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Paycom Software, Inc.

Manage your own payroll and HR data

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

19.2% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Jean Jones

    i am really not fond of the app for many reasons. I have not used it much but when i do it always tell me that i either have the wrong username or wrong password. then when you try to give it the security password that's wrong as well. and it will not direct you to your next question. just not fond of everything that's personal have to be dealt with via apps.and the fact that it can only be used on smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately everyone does not have or own a smartphone or tablet.


    by tossyourwords

    Hopefully the developers will read this review for some constructive criticism. I’ve switched to using an iPad only for a computer, which has been largely successful; except that the success depends greatly on the competency of the apps I use. This app has a rotation problem. I’m using a 12.9” iPad, so it’s very often in landscape orientation. But this app seems to presume I want to look at everything in portrait orientation. It starts in portrait and I have to rotate the iPad to portrait and then back to landscape to get it to rotate. Then, if I open a pdf, it will switch back to portrait and stay that way while viewing the pdf, incapable of rotating to landscape while it’s open. When it’s closed, I have to rub blue with rotating again until I get it back into landscape. It’s almost unusable on my iPad. Furthermore, in typing this review, I’ve also discovered that it doesn’t work with my apple Bluetooth keyboard. At all! The keyboard works absolutely everywhere else on my iPad, but not at all inside this app. Why bother having this app on the iPad at all if it’s going to be unusable? Best switch it to an iPhone only app. Or, preferably, make it more usable on an iPad.

  • by Brandon M

    i hate paycom! Good luck getting help, you can only contact your HR and there not paycom experts but if you cant get a hold of them or there not helpful you are not going to get mad at the ppl who can fire you. also MONITOR ALL PUNCHES, my time card is messed up and I have no idea how to fix it because, you can only request new punches but you cant get rid of any. No worries, because once I FINALLY get a hold of my HR I'll be so frustrated they will fire me and then i wont have paycom anymore.

  • Just as bad as mobile web

    by Cross country tourist

    The only advantage I can see to using this app over visiting the paycom website on your mobile browser is the ability to use Touch ID on an iPhone. Otherwise it feels almost identical to the mobile browser experience, which is extremely lacking. Setting availability in your schedule is particularly nightmarish. At least in a browser like safari you can put the phone in landscape and figure out what date you’re looking at. This is actually lost in the app. On top of that it’s still extremely painful to set your availability within a certain window on each day. Please just let me type in the start and end time rather than dragging a green box around a tiny window.

  • “User interface enhancements”

    by MatthewMGR

    I love when lazy developers refuse to support their customers’ love of technology by sticking their head in the sand. Some of your customers actually update their devices. Time to keep an eye on the future and begin to be proactive. Until then, react faster and support the iPhone X! UPDATE: Your failure to address my actual concerns are laughable. Yes Face ID is supported; Apple made it backwards compatible with Touch ID. Perhaps you should actually use your application on an iPhone X and see the pitiful black bars at the top and bottom. It is sad that you’d try to shift your message and act like your customer doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Your newest version does NOT fully support the iPhone X. Everything is NOT fine with your application!

  • by Pat Tennies

    won't let me approve just the days I worked. it just approved the entire pay period from June 1 through June 15!! That is in the future, so I haven't even worked yet. Instructions unhelpful. Their screens look different than what I can pull up in the app. Not user friendly at all.

  • Does Not Update Information

    by Kknorri

    I had an issue with this app the first time I had to complete a checklist. I finished one of the items before I noticed it was a part of the checklist and by the time I came to check it off, it would not recognize the information. So even though the information was filled in, it didn’t recognize that it was. I had another issue when my boyfriends computer auto-filled his email and phone number into my contact information. I noticed this afterwards and tried to change both pieces of information, however every time I clicked “Update”, it went back to my boyfriends information. Overall, it has an issue with recognizing info and updating/saving info.

  • by DJ D

    asks 5 questions for your security then tells you youre wrong and won't tell you what you're doing wrong during set up stupid. update: I created an acct at the website and got the same error messages but after 3 attempts it finally recognized my responses. Still not a happy camper but will give it time to prove itself. At that time I will update my rating or leave it the same. I was told by a co-worker others had same issue.update2: It will not accept my information now.

  • by Joshua Meindertsma

    No way to turn off push notifications?! What?! Very confusing to use. Only on it because employer made it mandatory. Availability screen doesn't load the whole week and locks up when scrolling down to the weekends so you can't request off Saturday and Sunday!

  • by Jonathan AKA The Goot

    Probably the worst employer pay site ever! Can't even look at your pay stub until the day you even get it! I wish they would just go out of business! I'm hoping my employer will change back to the old provider soon! Paycom is a JOKE! OF A COMPANY!

  • by Niharika Remella

    Horrible User experience, does not have any feedback for date format, form does not auto save and you leave the app screen you have to start from the beginning, does not have a desktop app to fill out forms. App crashes all the time too.

  • by Diana L Cox

    How do I set this up on my home computer and how do i print from this app? The time sheet is set up as read only and it does not allow me to print my time. I do not like using a small cell phone to check my info, I find this app aggravating.

  • by Christian Matamoros

    Your apps trash ive taken the same test 3 times for my job and it wont save my resolutes. These test effect my pay and hours MY LIFE!!!! Your app is terrible if it effecting peoples lives this way. But i stead its wasted mo ey there not using the funding to make a good product there just t stealing at this point.

  • The app is Freezer up-er!

    by mimi7mm

    It seems more time than not, the app freezes when I need to clock in. Then a note is required to our employer to explain why we did not clock at that time. We are already required to clock in and out for required breaks, that are not usually relevant to the field group we are working with. So an alarm needs to be set in order to clock when required...If the app is not loading properly, that requires another note. We also get in trouble if we leave to many notes. Not a big fan!

  • Review

    by YffuTM

    The concept of this app and all it has to offer is genuinely a great idea. It consolidates and simplifies most of everything that you may want or need to know in the palm of your hand. With that being said, the app would have to consistently function properly in order to truly create such convenience. There is constant login error issues and if successfully in the app, there are loading issues or you just get booted out of the app all together. Tweak these issues and you have one great app!

  • Getting worse

    by Sws2k42

    They keep making the buttons smaller and closer together causing misentries; use to have to time sheet opened when viewing but now it’s closed and you have to select which day u want to look at instead of just scroll to the day. Of course that’s another button to push. The “add features” are only available for an additional fee to the employer. It’s getting worse not better and harder to see the print the older you get.

  • As intuitive as Quantum physics

    by FreeT-roy

    User name cannot be changed and is pre-set to super un-memorable alphanumerical. To make things really frustrating the fingerprint id doesn’t work and there is no error messages or anything to tell you what to do instead. You have to find your way to settings just to login manually. Mileage tracker stops in the middle of trip leaving you with no proof of miles and a mess of paperwork to get covered. Wish there was a negative stars option for this review.

  • App stays sideways, when launched from Keyboard Cover

    by StuFisch

    For the most part, the app works fine. *BUT* - on an iPAD, if you’re using a keyboard cover/case, you’ll need to remove it, hold it in portrait mode, launch the app, sign in, then wait for it to load, *THEN* turn it sideways (landscape mode) and return it to the keyboard cover/case If you want to use it with a keyboard. Developer doesn’t think this is a problem.

  • Can’t do anything you’re supposed to

    by allthegoodonesgone

    The functionality of this app even the desktop website is trash can. After watching the Paycom University videos and reading the manual there is literally no way to access some of the functions like checking your hours or requesting time off. There is supposed to be sub categories for time management and time off request but they are nowhere to be found.

  • Trash

    by Ir0n Cobra

    All I want to do is reset my password but this app makes it the most frustrating thing in the world. It says I’ve been sent an email with a temporary password but that is lie because I haven’t received anything and I keep refreshing my inbox. How long does it take to send an email? A week? And I know it’s not because they have the wrong email since I have previous messages from them in my inbox.


    by jaebrooks12

    The new update is extremely buggy. Right off the bat, the login screen is so slow. Who the hell cares about these flashy animations and transitions? I just want a fast log in. On top of that, the quick login has problems too. Sometimes I can’t register a pin, sometimes it says my pin is incorrect even when it isn’t, sometimes it just blanks as I type my pin. Seems like a very hastily thrown together update to the app.

  • Quick Punch moved!

    by gmaslilshit

    I loved when the Quick punch button was added. It was a nice size button and was so easy to “one hand” it to clock in/out. It seems like in last couple days the button was gone! Then today I noticed a tiny button at the very top of the screen. This one is not user friendly at all!!

  • Not user friendly.

    by ty13rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Over all, gets the job done...I guess. Lacking iPhone X support. Throughout the app, the UI is very ugly and unstable. Would love to have some kind of graph or charts per pay period as well as year to date. App is pretty much the same as the mobile site which isn’t pretty. Looks like the app was designed 10+ years ago. Take some lessons from ADP.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent


    it's for work it's an ok app nothing spectacular about it

  • Little more than the website

    by artyerb

    This just looks like a web view of their site. The only advantage this has over their site is Touch ID to log in. Add some iOS shortcuts to punch in/out.

  • Facial recognition needs improvement

    by KRHD

    Sometimes facial recognition doesn’t work. It just keeps showing the blue circle forever.

  • Quick Punch moved!

    by gmaslilshit

    I loved when the Quick punch button was added. It was a nice size button and was so easy to “one hand” it to clock in/out. It seems like in last couple days the button was gone! Then today I noticed a tiny button at the very top of the screen. This one is not user friendly at all!!

  • Disappointed

    by this system is crap

    I can not get in to client side to do my payroll PTO report for employees and no one can tell me why I can not get signed in.

  • Useless

    by Bigchamp94

    Slow, glitchy and often doesn’t register what you’re trying to do. Hands down the worst app I’ve ever used

  • Ridiculous App and Inflated Ratings

    by Jacob Arling

    Lol at this app. It’s routinely down and “experiencing difficulties.” Half of the reviews on here are hilariously outrageous. Read through them and you’ll see that they are quite obviously fake reviews from some sort of bot or AI that, most likely, Paycom has deployed to boost its own ratings. If there is any question as to this, this app has 4x the amount of reviews as the amazon app (LOL). Thumbs down.

  • It will go down to 1 Star next time I get a pop up to give a rating

    by TheRatePopUpIsANNOYING


  • The app is Freezer up-er!

    by mimi7mm

    It seems more time than not, the app freezes when I need to clock in. Then a note is required to our employer to explain why we did not clock at that time. We are already required to clock in and out for required breaks, that are not usually relevant to the field group we are working with. So an alarm needs to be set in order to clock when required...If the app is not loading properly, that requires another note. We also get in trouble if we leave to many notes. Not a big fan!

  • Still confused

    by havelost226lbs

    Wondering when comparing pay differincal, also part time? Still have been trying to figure out pay. Don’t want to be a bother. Thanks Chris Heitmann

  • Missing time punches!

    by Christopher22182

    -Updated- Issues have gotten worse at times have to manually type in my username password every other time I have to punch in or out.

  • Try adding a punch

    by Tbub5252

    Whoever made this app has never tried to view time sheet or add a punch on their phone. It is horrible, I deleted the app. Pointless except to view pay stub.

  • Inconvenient

    by judge2256

    I found it very inconvenient. I had to use this app for my employer and I had so many difficulties just setting it up. I had to contact my employer repeatedly to help me log in and set it up. I also tried to change my username because the app said it couldn’t work and that there was an error, but after multiple try’s and contacting my employer it was the same username I had been using the entire time so I have no idea why it wouldn’t work when I was logging in. Overall my main problem was just trying to log in and I had to do it multiple times even when putting in the same information every time.

  • Security questions are wrong

    by Raul Espinosa

    App works ok until it randomly wants you to answer security answers AFTER Face ID was successful. Security questions are not the ones I wanted asked for instance “oldest siblings middle name” none of my siblings have middle names so there’s no way I would have answered that in the first place. Now after a few attempts I’ll have to reach out to my HR to get a password reset. So frustrating...

  • Ho hum

    by ThosMundo

    The solicitation of feedback is an annoying waste of time.

  • Fake 5-star reviews

    by Michael773737

    This app clearly has fake 5 star reviews. I can’t even log in, says my login info is wrong on the app; yet I can login just fine on the computer. Further, can’t upload additional documents. It asks for specific documents not relevant to the hiring authority. Extremely buggy and useless.

  • Time clock

    by It's overcome

    Hello, My phone is fully updated, but I’m not able to clock in or out on the app.

  • Trash

    by Shdnbshdhdhdhshdhhsh

    Input all the info i was emailed just to turn around and have it’s say the info doesn’t exist if i could rate it lower than 1 star i would

  • Client Side Login Missing

    by Road Painter

    The app is useless if I can’t get to my Client side functionality.


    by PJJ028

    Used this for DDCues Security and always had issues, GPS never worked therefore I could never punch in or out for shifts. Always froze up, and had to restart or redownload the app, plus was always up to date. WORST SYSTEM EVER. Anyone who’s company uses this ... RUN! - iPhone 6S


    by Greatuibg

    I am late to work almost everyday because the app fails to load properly and in a reasonable time. I have waited up to ten minutes waiting for the app to load for me to be able to clock in. Please work on this aspect as it is extremely frustrating I lose paid time everyday on YOUR behalf.

  • Can’t login

    by I_MeowLoud

    I can’t even login in with the information given to me. AT ALL, now I’m locked out and didn’t even sign up yet

  • I can’t log in

    by Gina 514

    I downloaded the app and it won’t let open. It keeps saying that my password or is is wrong. I really would like to use it

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