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Madden NFL Overdrive Football

Madden NFL Overdrive Football


Super Bowl LIII is here! Play now for super events and surprises.

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  • by Raven Hopper

    Good game, I play it a lot and have been for a while. I like the promos they have every now and then, I enjoy the grind to get good players. The only thing I would say that I don't like is how unfair overdrive matches can be sometimes. I've played matches against people with 2500 power and up (waaay more power than what I have now) along with a team overall that is 5 or 6 points above me who go against me. So I have no chance in those matches, and it would be nice if it were more fair. Otherwise, I really like this game and it is indeed addictive!

  • Issues with Overdrive

    by Truth0686

    I have been playing madden for a couple years on mobile and it is my favorite game. 4 things I think need to be changed. One, you should be able to choose your difficulty level for each season mode game, easy, medium, hard etc. Two, we play the same team over and over for 5,000 coins, you should change the teams up or allow us to choose the six teams we play for 5,000 coins. I want to play teams like the cardinals but you don’t receive any real benefit for doing so except a gold pack or a small number of XP and they’re too easy because they are locked at a 65ovr If that makes sense? If we can choose our difficulty level and teams we want to play for coins, this will fix both of these issues. Three, there needs to be a repost all button in messages, for example. I have 20 players I’m auctioning and I have to go to every player to repost them back to the auction if they don’t sell, kind of tedious. A single button would be helpful to repost them all. Four, since overdrive came out, we no longer have an option to defer the kickoff in season mode. Part of my game plan involves deferring and I don’t like having to receive the ball in the first half. I think these suggestions would help the game be better. Lastly, I do love the game and appreciate the team that works on it because it is a great game. 3 year madden veteran, Dahulk913

  • Great game but with some frustrating and glaring flaws

    by turbodabyeetboyz

    EA... fix your game. Whenever I play all madden gameplay, and I throw the ball deep, the receiver gets bodied up and is unable to even get to the area where the ball is. I lose a down, and I waste stamina and tournament tickets on a busted play due to uncalled pass interference that is so obvious a five year old could look at it and say “that’s not fair for the receiver”. All madden gameplay is also nearly impossible otherwise, especially in tourneys where we have a limited number of tickets without spending hundreds of dollars on the game. When base gold linebackers can jump nearly ten feet high to intercept a lob pass that is intended for a receiver ten more away, or when a 99 overall lineman can’t block a base gold defensive end, your all madden mode has some obvious flaws. Now while I’m hating on you EA, I still recommend the game. Mostly everything else runs very smoothly and is entertaining. I do wish draft champions were available to play whenever we wanted instead of only once every weekend. While the graphics aren’t very good, I get that it is the mobile version and it is tough to add good graphics without the game being several GBs big, but why not when most people nowadays have phones with at least 16 GBs. Like I said, I do thoroughly enjoy this game, and it is very entertaining. But there are some glaring flaws that need to be fixed.

  • Good but worse than last year

    by HorjeDaGoat

    EA has came a long way in making their game the best football game on the App Store, but there are three key things that EA needs to fix. First off, since they made overalls go higher than 99, auctions require lots of money. Last year, you could buy an elite for 20k coins, and now it’s around 100k. Auctions are my way of getting around 95% of my players, simply because it was quick, easy, an efficient to use. Because of this, I had a 92 overall team. Now, it is insanely hard to buy at least get an 85 overall player without spending half a week gathering coins then spending them all on one player. Then, there is the remodeling of the game. This is more of a petty problem, but I still don’t like it. They changed the uniforms, scoreboard, menus etc. when it never needed to be changed. Humans are petrified of change, and when EA does something like this, it just doesn’t feel right. It looks like it’s trying to make the game look a century ahead of real time. It doesn’t look good. Finally, there is trading. I know that EA has recently released a trading scheme, but it still doesn’t float my boat. Madden is based off of the NFL, so it needs to be realistic as possible. You should be able to trade players, coins, and collectibles among league members. It just makes sense to do so. I hope EA makes these changes to Madden. And if they do, this game truly deserves more than a 5 star rating.

  • Newest update with this league bank

    by Boatiedawg

    Pass interference is ridiculous and the super human speed when your receiver is clearly open gets run down and smacked in the face. You can’t even match teams up that are remotely close to each other in head to head and forced to play them. I’m proud of the teams I so hardly work at getting just to see them get pulverized by outrageous plays. I’m sure my teams do the same to other players that feel the same way as I do when they realized there’s no chance as soon as your stuffed on every play. I love the game don’t get me wrong and play constantly just wish it was a closer match up with no glitches such as I truck he spins or ball hits a player and flies 20 yards and I’ve seen it fly all the way back to end zone one time at 50 yards. Just some things are getting unrealistic and your team you build just totally acts stupid sometimes for no reason. Other than that rock on its fun as hell. Again end of season and it’s bull how the match ups are. Even if you have better players pass interference and super human speed run down for an interception is ridiculous! You want a better game get rid of that, get rid of balls flying 50+ yards when tipped, get rid of no chance in hell match ups. You can’t even build your coaching staff up at a decent rate before the seasons up. Don’t get me wrong I love the game but everyone here knows exactly what I’m talking about!!!!

  • Awesome Game! But...........................

    by Lunghvhjhhjbbjih

    Alright, if I’m honest, this is by far the best madden mobile game to date, and I hope that they somehow get better over the course of time. Thank y’all for making this such an easy and fun game, but there has been a small little... not so much problem... more annoyance you could say. Alright so when the Christmas and New Year season on the game began to come to a close, I couldn’t complete any important sets, nor could I acquire any more snowballs and merchandise items for the sets, so I just let them be, until one day I open up my item inventory and see that there are like 50 items in there. So I think, “Hey, no big deal. I’ll just see if there’s some miscellaneous collectibles set I can put all these pointless collectibles in.” There’s not. So, I think some more: “Well these are virtually dead to me, so I guess I’ll just quicksell them for a few coins and get them the heck out of my hair.” Sure enough, I can’t do that either. So now I’m stuck here with like 30+ snowballs and 20+ madden merch items that I’m just staring at. If y’all could incorporate that sort of set in the next madden season, or just let me quicksell them for crying out loud, it would be much appreciated. Once again, I am very happy with this game and I hope y’all keep it up.

  • Great ups; Big downs

    by bilbobag

    I love Madden Mobile. This is my fourth season. They changed up the system big this year, with an enormous graphic overhaul that in my opinion is fantastic. Competitive play is quite different with the Overdrive mode, and I'll be the first to say I like it. Some mechanics have been improved. Overall, the game took a big step forward. But it took a few steps back, too. Beloved parts of the game like sets and season have been removed and reincorporated different ways, but they've lost the charm they had, making the game feel a little shallower. Each program has its own store, which is a pseudo sets system that does its job. But season is not the same. You're no longer playing through a season, and now just playing games. My biggest issue is something else, though. With the new system, running the ball is now viable whereas in previous years it was not due to gameplans. However, passing is now a pain because the hitboxes to pass to receivers is much smaller, and the woes of mis-clicking are more prevalent than ever, for me happening multiple times a drive and often times leading to big mistakes. And the movement controls, too, at ready to miss if your thumb is ever so slightly off target. Another thing though, is the games new emphasis on offense, which threw off the balance in previous years that made playing defense fun too.

  • Money?

    by KittyKindomMeow

    So this game is so amazing and I have a 99ovr team and I love it keep up the great events and stuff like like I appreciate it! 😉👍I have a problem I would like to talk about though so when I go to purchase madden cash which I actually did today, it was 1000 madden cash for 5$ and for some reason it never purchases anything, and I know your thinking oh this kid just got the password wrong bla bla bla he doesn’t know how to do it right but no! Whenever I purchase something (on madden mobile) it never gives it to me because I get so annoyed because the draft events are going on right now and I’m trying to pull some elites, and finish some sets. And when I type the password I know it’s correct because it goes through it’s just that for some reason madden doesn’t give me what I got so....? And I watch QJB and I see him buying madden cash for 100$ and he always gets it so I’m like umm 😐 but I would like you guys to fix this problem like you will even see this message 😕 but if you do see this message I would love for you guys to fix it! Because I’ve spent 7$ on this game (I know that’s not a lot) but it’s for 1000 madden cash that I need so please fix. Otherwise great game and I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next. 👍

  • Used to be better

    by Frecciarossa EX

    I started playing this game in 2017 and I really enjoyed it. The game was actually fun and even though the stamina limit was annoying sometimes, I really enjoyed the live events last year and the satisfaction of putting one more item into a set was just great. I go on a trip over the summer and when I come back “Overdrive” is here. I’d seen some of the trailers so it seemed really cool. I got my starter packs from last season and started looking for season mode but alas, it was nowhere to be found. That was upsetting as season mode was my main income for coins. I also realized sets were gone too. At least the stamina is gone right? Yes and no. Even though there is no stamina bar, after playing an event once, you need either blitz tokens or a specific collectible if it is a special event (Most Feared). The overdrive feature is just a new H2H with a couple of useless features. The point scoring is a bit better but the overdrive bar thing doesn’t really mean that much. The graphics are better but this makes the game very slow which can mess up your game. It also disconnects at random times even with a steady and strong internet or data connection which isn’t fun when you are playing a overdrive game. Overall, the new game is very disappointing and I don’t really grind the game anymore. Maybe next year will be better

  • Great game overall, but some annoying glitches

    by EagleSiege

    I love this game for the most part, but I have some complaints. For one, I hate that points out counts as a loss and "fans" are deducted in overdrive when connection is lost due to a problem with Madden's network or maintenance. Second, I'm annoyed that only the top rated legend players can be auctioned. It feels like they are trying to eliminate means of building your team without paying. Third, overdrive feels rigged at times. I was ranked #5 overall and went on to lose about 80% of my matches for a few days, causing me to plummet into the 700's. During this stretch I struggled to convey routine passes and runs, especially when other teams deployed tactics. My team at the time had a 93 OVR rating with over 1900 power, yet I was consistently beaten by vastly inferior teams. My receivers we're constantly dropping open passes and my linemen were inexplicably bad--facing the wrong direction, moving out of the way of defensive lineman, etc. This is very frustrating, and it had happened to me several times. I get that there will be stretched where you struggle or things don't fall in your favor, but this is something else entirely. I don't know if there is a glitch in the AI or some algorithm that influences this, but it needs to be addressed.

  • by A Google user

    Don't get me wrong, the game is awesome. But it would be cool if it would carry on their progress from the last version. And second of all, why isn't there 98-120 overall players in the game? Also you give us pictures showing the "amazing" graphics, but give us something that looks like you just barely upped it up. And give us easier ways to earn the madden cash. And one more thing, LET US TRAIN OUR PLAYERS!!!!! Overall, Overdrive Was COMPLETE Trash. And I never got my Terrell Owens.

  • Love this game... but there a few things to fix

    by 1TheSavage1

    This is a great game, but I think it would be a lot more popular if we could design our own plays. Also, when the game restarts each season, we should not have to create a new account but instead, our account would be there with all the madden cash we purchased from the season before. Also, really the only way to get diamond players without using madden cash are from events, so please open some packs in the store that cost coins instead of madden cash, that contain diamond players. We should also be able to trade players, coins, and collectibles, and uniforms or stadiums with other people that play Madden. Also, there is a bug where sometimes when passing, a linebacker comes at the quarterback with superhuman speed. Also, after we’ve trained players, we should still be able to auction them off. And, i rely on half my players from auction. It used to be easy to get a decent player from auction, but now it costs literally 100k for an elite 2 player. For the final thing, in season mode, the teams should match your teams stats to make it more challenging. If u add all these things, I would give it a 10 star rating if it were possible. (Also there should be penalties)

  • by A Google user

    Cant go wrong with Madden. This is the best game of its type on the market. EA is always keeping the game fresh with new events and updates to content. The only negative , and its not at all unique, is that the game can feel like a grind with the event drills. Drills = tasks that you receive rewards. Seems a little too much, to receive too little of a reward towards the goal(s) of the events, in my opinion. All in all its EA and Madden so you cant go wrong. **Edit** Mistakenly underrated- Fixed5

  • by Christian Stidham

    I have played this game for awhile now. Ever since the latest update for the Team of the Year, the game will only allow one maybe two chances to play LVL. I lose a turn during LVL if my screen turns white, then the phone goes back to the app screen on my phone (android app section). Then I go back into Madden a turn or two down.... This means I can not help my league with point scores. I also get kicked out of the survival mode as well. This has not happened with the other versions of Madden.

  • by MissShell Cassell

    madden itself is great. the support team on the other hand has been ridculious. they have lied to me time and time again. to where i have completely stopped playing. the company was not helpful or willing to tell me what to do to correct it. i paid over 50 dollars on the halloween event and completed it they told me give it 24 hours it would update well it ended and there was no way to go a back to try to fix it. they made 650 million dollars on downloads alone. but cant help us small people.

  • New Madden=Letdown

    by PatrioticMango

    Lets start off by saying that I love this game. I have been playing this game since Christmas of 2016 and ever since, I’ve been hooked. I love the new promos, and it is better than last year. (That’s saying something)! I love this game, and I would recommend this to everybody. However, It would be better to reduce the cool down on the wheel of madden cash, put more cash in that set or make the packs cheaper. It’s sort of annoying in which I have to use 50K just to get a pack with four pennants. But overall, this game is awesome. *Edit* I love how easy it is to get 120’s now. Just yesterday I got Mike Vick, A few days ago, I got. Chris Boswell. *EDIT* Madden Overdrive is somewhat of a letdown. No season? Live events are impossible? I can’t beat an 80 overall team in legacy with my 120 overall from last season. Mike Vick can’t even outrun their defensive linemen. Insane. Sets are not there, and it’s impossible to get any elites without spending money. I pulled two elites, other than Terrell Owens, and they ended up being the same one! Although I like the new fantasy scoring, one part of it can’t make it great. Sure the graphics are better, but it isn’t as fun. Bring back the old madden. Please. You just took the old madden, and took away some of the best parts. Please.

  • Great Game, but has some issues

    by Wes Ton

    This game is truly free to play if you want it to be. You can be successful without making any purchases, but expensive micro transactions with definitely speed things up. I love how you can play this nonstop because you down have to wait for stamina or lives to recharge. There are some bugs that I would like to see fixed though. 1. When watching ads for madden cash, I no longer receive madden cash despite watching the entire ad. I’m owed like 20 ads worth of madden cash. 2. The receivers are stupid. The catch stat appears to be a hoax. I can hit my wide open receiver right in the hands 3 downs in a row and he will drop it. Even with a catch rating of 96. 3. Auction is sometimes glitchy and won’t notify me I have been outbid even when watching the auction. 4. I wish I could watch film from my defense. I like how you can customize a defensive strategy, but I can’t tell how successful it is with out seeing it in action via replay. I would love to make adjustment to correct my weaknesses but I have no idea where to start until I can better see how my defense is performing. Can you credit me all the madden cash I missed out on with the ad glitch?

  • This game is my favorite! Well made

    by Jmhayes0624

    For many years this game has been a favorite for me and all these updates are really cool and useful. I really like the evolution from having “okay” graphics to being spectacular for a mobile game. But every review comes with a suggestion and here are mine. It would be extremely nice to lower the prices for the players I have a 74 overall team and I used to be able to get a solid player for 15-20 k but now everything is more expensive than I could imagine. Also I’m a big fan of events so I would like to have a weekly event. And my final suggestion is to remove the training icon I really don’t like this feature and it just annoys me. I also have a few questions if that’s okay How do you get the starting Terrell Owens? I’ve gone against a lot of people with this player and it says on the front of your game “Team up with Terrell Owens” He would be a huge help for my offense thank you. Other than that this game is spectacular and I’m very surprised it only earned app of the day. Thank you for your time please think about these thank you have a good day. Sincerely Natethegreat02

  • Network Timeout!!!

    by sinatra van halen

    This game would definitely get 5 stars if it didn’t have so many network communication problems. It drops so much I can tell you verbatim what it says... “Network Timeout- Sorry we were not able to communicate with our servers. Please try again.” I tried every possible solution, restart my phone, update my tower, connect to WiFi, restart my modem, sit next to my modem, and upgrade my internet to the fastest xfinity provides. Nothing I do stops the infamous alert from invading my gameplay. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing in the game, training a player = network timeout, playing overdrive = network timeout, or playing an overdrive match = network timeout. It would not be so bad if I didn’t have to log back in, select what kind of user I am, then select my user name, then wait for it to decide to let me in the game or Network Timeout again. I’ve lost sooooo many overdrive games that it’s almost pointless to play, but why do I play you ask? Simply stated, I’ve already invested so much money, and if I delete the game, I throw away my money. It wouldn’t be so bad if the game allowed you to log back in and RESUME your LIVE Overdrive game so you won’t lose your progress. Outside of that, the game is awesome to play!! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

  • Network Timeout

    by sinatra van halen

    This game would definitely get 5 stars if it didn’t have so many network communication problems. It drops so much I can tell you verbatim what it says... “Network Timeout- Sorry we were not able to communicate with our servers. Please try again.” I tried every possible solution, restart my phone, update my tower, connect to WiFi, restart my modem, sit next to my modem, and upgrade my internet to the fastest xfinity provides. Nothing I do stops the infamous alert from invading my gameplay. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing in the game, training a player = network timeout, playing overdrive = network timeout, or playing an overdrive match = network timeout. It would not be so bad if I didn’t have to log back in, select what kind of user I am, then select my user name, then wait for it to decide to let me in the game or Network Timeout again. I’ve lost sooooo many overdrive games that it’s almost pointless to play, but why do I play you ask? Simply stated, I’ve already invested so much money, and if I delete the game, I throw away my money. It wouldn’t be so bad if the game allowed you to log back in and RESUME your LIVE Overdrive game so you won’t lose your progress. Outside of that, the game is awesome to play!! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

  • Good game, but can get boring.

    by MaddenNFLFan

    As a big NFL fan, I enjoy playing this game. I just recently decided to get back into it after I stopped playing for a while. However, this game can get boring due to a lack of game modes. Basically the only modes are Overdrive ,events and tournaments. That’s it. Not only that, the new version has made it harder for players who aren’t willing to spend money build a great team. Sets are gone, so you have to grind on tokens and coins. It also seems like earning coins is less common now. There should be more game modes such as a normal exhibition game you can play for fun, or mini games. Also please bring back seasons. Season battle doesn’t feel the same. I don’t see this happening, but for exhibition or a normal season, you can choose to play as the default roster of your team, or your ultimate team. Overall, I give this game a 3-star because it’s still has good gameplay and graphics. But the lack of variety can make it hard to stay hooked. For me, it’s a tough decision to play or not since I know I’ll miss out on events and be behind on my team. This game still has potential, so please add more features to get my interest back.

  • I need help

    by Ninja123411

    I’ve been playing this game for about four months and I love it. But I have an issue and I was wondering if you guys could fix it. I was at the action and I bought the running back Tyreek Hill, the 94 overall one, and I already had a Tyreek Hill that is a 97 overall but he is a wide receiver. So once I went to put my Tyreek Hill at the Half Back position it wouldn’t let me and it said that the player was already in use so I was wondering if you guys could maybe fix the game to where it would let me have the Half Back Tyreek Hill and the Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill on my lineup at the same time. It just doesn’t make much sense on why it doesn’t let me because I used to have Tyreek Hill as a kick returner and a different Tyreek Hill as a punt returner on my line up at the same time. I thank you very much for reading this letter and I understand if you guys can’t fix it but I would really appreciate it because I was so happy when I got the Half Back but I was sad once it told me I couldn’t have it on my line up with my wide receiver. And thank you again for reading this letter 🙂

  • Stupendous, but update ideas.

    by Neon-Deion is MLG

    Soo, this game is great! Love the new gameplay graphics, and I love this whole thing! In fact, it is ALMOST perfect, but every game has a flaw to it, and I just wanna point it out. So, my first request is that you update the “Season Battle” event. Well, not the whole thing, but just the time. The time is WAAAY to short, and if I want to mount a comeback or keep pouring points or whatever on my opponent, I just don’t have enough time with 1:30 a quarter. Please make the time 2:35, please! It would mean soo much to me! Anyways, my next request is that you can contact a friend while playing. What I mean by that..well, just take a seat. So, you know the friends tab you added, right? Well, everything is perfect, but is there a way you can add a slot where if you have Internet, you can contact with at least 3 or lower friends that you are friends with in the game? That would also mean a lot to me, cause I think it would be cool. That is all I request, and if you can reply and make my requests come true, that would be AMAZING! Anyways, thanks for this awesome game!

  • Good but still has same bugs...

    by Charlie Brown1357

    I enjoy playing the game, it's a good pass time, but I still have the same gripes from when the app was launched, for some reason there's never any Pass interference calls, even though your receiver gets hung up on CB's nearly every play, on a deep pass the throw is always under thrown allowing the defense to catch up almost all the time, and I'm still suggesting that you should be able to watch an add to refill stamina... and the cost of purchase packs and cash is ridiculous... my last compliment is every year the game has been out, the ovr of an elite play has gone down, for an 80ovr was a low gold now is an low elite... insane! All that does is drive the price up in the auctions for no reason... on the unside, I do like the upgradable players this year, that a neat feature, and I like that the h2h searches for active players. Suggestions, bring the prices down in the market place, better pay out in the legacy live events, and more freebies, like you guys use to do when the app first launched, example: if you signed in on certain dates you got an elite player, cash, collectible, or gold.


    by Andy_345

    Love this game but over the years it’s turning into a pay to win game. I’m tired of everything costing a lot of money just to get 1 pack with a good player in it. Like we’re talking $100 for a 99 ovr player! I’m also tired of putting a lot of time and effort into my team and not having their stats mean something. I upgraded my wide receivers speed to 104 but it’s actually the same as a wide receiver with 99 speed. Stop playing us EA!!! Make the players OP because people put a lot of work into their players to be good. Also I would LOVE to see an update to where it shows the stats of our players on our team. For an example, if my cornerback gets an interception, when you go to my team and click on his card, it’ll have a section to show you his stats from head to head and season mode and league and more. I would also love for you to bring back the trophies and single card quicksells. These multiple card large and small quick sells are trash and they give you nothing. MAKE THIS GAME ABOUT THE PEOPLE PLAYING AND NOT ABOUT YOU GUYS PROFITING!!!!!!!look back on mm16 because that was the best!!!

  • Don’t believe the hype

    by T3ch Guru

    This is my fourth year playing this series on the mobile. Yes, each each year Madden gets better and better. The graphics are some of the best for mobile, now focusing on player faces and crisper imagining. The virtual joystick is not like previous years and very difficult to control (very touchy) and the unable to juke or spin like previous installments. The biggest opportunity and the biggest failure is the A.I. which makes or breaks the gameplay. The onboard system is extremely challenging and makes wanting to continue playing not worth the effort. Remember throwing the controller across the room, well, this what this feels like when playing a 2-Star/3-Star challenge. The gameplay is center focused on offense only and defense lacks sacking, interceptions and forced fumbles. If you like fantasy football gameplay for a 3-minute time limit which continually runs down and play this primarily throughout the whole year then this is your game; otherwise, we only hope the game design alters after realizing that truly this game is not worth the hype.

  • Pretty good, but still has some kinks

    by Evan McIntyre

    I like getting the elite player from the favorite team you choose. I like the wheel of madden sets. I like the different live events like rising stars, powerline, totw, and showstoppers. I liked the color rush and most feared and I'm ready for the next thing. I like getting the 80 Brady after just lvl 5 and that you're able to use him to get 100 Brady. I like how easy it is to get gold players. I like leagues. I like the training players. Head to head isn't bad. Longshot is ok. Locker items and coaches aren't great. I don't like that you can't get many packs and bundles without paying money. It takes forever to save up to have enough coins to get elites in the auction. Sets take forever to complete. The packs and some bundles don't give you much. I hate season mode. It takes forever to finish each season. Here's some advice. Choose your favorite wisely. Don't waste madden cash and coins . Don't train players you don't want. All around it's a pretty good game, but if you choose the wrong strategy you might struggle or hate it. I deleted the app because it got boring, but now I'm getting it back

  • Has problems

    by JOHNNI06

    It as multiple glitches and it gets angry when you need like 50 thousand dollars to get a good team but when it what’s easier last year when I had a 105 team but this update is harder then last year I have played this game for 4 years now and this is to hard needs improvements now ea I like your other games but this is just bad it keeps glitching on me every time I open packs it crashes sadly I have a 60 overall team which is upsetting because I was looking foreword to this update but then I realized that my team would be erased that almost made me delete this app but i didint so as issues please fix thank you and the commands are very specific and hard I don’t recommend this game to anyone this is just bad this is disappointing and sad ea needs improvement now learn how to make a game great job with nba live though I really hope this update will make it better and every time I hit a button to call a timeout it doesn’t work and every time I hit a or b or c to throw it doesn’t work besides that great game and graphics

  • Where’s season mode???

    by The grand turtle

    First of all I want to say to everybody who lost their team, that happens every year. This isn’t the first year that this has happened. Stop complaining! You obviously haven’t played other madden games. I’m tired of hearing people saying that madden overdrive is bad because they lost their teams. I’ve been here since the first online madden mobile (madden 13) and I was sad when it stopped working. Now we don’t have to download new apps and we still lose our team. We still get to play with them on legacy. I’m actually fine with it. I absolutely love the movement in this game, it’s smooth as heck. But where is season mode? And why do you make pro packs cost 50k if you’re gonna make getting money harder than beating a 90 overall team in h2h when you have a 60? Now even if you guys decide to bring season back, that’s probably gonna take months unless if you just go back to 18(which will be a huge dissapointment) so please make your game good!!! Update: you added season mode, and made pro packs cost a bit less. I’m a bit more happy, but can you please add sets back, and allow the qb to run in season mode. Don’t treat it completely like an event.

  • Needs a lot of work.

    by 423saint

    I’ve been playing this game since 2015 in season 1. I’ve always loved it, through all the different updates I like the way you guys change the game up and always keep it fresh with options as far as live events and player types go. BUT. The game has a terrible issue with crashing. Even with this new update where they said they got a new engine and all that stuff they said, this game crashes on me even more than it used to in season one. In the middle of my events I’ll get a message that says “unable to connect to servers” and sent back to the loading screen. It happens on all the events, season games, overdrive matches literally anything my game will crash for no reason at all. The controls have gotten worse than they used to be as well, as far as passing goes. You click on one player and you will throw it to pretty much any random player who’s on that side of the screen most of the time it’s pretty annoying. I still love a lot of things about this game and enjoy playing it but I would really appreciate it if you guys would fix those huge issues instead of continuing to add more cosmetics and events for once.

  • Love the game but...

    by Speedy2344

    This game is the most addicting and fun game I’ve played from ANY App Store I’ve tried to this point! Don’t really have anything negative to say about it other than being a die hard Titans fan why in the world hasn’t there been any of the Titans other than Frank Wycheck available for Legends? That was before the update of course... But seriously, I know there’s been a few Oilers on here but since the team came to Nashville and became the Titans we have had way better players for Legends in my opinion! Wycheck was great but why hasn’t there been Steve McNair or Eddie George or Jevon Kearse or Blaine Bishop? I could go on but McNair and George both were HUGE for us and the fact they haven’t been included really is a bummer! Other than this the game is just fine! Well until you beat someone so bad in Overdrive they quit and you don’t get as much rewards as you would if they had played all the way through! Great job on the update for this season! Huge improvement! We still need some weekend tournaments though! Add a little more excitement to it.

  • Only a few problems

    by Iforgotthemilk

    Before I start my review let me get the fact the I don’t play the console counterpart so I have no idea how well it correlates with this version. My first problem is that longshot seems bland and I think it needs another player for this month, also after completing the longshot extras you have no good way of level your ls players as without buying bundles you probably won’t get elite training items. Next problem is how tough it is to progress, as this doesn’t bother me as much, I still hate how hard it is to get elites compared to the rest of the seasons. Elites are going for way too expensive. Example: in mobile 16 you could get 90s for about 40k and above, now it is like 300k. I understand y’all at ea are capping prices but people can still put buy now price over it. My last complaint are the legend collectibles, so I understand you can’t sell them if they are earned from live events but you can with packs, so I decided to buy some packs but for some reason it still won’t let me auction them off.

  • Choppy after Launch

    by Demoliche

    Looks like it will be fun once they fix a couple of glaring issues. On day two after launch, the game regularly freezes at the Overdrive launch screen after finding an opponent, Giving no points and a loss to you. New player movement is awesome! If it only worked right. The most horrendous issue is with the thumb control for your player. 2018 Madden Mobile was really fluid I felt, which they seemed to improve upon feel wise for this year. Except for the fact that Madden Overdrive regularly has your player running out of bounds or the like because your player is not responding. Jiggle your thumb back and forth and it will start to respond to your direction commands. It seems like the game does not read your initial thumb movements or something. This currently costs you about 1 play out of every 4 or 5, and has the opposite affect, cause you regularly watch your player run somewhere other than where you thought you were running. Were I the producer of a product, I would actually feel pretty embarrassed about it. Hopefully they will fix it or I am not sure the game will hold my interest this year.

  • The crap is in the details

    by eatarock17

    2016- My player will catch the ball in the zone and it doesn't count. I will be running with a defender and my green circle magically comes detached from the player and the player stops. When running the ball the player will have a clear path to the end zone as the joystick will freeze to the left making him run out of bounds. I can tolerate it for a while but over and over it gets old. I will change my review if someone can explain why it does these things. 2017- When you bid on something in the auction and then decide you don't want to wait and would rather just pay the but now price you can't. You should always have the buy now option available. Love the ability to level up players. It felt like 90% of the players you got last year you couldn't auction anyways so why not at least make that the users decision. They have an event right now where you need to kick field goals, simple enough right? Except they make you use a specific kicker that doesn't have enough kicking power to make the last kick... Really?! I've wasted my stamina trying to make this stupid kick..

  • It’s ok but could be better

    by saxon6

    This game I definitely feel has had some much needed changes but come on guys this game is so pay to win it’s not even funny. I can’t get any decent players without buying madden cash to get packs. The live events are cool but the rewards are so terrible it takes a weeks to get enough currency to get 1 pack. Plus the live events won’t let you earn less of the original reward after beating it multiple times instead you get nothing. There should be more rewards given out for the guys who don’t want to spend $100 on a bundle (which is absolutely ridiculous too, most other games you can get a lot with $10 but with this game you get barley anything unless you spend $30+). If it was a little more achieveable to get a decent team without micro transactions then I might be more willing to spend a little here and there and not have to feel like if I don’t buy packs I’m never going to get pass an 80 overall. And please bring back sets to the game that was the best part about other seasons was working hard to complete sets and finally getting that really good player. Thanks :)

  • Please go back to your roots

    by Mamamahahaha

    I’ve always loved madden mobile, but this year is just different. I saw gameplay and was like “wow!” This year will be the best yet. I got on and was thinking no stamina! Cool now I can grind. But no, there is no season mode, which was actually quite fun to play, I understand there is a weird version of it but I don’t find it nearly as fun. There is also no sets, what the heck! Sets gave me a reason to grind the game, now the only reason is to get more of the 24 different currencies that are confusing as heck and just annoying. Please next season bring back season mode, sets, and even stamina. If you feel stamina will stop people from playing, take away stamina being used in season mode, so people can grind the game. Sets are what keep me intrigued and wanting to grind. Please for the love of god keep just coins and madden cash as the currency, please! Go back to your roots this game was great before all the changes, graphics have never been better at this point and this game has the opportunity to be one of the greatest of the mobile platform.

  • More Challenging Than Ever Before!

    by AlphaK1N9

    I love that with the “new game” and the updates and what not that EA has brought to development has made the game challenging. Before, I just started playing Mobile Madden or whatever it was called and within a week I had a tough 90 overall team without dumping a penny of real money into the game. That was too easy...However, I think the game was designed a little too challenging. Some events (not many), I have tried more than a dozen times to complete without any luck. Most of the events that are too challenging are those where you have to throw the ball to knock out zones or throw for a certain amount of yardage...It’s almost as if the defense is set an an insane amount of difficulty. But, it does create somewhat of a challenge for it. It’s better than getting your team to a 90 overall within a week and then becoming bored with the game as I did before! I’ve been playing for a couple of days now and can’t seem to put it down, no matter how stressful. I like the way it makes you work for your desired team now!

  • 2 problems

    by ilkahante

    The game is good, but when it gets to live events, you treat it like you think everyone has 125 overall teams. I was just doing the golden gift live event, Ultimate Freeze, the one where you are against the buccaneers, and trying to get three running TD’s. I was using 86 Barry Sanders. Everytime I tried to truck or spin it would say SUPER LOSS. 😢 Reason: too early. 😠 So then I tried to delay my spins and trucking. Hmmmmmmm... but guess what happened! It didn’t let me truck him or spin around him at all🤷🏼‍♂️. I wasted nearly 1000 stamina on that impossible liveevent, and for what again, A GOLDEN PRESENT. So what I’m saying is that you should edit the live events so that they are the same (modified to their overall) amount of difficulty for everyone. And I do agree that y’all should change the Tom Brady master head to head thing. That takes waaaaaayyyyyyyyy too long😩. So if you could, please just think about my recommendation. And If you could do that, in my opinion it would change to an 5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. 💪🏼👈🏼👌🏼🤣

  • Madden Overdrive is good, but could be better.

    by Camc3p0

    I think you should be able to dive on a field goal, lateral the ball, and hurdle people. If you can’t hurdle then it wouldn’t make a difference if Tom Brady had 99 jumping. Instead of there being only the special move button there should be three buttons a hurdle button, a spin button, and a trucking button. Then you could keep juking the same. Also there should be some read option plays and you should be able to put anyone anywhere like a running back in the slot, or anyone at kick and punt returner to make the game more fun. You should also be able to motion people and call audibles. You should make there be more game modes like you should be able to play as a current team with current players, there should be the gauntlet, and practice. When I was playing a season battle I tried to force a fumble by hitting big hit, nothing happened. Then on a kick off they big hit me and I fumble. What is up with that. One last thing you should be able to use different jerseys in Season Battle.

  • I love the game, but needs to be fixed.

    by Poke no mo

    Each update makes game play worse. The first update introduced wide open drops and made it difficult to throw deep passes, I understand that this was to regulate the spam plays for deep throws but it also made it so the QB will throw the ball no where near an open receiver. The most recent update made it so the QB just stands there and won’t throw the ball unless you tap multiple times on the receiver, this makes it difficult to accurately determine between a lob or bullet pass and causes more interceptions, sacks, and frustration. I have witnessed many team members quit because of these issues. They should have made Overdrive the weekend tournament and kept H2H the same. People want to be able to play others where they can learn the plays and use strategy instead of spamming plays to save time because each second counts. On the positive note, I love that they removed counters, run plays are a lot better and more realistic, and network time outs have improved with the new update. I’m sure when new contents/promos come out it will get better. Please fix the throwing game.

  • Amazing game... has an obvious flaw.

    by Jason Amezcua

    This game is pay to win. HEAR ME OUT THOUGH. I buy packs, yes, but I’ve only spent 50 in total. Nothing crazy. I’m totally for this game allowing you to have 0 skill and an overpowered team. But my problem is for tournaments. It’s not fair at all guys. All those tickets you saved for months with your 90 overall team ready to get a tournament player upgrade. The tournament comes, and boom, your opponent is a 100+ overall every other game. Keep in mind you’re only 90 overall. Time goes by, you use all those saved tickets. And it’s still not enough to get you in the top prizes. Now let’s say you buy tournament tickets, great. BUT what’s the point if you’re gonna get countered every single play of every single game? Very broken system. Very unfair. Please make the matchups actual matchups. It really feels like a 3 year old is determining these games. Also bring back the old madden, the one where you can’t upgrade players, this new 125 overall players and team is a bunch of crap. I rather see the 99’s. It’s no longer exciting getting something decent out of a pack.

  • Server issues are gone; 2 requests

    by 098Drift

    1) Tournaments are frustrating and becoming unfair. If my counter chance isn't at 100% on nearly every play I choose, my passes are somehow overthrown or the receiver makes a catch out of bounds. It doesn't matter if I'm up against a 95 OVR team or 88 OVR team. I played against an 88 DEF but their safeties were so fast, as if they had 100+ speed and were stronger than they really are. I understand the point is to earn rewards and victories, but if the NPC rosters are given an unfair advantage, then it's unfair to players as well who spend hours trying to get tickets. By the way, regarding tickets, I noticed that the more tickets I save up, the quicker I lose them since saving 31 tickets for a tournament a few weeks ago. It is only when I have 1 or 2 tickets left that I somehow grab easy wins over high OVR opponents. 2) Stats for Individual Players. It would be fun to have individual stats for players on our rosters, which give this game another real life feature. If stats for all players isn't possible, then stats for skill position players would be perfectly fine.

  • Good game but SUPER GLITCHY

    by Uncleho1945

    This game is really fun. I liked the Overdrive Mode which I think is creative and a good way to play P vs P battles on iOS. The graphics are really improved from previous versions which I have been playing since 2015. The seasonal events like Halloween and Thanksgiving are fun too and so is playing the live events. The season games are fun too. That being said, this app is very glitchy. Every 5 seconds I play there is a “network connection error” even though my WiFi is perfectly fine. When I play a live event, after every snap there is a network error and the app is restarted which ruins the fun of the game. In addition, in the season mode, there is a match error after every snap and after the play is over you have to wait and press continue on the error screen until it goes away and then play. Imagine doing that 10 times per quarter, 40 times per game. After the last updates these errors started for me. This game is very fun, it’s my favorite iOS game. EA please fix these errors, it’s ruining the experience.

  • Best one yet

    by Tylerf15

    This madden is the best season yet. My 2 favorite parts are the longshot mode and the training players. In training players I have traded players like devin wade and colt cruise both to a 86 overall. The max overall this season is a remarkable 125 overall. In sets there is a madden goat, and if you haven't Guest already it is obviously Tom Brady. The goat Brady needs five players to have him on your lineup. There is one Brady for each Super Bowl he won. Which means that there are four 90 overall Tom Brady's. Also there is a 80 overall Tom Brady. After placing all of these items into the set you will retrieve the 100 overall Tom Brady. The game has just started and there are already legend players. There four Marshall Faulk, Orlando Pace, Steve Atwater, and John Abraham. They are all 90 overalls and have great stats. The reason I love the training player is because if you have players that you can't sell you can put that into a player to boost his overall. I personally think this the best one out of them all.

  • The Rube Goldberg Machine of Sports Games

    by Buildingabetterme

    The gameplay itself is a lot of fun, fast-paced with tons of different game types. The ever-changing events keep it fresh too. However, the currency system drags the whole experience down. You can trade real money for in-game “Maddencash”. You can earn coins through wins or objectives or the sale of players. But those aren’t interchangeable. In fact, you can’t interchange any of the in game currency, which includes: tournament trophies and crowns and tickets, legends badges, team of the year badges+emblems+tokens, 4 different hub badges (heavyweights, rising stars, veterans, and flashbacks), ace vouchers, aces badges, aces, tp, film reels....I’m missing at least 5-6 more (no exaggeration). They gotta simplify it a bunch. One possibility is to have three currencies: Maddencash your pay real money for, coins you earn through average gameplay, and emblems earned through participation in events. Even if the numbers of currencies stay the same, at least make it easier to find out what they do and where to use them (I still don’t understand what the heck aces are for). Simplify it, and it’s a 4.5 star game.

  • A lot has changed

    by @biglu

    I’ve been playing the game for about 3 or 4 years now and I can honestly say it’s gotten worst since last season. Live event rewards aren’t as significant as previous seasons, which makes it tougher to complete sets or win rewards. Also, the value of players in the auction is house is —-> SUPER INFLATED. This is the first year I have ever seen a 80 rated player go for 100k plus! I don’t know what the deal with that is and it isn’t fair to the gamers. In other seasons you can purchase a 90 overall player for about 100k coins maybe less. And to make it worst, the top overall players rank 125 (last year it was 100). So you would think that an 80 overall player would be worth less now! Pennies at most! Gave it three stars bc the gameplay is still fun, great way to pass time and it’s kind of cool to train players, but again comes the question of should I train a player to it’s full potential OR overpay for a 80 overall player that cost more to level up? Clearly disappointed in the game. It was fine the past few seasons. If ain’t broke don’t fix it !!

  • Madden OD19

    by GDOCKK

    So far my experience with this game is pretty good. At first I did not enjoy the game, but now that new promos are dropping the game is getting slightly better. This, like all other EA games, are pay to play at a top level - which is fine, but can be frustrating when you don’t have a lot of time to grind the game. The only things I would change about the game are how easy it is to trip over your own players. Yes, that makes it realistic, but how often do you see it in the NFL? Not too often, I’d make it less frequent, or remove it in general (that goes for defensive players tripping, too, even though that can help us as an offense). — The second thing I would change about the game is that there’s no option to pause the game in OD. That was a feature I enjoyed about H2H last season. If something comes up I was able to pause. This season, if something comes up, I’ll lose the match. If you guys could please add a pausing feature that would be greattttttt. Other than that, pretty fun all around.

  • Last season was better

    by HardHed3487

    In the past the new seasons always took some getting used to, but I know this year is a lot different. I love this game, I’ve played it for years and still do, but I have two concerns. First off I don’t understand the concept of sets and where to manage your items, for instance, when you go to your team, you can see your unclaimed items and your benched players, but you can’t see the items you currently have, and have no say-so in where they go. Also, there are way too many currencies. Last year they were called tokens, which you could go to the sets to see how many you have, but now you have no idea what they are used for, or where they go. I feel like this needs changing. And one other thing, madden overdrive is incredible slow sometimes. Please update the performance, especially with gameplay, the players glitch and by the time the screen loads the play is almost over. I hope y’all take into consideration what I said, and make this game better. Thanks!

  • Great content, but there are glitches

    by That Madden Mobile Boi

    I played this game for two years now. I really loved last years version. This year, EA did so much better in content wise. There are some stupid glitches like 99 catch player drops a pass consistently, A LEGEND PLAYER.... Tom Brady the Goat keeps throwing it out of bounds when I try to pass it to my receiver down the sideline. My linebacker can’t tackle even though they have 93 tackle. I wait so long to find a head to head match. EAs servers weren’t strong enough at one point I was in a tournament. Kicked me out and lost 1 ticket. So stupid. Request: please add an elite player set. Like trade 5 golds for an elite player. Trade 50 golds for a 95+ ovr player. Something like that. I really want another long shot story to release. It would be nice to bring back NFL bosses or something similar. The trade block would be satisfying out of everything. Draft champions maybe. Thank you so much EA. I know Madden mobile hasn’t been the best cause you are working on console(which is lit) but I would like to see some changes.

  • Almost An Amazing Game

    by Trip-DubA

    The game has great graphics for a mobile app with the amount of content it provides. It has weekly events that keep the game fresh and will help pass time when looking to entertain yourself for a while. Join a league and have more fun getting to know fellow players and completing rewards together. However, the people who designed the formatting for how the stats of players effect gameplay have never seemed to watch, play, or even heard of American football..... there are going to be a lot of struggles for new players to adjust to that fact and realize that stats have very little relevance on outcome. They have formatting the ability to train up players this year, so if stats ever do translate to play then that will be a rewarding add. Lastly, don’t expect to get the best rewards without throwing down real money to ensure your chances; otherwise it’s pure luck & endless grinding for the best players/collectibles but if passing time and enjoying a fun game is your goal then that won’t be a worry.

  • Great game but tech issues.

    by chuck cj

    I love playing this game. The graphics are amazing. I enjoy chatting with members of my league and with others on site. However, there are many technical issues that you guys must address. I get multiple time outs every day. It is very frustrating to be playing an event and then have you time me out because of your servers. If your servers can’t handle the volume, you need bigger servers. I have lost many overdrive games, blitz games and events, even some where I was winning or already won because of timeouts. Other times, the screen freezes up and I lose time while my opponent keeps up racking up points. Other players I chat with tell me they have many of the same issues. You also need to constantly update events. No point playing many of them as they take too long or the payoff is not worth it. Once you have players at levels beyond what you can get in event rewards, there is no point playing the event. Many I chat with feel the same. If you don’t fix this, you will probably start losing players

  • Graphics good but too confusing

    by GHackO

    So I'm cool with the interface change and some graphics upgrades, also the new h2h and "home"screen, being able to save and exit after each season quarter.. uniforms things like that. But these sets, tokens, and "gear box" collectibles are confusing, as well as the coaches. There's A LOT going on RIGHT AWAY, and compared to last year.. it was easier to build what you wanted because it was a little less confusing. Right now I almost don't even know what I'm working on and that's sort of frustrating.. I'm sure with time it will make sense, but if there's any way to streamline this token/collectibles/gear box stuff it might be less confusing for everyone after reading some of the reviews. Might be too much content too soon. Would be cool to release new features every week or so as we get into it. I do like the leveling up of players but might take too many "tokens" or whatever in the higher numbers.. overall graphics and interface super sick, just a bit confusing w the new sets and stuff.

  • Love this game but some aspects are aggravating

    by ErokStar

    I’ve put a lot of time and money into this game. It’s a fantastic game and incredibly entertaining. However, there are a few things I would love to see changed. First, in order to get the really good players you have to spend actual money. Fine. My complaint is that after you keep upgrading you end up with premium players on the bench. We can either auction them or trade 2 of them in and hope we get a position we need. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made the trade and got a player I already had on my roster. That is infuriating. Especially since most of the time I’ve spent money to get the players. You should make it where either we get to choose from 4-5 guys or set the app to not double up players already on the team. The other issue/suggestion I had was to come up with a pack we could buy that would help us be able to upgrade our game plans and defensive units quicker. Hopefully this gets to someone.


    by Kovster7

    This game has been my favorite game for a long time now. With the games pure awesomeness there is also some issues. I tend to always have the temptation of buying cash. Not that this is a bad thing at all, I love to support EA, but if you could maybe make a $.99 option for madden cash that would be fantastic! I like that feature in Madden 18, and I bet it would make a lot more sales... “sales” lol I’m only 12! Anyway, and one thing I think all Madden mobile players dispise... THE SEASON RESTARTING AND LOSING ALL OF YOUR PLAYERS!!!! Okay, I know you guys need profit and that’s how you get it. No prob... I would do the same! But consider this: “MADDEN MOBILE PREMIUM” BOOM!!! Pay monthly and keep your team! You guys probably didn’t see this, or my suggestions are just stupid (probably the case) But I was bored so that’s why I wrote this... so nerdy... what 12 year old boy writes a 6 paragraph long review about a video game!? Thanks for the amazing content every year. Kovi,

  • I love and hate this game

    by Gubbernuggets

    I have been playing the game for well over three seasons and I try to make the most of each seasons. I love trying to improve my team and gradually getting better throughout the season, however, the game is so broken that I almost never enjoy turning on the app and wasting hours of my time only to lose a game because the game is so broken. Every now and then, the app will randomly crash. The A.I is incredible broken and some little things in the game make it so unenjoyable. After I close the app I often think to myself "Why did I just waste all of my time doing that"... This game is a drug, it will mentally destroy you but you will keep coming back for more. There have been several times I have contemplated throwing my phone out the window but I have restrained myself from doing it, only to turn the app right back on. This is all I have to say, this app is not for the faint of heart...

  • It Alright

    by BigMc2012

    It's okay, the game play is smooth and pretty fluid. But I feel like the energy bar up top takes to long to fill up, ten minutes is to long just for one point that's ridiculous. Not even giving enough time to capitalize on the live events for some one who just started. Another problem is the 24/7 packs. Where are they why can't I find them to complete the sets. On top of that when you do complete one you get nothing for it, so I'm not sure why they would even hid it in the first place. Last but not least sell certain cards. I couldn't sell my theme cards. I didn't upgrade them or even touch them in any way. I went to post them on auction but couldn't do it. That's really crazy it wouldn't let me flip cards. Gold cards I could flip but I'm barely gonna make money, elites is where the money is but I can't even sell mines. All in all this game isn't that bad they just have little dumb thing they're being petty about for no reason.

  • love it but have ideas

    by jamari1227

    i like what yall did with the graphic changes and the realistic gameplay buh i wish u guy would bring back doing spins with swiping in a circular motion cause pressing the skill button does differnt things sometimes so i dint use it and also bring back seasons cause i love the feel of the game and i wanna challenge myself to an undeates season now that it isnt too easy to win a game anymore and also no more tesetting our teams because thats the same reason i deleted nba live mobile i spent real money and i felt like it went to waste so until i konw ur not goiong to do that im gonna wait to spend money and last this is a big plz i want to have actual 1v1s with ppl like playifng head to head real time and what i mean by that is while im playing defense there playing offence at rhe same time omg i will love this game if u could do that but other than that love the game i wake up Nd this the first thing i play

  • During the crash today LVL etc.

    by Nibbnockingblow

    Dudes I’ve been playing Madden since the very first game back in the day sega Genesis, anyway I play my mobile version religiously and I even spend cash money on it that being said I’m pretty upset that during the crash or whatever was going on with your system or servers when I came back two players that I had up for auction on the auction block are now just gone?!!! So I’m sayin what are you guys planning to do about this? Literally I came back I want to check my earnings or to repost my auction they were gone this is BS guys not cool please re-ward everyone that plays the game if you have to with some elite or at least a diamond player or something but I at least if nothing else want Mike to elite players that they were both color crush elite players. An 82 overall Offense linemen an 88 overall Jameis Winston. Please give me my players back this is not fair BS anyways take care, MathematiX

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Mario Giordano


  • by Glenny G.

    I wish you would allow us to create a player in gameplay

  • by Barbara May


  • by s0ul Ocean

    Amsome game been playing sense mut 15 and madden mobile 16.

  • by Jeremy Michaud

    love it

  • by deathmaster99 999

    good game unlike NBA live

  • by Shantal Labrada


  • by Darnissa Jones


  • WHat about the defense

    by Newbie newbie newbie newbie

    I give 3 ⭐️ since it’s only half a game why not any defensive captains and coaches. Just a thought otherwise good game.

  • Chris Carson???

    by ULTRAinsinct

    Would be dope to see him as a master

  • Come on EA

    by jejncbdjfbndn

    EA, every year you take everyone, bend them over, and start screwing them. I’m not going to lie it’s ok, but the auction house is SO GOD DANG EXPENSIVE. Your so money greedy and your packs are expensive for a bunch of shet. Do better next year, please.

  • Improvement ideas for madden

    by Spartan 19

    First of all I’d like to say what a great game this is and I love the leagues you can join. There is only one thing I dislike about this game which is once you post a auction you can’t take it back down, even if you’ve made a mistake to the price. For example I posted a auction of Reggie white for a buy now price of 1,000 and it was a big mistake. However I was not able to take it back down. But other than that this game rocks!👍😃👍

  • It has gotten worse

    by RockMusicGod

    I understand it’s a free game. It’s not going to be the same as playing on a console. However, it never throws to the receivers I want it to, there’s no more season mode and it just doesn’t have the same feel.

  • PVP

    by osalotgramsey

    Player vs player games also known as ‘OVERDRIVE’ is real fun. I like it but the graphics need work. My name in the game is JoCo54. Like come on! PvPs are fun but I never lose. Sooooooooooooo please make the game more fun. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • T P

    by bambamkam234

    Madden has been a fan favorite since 2014 everyone has love this game for better adjustments can u bring back the players were you can trade in for training points

  • Horrible

    by vjhates2lose

    Honestly madden mobile was my favorite game but madden overdrive was just horrible please ea just go back to the madden mobile way or find a way to make it so people can enjoy overdrive and enjoy madden mobile at the same time.

  • Awesome game

    by Dooooooooooooooooöoooooo

    Only bad no season. It is Awesome

  • Bad game

    by jj1636454445

    I can not play

  • Need to make your own players

    by yeeters village

    If we can make one player for offense and defense you can charge 10000 coins for each player

  • Best game in the world👍🏽

    by tayyysurmomfavvv


  • Fix the issues

    by Doublepanther

    Great game but has some issues Whenever an opponent throws deep sometimes the receiver sticks his hand through the corners body and catches the ball and runs for a td instead of an interception. Also timeouts don’t refresh.

  • Good, not great

    by SM_Uno

    The game is fun, when it works...a lot of bugs need to be fixed though. For instance, the "Overdrive" challenge needs to pair people better. It pairs people against teams that are double,triple and even 4 times their power levels. Impossible to come even close to winning a match. Receivers don't make plays for the ball(catching) most of the time. Regardless of the power levels I play against, the defenders seen to be the only players making plays for the ball(catching). And this only happens during Overdrive, tournaments and the special events

  • Crashing

    by JaySpr

    I stopped playing madden a couple of months ago because I didn’t have time for it, but I just download it again and every time I try to get on it just keeps crashing and kicks me off the app. I checked update for app and phone. I also restarted my phone and it still won’t work. What do I do?

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Frustrating Things with Madden Overdrive.

    by Arachnido257

    Let me just say this: I love Madden Overdrive. But it’s also frustrating because I have some problems with this game that really annoy me. Let me list some of them. Again, I love this game. It just has some problems. 1: Madden Cash. The problem I have with this is that, well.. it’s annoying to get. First, there are two ways to get Madden Cash in this game. One, watching ads. Two, buying them. I have a problem with the ads because they’re like fifteen to thirty seconds long and you only get 5 out of it and everything costs thousands. Plus, they never even work most of the time. The cheapest thing you can buy with Madden Cash is 50,000 coins for 500 Madden Cash. You might be asking, “Why not just buy it?”. That’s the other problem. I am trying to get 2,200 Madden Cash, but the purchases never work. 2: Events. I like the events in Madden Overdrive. But some things I don’t like about them. For example, I really like the Movers event. It’s just how long the cool down is. It takes like a week for something that takes a day to do. Every event also has a time limit until it ends. Another example is the Team of the Year (TOTY) event. When I started this game, the TOTY event had only 5 days until it ended, and I was trying to get Tyreek Hill. I literally spent all of my coins on it. And I got nobody. 3: The Tournament System The problem with the tournament system (in my opinion) is the attempts. You only get 3 attempts and if you use them all, you can’t play the tournament. But you can also buy the tickets to get just one attempt. If you run out of tickets, you can’t get attempts. But you have to spend Madden Cash to get more. Then the issue with Madden Cash comes up. Read problem number one to see what I’m talking about. 4: The Captain Patches I think adding in captains was a really good idea. I just think the patches are a bit annoying because you have to get so much of them. And one of the only ways (if not, then the only way) to get them is through the trophies through exchanging players. And you don’t get that many considering how much you need to level up the captains. Maybe just use a reasonable amount of coins. 5: The Captain Bonus You’re probably asking, “Why did you put this on the list if it gives you a lot of points?”. Let me explain. Every time I play an Overdrive game and I’m in the lead, my opponent always uses the captain bonus and wins. It is just so annoying. 6: The Film Reels Like the Madden Cash, you can only get a tiny amount of Film Reels at a time. Also like the Madden Cash, the thing that gives you ten Film Reels is always on a cool down. If you try to purchase Madden Cash, you get Film Reels as well. Only a little bit. As said before, the purchases don’t work for me. It takes a lot to get one Film Reel player and there are only two ways to get the Reels. I just listed them. 7: The Auction System I have an 88 OVR team, and half of my team is from the auction center. But I have to get a week’s worth of coins to get one player, only for my coins to go down the drain again. And sometimes the players that you get don’t even do good sometimes. Most of the time my teammates just act like idiots. So what do I do? Go back to the auction, and the whole thing starts back up again. I think there should be a suggested amount of coins when people auction players.

  • Grate

    by Wink Martindale

    Good graphics , and just I love the teams 5 stars 👍👍😀😃

  • I love the game but...

    by MysticalLime

    I love madden always have but I liked it before overdrive I think it was better but it’s just my opinion.

  • Good game but

    by Brian102205

    Madden overdrive is great I love the events but the overdrive and Blitz tournament need some work you go up against people way better than you and way worse than you do its just not right.I love this game none the less 3 years now and will still continue to play.

  • #Madden4L1fe

    by tha yeeter!

    The best game ever!!!!

  • Great game but....

    by TonyRocks at Fo

    The Game always crashes when I get in to the game. It just kicks me out of the game.

  • Sorry

    by Jkmom70

    Please don’t ask me to update update when it comes out

  • Great product

    by Yourmomomomom

    I really like it.

  • Cornerbacks

    by nikskshdj

    Pleaaaase fix your cornerbacks coverage i hate when my WR obviously has the step on a post route and the CB gets some ridiculous speed boost and jumps it

  • Best game ever!

    by FootballDog123

    I ❤️ Madden Mobile 19. I played last year, and loved it! This year it is even more realistic! This is the perfect game for any football lover! It is pretty simple to pick up too! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

  • Little things need to be fix buts it’s lit

    by matlit

    Alright last feedback I love this game and a lot of others but the season mode was boring but I love the tournament mode because that was fun.The overdrive was kinds boring.The most boring thing is the keep playing the same teams.I know y’all trying to wait too update for the new incoming players drafting.But we need a update like for season mode just update that you don’t have to update everything and who ever made this game you’re super cool man or girl idc y’all did good I like the game so much and thx u for looking at my feedback and that’s it

  • Madden NFL

    by john clors

    I love this game

  • Idk if already wrote it because I can’t see my review lol

    by YourMomLo

    I’ve been a Madden Mobile or now known as NFL Overdrive fan for a while now. But you took away good things. Like the old season mode. The new season game mode is still good. So you should keep the new game mode. So you should have the old season game mode which is like the NBA Live season mode but you should also have an option to go to the old season mode. Also could you add commentary or people talking during the show talking about what happens? Like in Madden 19 or Dream League Soccer or maybe like how they do it on ESPN or FOX or like on NBC. Great Game! 4.7

  • Lagging lagging lagged

    by 🤙awesome person🤙

    Ok I absolutely love this game I have a 90 overall and it’s great I was playing overdrive and I scored 1426 ok that’s good right yes I got a higher score than my opponent but my game decided to lag at the end so Since it lagged it thought I disconnected I DID NOT DISCONNECT AND I LOST THE GAME FIX THIS EA

  • Yay

    by Foootballler

    By far my favorite game there are some bugs but it’s still a great game! Can u make it more realistic?Thanks!!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Controller support please EA

    by xkb24x

    🤦🏾‍♂️ simple 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Bring sets back

    by Disguy109

    That’s all and the game would become better

  • Good Game but needs adjustments

    by Ajay789

    This game is fun to play and there’s a lot to do but it can be very unfair. They put you against people who are way better then you where you don’t even have a chance to throw the ball or even run. Someone who has 2000 power should not be going up against someone who has under 1000. That makes it not fun for either player. They could easily make it to where at least it’s around a 500 power difference so that it can be challenging but at least you still get a chance.

  • Ok......

    by 🦅1OSM0🦅

    I liked madden mobile where in season mode you kept going up showing your opponents blah blah blah but in this STUPID update you can’t even got to super bowl without like 30 wins!!! And I hate when I put in a bid and then it ends but someone else can still bid so I lose the bid SO WHAT???????????????? But other wise GREAT game! Also where are injures? My players arm twisted backward and he was fine so ??? And please add challenge flags because a team kicked a field goal and it hit the front post and they said it was good so I wanted to challenge it but I couldn’t! And also update it so Brown is not on the Steelers on the front cover like this is crap and PlEASe add flags p!

  • 3 star app

    by Tripleato

    This “Overdrive” I don’t like it much, I’d prefer the actual Madden game with 16 games and post seasons

  • Great game

    by 49ers legit es foetnite

    It’s a great game but some of the gaps between events are to long and the events are easy to see coming but they are a good events but I love the running game gameplay good game overall

  • Get rid of overdrive

    by Degorat05

    I used to love the old madden mobile I used to be a game freak for madden mobile but overdrive ruined it all like everything don’t make since now please take it back to last years madden and get rid of madden overdrive I promise if you do that the 5 stars and more players will come flying in I used to tell all my friends let’s play madden mobile but then overdrive came and we all quit playing I still kinda play but I don’t understand anything but EA if you do read this please get rid of madden overdrive and I’ll get all my friends and family to start playing again please EA please 🙏🏾

  • More.! Plz Give Us More.!

    by Daniel Harris 23

    The game is great.! Nothing really bad to say about it besides the fact that I get bored quickly. I’m sure I can speak for millions of other users who would highly enjoy access to: •Full Season w/ Trade Override •HOF Moments Challenge •Player Trades •Quick Game •Career Mode •Created Player/Team Other than those few major/minor adjustments this game will soon push gaming consoles out the way bcuz this is super easy and live with very sensitive controls and touchback uses. Again nothing really bad to say. I jus get bored after doing my daily challenges and helping my league out. Being able to play my friends is a great addition to the game. Jus add the others and I’ll pay $59.99 for the app PERIOD.! P.S. follow me on ig @wayne__biggs

  • Help

    by singleNreadyToMingle

    There is no season anymore if so will somebody text me @3174732707

  • Best game ever

    by hyttutyhvehs

    It is a good quality game it is fun to play

  • Ripped off

    by foxed me

    Cheched my bank account and madden overcharged me for my madden cash. I bought a $19.99 and $9.99 madden cash when I checked my bank account madden had charged me $51.44. I suggest everyone make sure you’re not being overcharged. Need to make it easier to contact madden. Still have not heard back

  • Ouch

    by Llamasandcheese

    LOVE the game but dude,I was having a fun time and I throw the ball , AND THEN 5 OTHER PEOPLE COME AND JUMP ON ME AND GET A INTERCEPTION!!! Where are the flags ! I’m not saying that u should only call flags on them but just call flags.

  • Madden Mobile

    by ajepps14

    I think they should incorporate playoffs and allow you to see your standings and what your rank is in your division in season mode.

  • Need season mode

    by AdcoWenz

    I used to play madden mobile and always played season mode but since it is not there anymore I will rate it a three stars

  • Nikolas

    by rgyeyey

    This madden mobile is ok because I can buy favorite player

  • Madden

    by kingjames1q

    I don’t know why but my madden doesn’t work at all I can go into the games but I can’t play anything which is stupid and I really don’t know why

  • I love this game

    by Zybabyforever

    Its a great game, 4 things they need to fix. 1 add injuries, 2 more time on the game, 3 add penalties , 4 create your own player and career mode

  • Hey

    by u bully meh

    Give people the option to play the normal version of madden with ultimate team but still have overdrive as an option


    by It is dumb and frustrating

    IT IS DUMB AND FRUSTRATING and when I vs the Broncos in Madden Daily, I Complete a pass in the box like it told me to, nexts it EATHER incomplete or it says It’s out of The Box Plz fix EA otherwise everything else is great!

  • Trouble Starting...

    by Lieutenant Smith

    Hey guys, let me start off saying I’ve been playing this game since like 2016 when it was “Madden mobile”. Now I’m having trouble starting it and getting pass the loading screen... I love this game, I’ve invested money into this game and I was wondering if y’all can fix this soon I’m trying to get back on that field. Thanks for creating a GREAT GAME team.

  • Bring seasons back

    by gmaer reveiws!!!

    I would really appreciate it if you bring seasons back

  • Overdrive

    by khawk184

    Fix the Overdrive connection problem. The game is good but the issue with the Overdrive is taking way too long

  • Need work on logging in with linked accounts

    by alotofpeoplewithfood

    It won’t let me log back in to my account saying there’s no account linked but it says that I have a account

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Madden NFL Overdrive Football

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