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  • Lost all workers and managers May 20, 2020

    By Knight of Heeboo
    After the app refusing to open after three tries it finally did and I saw my progress was the same, I was rank 7, but every single worker I had was now gone. I had none unlocked all of a sudden and after opening a free chest I gained two back. This is somewhat off putting and makes me concerned about losing valuable progress and time put into the game. Other than that its not an ad heavy game and relies on the simple process of making money. You can earn the in game currency at a decent rate by upgrading normally which is nice considering the time warp boosts are very useful. The ads only give you so much money so you aren’t gonna be done with this game very quickly by watching a ton of ads for rewards. All in all a good game but I really wish I hadn’t lost that progress. It didn’t make me drop the game but if it continues I might because those workers helped out a bit and could have turned out to be even more valuable later on, now I have to get that all back.
  • My Review is here Jun 13, 2020

    By Andy tha bau5
    Now that my review is up, all other reviews are irrelevant. This is an idle game where you have 0 ads forced down your throat. There is also no shady business whatsoever, as there is an easy way to earn the premium currency by simply playing the game. Progress is as simple as Rock Paper Scissors, where in order to gain an advantage with one building, you must play strategically, ie, if your mine is filled to max capacity, upgrade your refinery to smelt faster, allowing more minerals to be harvested and delivered. Trucks can’t carry enough ore? Upgrade your warehouse vehicles so they can carry more. This is the perfect idle game, and I can’t wait to see what future updates await it.
  • Good game but could be better Jun 25, 2020

    By HSM1217
    It’s a great game to play and pass the time. Some things that should be worked on/changed should be not having the dumpers or lorrys stop for one another to pass, once the gold mine gets deeper and starts to spin it gets really out of hand and aggravating. At many points in time I’ve had to restart the app since trucks got stuck and would not move out of each other’s way since since they “don’t pass each other up”. The exchange office’s Deposit upgrade states: +11% bonus coins every minutes”. Not sure what that supposed to say??? Whenever I try to watch an ad from the helicopter for a good chunk of money the heli just ups and leaves and I don’t get the money. Also sometimes happens on welcome back re