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Madden NFL Mobile Football

Madden NFL Mobile Football


Build your team of superstars to compete in authentic NFL experiences.

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44% Negative Reviews

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  • Bugs, Glitches, and Matchups

    by AlphaHaWk

    Oh man! Where to begin with this one. I want to play this game. I really want to enjoy it. However, I can’t due to three rage fueling problems. This is obviously MUT like on counsel. You start out with an absolute garbage team. Might as well have tennis players on the field. The game forces you to play repetitive challenges to chip away at getting halfway decent cards to upgrade your team, of course you could drop hundreds at a slim chance of something good, but hey go for it if you want. Now for the actual problems that need a fix immediately. Like I said before you start out with a garbage team. The ranked is anything but that. You get matched with people who have 500+ more power than you and Ovr all 15+ or better cards than you. It doesn’t end there. At least 3-5 times a game you can’t throw the ball no matter how many times you smash your screen. This happens in ranked and in the challenges. Continuing on when you think you have your opponent beat they rummage up 150 or more sometimes extra points out of nowhere to steal the win. This could be from the opponent taking a dump on your crappy team due to mismatch. From the controls not working, to heavily unbalanced matchmaking to constant game glitches, it makes for an awful experience. It’s not enjoyable to spend hours for one lousy card that won’t make a difference with the rest of your team in the 50s ovr all. Once these game breaking problems are fixed I might play it again.

  • Countless issues that have been ignored

    by Beeeaarrrr

    Various bugs including a repost duplicate issue which messed up the market. Time boosters didnt work. Stamina boosters didn’t work on the last day of MF events. The whole dredzone maze was messed up on the last day. People bought madden cash and used them on various MF locker items but these items did not work as advertised. The ringleader events also don’t work/unlock. EA’s excuse for stealing our money is that they had to launch other games? So because you couldn’t meet your deadlines, it’s okay to put out a faulty product and take our money without giving what you advertise? Unacceptable. I’ve tolerated EA’s poor service the past couple years but this has by far been the worst experience. We have to file claims or communicate with EA’s incompetent outsourced workers whenever they mess up and lose our rewards or burn our madden cash. And even after hours or days of asking for proper compensation, there’s no guarantee you get anything back. Maybe 200 madden cash thrown in your face to cover the several issues they never bothered to fix. EA doesn’t care. They have a tiny team working on mobile and the members of that team don’t seem to care. They have bugs every time the release something new. They even have typos/incorrect spelling at times. They essentially submit rough drafts and don’t check their work but collect our money. Their community reps also can’t seem to take any criticism. This company is built with trash.

  • Overdrive

    by Cflynn92

    To new players: Any review posted before August 15th 2018 was for the old madden. Madden overdrive is a complete overhaul and unlike previous editions of Madden, they just decided to keep the hundreds of thousands of reviews for the last 4 years of madden. They took out the football simulation feel of the game, not that it had much of one, and replaced it with an arcade game. It has that old Blitz football feel, with none of the fun. Countering opponents with “overdrive points” feels more like a task than a feature. They only have 2 packs that can be opened with their in game currency at the moment, unless you want to buy the $40 starter pack they display to you after a loss, they also have less, and more, expensive packs that you can pay for to get that sense of pride and accomplishment. Sets are gone, you now have to grind events to receive tokens and banners, and wouldn’t you know it, you can’t even grind events without blitz tokens, which you can spend on grinding events or buying packs that aren’t great. Overall I think they’re trying something too ambitious, people play madden for simulation, they want to build teams of their favorite players and score touchdowns to win games. If this was a stand alone game it might get an audience, but it seems more likely it will just alienate their existing community by completely making the game pay to win, and frustrating users to the point they have to spend money to even have a chance.

  • Great game, but some game breaking glitches

    by Popopopopiuytdvkvsasjl

    I’ve had a blast playing this game since it came out, but recently I have found a bug that has literally made the game unplayable. After finishing my drives in a championship overdrive match, I decided to play a season game. Quickly after entering the game, the score glitches to the score of the championship overdrive game, and it ended when my offensive drive did. It forced me out of the game. That was strange, but it wasn’t game breaking. After this I entered another championship overdrive match, and then another with no wait time between games. At this point I decided to leave the app and play it again at a later time. 20-30 minutes later, I checked back to see if any of the players I put into the auction block had sold, only to be horrified by the app loading me in, and immediately kicking me out due to an “unknown error.” I tried exiting the app and re-entering, I tried doing this with and without WiFi, I tried powering my phone off and on again, I deleted the app and reinstalled it, but nothing worked. If this bug doesn’t get fixed, I will never be able to play Madden Overdrive again, and the worst part is, I’ve been playing since Madden Mobile 25 and never before had I encountered a bug this bad. My team is currently sitting at an 89 overall, and depending on what happens with this bug, it may stay like that until Madden 20.

  • Love hate

    by lets be really real

    Love this game but there are a lot of issues...connectivity is poor the game will freeze on a loading screens frequently enough to be an issue... the game was just updated and it’s horrible so much worse then before. In overdrive players with 65 speed randomly get boosts to 125 speed on both sides of the ball. Also if u are beating someone badly out of nowhere it gets super easy for either party and they catch up... there’s not enough player options everyone I face has high overall aaron Donald, Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders, etc. everyone just has the exact same players lame. My game froze during the new blitz tournament so I lost and lost a ticket contacted support they blamed my WiFi no help. Also when bidding in an auction I’ve had the high bid and then just kicks u out and and u don’t get ur player no matter what the case. And when in play the game will be laggy jittery jumpy, not all the time but frequently. That being said it’s an addictive fun game but it comes with its frustrations. Also u cannot view ur whole playbook and u cannot practice those plays or at all u just have to learn in the game. And there are certain run plays that only work once the second time the whole entire d line breaks free and gets ya other plays it will never ever happen needs work easy fix... I guess I have to add to this post since it’s the only review u can get.. I had some great things to say now but I must refrain due to the circumstances

  • EA, You guys scam a whole lot and have a lot of issues. Ea ranked worst company of the year

    by Ethan0830

    The head to head is garbage fix it because of the fact that there is an overal difference when there should not be and that it makes no sense that a defensive player can pick a ball when they are facing another way also the fact that you guys made upgrading is terrible for head to head because a normal fat guy like dt de cannot run that fast and gives there defensive unfair advantages and also that only a certain kicker can hit the ball right at the 1 yard line is stupid like who made that idea and the stupid head to head system makes defense way to op and is dumb because I lose half of my game to some scrub using a budget beast team and they only have like a 100 overal when I have 115 so I’m really annoyed and you guys deleted the gift system which is dumb because of one retarded YouTuber did some dumb things does not make it far for us also Christmas was a big scam I though it was going to be amazing I only got like 1 elite player out of 6 elite presents wth. And also you’re stupid only 20 pro packs a day is dumb because it use to be fun know it is not because we can’t get unlimited pro packs and that’s only because you guys want money cause I know EA is ranked worst company of the year because all you guys want is money but some people enjoy it and have fun but since you got rid of all this stuff now it is not.

  • EA what are you doing!!!!!!!??????

    by overdrivemess

    EA you have seriously made this game so frustrating and not enjoyable to play anymore. Everything about this game this year has been a mess!!! Everything and I mean Everything!!! From the live events to upgrades and completing sets. The games graphics looks nice and that’s about it but the actual game is trash. The overdrive is so incredibly inconsistent that it makes you not want to play it. My team is 1500 team power and when I play a team who has only 800 team power they tear me up. Plus 5 or not it doesn’t matter cuz the games are fixed from the beginning. EA got caught using A.I. Bots in overdrive!! Come on man that’s so shady. EA controls the auction house so you can’t make any coin unless EA seems fit!! Why!!!!! You have to pay real actual money to get anything in this game!!! The live events give you the lowest amount of collectibles to complete sets it’s ridiculous. Player stats don’t mean anything this year. Like I said I’ll get beat by terrible teams with nobody legit and I can’t do anything to them. It’s crazy. Everything about this years madden mobile has been a disaster!!!! EA you messed up big time. There was nothing wrong with the last years version. I’m so upset with everything about this game anymore. Who is developing the garbage on this game. There have been so many things that are wrong with this game it’s terrible. What is EA doing??!!!!

  • Glitchy to the point of being unusable

    by jehuii

    I’ve played this game for the past two years and loved it. However, with the latest update, EA has sucked the joy out of playing by eliminating most of the features I enjoyed (e.g. real head-to-head matches that were based more on skillful play and play-calling and less on the ability to run plays quickly; the ability to practice the game in season mode; and setting game plans to trip up opponents). They also eliminated the ability to choose the difficulty of the defenses you play against (i.e. all-pro, all-Madden, etc.), and seem to have ratcheted the difficulty to the equivalent of all-Madden for everyone. Most of these changes could be gotten used to in time, but the app CONSTANTLY loses connection to the EA servers and automatically logs out (when it actually manages to log-in in the first place). This has happened in numerous critical moments for me (e.g. playing LVL drives; in the middle of Overdrive matches; and when trying to bid/sell players in the auction house). This has cost me opportunity to advance in the game as well as real money. I should note here that each time the app has crashed for me, I was either on WiFi with a fast connection or on cellular data with strong signal available. At this point, with all the problems, coupled with the loss of features available in previous versions, I have no desire to continue playing.

  • This is supposed to be a realistic football game

    by cseroka

    Why would you ever limit plays especially to 2 its a joke you have removed almost every last bit of realism this year overdrive is dumb enough it’s arcade fantasy football not madden football in the nfl you don’t win unless you get in the end zone but because people who aren’t good at the game can’t compete with us real players they complain and you make it so they can get badly out played and still win then they start complaining they can’t compete in lvl so you limit plays to make it easier on them it’s ridiculous in real football when you find a good look on a play you go back to it in your game you can’t why wouldn’t you just bring back not all but just the frequency counters so you can’t call them back 2 back but in a long drive can go back to it every 3 or 4 plays or if you don’t want that how about a timer like you have on scrambling (which is stupid too why can’t I run wit my qb whenever I want) so you have to wait a few plays your making a lot of people who are serious about the game and have been playing for years upset and quit because to us it sure seems since the end of last year you’ve been catering the game to those people not the ones like me who have given you thousands of dollars and take it seriously and are actually good at the game and we’re all about sick of it

  • Pay to win.

    by Gavin KM

    The game it’s self is fun. Its getting more realistic has better movement and you can make great plays. But the problem with the game is the matchmaking for the game. If i have a 73 overall team i should not have to go up against someone that has more than likely spent money on the game and is a 82 overall. It doesn’t make the game that much fun. But now the packs had a major decrease and it’s harder to obtain an elite tier player. Because the packs are more than likely now to be silver players and no guaranteed gold players with a chance to pull an elite player. Yes it’s a little easier to get coins, you can get energy more often now, some events don’t cost energy which is great. but there isn’t that much fun in the game when it’s almost impossible to get elites. I understand the company has to make money, but you also have madden on the console which a lot of people spend money on, you have nba live that they made money off of. But now they made it so you have to use your money to get the good players, which most kids cannot do. i don’t spend money on this game because I don’t want to spend $500 just to get 1 elite. If they keep it up and devaluing the pack i’m sure that most people are not going to want to play this game. Especially since it will be pay to win, this game will no longer be fun.

  • What happened to the good days?

    by xXTakeMeOverXx

    I am an old time player of Madden, I used to love this game to death and would grind on it. But now, it’s ruined. Last season wasn’t to bad, but this is just awful. No more sets, no more season mode, players go over 100+ overall making most elite players expensive, the game is more confusing. How much to I have to search just to find a event? Why can’t they all be in the live events page? Also it’s so much harder to get good players now, I swear I have to grind for 3 weeks to get a 88 overall elite players, like why? And why does the events always give me terrible rewards, oh I just need 400 more of this terrible item along with 3 other really rare things to get a 90 overall player, it’s not like I have a limited amount of stamina, I don’t care about the stamina limit, but make the events actually worth doing. This is the worst year for Madden Mobile by far. I swear a 1990s 8-bit game would be better than this. I doubt this will ever be as good as 2016 again, that season was gold. Wasn’t impossible to get a elite player and the events were easy to find and actually gave good loot. Since this game has become complete garbage I have moved over to your other game, FIFA Mobile, I hope you don’t ruin that game too. That’s about it for this review. Fix your game EA, it’s at its worst point.

  • Needs Help

    by cmh4728

    I used to play the old Madden Mobile to the point where my parents almost disowned me because I was on my phone all the time. This new version of Madden has totally turned me off of playing it that I am actually referring to games of lesser value to satisfy my enjoyment. The graphics are amazing, better than any seen on literally any other app. However, the game never loads properly for me, there is no legitimate season mode for those who don’t want to play online and want to play a normal 16 week season with playoffs and whatnot, and it is super impossible to get players unless you farm coins from events. I’m a casual player and fan of football, but when I play this I don’t feel happy. It is always too hard to get a pass to a wide open receiver with no pressure, and it just ends up making me frustrated. It’s always too hard to pick up 10 yards on an outside run with an 80 OVR offensive line, 80 OVR running back, having a huge hole with nobody in front of you, and playing a 60 OVR team. You only get 2-5 yards because some corner on the other side of the field comes and tackles you. It’s unrealistic and it’s not tailored to casual fans anymore. It’s almost too complicated for something that’s supposed to be fun. Disappointed in what it’s become and wishing it were back to what it was.

  • Trash

    by Envoy98

    This game is absolute trash now. 2016 was great, 2017 was tolerable. 2018 jumped the shark. I had 31 people in my league, this new season 10 have left and at least half of the remaining are “last played” 1+ week ago. We have no activity on our chat any longer which used to be packed with comments and our league survival and lvl were always played / passed. Now we can’t pass easy because nobody plays. Live events are way harder, the packs for coins are garbage. They removed sets but gave you banners (still seems like a set) but you need so many different items and things are buried where you can’t find them...I don’t know what anything is for half the time. No descriptions on live events. The only way to know if you’ve played is to see if it costs blitz tickets or is free. But hey, you don’t need stamina anymore-you need blitz tickets. Not sure how that’s different. It’s like the car dealership telling me I don’t need cash anymore because I can buy with gold bars instead. Overdrive could’ve been good but instead it’s a who can make the higher power team and chuck bombs the fastest. That got boring after two days. I’m so utterly disappointed in this game I don’t even play and I’ve spent waaaay too much time playing this on the past- at least that has stopped. A sad end to what was a great franchise. I’m making like Craig David and #ImWalkingAway

  • Used to be great

    by garrus farian

    This game used to be absolutely amazing before the overdrive update, but right now it is trash. The ai is janky and the movements of literally every single player isn’t good. You have last updates really good players like in the 100 overall category feeling like they are barely 70 overalls. The focus on pvp is atrocious to those who are the casual gamers like myself who just want to test out their play styles on npc teams, I would give this game a four out of five if they still had season mode however they took that out along with everything that had made the game great. This year with the legacy events that I can use my old team it’s not even fun because it feels as if they are just like the team I have right now, just complete and utter trash. This is not okay. The reasoning behind giving it a two out of five is because the graphics are significantly better and the pvp is moderately fine. I would not recommend this game AT ALL and I am only holding out in case they decide to update the game and bring back everything that made this game great before. Edit: great so they brought back season mode. In the complete wrong way! I loved how it gave you a twist of new teams each season but this makes it utterly impossible for the newer players, good job on bringing back season mode but making it worse then everything on the dang game

  • So much potential.. obvious game scripts.

    by Finishthejob

    This game could be good if it didn’t pre-determine the outcome of PvP games before they’re played. I understand the argument they might make is, “The other team just has better players”, but no other player can make my player glitch so badly that the game is no longer fun. I made Cam Newton my Captain and he constantly throws the ball 20 yards over the receivers head, even if they’re open. If it is indeed one of the few times he doesn’t overthrow, the receiver drops the ball 8/10 times. It just isn’t fun. And, if y’all are making a joke about Cam's accuracy, it’s definitely at the expense of your game. I understand the game is supposed to get harder as you go along, but make it equally hard. Yes. I might play another, better team than my own; but I should be allowed to make plays against that team to try and win. Not have to watch my team completely forget how to play for a game. Also, you need to do something about the tapping to throw the ball to your receiver. A lot of times it doesn’t read the tap and there are some plays that you really can’t use because the WR you need to tap isn’t even on the screen (WR screen and bubble screen plays). Really just way more frustrating than fun. If you can put out the product you promote, maybe I’ll re-download. But this is far from what you say it is.

  • Disgraceful

    by Home h man

    EA has built a reputation over the past few years of being a very poor company who doesn’t care about its customers. I can almost assure you that most of these 5 star reviews are written by devs. That being said the game has been the exact same for the four years since its release and EA has made it a blatant pay to win title. Worse still is that it is more of a pay to have a chance to win. Their offerings are so lack luster that any sensible person would know to avoid their packs. You never get your moneys worth. They charge the same price as a full retail triple A title for a few meaningless cards. This has of course lead to coin buying from third parties and ban waves which also hit innocent members of the community without resolving the issue. They left behind tons of cheaters and the market now reflects Chinese coin prices rather than actual card rarity. EA banned my account after a dedicated 4 years of play without even having the professional courtesy to give me a proper reply. Rather I received an automated message and my case was “resolved”. They actively took steps this year to kill of the game. I have personally taken a full on boycott of all EA titles and products. Do yourself a huge favor and avoid the lie that this is a free to play game. It is a true mess that represents perfectly the state of affairs at Electronic Arts. AVOID THIS TITLE.

  • Awesome game but now a bug

    by Toombs county kid

    I really do love this game, it’s easily the best football on mobile platform out there, gameplay is awesome, constant updates and events keep it fun year round, you are able to upgrade your team very high without actually having to spend money, spending the money just makes it faster. With that being said I’ve spent $60 on this and within 6 months have a 96 overall team and I don’t always get to play daily. The only issue I have had was last night I played in the elimination tournament and I timed out at the beginning of round 3 and now I can’t play any more. When I open the game it gives me the recap screen with the stat page with all 0’s and the option to look at film, etc. But when I hit continue to clear out of that and actually play the game it sends me back to the home screen to sign in. No matter what I try it just keeps doing this. I’ve closed it out, deleted it, logged back in with Facebook, and everytime I get the same thing. I’m really disappointed to not be able to play anymore or have to possibly start over after spending the time and money to get where I am. I only rate this at 1 star to hopefully get someone on the development teams attention, will gladly change it to 5 star once I can play again. Like I said, amazing game, just disappointed that this has happened

  • Should be called madden MasterCard

    by C.R.S.6

    Either get your credit cards out now or don’t even bother downloading this.... it’s a great game well the concept is great anyway this year is the worst yet but it’s still good in concept but anyway this is more of a team building game than an actual football if you like opening packs and build a team it’s for you if you like playing real football games it’s not the have gotten rid of just about everything that is realistic football and replaced it with made up crap called overdrive where you can score 10 tds to your opponents 4 and still lose yeah Ik makes sense right so yeah it’s pretty much a team building game and one that if you want to be any good at you need to be ready to drop at least a few hundred dollars it’s always been that way but more so this year than ever it has been made into a total cash grab so much so even half the “program” players don’t even have events that go with them they are purely store based and must be payed for in real money and that’s what this game is so if that sounds good to you then you’ll love it if you want to play realistic football close the App Store save the few hundred you’d end up spending on this “free” phone game and go spend 50 on madden for a console you’ll have a real game for way less money

  • Banned For No Reason

    by kwils930

    I've actually enjoyed playing this game for the past couple seasons. However, after putting in 2 months' worth of work to build my team this year, I received a notice that my account was permanently banned. After looking up how to contact customer service on their website, I sent an email in the proper suggested format stating my case. I waited for about a week and a half and received nothing back. I decided to send a second email, and almost immediately received a response. According to the email, they had "thoroughly" investigated my case, and decided not to remove the ban. I had apparently committed a violation under the category of "Promote, encourage or take part in any activity involving hacking, cracking, phishing, taking advantage of exploits or cheats and/or distribution of counterfeit software and/or virtual currency/items." As much as I enjoy playing Madden Mobile. I am not nearly tech savvy or even pathetic enough to take the time to cheat on a phone game. EA was clearly too lazy to look into the mistake that they made with my account. Anyone who spends enough time playing this game knows there are blatant cheaters and can easily point them out. Maybe because I don't spend any real money on the game they could care less about my issue. I just wanted to warn people before they put in the time and effort

  • Glitchy Bugs Horrible

    by messi🔫

    NFL mobile has really outdone itself this year I mean when you play the game it is so bad because it has countless bugs and various glitches like when you try to throw the ball at your teammate they will most likely not even try to get the ball like EA has not put that much effort in the game like nba live 19 it’s he same from last year just graphic updates for nfl mobile last year was better than this year ea fix your game cause it is so horrible no one can catch a freaking ball in this game and then how are you going to put someone up by 200 points in overdrive mode by just 1 mistake you made how mostly the game is over then this is why ea is going to have a bad year this year and 2k is going to have a better year like ea just don’t care cause live 19 is live 18 the same thing just without nick Howard and that’s sad at least 2k got a new storyline every year you guys have the same story every year no exaggeration either in nfl mobile there’s so many bugs it’s rediculus like when I throw the ball I expect someone to try and at least try to catch it not just keep on running and the glitch is so bad that another person just run pass my player and he’s on the other side of the pitch come on know say you put so much effort but really didn’t do anything ea fix your game.

  • Very dissatisfied

    by Nathaniel Rodriguez

    If i could give no stars I would. There is NO SEASON MODE taking away season mode was a favorite to most people to play and also taking players off my team that have taken me a long time to collect and all the hard work for nothing that’s not okay. Graphics are good but it’s not worth restarting everybody profile and have to start with scratch with nothing to help get in return such as if you had an all elite team you should at least had the option too keep a third of which ones to have for the next season not just take away everything everybody has spent trying to get taken away for absolutely nothing including myself. We get it we love updates for graphics but it wasn’t worth starting over for a new season without getting something in return and for it to be glitchy. Live events isn’t the greatest place to earn quick coins and collectibles unless you go through every little thing to play and earn the reward. Please do all of us a favor and return some of our hard work that we have earned that’s all we ask for because some people spent actual money on the game to get these collectibles, player, etc.. And it would be nice to play our favorite and best players that we had in last season to play the new update.

  • New update not my favorite at all

    by Brandon Hulse

    I really don’t think that the new update/season is a step up from overdrive. The gameplay is much more smooth and the graphics are better, but that’s where the good ends in my opinion. The first thing is that I think the menus are all over the place. Why not keep the classic sidebar menu with all of my options there? Now all of the different buttons for events, auction house, etc are all spread out in a really confusing array. These menus are making the game too complex for me to enjoy, I’d rather see it kept simple like before. The second thing I have a problem with is how much the game crashes when I open the app. It seems like about 3/5 times the game fails to launch and crashes, which isn’t a dealbreaker like the menu problem, but still is pretty annoying. Also, pro packs don’t even guarantee me a gold player anymore, yet they are still charging the same 7,500 coins for the pack. I even get one less player! Why did this need to be changed? Finally, I’m not really a huge fan of the menu music, but that’s not a huge deal because you can just mute it. Overall, I think the game would be perfect if there was a simplified menu system and if the pro packs would go back to how they were in the past games.

  • Worst game ever

    by Star2315

    This game is not worth downloading. It is by far the worst Madden game ever!!! IF I COULD GIVE THIS GAME NO STARS I WOULD!!!! Let’s start off by saying that over drive is really garbage. I mean the amounts of “pressure” give you very limited chances of winning a game because they literally come one right after another for example you give up 135 points for not being able to rush for 12+ yards however the blocking is complete horrific. It’s like you’re trying to control the running back and a lineman at the exact same time. Also the touch mode is terrible because even when you’re clicking on the receiver the quarterback will hesitate to pass the ball (it’s not my phone I have a brand new iPhone X that works perfectly fine with every app on it). Even when you click on a receiver the q.b will sometimes pass it to a player you didn’t even choose (for example if I pass it to a receiver my q.b will toss the ball to my TE). Also, the packs option is very much useless. It’s way too much money to buy a basic pack that only gives you 3 players and honestly 2 silver players and 1 gold player is not worth 30k coins. This game is solely focused on users spending their real money just to get a good team. Will definitely uninstall the game is changes aren’t made.

  • They should have kept it the same

    by Iambodjskdifismandjdjfna

    I didn’t download Madden Mobile for a state of the art experience. I already have Madden 19 on Xbox for that. I downloaded madden for it’s crappy graphics and easy to beat game modes. I came to win 64-0 in every game in season mode and to win the Super Bowl with ease. I came to earn Coins and Madden cash like it was nothing and build a 115 overall team. I came to screw around with my friends and see how many times we could glitch out the game. I came to play a crapp (crap app) because it was relaxing and easy and something to pass the time. Now I have to scavenge for players and pay to win (which I refuse to do)! And on top of that, I don’t have any of my previous data saved. And if we’re talking the new “improvements” It’s awkward to move in the pocket and to run the ball. It’s new game mode is terrible. And on top of all that. The game run like a 2005 World of Warcraft server. It’s crashed almost every time I log in and randomly deleted my score in overdrive when I was winning!!!!! Log story short, apps aren’t supposed to be experiences. They’re supposed to be fun, easy, and yes sometimes glitchy games to play on the go. Not this. Anything but this. So EA, you’ve already screwed enough things up, don’t keep digging your own grave

  • Terrible update

    by Monster maker 2345:

    This update took the game in a horrible direction. The game now feels too fake and doesn’t focus on football anymore. The game used to be madden everyone loved where you drew cards and made a team from them and then played in either a season against bots or real players. Now there’s no season, you can’t play defense and anything you’ve had before is gone. This game in my opinion just took a dive off a cliff hoping to land safely but ultimately went splat. The funny thing is that they kept all the old reviews so it still makes them look like a good game and people are going to read these reviews thinking they’re downloading one thing but in reality it’s a whole other game. Should have kept the the game like it was and revamped the graphics and what not maybe add challenges or whatever but getting rid of what makes madden awesome to replace it with this is just a slap to the face for all the players out there that loved the old game. Be cautious when downloading this as it’s not what you will expect. If you’re a new player then perhaps you may like it but anyone who has ever played madden before is gonna think this is a joke. Should of released this as a desperate game or made this a mode. Bring back seasons, please don’t do this to your fans

  • Worst Game play by far!!!!!

    by Dillhole15

    I have been on MM for two years now and each year it keeps getting worse in terms of game play! This year by far has been the worst. There is no use in getting game plans as they do not work even when the counter is 100% teams are still getting big chunks of yardage. I spent The 2.5 million coins on game plans and still teams that their ovr’s are lower than mine run all over my defense like nothing when the play is even countered at 100%. Another big problem this game has is dropped wide open passes! I know that sometimes a player will drop a wide open pass, but this app takes it to another level with dropped passes. I was playing Head to Head game and in 3 drives, I had 12 dropped passes! Two of those dropped passes was on consecutive plays by the same receiver. Overall this game gets very frustrating cause it glitches so bad that computer controlling the defense makes players do things that are impossible to do. EA Sports has had many complaints about the game play that they just laugh at you and say we are trying to work on the problems! Which is not true like I said they laugh at you when asking about problems with game play, because people keep pumping money into this app for crappy game play.

  • Like it but glitches

    by Willlisss

    I really like this game and I'm actually good at it but ever since the game launched there is this one glitch that drives me crazy and for some reason never has been fixed. It happens a-lot and i actually quit the game for a whole year because it kept driving me insane and since i returned i have noticed it still hasn't been fixed and i lose a lot of overdrive matches because of it. The glitch is when i click to throw to someone who is wide open with nobody covering him and then when i click to throw to him it throws to someone with more than one guy covering them and almost always resulting in an interception or completely behind the line of scrimmage resulting in a loss of yards every time. Ever since i got Tom Brady he tends to want to throw an interception every other play. Doesn't even throw it close to the receivers and its both Tom Brady players i have that do it ( 91 ovr and Captain ) my guys are wide open a lot and he some how always manages to screw it up. I want to know how the best quarter back in the nfl does that. All my elite players drop the ball every time when they are wide open if Brady can manage to get the ball to them. EA needs to fix these but i doubt they will

  • Fix this

    by Fann Mann1234

    Ik this isn't getting to reviews but listen up. With this whole domination thing, you guys are idiots and must be begging for money because you removed the "shut out opponent" event and now it's only "make a comeback" because you are too afraid of people getting gronk early. Which is funny because now 50,000+ have 3 gronks because you were able to get him by trading in a bronze trophy yesterday. The game is already corrupt. P.s for the people who didn't get gronk you won't now because of the domination being 95 ovr teams. And then on top of it, you need to wait at least 7 seconds to throw the ball away. The boys don't. And they can scramble too. Like, are you serious? AND you should have people enter a message that has blurred letters or something because that bots are insane. There is no such thing as sniping in this game. Even pro YouTubers are complaining. This game is even worse than the old season. Fix it EA, because you are LAZY and only care about people's money. You disgust me. Edit for madden 17-18: Yes it's madden time again. This game is much better than the previous ones, but the issue is crashing. Please fix the crashing issue! I was in a head to head game and lost because the game crashed and automatically forfeited me. Please fix this!

  • It keeps getting worse...

    by Magnetik618

    The game play keeps getting worse each year, especially head to head and lvl matches. A lot of the physics are just off - kickoffs that hit the ground and bounce backward, defenders that sack the QB or deflect/intercept a pass from 3-5 yards away from the offensive player, and pass deflections that fly 10 yards into the hands of waiting defenders. Those have been standing issues since the beginning. My favorite additions this year have been the defenders deflecting passes if they’re 3-5 yards from the receiver when the ball arrives and the extreme increase in dropped passes. In 2 drives, I had no fewer than 5 drops by wide open receivers rated no worse than 85. Almost seems like Madden decides who it wants to win each matchup ahead of time and adjusts the play accordingly, so that even if all the right decisions are made, you still get shut out. That said, the redeeming quality of head to head is that you are matched up against active players and can play all 3 drives without having to wait for your opponent to play. If only we could open multiple packs at once after having to win a live event at least 10 times to have a chance at anything useful...

  • Rip Off. Annual Account Reset.

    by You ruined me

    They NEVER TELL YOU at any point in the game that you will lose all of your progression and levels and players ONCE A YEAR!!!! I spent a collective total of $75 on this game during the 2018 to 2019 season. All of that money was used as a means to progress and get better players quicker. When the new “season” started, they reset everyone’s account level to 0 and removed everybody’s hard earned (for some hard paid) players. It’s fun as a free game and I haven’t found a madden game for my iPad that comes anywhere close to the gameplay of Overdrive, but if you want to spend money....DONT. They never tell you (probably because they want you to spend more money) but clearly once a year (at the start of each real-life football season) ALL of your progress will be COMPLETELY RESET. Because an annual reset from max level to a brand new account is exactly what we want after spending hundreds of dollars on your stupid overpriced player packs and in game currencies. It was the only thing I used my $800 paperweight of an iPad for, but now I think I’ll leave my iPad to collect dust rather than spend money on digital items that will eventually be taken from me. If you like to keep what you pay for, play a different game.

  • Worst Update In Gaming History

    by Realto619

    Let me start out by saying that I’ve really enjoyed playing Madden Mobile the last several years and when I heard here was a new update this year that wound bring the graphics to a whole new level I was pumped! But then I downloaded it and played it for the first time on the release date and - while the graphics look awesome - I am still stunned that EA has managed to completely destroy one of the best sports gaming apps in the history of mobile. Madden Overdrive is a complete train wreck. There’s no other way to spin this. They’ve completely sucked all the joy out of the game. I can’t play it for more than 10-15 minutes because it’s taken boring to an all-time low. I gave it another try today after not playing for well over a month. But nothing’s changed and I’m about to uninstall it from my phone and go back to the game I’ve been playing instead: MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018. It has some issues of its own to iron out but the bottom line is its fun. Fun. It’s also a serous cash cow for the developer, Glu, but it succeeds on the most basic levels because it’s fun and challenging. Maybe EA will remember that someday, but it may be too late by that point to save it. Worst. Update. Ever.

  • Don’t believe the good reviews, they are for past versions

    by rsromanojr

    I have been playing madden mobile for years now (since 2015), and while past versions have been amazing and fun, this latest installment, called overdrive, is not great. Now, the part of the old games that I always hated was H2H mode, and they finally did something about that by putting in this overdrive mode. Which I like when it works! I have been playing the new version for 3 days now and of the 20 or so overdrive matches I have played I have lost connection to their servers around 8, which counts as a loss... And this server connection issue isn’t just in that mode, while playing live events and even just navigating around in the game... The constant connection issues is driving me crazy!!! As for the rest of the game, if they had just replaced H2H mode with overdrive, and didn’t have all of these connection issues I would have given this game a 5 star rating. But they have made everything revolve around overdrive, and have made all events so difficult that the game is just not fun anymore... don’t bother downloading at this point, until they put out a significant update to fix all of this.

  • Why??????

    by 0acer726

    I was an original player since Madden Mobile the better version everyone liked instead of overdrive.I have a lot of complaints about this game.1. It always says along the lines of NETWORK TIMED OUT then I go to another game and it’s perfectly fine you just made overdrive wrong by a lot.2. I “lose connection” and I’m on a challenge it makes me pay for it again restarts all my progress and then I lose and have to pay to redo it.3. You removed your whole juking system if you do the stuff in Madden Mobile in overdrive for juking you’d just get tackled by a person from behind or the person your trying to juke because they have some sort of targeting system so they can’t be juked basically.4. Also I can’t find a setting to get rid of all your music playing which can get very very annoying just like I “lost connection” 5. Also the lag is just unbearable I can’t even move a yard before the lag stops me. This is becoming the worst game you could possibly get like fortnite doesn’t crash as much what are you doing.!!! I liked Madden Mobile more by a lot because it never I mean never had any of these problems such as “losing connection” or not being able to juke. :( I am very disappointed.

  • Madden not linking to my existing account

    by pfox1980

    This is BS. I spent a bunch of money have a bunch of time invested in the previous season. Now the new season comes out and my accounts will not link up. I have it saved through Facebook and the game center. And neither one of them will link up to the new season. I am not happy about it. I do not want to start a new game and lose all the money I investedTo my team. I need somebody to contact me and give me some help so I don’t lose all of that. I try contacting EA and all they are doing is leaving me on the chat for hours at a time with no response. And Facebook has been no help. There’s no phone number to contact anybody on to get some human service. It’s all done by the Internet and I can’t get a hold of anybody. So I would suggest anybody who is interested in this game just go by the system and play it for yourself. That’s what I’m gonna end up doing because I’m getting Messed around on my existing play. I am quite mad about it because I don’t have a problem with any of the other games I have played and linked up to the accounts this one is the only one that I have a problem with. It would be appreciate it if somebody reads this and contact me about getting Taken care of.

  • Fun but EA is a JOKE!!!

    by russ5tide

    The game can be very fun don’t get me wrong but EA has proven to the community that Money is all they care about. Not fair play! This game is much more limited than in years past and is even further focused on spending money and micro transactions. I understand it’s a business but they could at least have decent customer service for the issue they have if they are gonna be so money driven. Their customer service is literally the worst you will find in all the world. Game has a ton of gameplay flaws and EA has failed to release an update to fix them. QB immediately throws the ball to the left as soon as its snapped. AI is off. Receivers slow to 10 speed as soon as they catch the ball and with the info coming out about EA using a dynamic difficulty adjustments to make sure you actually lose/win based on your record. This company has really showed their true colors over the last 2 years and will continue losing loyal fans who have helped create such a huge following for years. I just wish the NFL could take away their exclusive licensing agreement and give it to a company who is actually worthy of it. EA is NOT!!!

  • EA doesn't care about customers, just money.

    by Beatlesfan1te

    I've been playing this game since it came out two years ago. I would not recommend this game. At one point, madden mobile crashed literally every time I used it. It could be a few minutes in to a game or as soon as I open the app up. Issues like that happen constantly and take weeks to resolve. EA sports doesn't care about how much their customer appreciates this game, just that the game is reaching the largest audience possible. That way they can make the most money as possible. There customer service department is extremely rude, unhelpful and not based in America so they know nothing about the game. After all this inconvenience, how does EA repay their loyal gamers? With nothing. At least in the past they would throw in a free pro pack. Recently, a tremendous number of players were unfairly targeted. The company stole their coin from them and prevented them from buying and selling on the auction house. This issue is still not resolved after weeks. I wish EA would read this and care enough to do something about it. Knowing this company however, I'm sure even if they did read this, they wouldn't care. Unless I sent them a check that is.

  • Has Promise, But Falls Short Hard

    by .g4m3r

    Engine seems slightly smoother but CPU tackling is crazy good, they tap you and you go flying as well as spinning out every 4th play. O-line doesn’t block at all sometimes while running (even a few times while throwing), literally just lets multiple people through. The game will rob you of touchdowns from time to time, the old version never had this happen and I’ve only been able to prove it because of instant replay. They’ve added an advanced juking mechanic, enabled in the settings, that is promising but is glitchy and really only works well when using the “press and slide up function”, going left and right has proven hard since the CPU clipping you by a hair spins you out or forces you back. This game has promise if you even out the CPU and fix the bugs while running. It’s definitely smoother than last year’s version but you need to stop switching up the economy system every freaking year. Also for everyone that is having their game crash immediately after booting the game (after updating), uninstall and install again. It happened to me too and that fixed it for me.

  • Good game but used to be better

    by ok, here we fo

    I used to Love this game, but not so much anymore. Still a good game but somewhere along the way it lost two of its most important aspects of the game. First, sets. Getting rid of sets made NO sense at all. The only thing you can do with excess players now, is trade them in for training points, which all you can do with is train players(which I don’t mind) or trade them in for more crappy excess players, unless you spend a crazy amount of points. I just don’t see what the game added by getting rid of sets. Second, a real season. Before, you had a schedule and played ai created teams, which I liked and you could actually see your progression. Now they still have a “season” but it’s really just a big live event. You still play ai created teams, but there isn’t a schedule, which isn’t so bad, but it resets twice a month. So unless you commit crazy time to it, your not going to get anywhere and the reward? More crappy excess players and the cycle starts again. A ok game and has added some things I don’t mind ( I really loved the draft tournament) but it could get better by taking a few steps back.

  • Dang man

    by adudewhoiscool

    Madden has always been fun. There have been occasional glitches in the game, or exploits that have made the game unfortunately very easy to ‘win’, and going into madden mobile 2019, I had high hopes. On the offensive side of the ball, Ea has done a fantastic job of fixing glitches, but in their attempt at making the game harder, they accidentally made corners overpowered. Delving into replay footage, if one watches a cornerback try to make up yardage on a receiver, they’ll notice how that corner immediately speeds up and mostly makes a play on the ball. (For reference, your defensive corner will not speed up, meaning any deep shot attempted by the cpu will 95% of the time be caught by the opposing receiver.) Besides this though, offense is fine. Defense however, is frankly trash. Again going into replay footage, we see how there are consistently blown coverages by your linebackers not being ushered by you. Also, the cornerback problem I’ll dub as ‘cornergate’ also exists. Lastly, the CPU’s receivers are guaranteed faster then yours. I tested all of my thoughts with a 65 overall team against the 65 overall New York jets. I’d love to see madden improve by buffing defense and nerfing the cpu.

  • Overdrive is a bust. Please change it next year

    by NThompson7

    I love madden mobile and would play it for a few years now, and after this year I’ve stopped playing and do not plan on coming back until overdrive is out of the question. The fun has been taken out. I enjoy the real time games but it does not always run very smooth. I also do not like how many aspects of previous maddens have been taken away. Many problems I have found involve matchmaking pairing people with unfair teams, defense being completely and ridiculously too strong even when they are significantly worse than the opposing offense, and one of the things I have a problem with personally are the price of packs and the odds of pulling something good. It seems like the only way to get a good thing out of packs are to buy the limited time packs with money out of your pockets and that frustrates me personally because I do not like constantly keeping the same players on my team. Anyways, I can’t give them a 1 star because I still like some things about madden. I just hope that they see that madden overdrive is not the right path for the future.

  • Madden mobile is ruined

    by tpsmithgthomes

    What a down grade. The point of madden mobile was to kill time and not be taken too seriously. This game is 10x as difficult. Opposing teams complete every pass and get 5-10 rushing yards every play, your passing plays are 50/50, either one guy is open and you get decent yardage or nobody is open and you’re forced to throw an interception. You can no longer choose whether to truck, juke, or spin, the game chooses for you and almost always gets it wrong. Opposing players refuse to go down and can shake 3-4 tackles in a single play, while your player will trip over nothing and go down or fall down from running into your own player. Sets are gone bc they were “too confusing” and they were replaced with some system that has a different currency for every type of challenge, yeah because that’s far less confusing. Simple events are harder, took me 6 tries just to get 30 yards in 5 plays. I tried 9 times to stop my opponent from making 2 completions before I gave up. Ridiculously hard and confusing, tackling physics are all messed up like in madden 19 too. I’ve played madden mobile for 4 years, and they really ruined it this time.

  • Very Disappointing and Frustrating

    by SM_Uno

    I’m a big Football fan, and this game is a major let down. The Seasons mode is terrible, you constantly get cheated, such as when on defense, and I have a lead, the opposing team’s quarterback is nearly untouchable and makes a lot of illegal plays, like passing after crossing the line of scrimmage. My players are being redirected, out of my control. On offense, my Hb/Fb is incredibly slow, receivers are lost and never look for the ball, while all the defenses have superhuman powers and speed all over the field, are always on the ball(at least 4 or more players every time)before my receiver even gets there(unrealistic and impossible). It’s not even just in seasons mode, but in every mode the defense is ridiculously stronger, regardless of how much MORE POWER/Higher Level my team has. I hate being cheated, especially when it’s so blatant. Also, it’s pretty pointless to go through that annoyance to just receive a lame, useless and very small reward. You complete a challenge and then feel ripped off and cheated. No wonder most of my friends got rid of and no longer play this game. Please Fix this issue and gameplay. This game is ruining football for me

  • Update: Yeah, still garbage

    by The Meme Man

    I was gonna wait until this end of the NFL season to upstate my review, but I think I've seen enough. This year, Madden Mobile got what was in my opinion a game improving update. I was very impressed with the new version, season mode was more fun, leveling players was an enjoyable mechanic, and what seemed to be easier access to elites was awesome. I was very ready to update my review to four stars, but then the issue of the coin market happened. It should be said that I don't spend any money on this game, and that I don't believe I ever will. This is especially true seeing the outrageous prices of the in game currency. However, this never bothered me much. People were buying it, good for EA. But then people started buying coins illegally for much better value, and EA's reaction to this is mind-numbingly idiotic. They first put a limit on pro packs, one of the best ways of gaining money. This didn't bother me too much, but what happened next is ridiculous. EA went on a banning spree, banning accounts that didn't even break rules. They are trying to fix an issue by getting rid of their audience, and it's the stupidest decision they could've made. I'm disappointed.

  • This is it for me

    by Bluehank1973

    They have made this game worse each season. I almost bolted last season because you basically had to spend some serious money to succeed, but stuck around. Thought it couldn’t get worse, but it has. Now you still need to spend money in all these complicated goals and programs, but having better players and a higher “power” rating actually means nothing! Their “Overdrive” event is central to game play and getting opportunities to get better players. But there isn’t any correlation between the level of your team and having any advantage over lesser teams the higher you climb in the rankings. When you get higher up, you will get destroyed more and more by significantly lesser teams. And I haven’t even gotten to the glitches that haven’t been worked out a month later: like throwing the ball to receivers nowhere near where you pressed on the screen and other sensitivity issues, not following basic football rules like forward progression and pass interference, and not crediting you with achievements for gaining a certain number of yards or more despite getting the minimum number of yards required. DONT GET SUCKED IN, YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • Horrible , terrible, avoid, run away.

    by thinking about deleting game

    It is so frustrating to so so often have the system drop you and take points away from you, not give you any awards from what you done than give you a message that feels insulting because their garbage system drops you. This game is a part time job to keep up then they trash you efforts at the end of the year or At least within two years. Almost all deals are about as good as dealing with a loan shark. This game will stress you out and make you hate yourself and everyone else. It cheats you in deals and in game, so often lately I have the system freeze up giving me a freezing football but play continues with means opponents are running at me and I can’t pass, run or do anything so I end up sacked for a big loss. Nothing is bigger disappointing than losing resources you worked hard for and you couldn’t do anything about it. It can even hurt your club. Why do I get penalized so heavily when the system drops me and I had no control over the situation. Why do I do events in season mode to get a boost and a third of the time I win but get treated like I lost and get penalized. I feel like the game picked up much more bugs lately and seems to mess up on a regular basis now. Don’t download this game unless you want to ruin you life and loath the game developers. Avoid! Run! This game will shorten your life!

  • this game I made a field goal and they said I didn’t and this game it’s bull

    by thaiksmrmemw

    this game I made a field goal and they said I didn’t and this game it’s bull

  • The game will not load all the way up!

    by PenBrondan

    The game will not load all the way up!

  • Bugs

    by Mitchel Wavner

    I can’t get the chest at the end of the first stage of the gauntlet so I wasted a bunch of gems to not be able to get my rewards.

  • EA Did horrible!!!

    by Aiden MH

    Please get rid of this!! Go back to the old madden mobile where you didn’t have to click a tap button for the receiver to catch the ball!! Also there should be more buttons than just a stick and a skill move which barely does anything!! Also you run SUPER SLOW!! I hate the season game mode right now because the other teams just launch the ball and you switch to the wrong player and then “accidentally” dive and they end up scoring... also the offensive line is awful at blocking!! I barely get anytime to throw the ball and when I do it doesn’t go near the receiver!! Please bring back the old madden!!

  • I hate the game

    by BlieDodger06

    They cheat and I’m sick of it so close to deleting it makes it unfun and unfair when they cheat

  • Game Force closing in middle of event

    by Slappy Magee

    2 issues, legends set. Path is still empty, cannot continue. App keeps force closing losing stamina and loss of drives. Please update.

  • Just got over 1000 yards on path to greatness

    by matppppppppp

    Glitches doesn’t give it I have screen shot of my yards

  • "sorry we are not able to communicate with our servers please try again

    by Ender Savage

    My connection and my service is both on full bars so I'm confused why it keeps saying "sorry we are not able to communicate with our servers please try again" how many times are not gonna be able to "communicate with your servers" I can't even play over 5 Madden today challenges without the game taking me out

  • RTTP bonus

    by GlamisKidd

    It says to rush 1000 yards to get the bonus but every time you get there the app crashes and takes away the yardage . Please fix

  • Buggy

    by Jon Pipes

    I’m not able to open chests on any master series events for some reason, which means I wasted 8000 gems and lots of stamina. I also can’t upgrade front office items because I’m unable to complete Master Series events. The game also lags out a lot (even with good connection) and then punishes me for it.

  • Progress reset

    by 27Superman

    I played overdrive for quite sometime and had some success with my team. I believe my overall was around a 85 and had earned almost a million coins, I decided to take a break (I didn’t delete the app. I just didn’t update it) from the game to play others and then I came back just to see that it has reset all my progress and my team is a 60....

  • Frustrating

    by billys,honestreviews

    When playing over drive mode, it puts me against players way out of my league. I have been playing about a year and I’m no expert but love to play for the fun of it. But when your playing someone at 1000+ just doesn’t make me wanna play.

  • Why is madden back?

    by madden is so bad 6911

    It’s bad. The only way to get a good team is to buy cash and then buy packs.

  • Bring back old madden moble18 with AB

    by phabein

    Plz that game was so much fun and also addictive plsying

  • Trash

    by djdjdu@@27384

    Madden is trash the games trash don’t get it

  • Crashes During Task

    by LennRc

    Will there be any compensation this?

  • No

    by nfl footbal 798420

    I try to play the game but it is just not working at the beginning it says kicking off and it just freezes every time

  • Madden is trash

    by izekLuna

    This game is bad I was playing a event I was about to finish I had to get 1k yards and I was at 998 and I ran 30 yards and it kicked me out then I got back in and it still said I had 998 yards but resumed the field spot I was at when I ran the 30 yards.

  • Logs me out every 5 seconds

    by hskabajsks s s

    Can’t play the goddam game anymore. Happens with all my friends. Fix the issue

  • Garbage 🚮

    by Bryson kearney

    This game is terrible I don’t know why they switched everything up since 18 but it’s ridiculous just a disappointment can’t even get past level 2 in a day


    by gingervitisboi

    EA NEEDS to balance the players in season mode a NPC just ran straight through the best LB and best DLinemen and 5 other people not even joking I am so over losing every game because NPC’S!!!!!! run through my players I have lost every season game as a result of these NPC’S running through my players EA PLEASE FIX THIS AND MAKE THE GAME DECENT.

  • Pay to play + Mismatches + Server Issues

    by Givbhhkj

    EA is constantly pushing deadlines in an attempt to make you pay for overpriced packs. Limited stamina often eaten by server issues. Auction setup is no good with tons of liquidity but lack of demand. Long way to go before this app comes even close to Madden (even the Madden game complimentary app has a much better auction setup and doesn’t constantly try to sell you “deals”). I gave 1 star for this app’s scammy push to pay money to meet deadlines or even upgrade certain items (office section especially). So many bugs, from bidding to pretty much any new feature. WASTE OF TIME

  • Impossible

    by Tango;)

    I got to a point on one master level (that I bought using coins) where it was impossible to pass. You had to score three rushing touchdowns from the 10 yard line. The opponent power level was “500” but it was nearly impossible to get past the line of scrimmage. And that’s at lvl 81 with a power level over twice that. Trash. Waste of time.

  • Game is trash

    by qwertyu193

    Trash game don’t get it

  • Not that good

    by Maffle1

    The quarters are only 1:30 so you barely have any time to score and they slow down your players so you cannot run to the touchdown the other team will eventually catch you

  • Master Series RTTP

    by Tyhudson24

    Bought the masters series for both NFC and AFC and halfway through both of them they have impossible tasks. 31 yards with a hb receiving. Yet all plays with a halfback end with them catching the ball at the line of scrimmage and you get two attempts. Throw in some long ball plays for HBs and it works. And the other problematic obstacle is scoring 3/6 times with a rushing play from the ten yard line. Now normally this would be fairly easy. (Especially considering my team has almost twice the power, and my running back is a 90 OVR). However, the play call for blitz is ruthless and you hardly ever make it past the 5 yard line. Fix these crappy obstacles that I’ve spent over 2000 stamina trying to pass and I’ll bring my rating up to where it should be.

  • Love the game but bugs...

    by Jrummel83

    Path to greatness has been great except for the objectives for afc and nfc north are bugged and won’t let anyone complete them. Game crashes and signs you out upon reaching objective and then doesn’t show completion of objective. Spent 600 stamina in an attempt to beat them only to be closed and time clock ran down with not objectives completed in both nfc rushing events. Also, afc passing event gave no reward for objective completion. Very sad and disappointing. Other than the bugs, the game is amazing...if those could get fixed it would be a great game.

  • Madden NFL review

    by Geofflow

    I can’t open any packs in madden. Whenever I try to open a bunch of packs, it keeps saying that my bench is full, and I already cleaned out my bench and I have exchanged all my players and posted an auction, but I have nothing to auctioned off and I have nothing to exchanged and it’s keeps saying that’s it’s full

  • Master series glitch...

    by Donnndotta

    I just spent 4000 gems on my master series and it decided to glitch on the first level and I can’t even claim my reward to my on to the second stage....

  • This game cheats

    by toosick10

    In this madden game the way it’s set up when the difficulty is up they make anybody that you’re playing look like gods and this is unfair

  • Fix your game!

    by uukbuubkugi

    What’s up with this, there is so many problems!I mean the list goes on and on!The kicker does not even touch the ball with his foot when he kicks it.Look at the replay, the kicker somehow scoops up the ball and manages to kick it without touching it.And the clock glitches, like it will go down 7 seconds in just one second,now that’s annoying.Plus I never knew a players arm could go through a defending players body, it just somehow goes through the player.And not to mention when it is on hard mode it’s next to impossible, like there RB can get a 77 yard run and I have not got past 15 yards!Once again Fix You’re Game!

  • Use to be fun

    by jk366man

    This gam use to be fun but it’s not anymore bad graphics and bad modes

  • Stamina

    by ifjfndjsodnfnnx

    Give me unlimited

  • No

    by Why why, why

    This game is bad

  • Bug

    by (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)herro

    Can’t do nfc north achievement without kicking me out

  • Madden rttp challenge

    by kaden bruh

    I cannot get the other weeks to pop up

  • Fun but soo paid to win

    by Dylan🌈

    The game is fun but if you want good players to win you games you either have to wait and play lots or buy players. The game also has terrible ranked games. How are you suppose to beat a team that is 6 overall better than you. It’s impossible. Unless you have the time and the money don’t get this game .

  • Loading Screen


    The game is amazing but the loading screens take forever

  • Fun, but horrible servers

    by Cyan Wolf Pedro

    It’s pretty fun and quite addicting. I love watching NFL and playing this game is amazing. However I have good wifi, I’m able to play online multiplayer games on my Xbox (like rainbow six siege etc.) with absolutely 0 lag. But when playing this game home alone using no other device, I time out constantly and am losing connection all the time.

  • Review

    by I do not likee

    I do not like it, the game is very hard and does not work

  • Keeps showing me errors

    by theworldofbronx

    I love football. 🏈 And I want to play this game, but it keeps saying error. And this makes me mad! 😡 Can you help?

  • game is horrible, ai cheats.

    by 🅱️izza 🅱️over

    I was playing in the playoffs in season mode and I was playing on offense. I throw the ball to a wide open receiver AND THE LINE BACKER JUMPED UP 3 FEET IN THE AIR AND BLOCKED THE BALL. This game is unacceptable and isn’t fun anymore. 2 stars. Fix the game!

  • Glitching

    by bdubbs 88

    I can’t finish the micro goals for the thousand yards. It keeps turning off. Unfortunate

  • This game is trash

    by lilxoup

    It’s the worst game I ever played.i can make a game better that that.There is so many pass interferences and it is so annoying.It happens whenever it is a long pass.There needs to be a lot more improvements in this game


    by Tarodg

    This game is complete trash, as is EA for not only cheating players but than removing negative reviews when we try to warn others. Absolutely no morals at all, which I guess I should have guessed based on how rigged this game is. Beyond those rigged games, this is just repetitive and boring “events” that show no effort or creativity. That is when the constant bugs and server connection issues let you actually play. Such garbage.

  • Road to the playoffs

    by sotomayor133

    I spent 1000 energy trying to do the afc gauntlet rush for 3 touchdown challenge please make it easier

  • Dont get it

    by icig if

    I can’t even finish a challenge even I have great internet

  • Not as Good as 2015

    by Elijahstushy

    I have a bug/glitch where I can’t see the field or field goals.I glitch where I can’t run when I get the ball, and my game just randomly freezes. As of now, this game is bad

  • Good game but to much bugs

    by shaneshaneshanesshaneshane

    I got the season thing for madden fear and every time I get to a certain point in the madden fear season mode it tells me to do this practice thing I complete it and it says I have to do it again and again and I just does this over and over I have tried restarting the season but the same thing if I can get a refund for 4000 madden gems because that’s what I bought it for that would be great

  • Give me my stuff back

    by I'm.just.saiyannn

    I just recently got the josh cribbs KR pack, then my game crashed and I log back on to see it says “completed” yet I don’t have him. I can’t get it again either so I would like to find a way to get what I grinded for thank you very much, this game is outrageous

  • Fix it

    by fadedballer

    Receiver Can’t even get to where he need to go he gets to bodied up

  • Worst game ever

    by beneyaj

    When you are playing the computer will get aim bot and speed and they win win. This is one of the worst games I’ve ever played in my life.

  • Tony

    by sdfaewtyuvdrhgdugifihgddf

    Why is the other team getting points when I just scored or I just got mass yards or a first down so people just loses over them doing good like how are people going to win that’s cheeting If you think about it and why can’t we play both ways we like defense to

  • Catching

    by 2345122422

    This game make impossible catches and you should actually play by the real rules of football

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