Lip art 3D

Lip art 3D


Guide for Lips art makeup 3D are the perfect canvas

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Guide for Lips art makeup 3D are the perfect canvas
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  • Good but could be better May 27, 2020

    By Roxy_Wolves06
    I think the game is great how it is, but I do have some minor annoyances. First: the camera. I think that moving the lipstick or brush or roller shouldn’t move the camera, because it makes placement of the tool wonky. I think having an option to lock the camera would be much better and more satisfying to see. Second: I think there should be a constant option to go to the next step instead of having it after a certain period of using the equipment. Because sometimes the amount of lip you’re coloring is too small and you have to wait longer than necessary. Third: Filling in the rest of what the player doesn’t color is a smart idea but it would also be fun to have an option to not do that. I just think it would be fun and add a stronger touch of creativity. Last: Having a sort of ‘creative’ mode where you can choose the colors and designs of the lips. Or even without the designs. Sorry for the length, just thought I’d add some suggestions.
  • Hi I’m Vanessa! Jun 20, 2020

    By Vanessa Talks!
    Hey Owner of this game I just downloaded this game and it was so fun I can’t stop playing it well I just played so why am I saying that? Nevermind So that’s my talk I want to tell you but one thing is The PROBLEM ONE:Why do you have to type your name to get in the game? Like I downloaded the game(Just now) And I saw that I have to type my name(A fake name like I have to type Weird names) Like Why? PROBLEM TWO: I really like if you could put like games on the app like can you play games to get new things but WE GET ADS NOT GAMES like I want the ads to go away I know if you have A free ads pass(I really don’t know tho)But still I want them to get away from me So this is the end of my Talk So have a good day Bye!!!! 💕💕💕😀😀💕💕😁
  • There is really NO point to the game? Jun 23, 2020

    By Cappel 💜
    It is a really good game and VERY satisfying! But there is NO point to the game. For example: when you don’t fill in all the spots of a pattern or something it automatically goes 🥰 and all the spots are filled in when you press next! It doesn’t say 🤢 “EW!” And it would help to SEE your mistakes after because it get’s SO boring!!! Please!! Let the game be more like real life where you can actually MAKE people MAD. Because it’s SO boring when it automatically goes SO WELL. 😒 Please make the game like you know like the tattoo art game where they actually get MAD and you keep the tattoo you made the same instead of automatically filling in the spots correctly so there is no point. It’s like you didn’t even DO anything and people just go 😍 “I love it!” Even though you didn’t do a lot except put lipstick on and stuff. You made no mistakes which can ACTUALLY HELP!!! Please! Answer this PLEASE. 😬
  • ⓅⓇⒺⓉⓎⓎ ⒼⓄⓄⒹ May 19, 2020

    By AwesomeGamePlayer2429
    The game is really good besides some things you NEED to fix. But don’t get me wrong it’s a good game! 1.) ADS! Every time I go to design the lips during the gameplay there is an ad which, let’s be honest, doesn’t need to be there. Then, after you finish it, ANOTHER AD! Developers I really think you need to fix this. 2.) Remove Ads. THREE WHOLE DOLLARS?! Come on! On one of my other favorite games it’s only ONE dollar to remove ads. This is just ridiculous you need to bring down the price. 3.) Lips glitching?! When I am putting lip stick on I can literally see it glitching in the corner of the lips. This bothers me greatly so please fix this. 4.) CLICK BAIT?! Come on! That’s just upsetting and angering. It doesn’t take much to make a “free chest” free. You have to fix this or I may uninstall the game. I know I probably don’t matter to the developers because I’m only one person, but come on. Don’t be jerks. >:( *Suggestion* As so many other requested I am more interested in looking into more creative styles. This meaning I am hoping to see more of a design-your-own style. Overall the game is honestly pretty good but I’m hoping for more out of this game. I would hardly call it a finished game because of the fixes it needs but hey, nothing’s perfect. I’m hoping to see more out of this game.
  • Jun 5, 2020

    By Alina Tovar
    It's a fun game! It is also so good for little boys and girls to learn how to express themselves with makeup while learning how amazing
  • Jun 23, 2020

    By Kim R
    How do you play with no play button. Seriously?? Wondering if anyone who has said something about this will ever get a response. Are you going to fix it? I just HAD a game JUST LIKE THIS with the same name, that I LOVED. Yesterday it didn't work anymore, and now it's uninstalled and gone and THIS is what is in its place?? That was my favorite game. I am upset.
  • it’s not the best... Jenny! Apr 21, 2020

    By £¥£¥+£¥
    You see it’s such a fine game and fun...But...the ads?? And not only that but I do much very believe that when the player does a design and don’t color the lips, well not all of it, I believe you should keep the design that the players drew. That would honestly make it sooooooooo better. You honestly have to improve the game with the ads, and boxing the chest, and the designs. Let the people enjoy what THEY want to do. That just ruins the fun for me. When I downloaded the game i thought I was able to make my OWN design, but i thought wrong..I’m sorry for all the people that thought the same thing. I guess....this was a game, and I thought I can make it my own to play and do the things like make this design, get this free lip stick the free chest, and the ads!? Then how is that free if you make us watch something, that’s not free that’s called scamming and getting basically click baited. I’m so sorry to the creators because they made this game for no reason, it’s fun, but trash because the ads and they way you want the color and design to be, Like I wish WE can pick the color, the creators did this for such a waste of MY time at least..
  • Jun 19, 2020

    By Aislynn Dyck
    There is no play button, it's so aggravating I would give this a better review if it had a play button everybody in my family tried to find it but no one could. If I could give it a half star I would😡