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My Number - find phone number

My Number - find phone number


What is my phone number? Find your phone number from SIM or by making test call

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App Description

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A simple way to detect and show you your phone number.

- What is my phone number?
- How do I find my phone number on my phone?
- How do you find out what your mobile number is?
- How can I know my own phone number?
- How do I check my phone number?
- How do you find out the phone number of a SIM card?

This app answers all those questions with one touch. Checks SIM card, if SIM card does not store your phone number, it will give you a test number to call so the app can detect your phone number you are calling from.

Why would you use this app:
1. Not all sim cards have phone numbers stored inside them.
2. It's much easier to see your phone number in large numbers in the app especially for people who need glasses.
3. It's a friendlier way to show your new friends your number instead of showing them your contact list and again pointing them to the number in small letters.
4. Very simple app to use when traveling and inserting new SIM cards.

✓ Supports Dual SIM card phones (with two SIM cards).
✓ Get information about SIM card(s) in your device.
✓ Detect phone number by dialing in.
✓ One touch to quickly show you your number.
✓ Turns your phone into a business card.
✓ Show or share your new friends your number.

The app can also display information about SIM card(s) in your device such as:
- Device IMEI
- SIM card state
- SIM card serial number (ICCID)
- SIM card country ISO
- SIM card operator code
- SIM card operator name
- Phone number
- Phone type
- Device MEID or ESN
- Network country ISO
- Network operator code
- Network operator name
- Network type
- Voice roaming
- Data roaming

Due to the vast amount of android devices some features might not work on every device. If you have problems on your device contact us: and will try to fix your problem in the next version. Also please write us an email if you have any problems, questions or feature requests.

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My Number - find phone number

My Number - find phone number

3.6 702 Reviews

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