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NavShip - Boat Navigation

NavShip - Boat Navigation


Free boat navigation assistance, supporting Europe, Canada and the US

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Editor’s Review

  1. Ready for a water journey? Now easily navigate with the help of inland waterway routing throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States
  2. In-app calculator easily gives you the distance to your next port of call via the route you set
  3. Prefer the metric system? No problem! One touch switches distances back and forth between kilometers and miles at any time

Reviewed by Kaylin on March 14, 2019

App Description

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Best for inland waterway routing! Please note, that some rivers and seas might not be included yet. Please use the contact form inside the app menu (report error at the bottom) to request a new waterway, and we will implement them as soon as possible.

Recently added: Notices to Skippers (NtS) for more safety on your route. Currently available in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

Free version: Up to 50 km (31 miles) route planning and 10 km tracking. We use advertisement in free version.

NavShip is a free navigation assistance software for nautic usage in Europe, Canada and the United States. It uses an special overlay for google maps or open sea map to show shipping signs and contains by now more than 500 waterways.

No problem to get from A to B, even if there's an ocean between you and your target. London - Rome, Paris - Amsterdam, Copenhagen - Stockholm, Frankfurt - Istanbul, Chicago - Toronto, nearly every route can be calculated.

NavShip needs access to device's storage to work properly. It never accesses your private data or contacts.

WEAR OS: NavShip provides a Wear OS App for Smartwatches. You can easily connect with live routing on your app. Calculate a route on your smartphone and view your current speed, course offset, distance and travel time via smartwatch. Even the next bridge or lock will be displayed.

Kilometres or miles, km/h or knots
Travel time and distance
Approx. arrival time
Course and speed over ground
Fuel and costs
Anchor alert
Implementation of own boat icon for routing
Lots of more...

Get more information at

Disclaimer: This app should only be used as an assistant. Please use it carefully and supportive. NavShip is not responsible for accidents. Please note the in app disclaimer and the terms of use at

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NavShip - Boat Navigation

NavShip - Boat Navigation

4.2 635 Reviews

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