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Organic Chem Ia-SecondLook

Organic Chem Ia-SecondLook

The University of Michigan

The Organic Chemistry SecondLook™ app reviews college-level organic chemistry.

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App Description

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The Organic Chemistry Ia SecondLook™ application is a study aid that provides a structured review for students to self-test their understanding in three units of introductory organic chemistry: line abbreviation and curved arrow drawing conventions; resonance contributors and 3D orbital representations; and Brønsted acid-base chemistry. These topical areas comprise the content of the first examination for CHEM 210 at the University of Michigan. Three levels of review are available in each unit: an overview of the subjects; a set of practice problems whose focus is on applying one conceptual area; and a set of test problems that integrate multiple areas, the latter of which are drawn from past examinations at the University of Michigan. This application asks its users to engage by paying attention and imagining a proper response as a solution is developed through a guided sequence of questions. By taking a "Second Look" through these guided reviews, users are able to quickly self-evaluate and test their organic chemistry understanding and to identify persistent errors or gaps that might exist in their learning. Additional topics will be added as they become available.

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Organic Chem Ia-SecondLook

Organic Chem Ia-SecondLook

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