Marble Blast Mania
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  • LOVE, LOVE THE GAME BUT... Jun 5, 2017

    By starrwoman
    I have been playing this game 'Marble Mania' almost everyday, but recently it has been crashing. I am up to level 46 with over two thirds of them completed with three stars. However, now Apple has advised me today that the game needs to update. I would easily give the game a two thumbs up five stars for all the enjoyment I have received in playing this game. It is very challenging and keeps me coming back for more. I am even hoping that a new version as a Marble Mania ll. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves marble action as I do. Thank you developers for this game and please update real soon before a new IOS update takes away my ability to play the game!
  • Awesome sauce!!! Jan 12, 2015

    By tennis143
    Need I say more? Really do love the game; However, I must agree with another comment I read regarding this game. I, too, experienced difficulty telling the difference between purple and blue (occasionally the same with yellow and green) this game helps me a great deal with my insomnia. Love, love, love it! 👌😋😊
  • Love love love Dec 13, 2015

    By Deviousone0424
    I swear I've played so many marble games like this but this one here is the absolute best!! I love it! The graphics. The music. The power ups....I'm addicted to this one. I never write reviews but for this one I will.
  • Rules Oct 4, 2015

    By Fergie's Mom
    Love this game BUT I can't figure out how to get 3 stars, flames, whatever you call them, on a couple levels. I play them again and again and think I do well but one flame?? Looking for the explanation for different bonuses and how to improve your score.
  • Need more levels May 11, 2016

    By Sophieeee_c
    Love love love this game. Sadly, I already beat the whole game and just waiting for more levels. This game is just too awesome so I'm asking for more levels.
  • UGH Oct 11, 2016

    By StephSP
    Ever time I get a few shots away from clearing level, 40 the stupid app crashes and you lose your coins and you can't replay the level... HIGHLY irritating. I've been stuck on level 40 for like a week and half because of the app crashing EVERY TIME.

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  • Awesome sauce!!! Jan 12, 2015