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Little Airplane 3D for Kids

Little Airplane 3D for Kids

Adam Grodzki

Hey the little pilot! Steer your plane, pop balloons and learn numbers & colors!

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All kids love airplanes and popping balloons!

Let your toddler steer your plane, pop balloons and learn to recognize colors and numbers at the same time! Your child will also get familiar with the wonderful 3D world.

Very simple rules:
- Tap the screen to steer your plane
- Fly into the balloons to pop them
- Let your toddler plane draw wonderful shapes with smoke
- Learn colors, numbers and get familiar with the 3D world!

This is an aircraft simulator made easy to play for kids. Let you child to become a little pilot.

Kids love aircrafts! Children enjoy flying and dream about steering an airplane. This non-violent flight simulator let children become little pilots and experience the 3D world. Your child cannot crash the airplane so it is not frustrating even played by 2-3 years old toddler. When the airplane pops a balloon it starts leaving smoke behind, creating wonderful and colorful shapes. Kids can easily make turns and fly any direction so they can see objects from many angles.

The game has educational aspect, it helps young pilots learning colors and numbers, also understanding 3D world around us.

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Little Airplane 3D for Kids

Little Airplane 3D for Kids

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