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Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free


Be together whenever with a simple way to text, video chat and rally the group.

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  • I love messenger

    by liz0021

    Messenger helps you stay connected with people all over the world for free. Yet one of my favorite things about messenger is the parts in the settings. The settings have information that can tell you when you logged in and from what device. The settings also allow you to get notifications directly to messenger that allow you to get updated on that information so you never fall short. My only thing is Facebook takes 30 days for the account to delete. This may not be a huge delay for most, but to me it’s too long. Also I believe it would be even cooler if it had an unsend button. We’ve all said things we wish we could take back before we said it, that’s why I think an unsend button would increase the amount of FB users. My favorite update, the colorful messages. It makes it more fun rather than just normal colors.

  • by Amanda Shively

    I like how easily I can get ahold of friends but I'm upset that you can no longer save a chathead to your homescreen. I accidentally removed the shortcut to my husband and now I can no longer create one. Messenger helps me keep in touch when he's out to sea but now I have to go through 3-4 steps to open the chathead. It's annoying to go through all those steps when I really only use the app to talk to him.

  • by Ricjohn Vivero

    To those people who gave 4 stars and below, you guys are all "DUMB". You always want a perfect application. If you don't want it and planning to uninstall it, GO!!! stupid. Be thankful that you can connect to dumb people like you. If you're giving a threat that you'll delete your account - "the creator can't wait". Why don't you delete everything and stop using smartphones? You guys think you're smart? This app is "VERY HELPFUL" since it was created.

  • by S0nder Th0ughts

    Ive been having issues. about 2 months ago my phone started downloading every sticker that is in my messenger app..I am talking around 900 stickers. I read that this means a "no media" file was not present in the app.. but I cannot figure out why all the sudden my messenger app does not have a "no media" file. So I have re-installed the app and ill see how it goes from there. I am not the only person who has this issue, so I hope facebook can find the source of this and share a solution.

  • by Determinated Dog

    WHAT?!? YOU NEVER TRIED MESSENGER?!?!? You know its useful right? Look I'm not supposed to give my own oppinion, But Give it a try and then you can tell me if its good or not. Not convinced yet? ok I'll give you a deal This app is available for free and thats a great Price!

  • Invasive tactics much?

    by Digital.Velocity

    I have been using Facebook for several years. It’s a lovely way of wasting time and staying up to date on which celebrities have died recently and the scandals I should be angry about. Facebook messenger would be ten times better if the developers made it to stay out of my business. 1. Every time it suggests that I connect it with my contacts so that it can suggest people from their phone numbers, I tell it no, I don’t want to do that. And yet, somehow I’m still getting suggested messenger contacts from phone numbers in my address book. 2. M suggestions. Glad I figured out how to make it stop suggesting passive aggressive “you’re welcome” stickers when I’m in the middle of a fight. It doesn’t help me any. 3. It was only a matter of time until it started giving us ads on messenger, and I know that ads don’t go away once they are there, but I might as well say it. Hate being advertised to when I’m talking to my friends.

  • Show last login up to 24 hours please!

    by musicspecialist71

    I use messenger to contact people I'm friends with on facebook when i don't have their phone number, so I do like the app. However, this latest update does not show the last login of people past 1 hour of their log in. This app use to show at least up to 24 hours of last login which was very nice, especially for family, friends, co-workers etc. We may not talk everyday but we can at least see that they are ok and active in a 24 hour period. And, If I can see someone has been active in the past 24 hours, then YES, I'm more likely to use Messenger!!!! I also have a son that lives many hours from me and he is very busy with family, job, etc., but if I can at least see where he has logged in within the last 24 hours, it gives me peace of mind that he is ok! Please give back to us and show the last login of people from at least 24 hours! Please!! Thank you!!

  • by Kylee Young

    I don't know what's going on lately, but yesterday, someone's profile picture just disappeared. I've reset, updated, and restarted my phone, thinking that was the issue. But that's not the case. It's just an annoying grey or white freaking bubble. and only for one person? Not to mention the occasional delay in getting a message and sometimes sending.

  • Great but definitely could be better!

    by Obsessed w/ makeup

    Compared to previous versions of the app this is by far the best one but personally I think it would definitely be much better if a few things were changed on it. Even just the smallest changes could make it way better. Simplicity is key always. With this being said I think by making the main messenger screen less complex and having it to where you can go in the app and out quicker could have a great affect on everything including the ratings. Meaning having the Messenger App uncomplicated and more straight forward I know I would personally be happier with it and use it daily and as well as a good amount of individuals I know. For example if someone could get on message a friend & respond right back; almost compared to AIM or slightly like iMessage. It would change the game completely and have a higher rating guaranteed. Only asking to take it into consideration. :)

  • Messaging is Good, Calling Isn’t

    by lilmarbles

    The messaging with FB friends is pretty good. I like that you can customize individual chats and I enjoy the sound effects in the app. It’s a really good way to stay in touch with far away friends & family. I don’t always get notifications when I receive a new message though. I’m not a fan of the call/video chat feature. Calls are often dropped, the sound/call quality is awful. Video chat is really choppy. A lot of the video calls are spent “connecting” so all you see is a black screen , but at least you can still talk to the other person while this is going on. This app isn’t too bad , it works better than the Facebook app itself in my opinion. It’s a good way to stay connected and talking to old friends. I recommend using it if you got Facebook.

  • by bookshotlover

    I love messenger I recommend it! For starters it gives you notifacations. The camera is wonderful! (Along with the speaker). They have fun face filters on the video call. Along with video messages. You can also send voice messages (which is really cool not gonna lie.) The best part is that there is a button to block people you dont know. Along with a settings for face bubbles. Thank you messenger! What are you waiting for? Get this app right now!

  • Not Horrible but Has Issues

    by Tambri62

    Although I have connected with some amazing people through this app and love the fact that I can connect with people all over the world this app is not a dating app and people need to be respectful of that. I’m not on messenger to hook up with people and receive numerous messages and random calls from people during all times of the day and night. I do understand I can shut my phone off or use my sleep setting on my phone but have had a parent experiencing some health issues and don’t want to shut my phone down as I may need to take a call or message at anytime. The other thing I don’t like is that people know the second I connect to Facebook or messenger and become active on the sight. Sometimes I just jump on to check something out for business purposes and get bombarded with messages. It would be nice to have the ability to get online without the world knowing I’m there.

  • by edgar fernandez

    it works well for everything its supposed to do, but a feature that was very helpful was removed. You no longer have the option to chose photos from your gallery folders (ie. downloaded photos being in a seperate folder than say camera photos and screenshots). It makes it very inconvenient if you want to send a picture that is not new and at the top of the camera roll because if the photo is old you need to scroll through tons of photos merged into one folder to find just one specific one.

  • Post iOS 11.0.3 issues

    by eva_joes

    Always been a big loyal fan of Facebook’s Messenger app and to this day it is still my go-to method of communication versus texting with my personal cell number. However, after the iOS 11.0.3 update messenger has a huge lag when it comes to sending pictures, and even messages at all for that matter. I thought it was the pictures themselves or the WiFi connection but it happens with any picture or video I try to send, no matter what size, and no matter the WiFi signal strength or network I’m connected to. At times the app will even crash right when opening it for the first time on any given day, no matter how often I clear background apps and history and data on my iTouch. Don’t know if it’s Apple’s or Facebook’s issue but the compatibility and functionality should be pristine and on point, considering how much we pay for our devices and how often software is updated.

  • by Xehla

    I use it every day, all the time. But what really pisses me off, is that every once in a while out of nowhere for what seems like no particular reason it will just not send any photos to anyone. I've tried restarting my phone, turning it completely off and back on, I've tried stopping the app and starting it up. I'm about to Uninstall and re install just to see if it will let me send these meaningless memes to my friends again because I don't want to wait 2+ hours for it to let me send photos.

  • by HmongCalibur

    It is easy to use and everything. Although I am using and LG G3 phone, I can not update and have to uninstall and reinstall. It takes about 25+ retries and I get frustrated sometimes. Troubleshoot is useless on my end most of the time. Update 8-18-19: Might as well download LITE version.

  • Normally I adore this app

    by Snuffalugfagous

    However, it's super irritating with this current version, that I can't play messenger games with people without it looking like I have an unread message from each individual because either them or I have made a move in the game. App badges would be enough for me, within the application. Separate the games notifications from the messenge notifications please! Badges on the game tab and that's it would be super nice. If I want to play games I'll go over there. But I'm actually losing messages in all these integrated game notifications... Also still having an issue with messenger not allowing me to continue typing a message when the phone is rotated. The whole app freezes and I am forced to close or send a half typed message. Many times this happens and it was not intentional at all. A fix would be fantastic. Currently functioning off iOS 11.2.1 on the 7plus.

  • Why! Why!! Why!!!

    by Metal Vault Manga

    Only three stars and here is why. First the good. Messaging and sending photos is it’s strong points. I have had zero problems with doing either and if I were to rate solely based on the two it would receive five stars. However, the actual calling is for me what hurts the app the most. Annoying doesn’t even begin to explain my feelings towards that particular feature. I have yet to get or to make an actual call, as to where, the call doesn’t take it upon itself to just end. I don’t know if it’s just on my end but I suspect not. It doesn’t seem to make a difference from where it ordinates the result is the same. Call abruptly ends for no reason and then you are asked to rate the call. HAHAHAHA!! What a joke. Instant one star and not even deserving of the one. So again the messaging and photo sending are excellent, the calling function not so much.

  • Fixed: A annoying glitch

    by ToasterWife

    Edit: hey you fixed it, nice. Typing on iPad is pain still layout wise but it works. Messenger usually works well on my iPhone no issues what so ever, in this case for an odd reason it doesn’t want to type I’ll begin typing “Hey I’m” and it doesn’t let me type afterwards. I have no idea why this occurring but I hope I’m not alone, I use this app to talk to friends and talk about homework and junk— this is a real pain and honestly a bad move on the team’s part for not checking before sending this update out. This could’ve honestly been fixed or avoided if they checked this before releasing it, I trust on the team a lot and will always update on day one. You’re making me regret this honestly, y’all just giving me trust issues

  • Slow sending & deletion option

    by WeezerBeast

    I mean it works fine most of the time but obviously as some people has already said it struggles to send messages to others. Honestly still waiting it to send a message to my cousin it’s been two days? Even if my internet is slow it still sends to everyone else so that makes no sense. Only other issue you guys need to add a delete button; again my internet is slow so I have to wait forever just to log into Facebook on my computer to go into messenger to delete things but I shouldn’t need to go on there to do this id appreciate it if someone could consider this idea to add this ability on the app especially when you log onto Facebook through the phone it doesn’t give you the same option and just sends you back to the app?

  • Problems

    by Ropted

    Can it be fixed so people have a reply for each topic of conversation? Gets confusing for people to stay on the subject. Also people tend to not look above to read previous comments. That’s aggravating. Why does it tell when people erase things. People get suspicious when the message comes up. They want to know what was erased. No need for that. Also I don’t understand when I want to delete something it shows Remove for you and Remove for everyone. If I’m talking to one person - why would I just want it removed for me? And who is everyone? If that comes up - I’m thinking - who did it go to. I don’t talk to groups of people. I also worry that certain people with knowledge know how to look at a person’s Messenger. How can I be assured that doesn’t happen?? I’ve got everything in messenger settings turned off that has an on/off button.

  • My messages don’t show as delivered

    by Shelby&Ruby

    My problem is that for the past month, I will send a message to someone and whether we are Facebook friends or not, my messages do not show as delivered. My Facebook Messenger app has the latest update, I just recently updated my iOS software and I’m still having this problem. I’ve tried googling it and haven’t found any solutions. Can you help me please? Also, I was wondering if you could make an option for us to be able to only accept messages from friends or friends of friends only in addition to the current one accepting messages from everyone? The messages I get from people I’m not connected with don’t always appear in the message requests folder first and instead show up on my home page in bold letters.

  • Some bugs with the latest redesign and suggestions

    by HawkEye1194

    There is a bug after the latest recent redesign of the app. Sometimes when I open the app it uses the old design but when I close and reopen the app from multitasking the app then correctly displays the new designed app. This happens on my iPhone XS Max with iOS 12.1.2 Suggestions: -Apple Watch app needs improvement although it has gotten a lot better recently in that it actually works correctly now. It is annoying how every time you open the app you have to let it sync the messages again. I feel like it should stay in sync in the background if that is possible with the latest watchOS. -We need an Apple Carplay app to read messages while in the car. This would be amazing to have in the car.

  • how to remove?

    by annoyed one the 25th

    i love the app, it is my first go-to app in communication when i want to connect. i do not get, that at the people section (2nd icon on the bottom) why cant i check, to whom i connect, only after i tap on the + icon. i usually get pple from my instagram, as far as i experienced, that i have no idea of how they get to msgr and i hve no intention to connect on msgr. why cannot i see those connections before i HAVE to add, thus they are added when i finally can see them, why cannot i remove them without blocking them or rejecting them? i find this feature really stupid, and that i cannot control my own account and see it as msgr forces me to add someone i hve no idea who could be, until i add them. invasion of my privacy and then curiosity kills the cat...

  • Great quality video calls and something to improve

    by _susset

    I’ve have noticed something good and I came here to leave this review, this app has one of the best video calls quality, among other great things, but video quality is great. I’ve used this to call my friend and families in Cuba and that is the ultimate test because in cuba the internet is really bad and slow and with other apps is annoying to talk to people because it’s always freezing and you can barely see/heat the person but with this app the quality is great. Something to improve: please add the unsend feature that instagram has for the DMs. Sometimes I send messages I regret and I would like to delete them before the other person sees it 🙏🏻

  • “New” feature should be removed from app

    by bully shopper

    Messenger is probably the best messaging app to date with the exception of 1 thing and this just started in the last month or couple of months - SAVING PICTURES TO YOUR PHOTOS THAT OTHER PPL SEND YOU AUTOMATICALLY! I do not understand WHY the developers would think ppl would like this - it takes up your storage on your devices and in the Cloud, wastes your time by having to view and delete these photos, etc, etc! My gripe with this is pretty self explanatory. What makes this particular feature even worse is that you DO NOT EVEN HAVE TO OPEN THE CONVERSATION/THREAD FROM WHOEVER MIGHT HAVE SENT A PICTURE! Once a picture is sent TO you, Messenger now SAVES IT TO YOUR PHOTO ALBUM AUTOMATICALLY! It’s mind boggling to me that the developers actually thought this would be a GOOD feature! ...& if there’s an option to turn this off, PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME HOW!


    by JayAxRx

    I use this app a few times a week to keep the grandparents and great grandparents close to my 2 year old. When she is in her high chair painting or in her room with toys I place the phone or iPad an connect with distant family and it’s awesome. The baby often asks to call them now. I’ve never had problems being kicked off. The reason for only four stars is a lack of a “how to make the most out of video chats”. Sometimes we are each on half a screen. How did THAT happen. I can’t recreate it. Sometimes traffic lights show up and games start which they all love but I can’t recreate it. There should be a link right in the app to explains how to access these kinds of things right then and there while I am thinking of it. Otherwise, I love it.

  • Annoyed

    by Sierrianna

    I agree. It is more important to so many people. If some one we love passes away and we think our messages are kept only to find out they are gone is devastating. I had that happen after my mom passed on. It’s all gone and there are so many people out there hurting because of that. I hope that the powers to be that are always changing things here can have more compassion for others. You really need to listen to use. After all you have a job to go to because of us. We depend on you to see to our needs and sometimes that is all some of us has are some special words shared together. Please hear us and make things better for all is us as a community that is dependent on you or some day we’ll stop using this way of communicating and go to something better that understands our NEEDS

  • Facebook messenger need to pickup the pace


    Facebook messenger is seriously lacking behind with simple and small functions that can make it great. Facebook has friends that we do not want to share our phone numbers with to be able to communicate on other great and easy to converse instant messaging apps. One of those function is to be able to reply directly to a particular message. So difficult to handle conversation on Facebook as it doesn’t allow for different topics to be discussed concurrently just with a reply functionality. Most times when you go back to an old discussion during a new one the whole thing becomes confusing and then takes longer to type and clarify things with who you are chatting with. I can have a discussion in 3 mins on other apps and that same conversation would take me 10 mins on Facebook messenger. This is because you talk about one topic finish it up properly and start the next one again. When you can talk about both same time just directly replying to the exact thing you getting back at. Please fix this because it’s getting boring chatting on Facebook messenger. If you can smile to a message thumb up and other things why can’t we reply? Thank you.

  • #1

    by DcSnipez

    This is my go to app for communication I mean yeah it’s a bit buggy from time to time but come on its been out longer than some of the people on it have been alive. Keep doing what you’re doing add more and more to it everything y’all have done to it so far has only made it better. Even if it is already great it still needs something more to make it grow bigger more customizable options are very much needed because the style hasn’t changed in years and now it’s a little outdated. Y’all are probably just going to run this off as a hate comment but come on it’s helpful criticism it’s needed to improve. I love the app and all out idea thanks for changing the way we talk online.

  • I love messenger!

    by Tired of losing

    I’ve just finished reading reviews here and I’ll address a couple of things first. I’m grateful Facebook is trying to research people before letting them in; although, the Russians who ruined our election are already in, I’m afraid. I would like a choice of notification tones, but a background picture or whatever? I don’t spend that much time just looking at the screen. I type my message, go away, come back when I get a response. It does connect with your FB contacts. It easily attaches articles and pictures. It is speedy and reliable. It is free. It is an alternative to the phone call, allowing people to get my thought and respond at their leisure-just like regular phone texts.

  • No sound notifications

    by jd6500

    Overall I am pretty happy with messenger, but since I did the most recent update two days ago, I have no sound notifications, and everything is checked as it should be, my sound is not turned off on my phone, I do not have anything muted, I even had the Apple Store take a look at my phone and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my settings, they told me that it’s your update that messed up my phone. I depend on those sound notifications because I keep in touch with my family on messenger, and if my phone is in my purse and a message comes in and I don’t get a sound notification, I might not know for two or three hours that I got a message. Please fix this glitch as soon as possible!

  • Good app but..

    by LiamWilcox

    It’s a really good app. I use it everyday. However, it’s very annoying. Literally a few minutes ago, the call I’m in goes super laggy. Then the app continuously says, waiting to reconnect, something like that. But it never reconnects. So I decide to close out the app and start it up, and then nothing happens. It opens, with an infinite loading screen. Shows not contacts, no actives, nothing. Just the first page with the loading thing in the middle. Then the person I was talking to calls, I pick up, but it just says connecting and does those beeps. Then I get all of her texts, but none of mine go through. I can’t call her either because then it says contacting or connecting and goes to voicemail. This app has so many glitches, and it needs to be fixed. I’m really annoyed with these problems.

  • Can’t remove contacts anymore

    by GeminiGal06

    I like using the app but with the latest updates they took away to option to remove contacts you don’t actually know. I used to be able to message someone from a group page I was in or about an item on marketplace and then remove them as a contact but now there’s no option to remove them anymore and now they constantly pop up on my chat list. Soooo annoying. Please fix that! Bring that option back please. Makes me not want to message anyone from any pages I follow or from marketplace besides people I actually know. Besides that the app is good in my opinion. Works better than FaceTime since my husband is deployed and he doesn’t get the best service out there.

  • Newest Update is Awful

    by JGunter8912

    The newest update attempted to “simplify” the chat but it makes other features even more difficult to find. Forget seeing any message requests, they’re either gone or so deeply hidden you’re going to need a masters degree just to find it. The new colors cause some chats to glitch and disappear. You’re also getting adds direct to your inbox now. It feels like the “better” the developers try to make this app, the worse it gets and the less control you have over the features you may not like. Unfortunately, if you want to message someone on Facebook, you’re going to need this app. Since a majority of my friends and family are out of state and move frequently, I’m going to have to deal with this issue until they decide to get Instagram or Snapchat.

  • Typical chat room, but has issues

    by Tae98Lily

    I have NOT had the app ask for permissions to use my microphone or webcam unless I initiated a call or video chat through the service, so I don’t think privacy is an issue for me. It is cool that I can post stickers and play games through messenger, but I have some technical issues with it, including: 1. Messages sometimes take several minutes to appear after they are sent, probably due to network time differences. 2. Online activity is often misrepresented. I can leave the app open and switch to another app and still be online. If the Messenger window is not active, it should not say I am online. 3. You can't play games and chat at the same time in this app. If someone messages you while you are playing a game like The Test, you have to close that game (and potentially lose your progress) in order to reply. To make matters worse, while you are playing a game, it shows that you are active and online. 4. Notifications I can't see or dismiss keep piling up on my Facebook account. I have 30 unreadable or erroneous notifications after using this app for a month and am unsure of why. Messenger is still on Facebook by the way. It didn’t go away yet.

  • (Updated Review) Four things

    by Tcub26

    Three things that need to be changed with this app. 1. You need to make it easier to access messages from a long time ago. Some people want to reread messages from weeks before, but they text so much it takes forever. 2. It’s very annoying, every time I scroll down just a little too far, that the keyboard pops up. If someone is typing to you, it can make them think you’re typing and then they stop. 3. It takes FOREVER, when you change your profile picture, to change for your contacts as well. I changed my picture weeks ago, and it’s still not changed for my friends. (UPDATED PART!!) 4. Since the most recent update, the badge notification no longer shows up, which isn’t a huge deal, but sometimes when I’m playing a game or watching a video, I won’t reply right away and that badge notification helps to remind me that I was messaged, otherwise I could forget all about it. Other than that, this is a great app. I often use it instead of my default texting app with whichever of my friends has Messenger.

  • Dancin’ Chick

    by Dancin' Chick

    Private message. NOT TO BE SHARED! —- I’ve been hacked three times, thanks to Messenger. This is unacceptable. When I first joined, I took all the precautions, and it still happened, THREE TIMES, over the 10 years, and it put all my photos of family, newborns, and privately shared images and messages at risk. —- It’s shocking to get on FB only to learn there is now more than one of you, and your friends are sharing with an imposter, and their friends list is also jeopardized! I’m not the only one who is trying to deal with this issue. Please work at finding a remedy! Also, if my being on Messenger is available for all friends to see, I may be bombarded by more than one message per minute by several friends, and all at the same time! That makes me hesitant to get on Messenger, and at times, I’ve dreaded it!

  • Messenger

    by Jon, NAPLES ,Fl.

    I like using Messenger with the exception of the fact that now we have advertisements coming on there and commercials. I think this is ridiculous and like many other people I’m contemplating stopping using Messenger. The second thing that annoys me to death with Messenger is that it is so complicated to get rid of people that keep popping up on my Messenger list of friends and contacts. I do not want these people on my Messenger list. Why do you make this so complicated for everybody. Everybody is not as computer wise As you people that Write these programs. You should understand it is elderly people like myself and 73 and friends as young as 55 that constantly complaining of the confusion they have with Messenger and all these unwanted people. Why don’t you work on that and do the world a favor. I’m just saying.

  • No way to sign out

    by Rosita chickita

    I like the app and I use it regularly, it’s great for texting my friends and keeping in touch with people in my life that are distant or relatives that live far away, only trouble I have found so far is there is no way to sign out, a friend used there messenger on my phone and now I can switch back to mine but I get notifications whenever she gets a message, I hear you have to clear data on the app thru Facebook if you have an iOS, I think you should add a way to sign out in the app itself, many other people also have issue with this and I think if you added a way to put your account off your messenger, without going thru all the trouble than this app would be better.

  • Easy to call others that you don’t want to call

    by MrMattisonfire

    So I’m here FaceTiming my cousin through Facebook messager. I was trying to take a picture of a funny face he was making but right next to the “screenshot” is the “add others call option” there should be a “are you sure option?” That is a dumb setup. Like we should be given the choice to edit the icons on Facebook. If we were I would move the add another person icon elsewhere. but since the setup is dumb, my goofy self added my ex to the call and then it was a group call. I did not want to talk to her but how the way Facebook is setup it lead to an accidental call. Please give us more options when it comes to calling people. Like a “are you sure” or allow us to lock settings down so we don’t accidentally call people. Thanks.

  • Great app, but a quick suggestion for it :)

    by aysarich

    The app is great, I’ve been using it for years. I’ve never really had any issues with it. This review is more or less just a suggestion! I feel like a “dark mode” option would be a fantastic addition to the settings in this app. Similar to the dark mode option that Twitter has. I think a lot of people would really love it, the dark mode seems to be a common suggestion from what I’ve heard and seen and it would be great also for people who have trouble looking at bright whites on their screen. Anyway, love the app and hope you guys will take this suggestion into consideration if you haven’t already! :)

  • Boring!

    by supersoroush

    Come on guys! You’re (your bosses, not you of course!) already making billions with your top-notch profiling and personal information collection of yours, thanks to your complicit money-grubbing ad agencies. Plus, you’ve made millions of laymen actually buying your words, don’t you think it’s time to at least change that same old cliche in the explanation field of each update you release, and actually announce what you’ve done under the “hood”!? You gotta be braver than this, (judging by that tape on Mark’s laptop webcam, I guess you’re falling short anyways) and have more transparency. Or maybe you want to lose more and more disappointed users (the emoji withdrawal was a beauty, by the way) as a gimmick in favor of another flashy service? You won’t change a bit, I bet, Just practicing my prose here.

  • Quit changing things

    by Alana360

    Why did you change things? Now it’s confusing. I try to delete conversations by clicking on the red trash can and guess what—it just takes me back into the conversation, the red trash can doesn’t work. I’ve tapped lightly, heavily, quickly, pressed on it—doesn’t matter, doesn’t work. Message requests? Where the hell are they? I have a notification for an unread message I just can’t access or find anywhere. This is retarded. It wasn’t broke, and it was very user friendly, why make all these annoying changes? It’s Facebook messenger, not Snapchat or AIM, it isn’t meant to be complicated. There are other apps for complicated messaging and taking fun photos. Facebook messenger isn’t where I go for that, I go there to communicate, and now I can’t even do that.

  • Hate how to delete messages without opening

    by eldp311

    I hate how you have to press lightly on the name of people messaging you, they you don’t want to message. I have gotten bots through messenger three times now, from the same person, and she’s not able to comprehend not to send just everything she gets to everybody else. So I just try to delete her message without opening it. However, with the way messenger on iPhone is, unless someone can tell me a different way, you have to lightly depress the name of the messenger, then the delete choice comes up, and you delete it. However, it’s also easy to press to hard and open the message, and boom, you got a bot message, that will start sending the same message to everyone on your messenger list. It’s stupid, and it needs changed.

  • Surveys Bite

    by Mariokris

    You know what thats messed up you guys always do that ...u have ads offering free samples of stuff in your games and you go to do the sample set up and its a freaking endless survey I hate that because in the end that makes you a liar too because your part of the games ads and commercials and surveys since its in your apps too !I tried it AGAIN to see If it changed and hadn't so I did the so called "free and quick"...(All lies😓)survey and their still asking impossible questions that in the end you never get your stuff thats makes me so sad a poor little girl and there's more of people like me and when I seen the samples of food i thought something free like that would get us a little snack LOL so wrong ugggg so so so mad

  • It’s nice, but It would be better with invisible mode

    by Xennial 78

    I have crazy (Discovery ID crazy...the ’I could pilot a reality show off of them and everybody would think it’s fake because nobody could be that crazy’ kind of crazy) family mbrs that, because they are crazy and would do crazy things if I cut them out of my life, I can’t delete them from FB. So, it would be really really nice to have the option, when they send me msgs, to read or ignore the messages without it showing that I read their message (and didn’t respond...opening up a whole can of worms I don’t want to go into). Also, it would be nice if there was an invisible option. If there is, I completely missed it. So if that was the case, please make it more user (generation X) friendly! Otherwise, it’s good.

  • Good app, one complaint

    by Gurl4God

    I’ve been using this app for years to keep in contact with family around the world in group chats and it’s been great! I’m currently in an international masters program and we are all in a group message using this app. My complaint right now is the new update. For some reason it’s making it harder to see which messages are read and which are not on the home screen. The bold of unread messages hard to notice and more than once I’ve stared at my screen searching for my unread message while it’s right in front of my face. Also, if no one else is complaining about this, maybe it’s my eyes that are weird. I don’t know, but I’ve never had this problem before.

  • CONSTANTLY needs fixing, but decent app

    by Poisoned Wolfe

    I swear to god, every single time this app is updated they create new problems just to update two days later and fix them, then rinse and repeat. I absolutely hate it. It’s one bug after another!! It doesn’t take a developing genius to test a version before you release it - yet they release updates and then have bugs pop up all over the place when they easily could have tested first. I got to the point where I bought service for my cell because I couldn’t stand the constant issues and needed a reliable form of communication. When it works it’s a great app, but it’s currently not refreshing to tell me conversations are unread, crashing, not loading past the first loaded names, and will freeze consistently.

  • Open the deleted message from all users

    by saroo9797

    I’m using this amazing app daily it’s so useful and u works so hard on it to impress us over and over again with the new updates that make this app much funnier and easier but i have a note i hope u will see it and try to do it We all do a lot of mistakes with all forms of the wrong thing specially in the messages a lot of us send a message then it cuz to him a lot of problems that he can avoid it with delete from him self and from the one how sent the message to I hope u will provide it in the next updates that we can delete our messages and see if there’s any screen shots taken

  • New UI changed back to the old one

    by lmax8836

    I have updated the app to the newest version a few times from uninstalling and reinstalling. The first time I did it, it worked but then a few days later, it went back to the old layout. The second time it updated, the app refreshed and gave me the updated UI but a few days later, the update wore off. The app is good and doesn’t crash on me but all I want is for the update to be stable enough to the point where it won’t revert back to the older UI. I have also been reporting this to the team and I haven’t gotten a response yet. Will change this review if the new patch is stable for me to use.

  • Problems with notifications and deleting.

    by Llc74

    I loved this app, enough to give up my privacy for it. But it gets glitchy every time it updates now. I have notifications on the corner of the icon that don’t go away sometimes, I have individually messages I can’t delete (says deleted but they sit there) games that are payed through it are a bit of a nightmare. They notify and then notify and then notify. So turned that off and it isn’t even clear who’s turn it is. I have had to delete the app or entire conversations to get the icons or messages to go away. The calling or video phone portion is pretty consistent at least and I do enjoy those features. So it has problems but is redeemable if those glitches get fixed. I want to love it again.

  • I like using Messenger

    by Austin Tay's

    I like using this app because it allows me to text friends who don’t have unlimited texts on their phone plans. I usually talk to 1 or 2 people every day, and sometimes video chat with it. The only complaint I have about it is that it shows when someone is active on any Facebook service and if a message is read which can make me feel like I’m getting ignored. This happens when I see a message has been read but not answered and if I send a message to someone currently active. I’m also a little concerned that my messages could be spied on by Facebook because of what happened in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Other then those complaints and concerns I have about this app I still like using this app and will keep using it daily

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Rajat Saini


  • by Pravin Mahamuni

    Nice app,apdatation is best

  • by Yashwant Netam

    Super chat and video call

  • by lay lay Gearon

    I have a android

  • by Lorraine Cwalina


  • by Bijaya Parida



    by Trajjiik

    The only reason I downloaded this app is to get in touch with project zorgo 🔑

  • Performance

    by ghi345

    If this app is not your style, there are other FREE chat apps

  • Reaction Notifications

    by Utgrad10

    Great that we can “react” to messages like in iMessage but in messenger there’s no notification of that so unless you’re looking you don’t see/realize that. Any chance of getting a notification for reactions?

  • This is a suggestion!

    by Liphinh

    Hey there! I have a suggestion because this happen too much and it’s getting annoying! I always accidentally click on the call button and it bothers other people. Not only me but others have that problem too. Maybe could you add “Are you sure you want to make this phone call?” Then we can click “Yes and No” if I click on the call button I can always choose “No” as an answer! If you add this suggestion to your app it would be amazing!

  • Needs a couple tweaks

    by Alpro1

    Messenger is pretty decent app for what it is. However, a trash can or some sort of editing function needs to be on EVERY page. Some areas like the “People” page have no way to delete the items on that page individually or as a group (no trash can). Also, I think it would make the app a great deal more user friendly if there was a “Contact Us” button in some conspicuous place in the app.

  • Heavy Hardware Intensive

    by Mohammed Shengheer

    Messenger uses a lot of resources compared to other messaging Apps like WhatsApp, which has pretty much the same features that Messenger offers. I recommend that you take this review in your consideration when releasing the next version of Messenger.

  • Add more

    by V.ria

    Too a developer, can you guys add time to each message. Often I can’t check when was the message was sent unlike iPhone message.

  • Wish I could send through webesite

    by beccabernal

    I only check Facebook like 1-2 times a month now versus multiple times a day like I used to because of the messages! So I literally downloaded the app check it and uninstall because it’s so draining. Would you Facebook in general more if it was like it used to be. On a side note, I do use Instagram now and that turned into a cool side hustle. So in a way, thank you 🙏 😂 this review sums up my life... turn something you don’t like into something positive and grow from the experience 💛

  • Send my story

    by blondie mother of 5

    This is pointless because I never win no one w somewhere I’m sure.does people just get hooked in to buying murchandise trying to get your prise. This is against the law .

  • Audios

    by byJissu

    Antes me dejaba mencionar los audios en el chat y ahora no. No sé si lo quitaron o solo me pasa a mi, pero eran muy bueno cuando lo tenía.

  • Buggy

    by Araevos

    It works great no problems, but could you do something to fix the videos sending sideways? I send videos to my family members, yet the videos keep sending sideways and it’s honestly very confusing and frustrating since they ask why my videos are sent sideways.

  • Opening messages o don’t want to open

    by adrianh49ners

    Why does the app keep opening messages I don’t even want to open ?!!!

  •!!raise downloads by 10 times

    by Jhobany Sowrah

    Looking for combine promotion games/apps, we can provide ASO service, daily installs can reach 1000+. visit us at:, Every one can get a test promtoin fot 3 days now!

  • Slow

    by jdhegekxudbejs

    Messenger has been taking a long time to send messages lately... sometimes hours. So disappointing

  • Connection issues

    by Program reviewer

    Just did the messenger update released today for the iPhone and now I’m having connection issues. It keeps saying “waiting to reconnect”.


    by ganggana

    Can you please put the facebook stories. We're begging 😭 iPad users.

  • Awesome app ♥️👌🏻

    by Baqir mohamad

    It’s easy and good app for everyone and anywhere , it’s amazing 👏🏻✅

  • Auto Dark Mode in Messenger

    by Novolto

    Can there PLEASE be a feature where dark mode in messenger can turn on automatically depending on what time it is during the day.

  • Messenger

    by piaffee

    This is definitely pointless from the last review I read you. can text and get a response

  • Videos are messed up, needs fixed

    by Dragon81heart

    Everytime I send a video to someone it gets sent sideways, and cuts off the top and bottom of the video Or it sends upside down Does that on Facebook itself as well... Thing used to work just fine but you gotta mess with it to make things “better” when 9/10 it makes things worse Ever hear the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Cool App

    by Tm$neyT

    I like messenger useful when your phone is off and you have WiFi

  • Did

    by connie cosler

    Don’t want this! Please delete‼️

  • Removing red !’s

    by Daltonross92

    This red ! I’m trying to get rid of wont let me remove it is just sending me an send error do you think you can find a way to fix this problem

  • Ditto

    by Resilient One

    I 100% agree with the previous review! Don’t need another web platform for messages, and all that is required from us ( and our data) to use it. “Let well enough alone.”

  • Zuckerburg is always watching

    by Mmee4games

    He’s watching

  • Good

    by Abolore123

    Hire a legitimate private investor /hacker that's capable of handling any hack and tracking related issues, contact him and he won't disappoint you. He can help you hack into any device, social networks including - Facebook, hangout, imessages, Twitter accounts, snapchat, Instagram, whatsapp, wechat, current and deleted text messages, GPS tracker and more, he only asked me for some few informations about my partner device and I gave it to him and in few hours, I was getting to see all messages, call log as well as whatsapp messages from my phone as they came into her phone, I was able to get good and solid proof I needed so desperately, reach him on his Gmail if you need his help... jamesdhackghost @gmail. Com perfectly

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Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

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