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Optical Inquisitor 17+

Optical Inquisitor 17+

Crescent Moon Games

Its the year 1988. Acid wash jeans are in.

306K+ Reviews 5M+
  • 88% positive reviews
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305.9K+ Ratings
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Review Highlights

  • too many ads

    in 1,033 reviews

    Way way way to many ads every time you fail and every time you go on the map ADS

  • good story

    in 519 reviews

    Wow, this game is really good. They have a good story and good graphics. Good job:)

  • addictive

    in 370 reviews

    It was a nice story and it had violence. I adore these games, they are so addicting.

  • great graphics

    in 245 reviews

    Great graphics and easy controls. Would be better without censors and free full game.

  • free levels

    in 156 reviews

    Fun and addictive.. plus only rating for the free level

  • best sniper game

    in 79 reviews

    Best sniper game out there. Story line was short could be longer but great physics

App Description

Google Play

Its the year 1988. Acid wash jeans are in.
Our hero, Tommy Rissken has been betrayed by his friends and had to serve a prison sentence for 8 years.

Now he's back with a vengeance. With your help, he'll get his revenge on his 'friends' and be able to return to his daughter.

Top 10 Strategy Game in over 10 countries!


- Superior Sniper mechanics
- Great ragdoll physics, destructible bodies
- Racing and Underground Gamblers Club
- Great cartoon animations
- Amazing 80s style new retro wave soundtrack from Perturbator, RTRY, Vector Hold, Protector-101, Palm Highway Chase, Tommy, Betamaxx, Flash Аrnold, Silenx, M-Town Vice, Vincenzo Salvia, Hot Hot Hawk, Brutal Pony Riders, Bestrack, The Аstral Stereo Project, Bourgeoisie, Mr Pteez, Quasars, DrPECCO
- Build your own weapons
- Great interactive elements in levels
- Old 80's style cell phones

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Optical Inquisitor 17+

Optical Inquisitor 17+

4.6 306K+ Reviews

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