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Mitosis: The Game

Mitosis: The Game

Freakinware Studios Limited eat cells or die trying! Incredibly addicting Multiplayer Game!

157K+ Reviews 1M+
  • 83% positive reviews
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157.1K+ Ratings
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Review Highlights

  • addictive

    in 296 reviews

    The newest updates really suck but I does lag a little bit. It's a fun an addicting game

  • too many ads

    in 86 reviews

    you cant register and too many ads, WHY CANT I REGISTER, IS THE APP DUMB

  • challenging

    in 18 reviews

    Its just a great game its challenging and adicting making pretty cool for all gamers

  • great time killer

    in 17 reviews

    great time killer Best game I've played Download this great time killer Game

  • great graphics

    in 14 reviews


  • easy to play

    in 11 reviews

    Its so awesome and easy to play and I really love the fact that you can level up

App Description

Google Play

Eat cells or die trying!

Warning: Incredibly addicting Multiplayer Game !

☆☆☆☆☆ Really fun
☆☆☆☆☆ I'm a cake skin
☆☆☆☆☆ Awesome and good

** LAG: If you experience high latency, please open the Settings Menu and change your server location **

You are a cell, wandering around looking for smaller cells to absorb and grow. Larger cells, likewise, are seeking for smaller cells like you to absorb. Smaller cells move fast, larger cells are very slow! You can split yourself to increase your speed but this will increase the risk of being eaten. Finally, beware of the viruses!

Mitosis allows you to:

- Five Game Modes: Free to Play, Random Team, Capture The Flag, Hunger Games, and Guilds War
- Guild system with chatroom
- Private rooms to play with friends
- Equipment system
- Custom skins
- Eat smaller cells to gain mass and become larger
- Avoid larger cells because they can absorb you
- Separate yourself into 2 cells to gain speed
- Use viruses to hide yourself or hit others
- Expel mass to decrease in size
- Have a lot of fun!

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Mitosis: The Game

Mitosis: The Game

4.4 157K+ Reviews

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