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Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free


Be together whenever with a simple way to text, video chat and rally the group.

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56.7% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by spinalglacier

    great app Edit: Now after the latest update my Talk Back is unable to read anything at all in this app. This is problematic for users who have visual impairments. I've switched my five star rating to two stars for this reason. Idk if maybe it's because I'm not updating my android's security to it's latest version. But TalkBack works with every other app except for this one. It doesn't read the messages at all. It doesn't read the sender's name either. Stays silent. It only reads the SMS options

  • by Gee

    Does anybody else notice that, every couple of weeks or so, an update of 32mbs or 33mbs is required however, if you uninstall the app and then go to reinstall the app from the Play Store, the app is only a total of 36mbs in size? It's almost as though we are sending data out as opposed to taking data in. Please clarify. Also, constant, ongoing issues with slow app speed. Just this app. The most frustrating app on my phone.

  • New update looks really bad

    by smarchetti

    Most of the people I’ve seen have just been complaining so I’m going to try and make this review at least a little helpful. This new update has so much wasted space. Just yesterday the formatting was pretty much perfect from a design standpoint, but now there is so much unused white space at the top of the screen. Even just the word “Chats” takes up so much unnecessary space which previously encompassed everything that wasn’t actual chats (like stories and your profile info. The previous design was perfectly fine and there was no need to change it, and changing your design completely won’t make a significant number of people suddenly decide to download the app. If nothing else, give everyone the option to go back to the previous version. As a lover of web design, I know white space can be useful, but it can be extremely harmful if there is too much unused space, and that is exactly what happened. You messed up with this one, but there’s still an opportunity to fix it, or at least canter to those who know this is bad design.

  • Pointless

    by Silverramette

    Facebooks messenger app is a pointless application—everyone already has free text messaging and pays for cell phone service, so why create a new application (for things like virtual yard sale) and ask for permissions to text and call? I find it absolutely absurd that I have to download an app to view messages from a web based platform. (No I DO NOT have the FB app, thank you.). Not only that but the two rarely communicate efficiently. After you check messages in the app, FB profile will still show a messages notification. On top of that every time you use it asks for notifications to be turned on (why? When FB should be notifying you?) and asking for permission for microphone and camera. The app drains battery power when you do have notifications turned on especially in group chats—pinging every time there is a new comment. I’m not sure what a good use for this app is—it should be reintegrated back into Facebook and allow users to check messages from the web based platform.

  • by sindy schubert

    Facebook keeps missing it by a mile. 1st off they need to deleate the canned answers "is this still available" "you got more pics" etc. as well as the stupid pop ups too many people accidently send them just by trying to read and scrolling. It sucks when you accidently do a stupid thumbs up or a thumbs down. Facebook also needs to devide the notifications into like 3 or 4 sepperate groups 1 group for buyers/sellers. 1 group for likes/shared posts. 1 group for chat conversations.

  • by fairy 256

    So there is a really terrible bug that continues to persist in which it not only at random times logs you out but refuses to log you back in. Switching to a different account basically gives you an error and once again refuses to log you back in. By the time you log back in every contact or story legit does not show up and acts as if you never used messenger before. This bug is very persistent. And by persistent I mean I encounter this bug well over 20 times a day. And 20-30 mins to log back in.

  • by Amanda Webb

    Since Android10 update screenshots are not available to upload in messenger without having to scroll all the way to the bottom. I need to send a LOT of screenshots, this makes the app very unusable for me. I have to exit the app and go to my photos, share from there. But don't have the option to edit / add text. This is a known issue since the beta release, and these lazy (or incompetent) developers couldn't be bothered to fix it.

  • by blueroxy427

    It will no longer update on devices and nor will it download on brand new devices. Have been sending reports. please fix. Originally posted on 6/7/19 that it wouldn't update. It's now 7/27/19 and it's doing the same thing, again. Still won't update and it's now 8/17/19. It's 9/27/19, it still won't update and has now removed the Messenger icon from my phone, though I can still use the app. Crazy.

  • Newest Update

    by J.Angeles

    I recently updated my messenger and it’s weird because I have two Facebook accounts and I can only see the update on one account when I switch to the other account I can’t see the update, it’s in the older version. I don’t know if it makes a difference but the one account that does have the update is also open on another device I use (iphone6s) and it shows it’s updated and the one that isn’t updated I only have it in this iPhone XS device. I already reset all settings, deleted Facebook and Messenger Installed then back logged out of accounts and just finished Factory Data Reset. Nothing works I’m not sure what’s going on. It bother me because on the newer update seems to be more simple and basic than the older version. Same goes with instagram both accounts issue. I don’t auto update my apps on my iPhone XS but iPhone 6s I do . I’m not sure if that would be the issue however i still complete the updates ... hopefully I get answers from this.

  • by Jessi Boulanger

    This used to be a really good way of chatting while keeping a backlog of conversations for later reference. Now the search function on mobile only shows like 25 results when used, meaning that anything that's talked about often cant be found in old conversations. The search feature was basically the only reason me and my girlfriend still use messenger, we work on a lot of ideas and projects together, but I guess we're gonna have to move to Discord now.

  • Latest update problem

    by unicornnnk

    I’ve just updated the apps in few minutes ago and I thought they’re going to improve the apps but no. Whenever a notification pops out and I clicked it to reply on the apps, it just forced to close. I can’t even click on the messenger icon on the right top of Facebook because it’ll force to close the apps. I like to use messenger because I don’t have to backup my messages as it’ll be stored online and even when my phone is charging, I can still chat with my friend by using laptop. However, I can’t type really fast and it’ll lag and I have to double check and correct my message sometimes. And, I hope that this apps can add a search history function in mobile phone version, because sometimes I want to check the first message that I chat with my friend and I couldn’t do this as I have to manually scroll back to the message which texted in few years ago. Imagine how long should I scroll back while me and my friend texting to each other almost everyday from day to night.

  • Disable messenger so we don’t have to use it with Facebook

    by grandmas home

    I got phished using this and went through hell to make sure everything in my life was safe. It should be an option to have messenger or to keep messages on your Facebook!!!!!!!! You are forcing ppl to use this app when anyone from anywhere can send you something and can hack right into your Facebook account get your information and use it to their benefit, Putting all of your friends at risk for going through the same thing. I have emailed you, went to the security only to be told we are working on it. Don’t lie. You are not ‘ working on it’ you have no desire to ‘ work on it’. These phished got my phone number, email, etc. now they’ve moved onto my friends. There is nothing safe with this app. You could have a separate password, or a number of other things to secure an account that is built on ruining your life of the ppl who get into your Facebook account and can use it against you. MAKE IT AN OPTION, NOT A ‘ YOU HAVETo HAVe THIS TO Communicate with YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!

  • by Mari A

    The app has been giving me connection issuea recently. Before my messages are sent, it will take at least an hour or so. The apps just shows that it is trying to connect whenever I am accepting a call. When I send messages, it will just hang there for a very long time before it gets sent. This is not the first time this problem has happened and after an update, it just keeps coming back.

  • Message Requests

    by P'od user

    I have had no problem with messenger, until recently. Recently (the past few weeks) every time I log onto messenger I get a banner above my messages saying I have 100+ new message requests. I click on it. Go in. Nothing. No message requests. I hit edit. Delete all. 3 minutes later I go on and it says I have 100+ new message requests. This is getting entirely annoying and I would really like something to be done about this. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem or if it’s a bug. If it could be addressed or I could be told where I could turn off being able to receive messages from people who aren’t my friend that would be great. I’ve also been linked into group messages with people I don’t know by someone I don’t know to be tried to be sold something. (Probably a phishing link to be honest.) I really don’t understand why it’s even an option to be messages by people you don’t know but that’s a separate issue. Please fix this problem as honestly it’s a nuisance.

  • I really despise this app

    by neosaganist

    I have been trying to set up a digital environment that limits addictive phone use. I only put this app on my phone to check my messages when I absolutely cannot get to a desktop. I delete it immediately after. The whole notification to let you know that you don’t have notifications enabled is the nail in the coffin for me. I get that nothing is free. This app doesn’t provide any additional value that isn’t already supplied by the message app that came with my phone. It’s convenient to type my messages on a full size keyboard but google voice, hangouts, plus etc all allow for this while integrating with a dozen other useful apps. The only reason I use it is because Facebook forces me to on my mobile device (I’ve figured out how to send messages to one person without it but not receive). Stop ambushing me with notifications and give the illusion of choice and you might not have to force your app on us.

  • by mochisaira

    It is a good communication tool especially for Facebook users, but suddenly it started saving these stickers unto my gallery. Not only that, but I also have problems for I cannot send photos sometimes and whenever I play an audio recording, my screen just went pitch black while playing the audio recording. Please fix this and I will give a better review.

  • by John Byers

    Well. I have used this App for a long time now . I did like it very much but after this last update (10/03/19) it no longer works on my tablet . As soon as i open it the screen flashes , goes black and i cannot even navigate out of the app without turning my tablet off completly and restarting it . VERY DISAPPOINTED as i use my tablet for 95% of my online actions . Tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Veiw . The app still works on my phone so i know its the update . Uninstalled / reinstalled no change : (

  • by Tudor-Cristian Belea

    There is a bug in which if I set the notification for chats and calls to Notification style to "Sound" and the actual sound to "Silent", the setting is not persisted once the app is closed from recent. The sound gets set back to "Default notification sound". This essentially means that setting the phone to vibrate will make chat nofications vibrate even if the actual toggle for Vibrate is off. Could we, the users, please have a way to just be notified via lockscreen and LED notifications and not sounds or vibrations? This used to be the case until a couple of updates ago.

  • by Liam McNair

    The circles that pop up on your screen and stay there. WHY! Makes this app not compatible with any other app as it is always it the way. This is a must delete. The only reason I have facebook is for the convenience of messanger, guess they want to completely get rid of me. I'm sure there's a way to turn it off but I used the time to write a review then delete instead.

  • A 150MB Dark Pattern

    by kvpb100

    And if you don't get what I'm saying, then it's time for you to check out what a dark pattern is on Google. This app was only good nay excellent back when they first released it. It made me ditch the monstrous Facebook app. It revolutionized IM, read receipts and stuff. It was way more usable. It was lighter, too. Browsing pictures wasn't the pain it is today. Besides, half of the features just don't work. I can select pictures in a given order all I want; it seems they are uploaded as possible, the 'lighter' uploading first thus being put first. Also three months ago, I had to change a password that was perfectly fine for no reason, and the first thing that Facebook tried to trick me into was to give them my phone number so that I could keep my password. What's the link between both? Nothing but a dark pattern. All in all, this app is Facebook's new cancer. Oh, and each time I launch this garbage, it asks me for my phone number and contacts; no thanks, Zuckey.


    by Deborahspet

    Just sent this to all my friends on Facebook... Just a quick note, I’m no longer using Facebook Messenger!! Received a message from a friend, this message had his photograph attached, the body of the message advised that this persons “information” had been updated and there was a box to “Accept.” I clicked on it, trusting that it was my friend. The next screen showed his picture.....however, just underneath his photo and name was a message...”Using Messenger without Facebook...Logged in using a phone number from Nigeria, Account was recently created.” It gave a day and time created....and below to the left was a picture of him with a bubble that read, “Hello.” And attached to this was another “shadow bubble” with an emoji of a happy face and a + sign!!! I didn’t click on this, didn’t send a message, immediately blocked and deleted his account attachment and deleted the Messenger Application. I’ve had problems in the past with this platform and this was the last straw!!!! Please be careful!!!

  • by rico blando

    It is highly concedable that this app makes life easier. But this couple of months I experienced bubble messages and it keeps on repeating even if I already reinstalled the app several times. I reported this problem but I could not get feedback. I hope it will be resolved soon.

  • BUGS: Lost audio in group talk!!

    by GoldenVong1

    Thanks Messengers for the service. However, I am so sad to see the two following bugs: 1) I created a group chat of 6 people. Recently, the group will get no audio from either one person (if 5 people attend), or no audio of two people (if 6 people attend the call). We can still see video of each other, but each one can’t hear 1 or 2 people at the same time. Please fix this! Note: This bug happens recently, not before! Is there any restrictions to the number of people attending the group? 2) We attended a group talk of 5. We got audio lost of 1 person (different pairs couldn’t hear either one of us randomly). One person in our group slept or knocked out during the talk. We decided to kick her out and restarted the conversation so that 4 of us could hear each other. Unfortunately, when we all hung up (in hope that the call would be disconnected if there is only one person is still in the group call), the call is still there for us to join with the sleeping person presented!!! There is no way we could restart a new call without the sleeping person! To solve the problem, we had to hang up, created a new group of 4 and started a new call! Please think of this bug. Maybe if Messengers fixes the audio lost bug, then the second bug is fine to users. Thanks for reading.

  • The Good, The Bad, and The Annoying

    by Nom@d

    The Good: • Just about everyone I know has FB and therefore some form of Messenger. Super handy! • We are a military family who has lived abroad for several years. I love that I can call friends and family through the app • I love that I can share and receive pictures, videos, and even some documents so easily through the app The Bad (and kind of infuriating): • For all the talk of how we have choice with privacy, I do NOT understand why I can’t turn off the little green dot when I’m active (even if I toggle off the “chat” - my son and I tested it)! • To go along with my complaint above, WHY is it anyone’s business how long ago I was active? This should be a choice. Apps like WhatsApp give users this freedom to choose. The Annoying: • Dear Facebook Messenger, you are NOT Snapchat. Please stop trying to be Snapchat. If I wanted to have filters and things in my way every time I want to take a picture. Then I’d use Snapchat. You’re trying to be like them isn’t competition - it’s annoying. The people who want Messenger stay with Messenger. Please stop. • I am confused about why the feature to pay/send/receive money is available in some accounts and devices and not all. You might be a pretty good competitor to PayPal of the feature were available to all. So...there you have it: The Good, The Bad, and the Annoying

  • The worst!!!

    by icantstandthisterribleapp

    I wish I could give this app less than one star!!! If you have more than one Facebook account, get ready to wish you could punch someone! In order to switch accounts it asked you if you know what you are doing about three times before you can switch. When you have finally clicked ok a million times and you are on your dog or baby’s account it tells you that you have a new message on your other account, you click ok a million times again only to find that the new message is “you are now friends with Johnny and you can message them.” Yeah!!! I freakin’ know how your terrible app works!!! That’s not a message!! I know I’m now friends with them! I just approved it!!! And I know I can message them!!! Thanks for wasting my time constantly! The fact that I’ve updated it over and over and they never fix it makes me want to strangle someone! I have never hated an app more, but I have a lot of friends who use it so I’m stuck with it. It’s the worst!

  • wow!

    by zzaakkaattaakk

    facebook is really run by evil Trolls to make you use this in place of the easy jabber compatible chats they had for a bit. facebook and google BOTH said making us stick to larger, purposely buggier, proprietary apps seems to keep more users on one site. you can only make a lotta money on ads and selling user data if you have a lot more than a lot. government funding is even better because backdoors on one side get you frontdoors into law. they either have to make your life harder or they have to wait longer to bank on a future web that is FOR communication that can support other world advantages, rather than baiting people into another parasitic money mine. the money is supposed to support the venture for the goal of the venture. you should not get into anything important to living with the end goal of money. would you be a doctor or teacher that holds lives for Ransom? or rather the point of bothering is to fix people so they can get onto the real useful ways to profit

  • Always broken

    by Curtis Galloway

    The app is constantly having uses for one it once signed me into the wrong account and now it’s not signing me in to my account/not loading any of the information my account had such as group chats and contacts, pretty much everything is wiped after reinstalling the app and the reason I was reinstalling was because the messages were not delivering and it kept popping connected at the top of the screen... unacceptable wouldn’t recommend this for any social use, just stick to the regular Facebook site or use one of the other social network providers such as Snapchat, Instagram, etc. It is very annoying (and unsafe) for the app to forget what account information goes to what account, and it constantly does it. If the problem gets fixed then I will alter my star rating and review however I doubt a fix will come considering how long this problem has been going on for and after today of my account being wiped, I’m done with it.

  • What’s the point?

    by MasonBalison

    My account keeps getting locked out for “suspicious activity”. I end up having to send facebook a picture to prove I am who I say I am. When I get my account back after a few days it never tells me what the suspicious activity was. This happens around once a month. Now I’m locked out due to “suspicious activity” once again. But everytime I try to send the image the page refreshes and says that my network isn’t stable and to connect to a better network. And it also gets rid of the file I selected. I’ve tried changing the file type of the picture. From JPG to PNG I’ve tried uploading different pictures all of me. And of different file types all with no luck. Im not making another Facebook account. I’ve already had to do that once due to losing my phone. It’s way to much work to re-add all of my friends and family. Plus I’ll probably still have to deal with getting locked out all the time. So I guess I’m done using Facebook.

  • I just loveHow do you make up your rating

    by Real Scorpio

    I mean you got almost 5 stars up there and I’m looking at the page that I’m on right now and there’s like 10 reviews there’s like two positive ones in the restroom are all crap I mean like 1 to 2 stars people saying worst app ever can’t stand it hate this mean what where does it come out to the troop 4.2 I’d like to kno I mean you got almost 5 stars up there and I’m looking at the page that I’m on right now and there’s like 10 reviews there’s like two positive ones in the restroom or all crap I mean like one and two stars people saying worst app ever can’t stand it hate this mean what where does it come out to 4.2 i’d like to know I’d also like to advertise with you guys because if you can magnify your own ratings like that just think what you could do for me no seriously I don’t wanna ever ties it I hate sales I like selling them or should I say I hate selling but I like sales yeah that’s it just like fishing is OK but I like catching better

  • Facebook names

    by Asap_jay

    I am highly irritated because everyone one else has gang names and cussing in their name on Facebook, but I have just a name that I am called and they won’t accept it. I honestly don’t think it’s fair because in people bio it has a lot of negative things in it about black people and how other people are not welcomed. I don’t think that’s fair. I mean you want me to send something to show you what I’m called in my everyday life that’s not cool, maybe I don’t want to be called that maybe I was to be called something different. I mean if your going to come after me than we are going to change everyone who has a bad name. If I have to report them myself I will do so because that’s unfair that I can’t keep my name but other people can. I don’t think I’m going to keep this app. I am things about deleting it and that’s just what it’s going to have to be. So because my name is a problem, it won’t let me log in to my messenger which is stupid but whatever

  • It was fine 2 days ago! 😡

    by psalm91bagsolutionista

    While messaging on Facebook on a laptop is okay, I use this app for personal and business while on the go. However, the recent update 2 days ago has caused me so much frustration that I can’t even connect to my own profile without getting an error message that says I’ve been sent too may confirmations! Well, if I’ve actually GOTTEN ONE, then I would have confirmed it and wouldn’t have to write this bad review!! But I’ve gotten NOTHING back and like I said, it’s been 2 days!! What gives!?! I’m not even able to verify my own phone number because it keeps telling me I have no connection when clearly, I’m always in a WiFi zone, even in my car OR I’ve tried too many times!?! Send me confirmation FROM THE FIRST TIME I’VE TRIED IT TWO DAY AGO!!! Geez!! And stop saying “we’re making it better for you” with your standard automated message on the Update History when all you’ve done is prevented me from even logging in! 😡 Fix it AGAIN!!

  • Random Update on 1/8/19 I didn’t approve/Lots of old features moved / Missing

    by KbishH3rr3ra

    I’m disappointed at the fact FB didn’t give us a heads up or even send a notification of some sort letting us know it was going to update messenger! Please, at least, address the issues and explain the purpose/reasons for this update. It looks like the new update is zoomed in, everything is bigger and there’s lots of unnecessary white blank spaces all throughout each page. Not to mention the GAMES page! It’s Gone. I had to manually type the game I wanted to play in the search bar, and when I did about 5 other different things/pages popped up along with the game. And I don’t see why we need two different pages to view peoples story’s on. Just pick one, THE HOME PAGE! Honestly, the home page was fine. Aside from everything I dislike on the H.P., one thing I do like is swiping left on each message to see my opinions. (but please bring back the archive option) Some feedback: HP: Change it back to the original -Call it either Chats or Messages, not both. (“New chat requests or new message requests”) ACTIVE:Instead of the lime color to show who’s active change it back to green and add our calls on the same page GAMES: bring back and leave it ALL on one page GROUPS/DISCOVER: Go ahead and put the groups/discover options together, at least let us still be able to find them.

  • 171.0 was still crashing.

    by XweAponX

    So far 172.0 is not. So I will tentatively add one star and if it continues to not crash, I’ll bring it all the way back up. Fortunately on my main device I had left it on something previous to 170.x, so I didn’t have issues with the crashing on that device it was only on my 6S. Whether or not I update the app on that device depends on if the app stop crashing when I open it. But it appears to be behaving at this moment, so thank you for fixing this “I hope”. I just had a great idea, why don’t you put the Messenger function back into the Facebook app where it should be? That way it would only be one app crashing rather than two. ======Previous/Old Reviews=====>> I am however not going to update this until I hear whether or not 170.1 is not crashing the same way 170.0 was crashing for everybody Minus -1 point for the irritating "invite" thing that keeps coming up, also this app should stick within the confines of FACEBOOK and not try to take over other messaging services. I shaved off another -1 point for that as well. This was a 5 star app until those things were added. Within the scope of Facebook, it is still 5-star. (Old review) Oh yah, could use an iPad version too. And can you PLEASE put this app back into the Facebook App, so we don’t have to use this piece of CACK.

  • The app in general

    by Photo girl 1016

    I have been a committed person to messenger because this is a way to communicate with family members and loved ones. Recently the app has been nothing but failed messages and crashing through the app. I’ve tried to send messages and so has the other person but nothing goes through anymore. I don’t know if they have been working on it constantly and disrupts it but otherwise I would say it’s not worth it anymore. They still have the whole Snapchat/instagram feel to the message portion. Really get rid of it, not a lot of people really enjoy it. My messages are getting randomly deleted as well so if somehow they have an update where they get rid of the Snapchat portion, fix messages going through, and fix the whole deleted messages, then maybe give it a shot otherwise not worth it any more. Only keeping it so I can try to message people.

  • Awful and invasive

    by benGenghis

    I don't usually write bad reviews, but messenger has inspired me. This app is basically herpes for your phone. If your girlfriend has it, you'll likely end up getting it as well. Its quite invasive and I wish I really felt like I had the option to delete it. It constantly tries to trick you to turn on push notifications (which I don't want) and it'll make the "read" Sound even when you don't have it open, and sounds and modifications are turned off. This has been an issue coming for about a year now, and clearly known but not fixed. I'd like to think it isn't intentional, but at this point I wouldn't doubt it. If you have to install this, I'm sorry. But on the plus side you can technically use this to talk to people, if that's your goal. It's just kind of like having an abusive relationship with an app when you try to not let it invade your life constantly.

  • Facebook Messenger

    by mbar1

    I've never really been a fan of messenger from when it was introduced. The practice of PM's directly to a member's page was stopped. I was told if I wanted to PM other members I had to download the messenger app. I use it mainly to communicate with my son when he's online. I do enjoy playing the bingo game, but I have issues with that. The timer seems much faster than normal. I think the count of the bingos I've had is off. This past weekend, their practice of showing ads for a few extra points has not been "available". This wouldn't be a big deal but, when it does come up, it pauses the game till you finish. Because it's "unavailable", you're unable to continue to that game, you can't complete the operation. I went to Facebook Support to report it, the statement that came up, "Not everyone has the games available to them on the app.". Guess I have to submit a note.

  • Messenger Uses Location

    by diamondavej

    I DON’T appreciate that messenger uses my location even when NOT IN USE!! It also decreases battery device life. There are privacy issues that bother immensely. Why does our privacy have to be invaded like it is?! Facebook, itself, has too many issues to put down here and I know this is only supposed to be about Messenger but I want it known that because this and Facebook being so LEFTIST and removing content that is conservative along with privacy issues that people have been moving more to Instagram, Twitter and others. Many younger people have already made the move to other social media outlets. Because of these issues, people have been talking about deleting their Facebook account. Please take care of these problems with Messenger and Facebook. I would rather continue using these services instead of changing to other types of social media.

  • please fix!!

    by yourlonglostsock

    I’ve been using the app for a while now considering I don’t have service and can only rely on wifi. Some of the problems I’m about to list have been a problem from the go but within recent months, worse problems have arose. (1) when I try to message people, through messenger it will boot me out while I’m typing and sometimes will shut down my phone (make it turn off) completely. (2) when I call, I often can’t hear them and it’s not a signal problem. they’re always cutting in and out and once I put them on speaker bc I can hardly hear them up to my ear, I often times can’t turn off speaker mode. (3) when I try to video chat - I don’t even try to now - it freezes up all the time, I can hardly ever hear them at all, sometimes the screen goes black.. it used to be pretty good but I’m on the edge now. I’ll be getting paid more soon so I can turn my service back on. in my opinion, I wouldn’t download.

  • FBM & FB have become the most awful platforms!

    by SoloF-T-App!! No good

    FB use to be cool, fun and useful! I’m so fed up with all the ridiculous notifications that have absolutely nothing to do with me or my page that floods my notification box!!!!!! Why does FB feel the need to notify me about someone posting a picture on their page, or updating their page, or someone’s story and all the other dumb notifications again THAT HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH MYSELF OR MY PAGE!!??!! FBM has become exactly the same!! I’m even more sick of all the political manipulation that Facebook has involved it self with deeply! Sickening... and very scary!! People please find something else to do with your time and life instead of staring at this ridiculous app!! You are nothing more than a targeted commodity! Being spied on and manipulated. And if you can’t be shaped into the consumer they want or if you don’t agree with or share the same views of this entity then you’re band and silence, lied about and shamed.....

  • Only getting worse

    by Wrathofthespen

    The only reason I use this because I’m stuck in a group chat. Whenever I mute a conversation for a short period of time, it often forgets that I did that and will just play notifications anyway. Also I can never catch up because, instead of taking me to the last message I read, it takes me to the newest message and marks it as read. Whenever I’m chatting with other person and I have the group chat unread and I leave the app, it takes me right to the unread message instead of the main menu. There’s a few various dumb things that are completely unnecessary: like a displaying a full 5 second animation after reacting to another message. Why would anyone ever need that? Not being able to change the notification sound is also kind of a pain. This app is the reason I keep my phone on mute. And the FB team is only going to make this app worse. If you can, avoid this app.

  • Necessary Evil

    by slim_kt

    The Facebook app forces you to get this instead of just use the regular messages tab within the Facebook app. It's creation was redundant (what with the previously mentioned already functional messages tab,) inconvenient, and really just a waste of space on my phone, but if you communicate with anyone through Facebook messages, you kind of need it. Even after deleting it, just seeing a little red dot lingering in the corner of the regular Facebook app any time you receive a new message, forces you to either go on your desktop or redownload the app just to check the message. God forbid you turn off notifications for the Messenger app, then a different little red dot refuses to let you forget that “YOU NEED YOUR NOTIFICATIONS ON.” I don’t. That’s why I turned them off. This wasn't revolutionary in design, yet Facebook is constantly pestering you to use it, and honestly whoever thought it up should be fired from the company.


    by alexisleigh5

    My boyfriend recently got a message from someone who seemed to be a normal girl in our area. When he opened the message, they made small talk then asked him to video chat through Facebook. He declined. Shortly after, two people start posting on his wall threatening to post videos of him. Once he blocks them and deletes their comments/ messages, they came to me. They posted screenshots of him at that moment threatening to send them to other people if we didn’t give them what they wanted. They then posted fake screenshots of conversations claiming they were from them. Long story short: someone hacked my boyfriends camera through a message on this app. Facebook & messenger do absolutely nothing to help. In fact, if you block them, you cannot report them unless you unblock you. The only way to unblock someone is to unlock them for a full 48 hours. I will not ever download this app again. In fact I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP TO ANYONE!!

  • Persisted notification is the worst

    by Pisull

    As a user, I am constantly bombarded with information and applications that want to gain my attention. I get it. Popping a notification onto the app icon or the notification screen is a great way to get someone’s attention and encourage them open the application. This drives active users which in turn looks good to investors and shareholders. Thankfully Apple recognizes this and allows users to turn off this Apple system level notifications. I did that for messenger when I first installed it. Now, whenever I click into messenger they’ve persisted a notification within the application because I don’t have Apple notifications enabled. This in-app notification is not able to be resolved/removes until you enable Apple notifications. I forever have a little red notification in the application. Don’t tell me how to live my life, Facebook. Let me live in peace without notifications. Please.

  • The worst app and I’m FORCED to have it

    by Bfarrahb

    1) I have forever a notification when I log on because I won’t enable the alerts. I don’t want alerts. Why is that appear as a new notification every time I log on? It’s not notifying me of anything. When I DO enable the alerts, that notification doesn’t even go away 2) for the past month I’ve had what appears to be another new notification for a request. The issue is that I accepted this request a month ago and have a conversation happening with said person- but the app doesn’t seem to realize and shows that I have a new approval but when I try to approve it to make it go away, there’s nothing there. Just a notification in the home screen section. Did I mention I don’t even want this app but Facebook forces you to have it if you want to receive messages? PLEASE allow messaging within your main fb app again and let me delete this horrible piece of garbage.

  • New messenger is no good

    by hiswifey122714

    Messenger was great....that is, until they changed it once again :/ There are many issues with the new messenger...for instance, it will alert me that I have a new message, but when I open the app, it won’t show up in my messages. It takes forever to load and sometimes I have to close it and open it back up MULTIPLE times before i can finally see the new message. Not only that, but when I try to scroll through to find an old message, it won’t load at all beyond a certain point. It just stops so many messages down and won’t show me the rest. I’m getting really close to uninstalling because it is getting really annoying. I have had messenger for several years now and every time it gets updated it goes further downhill. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! Please go back to the old messenger and quit trying to fix things that are already good to start with.

  • Too Many Glitches

    by Rose Mairi

    Recently, when I try to send pics to my friends, they can’t see them, despite me being able to, but when I leave and return to the app, the pics are practically invisible. And what I mean by that is, you can see the outline of where the pics are supposed to be, but there’s no pic, just plain whiteness. And not only that, but every time I return to the app, the outlines of where the pics should be are moved around in random places, and one or two of the pics are still visible, but only to me. This didn’t happen until I had some Internet connection difficulties, so I don’t know if this has anything to do with that, like Messenger’s just not recuperating well after that, but all my other apps that weren’t working during that incident are working perfectly again. Please fix these glitches as soon as you can.


    by B00y4

    I get it. You have this cool app and you think that everyone would benefit from using. Let’s not even discuss that you basically forced us into it even though many of us were pretty happy with the Facebook messages as they were. What gets really annoying is installing this and then the application really being insistent that I turn on notifications. This is my mobile phone and I use it for work. The last thing I want is a bunch of pop-ups or buzzes or phone rings just because somebody messaged me in Facebook. Guess what, you are not a chat application, you’re just for Facebook. I don’t want to import all of my contacts in my phone list s stop pestering me about it. And the application doesn’t work too bad. It’s just all the added BS that’s included. Oh, and by the way, what is this app say for users over four years old? You can’t even get Facebook if you’re 13.

  • Really annoyed...

    by Ragnarok_X

    My account is being treated like it’s connected to Facebook, while I created my account in messenger without Facebook, somehow I can’t change my name or profile picture. And if I try to log in to Facebook with my messenger account it says that it is restricted because of the account type, so what is going on here? I never created a Facebook account with that, it’s not like I can sign in to that “account” either, I can’t do anything, I want to change my stuff but no. Here’s how it happened, I put my actual Facebook account to messenger, and when you want to change your things in messenger with a Facebook account, you have to go to Facebook to change, I had my non Facebook account on it before, but after I put my Facebook account on messenger, the little pen icon to change my stuff was longer on my non Facebook account.

  • Why though.

    by JunoHeks

    Okay. So I use this app on a daily basis. And I use the video chat feature almost every day. I used to use the filters with my best friend and have a bunch of laughs and make some great memories. I’m not entirely certain which update took that feature away, but I hate not having it. It made it so much fun to be able to goof off with them. But y’all took that away or maybe just hid that feature. Also, there is no longer the option to screenshot the video call through the call itself. Just back to standard screenshotting through my phone. Which isn’t always ideal because sometimes it’s just easier to tap a button like if you’re doing something and not holding your device. It could just be me that’s bothered by this. However, other issues like the lagging and insanely reduced speeds I know are not just me. I don’t know what you guys did but fix it. These updates are crap.

  • Please fix this

    by Moose.Destiel

    I’ve had this app for a very long time and on several phones I’ve had it on my Samsung’s and now I have it on my iPhone 6s. One of the immediate things I noticed it was different on the iPhone app was that I didn’t have messenger chat heads,This required you to open the app every time you wanted to text on the app if you didn’t pull down the drop bar from a notification fast enough. Another problem I’ve had with the app is it constantly crashes every time I try to open it I’ve had to happen at four or five times before it actually opened without crashing. I’ve never had this particular problem on a Samsung phone. I’ve had to delete and re-download the app several times before. It’s just kind of generally frustrating that the Samsung and Apple app are slightly different and perform differently.

  • Some changes need to revert back

    by RennyRiot

    I really like how much more responsive the app is and how much quicker it is. The thing i don't like is how when i receive a message, no matter how many days i ignore the message, as soon as i open the app it automatically opens whatever new message i have. That wuite annoying because its not giving me the option to pick and choose which messages i view and respond to in my own time. And as i recently ended an extremely possessive relationship with someone, who keeps making new accounts under random names to contact me, it automatically opens those messages and they can see that “i opened” it and they begin bombarding me with all sorts of messages. I would like more freedom to pick my own conversations to view instead of them being forcibly handed to me by this new update.

  • Another obnoxious update

    by Emmaraldgreen

    I already deleted the Facebook app in favor of my web browser for space conserving purposes. I was not a fan of needing to update my perfectly functional Messenger app for this space-hogging version because mine was "no longer supported." The automatically generated conversations prompting you to message new friends, tabs for Games and Discover, redundant tabs to access your list of friends, and pop-ups that strongly encourage you to sync your contacts (as if I don't have a built-in Messages app??) are unnecessary and clutter the formerly simple and convenient interface. I wish there were a "Messenger Lite" app without the frills. Edit: Over the past couple of weeks, I have started missing messages because they’re not all being pushed to my lock screen or showing up as badges on my app! Step it up, Facebook.

  • Terrible app

    by Jeremy0903

    I’m not one to complain about an app, but this one really bothers me for a few reasons. 1- if you turn off your active status, the time you’ve been inactive and the green or grey dot completely goes away. So anyone with half a brain will realize that you are intentionally not communicating with them. Why would it not just go inactive like it would when you close the app with a timestamp of when you were last active? 2- the active and inactive status is garbage. It is completely inaccurate half of the time so there’s no way to rely on it. 3- why would it tell the other person that you deleted a message? What’s the point? Who isn’t going to ask what you sent so you ultimately have to tell them what you deleted. Completely defeats the purpose of being able to delete it. 4- it’s just glitchy. Whether a voice call won’t connect, a picture or video won’t show up when you send or receive it, or the whole thing just crashes, it never fails to have some sort of glitch. I seriously dislike this app. It’s almost as if the designers want people to be confused or concerned about the intentions of the other person. If you want to add more features, great! But make sure they’re benefitting the users. If not, just take them away and have it be a basic messaging app.

  • Too much app switching

    by Coronaboi602

    There is far too much app switching now for my taste. Before we could use Facebook with messages all in just the Facebook app, Then they forced us to download messenger to send and receive messages. I hated the idea at first but then I grew used to it as I seen messenger had lots more features that wouldn’t fit in the Facebook application itself. However now when I go to play a game with a friend it Switches me back to the main Facebook application. This is very frustrating they should’ve just left everything in the original Facebook application and not require two different applications for what one can do. Of course Facebook does not care about our feedback when messenger first came out we told him we disagreed with it they did not care they still do not care to this day it’s a free application so I guess that means we as the users have no right to complain about it.


    by Kimmy Gunnzz

    My only problems with messenger is I didn’t have a choice whether to get it or not other then just not being able to get myyy messages ... anddd what I cannottt standddd is that you have no option to simply just sign off or log out or turn off or anything. All there is, is being able to exit out of other logins on other phones but doesn’t always give the option off logging off the current phone or session. Now with the feature of voice call people call all day and obviously you always seem to be present. The only way to get off other then me deleting or uninstalling is the option to switch accounts but you have to make an additional account, so is that the point of not having log out? I am now forced to make a fake messenger jus to switch accounts and close out of messeneger.

  • Fix your app then leave it alone!

    by grizzledcamudgen

    I hate, hate!...with a capital H.A.T.E when I’m in the middle of writing someone but not in the app itself like in FB and someone sends me a message, either the person I’m writing or someone else. Messenger will always bump my message (in progress) making me lose everything that I was just typing! It has happened to me more than once and I’d like to spit nails when it happens! I detest that with a passion! You could at least allow whatever it was I was typing to automatically show up in the bar of who I was in the process of writing to before I was slammed. You will NEVER and I repeat NEVER get above 2 stars from me because of that, regardless! I don’t care what the excuse may be...figure it out! We can go to Mars, the moon and interstellar space but you can’t prevent that from happening!? Figure it out at whatever the cost!

  • Every update a new problem

    by Swucvksvkts bygsuvgebovcrjv

    I have been using messenger for a while now to regularly text. The update before last had a bug (that I am still experiencing) where sometimes I would be typing a message and it would exit out of the conversation back to my list of conversations. Every time it does this I accidentally click on someone else’s conversation because I thought I was still typing. I accidentally waved at someone I don’t really know, so that was awkward. Last night I updated to 170.1 and somehow it got worse still. Every time I open the app it crashes and goes back to my home screen so I have to open it twice. This includes when I switch between apps. I thought this update would fix my other problem but instead it’s just a lot worse. I need to learn to stop updating messenger or stop using it.

  • Wish it wasn’t so

    by Che Joe

    Last night. I was there for a Christmas party. I have been there at least 5 times, for wedding parties, holiday events, etc. This time , I wish I passed . The food lacked flavor. The salmon and pork was old and over cooked. The lamb too, was tough from over cooking. The service rushed over us and took food away , shortly after it was served. No smiles. Just authoritative looks to give them our plates and flatware, when they take them away. Slamming dishes into buss buckets, near our tables with no regard for our presence. No one in our party was blown away with happiness. The singers , had no business being up on stage. There were mostly flat and pitchy in their poorly attempted performances . We drove 3 hours to get there and couldn’t wait to leave after an hour. Just want to say. I personally love this place and hope this was just an off night.

  • Need help

    by Nick62375

    What is going on with this app? It used to work flawlessly. Now after a few updates when I go in voice massages are spinning and I have to type something before they stop. This happens on both WiFi and when I am on my cellular network. So it is not a network issue. You really need to add a feature where a user can email the developers. Having to leave a review when you have a problem is lame. I like the app but the are issues that hat need to be addressed. Sometimes lately I don’t get notifications when I’m not on the app. Very annoying when you are having a serious conversation and things need to be addressed. I use messenger because of the features versus the text message on my phone. Messenger has much better photo capabilities and much better gifs. Please fix the issue I have addressed here. Thank you

  • Contact list & delete multiple messages

    by Nasnosa

    I'm giving you 1 star because 1. Contact list is gone!! And now I have to search for a friend in the search box (the result list will show friends and non friends people) or go to FB app then to the friends' list then click on the name then send a message. That's ridiculous!! Also from the list I was able to delete the "non friends" contacts who've been added when chatting with them, SOME OF THOSE CONTACTS I DON'T NEED THEM, I DON'T WANT THEM BE SHOWN IN MY CONTACT LIST, I DON'T WANT THEM BE MY FRIENDS!! THEY NEED TO BE DELETED!! Get the list back so I can manage my contacts easily. Please. 2. Multiple messages deletion at the same time!! I need to delete more than one message at once like iMessage. This feature was existing at the time before 2015. Can you get it back please?!! 3. Suggested people!! Can you stop this feature. From other reviews you can tell almost all users don't like it. 4.. Group chat button!! Can you get back the group chat button that direct us easily to the groups without searching in the search box!! I like using this app but because of these things I may end up deleting it but I need to stay in touch with family and friends. You guys are making $$$ billions because of us using it, so please listen to our reviews and needs. Thanks

  • Stupid Stories feature.

    by Les Paul 2550

    Why isn’t there a way to NOT copy posts to My Story? I do NOT want that in a messaging app. BTW, why do almost all mobile apps have so fed preferences settings? This stories junk is a great example. Give us an option to close it from the main window. It takes up valuable screen space and has NOTHING to do with messaging. Let us hide it or get it out of there. I don’t want to see “stories” from others in my messaging platform. This makes it harder and harder to keep using facebook as not using it seems to be the only solution. You’re pushing away people from your whole platform with this kind of junk with no option to not use it. Also... How about fixing the New Message button so it actually does something? That stopped working several updates ago. I don’t mean the one at the top, I mean the one in the middle of the left window pane.

  • Lipstick on a pig

    by Isthiswhereiputanickname

    “Messenger wants you help you build more meaningful conversations with your friends and family.” What rubbish. It’s a texting app, that they keep making bigger and more bloated. If I want a more meaningful conversation with someone, I will CALL or VISIT them. But I guess if your target market is the tween boys and girls (you KNOW they’re younger than 12) that have nothing better to do than to be on their phones all day - ironically never using them as phones - then this is the way to go. Personally I get tired of updates, bloat and features that are distracting from what I use this app for. In fact, I would be perfectly happy if there was no such thing and everyone just used SMS or MMS to send messages. But as a data mining resource, I’m sure that Messenger, just like Facebook and all the other social media apps, is invaluable...

  • I have 20+ messages but when I log in, it’s completely blank!

    by kb@77

    My account got hacked somehow. I’ve always kept my privacy settings very high, yet it happened. I sent messages saying to not accept new Facebook friend requests from me because I did not create a new account. Several people replied that they had been receiving multiple friend requests from me for days. Soon after I was unable to get into my messenger. It said I had 8 messages but I couldn’t see anything. The entire page was completely blank! I logged out of Facebook and deleted the messenger app. I just tried again today several weeks later, I downloaded the app again today and it said I have 20+ unread messages, but it is STILL blank! I have no clue what to do! I tried their “help” tab which just led to articles that weren’t helpful. I wanted to email someone at Facebook for help resolving the issue.

  • The “Updates” 🙄

    by Bryan_07_21_14

    There are waaaaaaaaaaay too many updates for this app! It’s really annoying and it unnecessarily takes up memory. Just about every other day is the same thing; “Bug fixes and improvements.” Bug fix updates are great and all, but only when needed. There’s no need to roll out updates for ONLY “bug fixes & improvements.” The update’s description always says the same thing every time. It also states that ‘any new features will be highlighted within the app,’ but this is never the case; as I have downloaded every update (and again the same description, every. Single. Time.) and there’s been a few design changes and a few new features but I find them on my own, I don’t get any indication of the new features. Facebook apps seem to be the only apps that do this. It’s very annoying.

  • Terrible!!!

    by Bayside Studios

    Mssgr was integrated into FB at one point in time. Once log off Facebook, mssgr closes as well. No hassle, no breach of privacy, and life was all good. But not for long!!! Because soon after, some moron thought it would be a great idea to split the two!! Gone is the one-click Log Off that closes both FB and mssgr!! The hassle of navigating your way around your FB account setting and close any open session within mssgr to close or log off on the app is a pain in the rear!! Logging out on FB does not close mssgr like it used to!! I have fallen victim to this terrible idea many times, where friends and loved ones borrowed my phone, open the app and read all my privies!! I keep making the mistake of thinking logging off FB closes mssgr as well. Remember Windows Vista? The worst OS ever that became a nightmare for Microsoft??!! Well, Vista is to Operating Systems as FB Mssgr is to social media!! If it's not broken, don't fix it!!


    by lfh215

    I use Facebook messenger often, I especially like to use it when my phone is occupied by other things however, I just recently(3-4 mos ago)got the Apple Watch and while the app is offered and was loaded on the watch, it doesn’t work. I’ve actually never been able to use it since I’ve had the watch. When I click on it, it acts as if it will load then it only shows spinning dots but ultimately, it doesn’t load at all. I’ve even taken it to the Apple store to see if maybe there were issues with my watch only for the associate to find out that his app wasn’t working on his watch either. I’ve also researched this issue and found that a lot of people are having this same issue so my question is how or when do you plan to fix this issue?? FYI it’s been updated, restarted, all those proposed “fixes” and none of them have worked.

  • Glitches & bugs will never be fixed

    by andrewaltogether

    I’ve had this app for over two years and they still haven’t fixed some of the original bugs, like how keyboard clicks sometimes get muted for no reason. Or how sometimes the option to send a photo or GIF just disappears and you have to force-close the app and open again. Recently, I cannot get it to clear an unread notification. You have to open the app, go back to the list of threads, and then re-open the thread to get it to mark you as having seen it. Sometimes it gives you double or triple notifications to tell you you just got a message. The Facebook M typing suggestions are absurd and have become a running gag with how they never make sense. How hard is it to make an app? You’d think a company like Facebook would know how, but you’d be wrong!

  • Bummed out with Messenger

    by Want what I want

    I liked to use messenger to stay in contact with my out of town relatives and friends, even the ones down the block! I just don’t feel that I should risk the chance of all of my friends and contacts to be duped and or have them get hacked again! I don’t know how many times its happened but it has been very frustrating!! Even with the privacy level, THERE ARE PEOPLE ON MY MESSENGER THAT I DON’T KNOW AND/OR NEVER KNEW. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THEY GOT ON MY LIST BECAUSE I NEVER RECEIVED A FRIEND REQUEST OR I WOULD HAVE DELETED OR DENIED THEM RIGHT THERE BECAUSE I DIDN’T KNOW THEM!!!! The next thing is that Messenger has CHANGED ITS SCOPE so much that it doesn’t feel like it had in the past! Lots less community/village type focus!!!! NOW, it’s what can we get away with charging you for???? Honestly, find your scope and go with it! I was not able shut my green dot off day, nor night. The call quality needs to be improved. There was more room for ‘suggested’ people I might know (THAT MAY HAVE BEEN HACKED FROM OTHER PEOPLES FRIEND LISTS BY YOUR OWN TEAM) then the messages that I would get or the REAL friend requests that I may have received!!!! Please let me know when this app is more secure!! Cause WHY would I want to put any FINANCIAL INFORMATION ON A SITE THAT CANT BE TRUSTED TO KEEP MY INFORMATION and/or CONTACTS SECURE???!!! Signed, Want, what I want, from Wisconsin

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • Peter Lugers

    by Hanna8558

    Worst day ever, my 51st bday. Guy in front had a hitler complex and his minum was even worse. Never again Jeff Bonanno

  • App keeps forcing sound on

    by Doll Mem

    Some of us don’t want or like sound. Please stop forcing it on us. Some of your sounds are very unpleasant, and lloud!

  • Privacy please

    by Agitated in NY

    I turn my active status off and then it comes back on. I don’t want anyone to know I’m online, but yet both messenger and Facebook seem to want everyone to know as soon as I log into the app. Fix it please

  • why can't messaging be integrated w the actual FB app

    by megsasaurusrex


  • Messager

    by Princess4life78

    I agree with the guy saying it’s trying g to be a dating site . I honestly don’t like messenger either myself . Too much stuff happens on there and it’s not right . I don’t even hardly respond to the messages I do get . You can’t be in a relationship and have it . Too much temptation and i have seen it ruin more than. A few relationships. Not my thing .

  • That is my real name!

    by lenorets

    Messenger won’t allow me to set up my account because it doesn’t recognize that my Native American name is my real name. Colonialism in technology

  • Quit the nags

    by Nickname736367

    Stop asking me to confirm my number and upload my contacts every time I open the app. And stop making in-app noises when the app is in the background.

  • Messenger hacking

    by Tmoskowi

    Will cancel. Keep being hacked

  • Help

    by littlebit an lulu

    I can’t get on Facebook or iMessanger or down load it I’ve tried 3 weeks now

  • Fix it

    by asala999

    The last update is horrible

  • Duplication

    by Di Phile

    I would prefer this app to be within Facebook as an inbox. I really don’t appreciate the fact that I have to navigate through two apps under the same service.

  • User McGee1944

    by McGee1944

    I wish that they would stop changing Facebook. Every time they change it, I have to learn it all over again. Not easy for a 75 year old man to do. Go back about five “updates” ago and then leave it alone. Plus, why do we have to go to messenger to see messages? Why can’t we just read them in Facebook? Stinks. I agree, 100%. I really hate the new Messenger. I keep receiving a message on email telling me that I have a message and to go to Messenger to view it. I go there and have NEVER have been able to find a single message. Why do I have to go to Messenger to see a message that was sent to Facebook? Rotten service.

  • Hate it. Want to get rid of it

    by palh

    I’m not against people who like it, I just want to opt out and delete it remotely my facebook

  • Help

    by Viv313

    I reinstalled Messenger. I need to confirm by submitting a code they send to me but I’m not getting a message, no code so I can’t get Messenger set up. Any help would be appreciated.

  • I don’t mind having messenger

    by cops and donutes get along

    I just don’t want Facebook

  • Messenger gone again. Do not want app.

    by lobobargainhunter

    Please give me back my messenger. Everything was fine now I can’t see my messages unless I install messenger again. Why since I already had it. I see I am still getting messages but won’t let me in unless I install again. OK I went ahead and hit install so I could get my messages but nothing happened I still can’t get into my messages. Today after installing an update I can’t open messenger again. Shows I have new messages but won’t let me see them unless I install it again. I dint want to keep installing messenger. !!! Why do you keep locking up my messenger and telling me I need to install it again???? How do I uninstall this app?

  • Absolutely terrible app

    by Disgusted and angry!

    This app is completely frozen! Won’t load incoming messages or scroll down to previous messages! I have to constantly report the app of its problems for past two going on three months now and they still refuse to fix the problem! If there was a negative star, I’d give it negative 1000! Extremely disappointed

  • Horrible

    by Shae86

    Yet again another update and more issues. I have everything allowed for notifications on my phone and app yet I get no notifications... ugh

  • Crashing

    by sloancold13

    After the latest update Messenger now crashes every time I try to take a photo to add into a text

  • Unexpected error

    by draamrate

    It keeps telling me UNEXPECTED ERROR OCCURRED now I can’t get into my account!!

  • Messenger/ Market Place

    by DaddyLeps

    Market place posts in messenger appear as no longer exists 🗑

  • wdonyoung

    by wisdomly

    I’m having trouble navigating your system

  • Version of app no longer supported...

    by ZaWiszA

    Please update messenger to version one million five hundred thousand and two hundred thirty six. We are working hard on improving your user experience. Dear Facebook, my user experience would be much better if you did not force me to update every single time I turn on your app.

  • Marketplace doesnt work with messenger anymore

    by ttttytttytyyyy

    Over the last week, marketplace wont link up anymore with messenger. Basically ya cant look at a page that youre already messaging a seller about. If you try to look at the ad it says post no longer exists even though it does

  • Cannot install. I put my phone number in and it won’t send me the code.

    by Monster kid 416

    The app won’t send my iPhone the code to finish installing

  • Can’t open Messenger

    by Alyeskaboy

    I have downloaded and later updated Messenger, but on my IPad Pro, I am unable to open Messenger to obtain Messages. On my old IPad I was able to receive messages. The only thing I am able to access is “Today”. Pretty unhappy, especially when I have received Messages from friends and Can’t communicate with them.

  • Where is the Portal Support?!

    by Kmh364

    Fix this! It’s been months since FIM updates have rendered the transferability of calls to/from iPhone and FB’s expensive and limited usage Portal! It has the feature and capability, which conspicuously disappeared during one iOS 12.xx update, and has not reappeared. I complained about this months ago to Portal CS and FB, yet it has not been addressed! Why?

  • Updates Make Everything Worse!

    by ccarrandi

    So disappointed with recent updates. I no longer get notifications when someone reacts to a comment or picture. I can no longer move text around when editing a picture. I used to be able to move text around on a picture anywhere as well as customize the size of the text. This is now completely gone! I can only center text and use return button to move up and down. So disappointed. Why do you change things that were ok to begin with???? The photo filters are usually the same. Not enough variety.

  • How to delete messenger conversations

    by Buggared By Facebook

    It would be greatly appreciated if you would advise on the procedure to delete conversations. I need to remove as much old data as possible from my phone. Thank you

  • Password issues and at Whitt’s end

    by sexieSweetTee

    I have been having an issue with Facebook and Facebook messenger for multiple weeks now and it’s getting really crazy to the point where I’m about ready to delete them both but I’m hoping you can help me with my issue... every three days I get logged out and the apps say it’s because I’m logging on from different locations when I haven’t been doin anything new or different and I have to create a new password for my account and that is becoming very annoying it not anyone else in my account and no spam is being sent out I don’t do anything new or different on either account so this is getting very annoying is there anyway you can help me with this problem please?

  • Error de Messenger

    by ValerieSanchez2810

    Siempre me había funcionado muy bien facebook y Messenger, por años, pero ya tiene semanas que quiero iniciar sesión en facebook o Messenger, y simplemente las aplicaciones no me dejan. Ingreso mi usuario y contraseña y solo me aparece un aviso que dice “se produjo un error inesperado. Intenta iniciar sesión de nuevo” quisiera que me explicaran que está pasando.

  • Ridiculous

    by Product_19

    Ridiculous that you can’t read Facebook messages in a browser and instead have to download an app.


    by fedupwithmessenger

    IF I COULD GIVE THIS APP LESS THAN I ZERO I WOULD IT DESERVES LESS THAN A ZERO GET RID OF THE ACTIVE NOW FEATURE IT DOESNT WORK AND STOP STALKING PEOPLE 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Messenger messed up

    by LoriS519

    After the last update my messenger hasn’t worked properly on my iPad. The screen is half black and I am unable to chat! I am currently using my android phone to chat! Please fix it!!!

  • Messenger

    by bobbyscott30

    I have been trying to pick up my messages from messenger. I tried everything but it still doesn’t work. I keep getting messages that I can’t retrieve. Can you help me ? Thank you

  • The app freezes

    by LSLedford

    Hesitant to use the app because a page opens and freezes and must be closed in order to move on.

  • Messenger Chat

    by DDD Dane

    Status is constantly turning Active on its own!!! Please fix this bug

  • مشكلة في تسجيل دخول

    by اكرم اسدالله

    عندي مشكلة في تسجيل دخول يقلي حاول لاحقا كل مرة و اتمنة تصلحو المشكلة دي انا جهازي ايفون ٧ ios 13.

  • Open new message without my consent

    by Lethecaptain

    I was typing a message to a friend and I received a new message from someone else. It opened the new message automatically even I wasn’t finished messaging the other friend. Need this fix asap because I dont even wanna read some message!!!

  • Messenger

    by thissiteisawasteoftime

    Hopefully with the upgrade you’ll solve the hacker problem, I rarely use Messenger anymore for that reason.

  • Some changes need to revert back

    by RennyRiot

    I really like how much more responsive the app is and how much quicker it is. The thing i don't like is how when i receive a message, no matter how many days i ignore the message, as soon as i open the app it automatically opens whatever new message i have. That wuite annoying because its not giving me the option to pick and choose which messages i view and respond to in my own time. And as i recently ended an extremely possessive relationship with someone, who keeps making new accounts under random names to contact me, it automatically opens those messages and they can see that “i opened” it and they begin bombarding me with all sorts of messages. I would like more freedom to pick my own conversations to view instead of them being forcibly handed to me by this new update.

  • Camera/Video Chat

    by MsTee4

    Since I updated my iPad, I am no longer able to access my camera, microphone and I am unable to video chat. I go to settings to allow access but I don’t see that as an option.

  • Iphone has no support for CHAT HEADS?

    by Pandasbackhand

    i hate that i have to go into messenger just to read the message rather than being able to click on the chat head itself.

  • Get rid of the two apps back too one

    by OverFacebookMessenger

    This app is pointless I shouldn’t have too take up a lot of space on My phone just too answer my messages

  • Crap pure crap

    by iphoneneedsa shot

    Not good and confusing ....ditch this

  • Notification sound

    by jakal223

    I can’t change notification sounds....So one star for now

  • Cannot use app since update

    by cbjrow

    I cannot use the app on my IPad since FB and messenger updated yesterday. No place to type reply to messages, only shows up on half the page in landscape. In portrait it is one long thin message. Hope this gets fixed

  • Active status keeps turning on by itself

    by Raxcee

    Please address this issue.

  • Horrible

    by ilovelini

    App claims I am actively on a chat when I am not. Good way to lose friends and even your job.

  • Esta peor messenger

    by Marceloql

    Porque no vuelven a la versión anterior? Mi configuración de inactivo se borra. Modo oscuro desaparece. Me pide salir cada vez que cambio de cuenta y me pide contraseña igual cada vez que cambio. Esta pésimo, solucionen ya !!!

  • Show when you’re active doesn’t work

    by 1180p

    Every time I turned it off, you kept manage to turn back on without my knowledge! I wanted it off permanently. If I want to turn it on, I will! Get this fix! Or I will remove it off my phone and stick to laptop!

  • Complaint

    by BillK - simpson

    Cannot get messenger off my phone.

  • Too Much Buggy & Laggy in ios 13.1.2 on iphone 11 pro max

    by Lalonhaque

    Reachability is automatically activated in messenger.

  • Muchas fallas

    by GaboMarVal

    Qué onda por qué me quieta la Configuración de no estar activo a cada 5 minutos me activa y todo mundo ve que estoy activo necesito que me den respuesta si es algo adicional que debo hacer o es falla de sus app tanto Messenger y Facebook

  • Issues with the app

    by BobPilot

    10/12/19 On iPadOS 13.1.2 your app is not opening from iPad doc. Long touch on the app icon in the doc, brings pop up which has Share (null) item. When you short touch the icon, nothing happens. 08/25/18 With each update this application is getting worse and worse. For a while the app worked fine, then after a few updates ago, your app stopped establishing connection. Friends who presently active shown no status, just word “messenger” under their names. You’re announcing fancy updates, but instead breaking what worked. UNBELIEVABLE !!! My rating for your app is in negative territory.

  • Messed up

    by Dolores in LA

    Your most recent update messed up my Messenger app. It’s just a black screen.

  • Stop asking for my phone number and contacts

    by Kinnebrew

    I’ve had this app for years. I don’t want to give it my cell phone number or access to my phone contacts (for pretty obvious reasons given their record on user privacy). Yet, each time I open the app now, it asks me if it can have my cell phone number and access to my contacts. I say “No” each time, and a few hours later, it’s asking me again. What is wrong with you guys? Stop pushing us to give you this info after we’ve already said “No”. I’m ready to delete this garbage app.

  • Hacked App

    by Jhendr1020

    Messenger is my most hacked app. I can do without it

  • Hacked again

    by Dot NC

    I have canceled messenger for the third time because I’ve opened a message from a friend, only to get hit with a virus. This virus is then forwarded to my friends and family. I cannot use such a dangerous forum.

  • Can’t update password can’t sign in

    by Odd time

    Utterly useless piss poor design. Icon just spins after trying to update password.

  • Facebook messenger

    by sajad aljaberi

    I can’t access my Facebook messenger this is just bad i am loosing all of my friends customers you should fix this issue as soon as possible

  • Messenger will not work

    by skippy 76

    It quit working one day. I uninstalled and reinstalled. When I try to use it , it says it is sending me a confirmation code, but nothing comes through

  • Doesn’t work

    by redolent1

    Sometimes messages don’t get received

  • It’s not the best

    by SomePersonTatDoesNotExist

    It does not work for me . I have internet and it does not want to send the messenge I have send . And if I wanna delete the message it will only delete for me.

  • Messenger

    by perfectlyposh Sharon

    My phone updated and now I see anything on messenger!!!

  • Trouble

    by Flower15614

    I just got the newest update, but now I’m having trouble signing into another account I have on my messenger... and I get some type of bubble the pops up when I try. Idk what to do!

  • Why is the sent message not being delivered not fixed yet?

    by BH2424

    I have had nothing but problems with fb messenger ever since I downloaded it when it first came out years ago. I send a message and it doesn’t matter if I’m actively back and forth in a conversation, new message, continuing an old conversation, whatever it may be - the circle next to the message doesn’t fill in meaning it wasn’t delivered. There are constantly “updates” for this app but this issue hasn’t been fixed. Through this time I’ve had several different phones and service providers so the problem lies in the app. I feel like it’s a basic thing for a messenger to actually deliver a message that you send - so 1/5 stars from me for now.

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