complete assigned tasks, watch trainings, etc., all on the fly, is a big time saver.

  • Good app but needs performance improvements

    by SgtJoseTerron22

    -slow performance -interface is hard to use If fixed will make 5 stars Overall great app and very useful to check schedules and pay stubs

  • Dated and Slow.

    by mattthomas1998

    The app is very dated in the eyes on the younger generation. I would like to see more features added, as changing the layout to be more clean and up to date. Overall the app does what it needs to do. But in my eyes it needs an over haul to compete with other companies like ADP.

  • Incredibly easy to use & great customer service

    by bespoke26

    Paycom is an incredible platform for all HCM needs and the app is simple to use, fast and there is great customer service!

  • Easy to use

    by McRay405

    Paycom has it right! The mobile app is extremely easy to use and makes my job just that much easier.

  • Absolutely horrid log In

    by Businesscentsonline

    It seems there’s a log in glitch somewhere, sometimes it works sometimes doesn’t. No rhyme, no reason.

  • User friendly

    by Ahotamirn

    I use the Paycom app daily and find it very easy to use. I can quickly find all my HR, Payroll, Benefits, etc. information I need through one app.

  • Can’t see team schedule

    by JahiJackson

    The app is simple. Check your schedule & keep it pushing. However I can’t check the team schedule no more, it just started happening.

  • Awesome App

    by lasertag26

    Everything I can do on the desktop I can do with this app. This app has made it so that I can to login and get my work done anywhere.

  • Amazing App!

    by emmy064

    So easy to login, enter time, see pay stubs, request time off, switch shifts, and update HR information. Love this app, I hope every company I work for uses Paycom

  • Learning

    by 67must

    So far no problems. Find instructions easy to follow. It will get easier when I use it more

  • Great and Easy to Use!

    by Phil8510

    This app is so amazing! Anytime I want to check my pay stubs, request time off, look at my time sheet - it is all right there on the app!

  • Okay

    by Nia0320

    Paycom is great I just wish you could see your paystub as soon as the pay period is over not until the day of payday

  • Trouble with auto pay

    by Thizzleberry302

    All is well except for the fact that I can’t upload a picture of my voided check to set up auto of the most important parts lol. Other than that it’s pretty good.

  • Amazing and Easy to Use

    by JNRoberts616

    The app is easy to use and makes it easy to input hours and benefit information

  • Easy

    by paj1985

    Very easy to navigate system with everything I need to manage the HR needs in our organization.

  • I like this APP

    by BrianVroo

    I like this app but one improvement that would be simple and cool would be, to have the view rotate when I rotate my device. Everything else is just great. Thank you.

  • Works great on my iPhone X

    by Mrpappagi0rgi0

    Love being able to put in PTO requests while at home planning a vacation with family.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Williams O'Leary

    easy too use gives great detail

  • by Juan Morales

    great app

  • First time user

    by SplashRiv

    Very easy to use. Great upgrade from our previous system

  • Good for employee side, how about adding client side?

    by Chellrider

    This app is great for employee self service. It would be even better if there was a way to access the client side through the app. Approving time sheets on the go, reviewing reports, completing performance evaluations are all features that would be great in the app!

  • Nice user experience

    by Winipoodesigns

    Paycom has a simple user interface, making it easy to navigate. I like that login can be by fingerprint.

  • Great app

    by 187901MMGGOTTI

    Great app. Easy to use. Easy to understand

  • My Paycom

    by podijo

    Very user friendly, I can view everything I need to see anytime of the day..

  • Forward

    by countAC Sh#rp

    I understand my company is trying to go green. So, I appreciate this Paycom app and its assistance while going paperless.

  • change portrait to landscape is poor

    by 59watts

    The login screen stays in portrait mode. After log I’m always turning my iPad or phone to have the screen to change. This isn’t a problem with my other apps.

  • Awesome!!!

    by shanejb

    Awesome app, to be able to clock in and out from my phone makes it so much easier and takes only a couple of seconds!!! Great App!!!!!


    by Koolaid1919

    I really like the app it’s easy to get to see work hours and days you worked, but I don’t like how the app is designed. They need to make it look more modern. UPDATE: They really improved on the app. They made it really easy to go through to see hours you’ve worked, vacation time, and sick/personal days.

  • Accessibility

    by TigerRefuge

    So far fairly accessible to screen readers which is great.

  • Amazing switch over by my previous employer

    by Wtfwhocaresanicknamewasused

    Paycom is efficient, organized, and has an easy UI. I’ve never had a problem with the app. My previous employer switched over to Paycom and the transition was seamless.

  • Paycom

    by meshasalley

    Great app and easy to use !!!!❤️

  • Versatel

    by BillyX5

    Great app app provides many benefits and answers

  • Works great

    by Stonetodabone

    I really like it

  • Good for what I use it for.

    by Drake218

    Log in is pretty easy. The group number is always a pain to have to fill out on the client site. When I quick punch,I have to scroll a little to get to the punch I need, slowing and and making it not so quick. But not a bad app. How about a widget? Would make clocking in and out quicker.

  • App review

    by kkgfffg

    It’s a good app for me to use for work

  • Convenience

    by LeDigix

    Great, convenient app!

  • WOW!!!!


    Very easy to use and helps keep your time!!! Love this app. A must have for life!!!

  • Good

    by Ruben180

    Easy app

  • Simple for beginners

    by Obi Wan Dildoie

    I’m not tech savvy but this app is simple to use, easy to maneuver around and easy peazy.

  • Enjoyable

    by Lovekelly1/

    Easy to use, And very organized

  • Paycom

    by lizafan

    Easy to use

  • Convient

    by Artspirit1967

    I love this app. It’s so easy to check your hours, over time, pto. No more tons of pay stubs. Every employer should offer it. Ave more trees!

  • Easy to use

    by Ladybugloverlots

    Fingerprint makes it easy to use then the app itself is easy to navigate and mirrors the desktop version so it’s easy to toggle between.

  • Easy navigation

    by Bmxnn

    Super easy to navigate through the app!! Keeping track of payroll and associated tax and direct deposit information is a breeze.

  • Great for all my employee needs

    by Bekster289

    I enjoy this app and how simple it is to update and approve my work hours, submit a PTO request, view my paycheck stub, and so much more. I’ve never had any of the issues mentioned in other reviews such as with logging in, poor connection, Face ID or anything like that. It’s always worked fine for me. But for the features my company provides to its employees, this app works great for us!

  • Coach

    by franjehi

    Good app like the easy flexibility to use

  • Review

    by Jester3456

    Works great very easy

  • Sharaz

    by lenhass

    The best pay roll company out there

  • Gliches

    by Bruce Lee's Apprentice

    When selecting accrual type selector, app will exit out! Other than that, works decently! Thanks!

  • Getting better

    by stirleeMK01

    This app has been making big progess. Now if only they could implement a way for your work schedule to be pushed to your native calendar that would be a major win.

  • Good app

    by sauced nick

    Easy too use app for work.

  • Love the app.

    by CBlasti

    Very easy and efficient.

  • Useful App

    by omar73$

    This App has been very useful

  • Time management

    by Te_trill

    On behalf of me and my fellow users ,we would like it if you guys went back to letting us put in our time for the whole pay period . Which is biweekly, that’s every two weeks.

  • Great to have my pay stubs so accessible!

    by kfspringer

    Much better! The app is easy to use and continues to get better.

  • Access to my own data!

    by Paycom App Lover

    This Paycom app is great because it gives me on-demand access to my personal data! I can request time off, approve my time card, add expenses, watch a learning course, enroll & view any of my benefits plans and see any relevant documents. Finally having access to my own data without having to contact the HR Dept is the best!

  • Good App

    by Acajt5

    Good app and easy to use.

  • Suggestions

    by Sws2k42

    The in/out buttons are very small. I would like to see them .33% larger and the in buttons a shade of green w/ the Lunch buttons yellow and the out buttons a shade of red. This will make it much easier to tell which is which & not hit the wrong button for those w/ large fingers. It would also be nice if after punching in/out the app would take u to the web TimeSheet so u can see for sure u r either in or out as desired. I think this would pull ratings up a lot. To knock it out of the park it would be nice to have a timer activated for a desired time spans when out for lunch or break to remind u time to punch back in. Now that’ll get you a 5 star no question about it!

  • Clerk

    by playstationinaltotexS

    I hate when it automatically takes 30min for our lunch if we don’t get one.

  • Not Sure

    by Royal Majesty Prince Naseave

    Great Tool! Makes Life So Much Better!

  • Location

    by Boogy75

    STOP asking for my location every time I clock in or out! You don’t need to know where I am. I’m at work and that’s bad enough without being asked everytime where I am

  • Easy and useful

    by cks2013

    I can log in with FaceID and love that the app has everything that the computer version has. Makes uploading expenses, logging mileage and enrolling in benefits so much easier as a remote employee.

  • Incredibly User-friendly!!

    by Angela Abbaszadeh

    I love using the Paycom App to view my pay stubs, request time-off, and to submit expenses! It’s so easy to use and you have 24/ 7 access to your data!

  • Full Functionality

    by HR_pro

    Makes it easy to do the task at hand! So Simple!

  • Really do love this app

    by rob9858

    Has made checking pay stubs, and vacation accruals so easy. 10 ⭐️ stars

  • Best Ever!

    by MackAttack4208

    I can do anything and everything on my app!

  • Paycom


    I just have to say I luv it

  • Nice app

    by Patel N R

    Very good,easy to open

  • Truck driver

    by Gordoux

    Great app. I love it. Access to pretty much everything in seconds. 👍🏻

  • Nurse Job

    by Steph3033

    Such a great app ! So easy and convenient. The fingerprint is a plus makes it so much easier . I love this . Recommended.

  • Trouble with auto pay

    by Thizzleberry302

    All is well except for the fact that I can’t upload a picture of my voided check to set up auto of the most important parts lol. Other than that it’s pretty good.

  • Messed up

    by Taylormaine

    Just got the iPhone XS Max yesterday and it’s not letting me login with my Face ID. Updated and reinstalled the app and no luck.

  • Face ID issues

    by Mahajo

    Overall this app is fine but lately the be been getting an “authentication failed” when opening the app. It says to touch the Face ID icon again, so I do, same thing happens. I have to log on manually like a new user every time. Very annoying. Hope this is fixed soon. (I tried force closing the app and making sure Face ID is enabled to no avail).

  • Great app!

    by HisBee

    Love the ease of the app. Glad my company switched to Paycom. Wish that it could be used with Siri shortcuts to clock in and out.

  • Setting the standard for modern workplaces

    by Smith1050

    I hope you guys become the new standard for employers because I’m not sure I’d be able to go back to what I used to have. Such an easy way for companies to show employees they care about investing in them

  • Manager

    by ENGMKGP

    Convenient, helpful, friendly

  • Love It

    by CherokeeChick

    My company recently switched up PayCom and we love it! It’s simple to use and great to be able to clock-in and out when working at home. I really love having the thumbprint enabled for opening the ap quickly. I also love that I can view my pay stubs from my phone. The website is easy to use for days in the office.

  • I am in control

    by MichaelLB2

    I’ve never worked for a company that has such an innovative was to manage their employees. The app is so easy to use and truly feel in control of my operations!

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