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Palm Reading Insights -- Palmistry Palm Reader App

Palm Reading Insights -- Palmistry Palm Reader App

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Reveal the secret behind your palm lines!

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App Description

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Reveal the life story written on your palm! Your palm lines contain a story about your personality, your traits and perceptions. Our palm reading app -- Palm Reading Insights -- will help you reveal your hidden story. Palm Reading Insights reads your palm to find and analyse your Heart Line, Life Line, Head Line, Fate Line and all the palm mounts. Get a free and personalised reading of your palm based on the ancient palm reading rules.

Getting a personalised palm reading is easy once you're inside the app:
1. Take a photo of your palm area. This photo is stored only on your phone.
2. Trace the palm lines on the photo of your palm.
3. Get a personalised palm reading.

When preparing a palm reading, Palm Reading Insights applies the rules of the book 'The Laws of Scientific Palm Reading' by looking at your:
- Heart Line
- Life Line
- Head Line
- Fate Line
- Mounts of: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo (Sun), Mercury, Venus, Luna (Moon) and Mars

Palm Reading Insights analyses how each of your lines interacts with other lines and mounts, how your psychic energy flows along them.

From this analysis, Palmistry Reading Insights writes a complete reading of your palm and provide you with a free short palm reading. If you wish you can reveal the full palm reading for a small fee.

The app is designed for entertainment purposes only.

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Palm Reading Insights -- Palmistry Palm Reader App

Palm Reading Insights -- Palmistry Palm Reader App

3.9 6K+ Reviews

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