Overkill 2

Overkill 2


80K Reviews

Overkill 2 is a F2P shooter that's all about shooting... and guns.

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Editor’s Review

  1. Fight with 50+ realistic 3D guns that are most used in today's global warfare, with earned upgrades available
  2. Features intensive, realistic shooter action only for the most serious of shooting gamers
  3. Ready for a mission? Customize your weapons, lock and load, and rain destruction down on the enemy at will

Review Highlights

  • addictive

    in 89 reviews

    This game is very addictive and lots of fun. I play whenever i have a few minutes.

  • good graphics

    in 76 reviews

    Good graphics. Very attractive. Nice to play.

  • great shooter

    in 26 reviews

    Great shooter

  • challenging

    in 19 reviews

    Fun, challenging, detailled app which can provide hours of entertainment 11/10!

  • nice gameplay

    in 11 reviews

    Nice game play

  • easy to play

    in 10 reviews

    Fun game easy to play

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Overkill 2

Overkill 2

80K Reviews