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Left to Survive: Zombie PvP Shooter

Left to Survive: Zombie PvP Shooter B.V.

Dead Zombies, PvP battles, Survival games in the TPS shooter

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57.5% Positive Reviews

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  • Great fun

    by Kojak the kid

    I really recommend this game for ages 12 and up, the caveat being for fantasy violence. With PvP, traditional story line paths and a really awesome air to ground assault gameplay option, there are three ways to fight to stay alive. A traditional farm/factory etc set up with resources collected over time. The farm yields the fuel for the missions, the factory etc yield parts for building/equip upgrades so you do run out of energy to go run missions or “gears” to upgrade the guns. Therefore there are built in stopping places to keep you from shooting zombies all day. The gameplay is fun and I’ve lost a lot of PvP already, so my tactics need work. It constantly asks for iTunes login, so it wants money but it doesn’t need it. You can play for a good chunk of time if you play a mission or two, then a PvP battle and a base raid from your helicopter. For me attacking the other base camps and their defenses using the chopper is the most fun so far. About every 2-3 months I need a new go-to time killer game and this is the one for late 2018.

  • by A Google user

    Wish it was offline. Just an idea .... Would it be possible in the next update to include lets say, maybe 5 prerecorded adverts , so that when reception is bad on non existent , like on a plane , the game will continue without isssues and whenever it needs to show an advert it will select one of the stored ones? Then when it reconnects to the internet it updates usage stats, viewing data , etc and also refreshes the already displayed ads?

  • Great game! Awesome, but...

    by DClovecraft

    First off this is my favorite mobile game. I spend more time playing this than my PS4 and Xbox One combined. I’ve pretty much given up on the campaign due to the fact that it takes SO LONG to upgrade weapons, unless you spend money. Real money...and it can become quite pricey. I’ve only spent a few dollars on the game, but I learned something over the last few months of play: being patient and waiting for your facilities to upgrade (sometimes upgrades can take up to 15 hours) can feel satisfying if you stick with it over time. I’ve spent a few months logging on everyday to upgrade various facilities, and also to do Base Raids and the PvP aspects. You do get rewards for your efforts, and they aren’t bad at all. If you don’t want to spend money on the game, you just have to be patient and keep at it daily to get the most out of it. Also, you can just watch ads to acquire free gold and energy (energy is needed for Base Raids). So in short, this is an awesome game for just need patience and in my’s totally worth it. Thanks guys for making such a great game and for always adding new content!!!

  • by MC Y

    Glitch in the Exploration Very well done - highly recommended, but the lag and stutter in PVP play can be real frustrating with lag, stutter and the effects it has on game play. There is also an issue with Exploration Mode, where the game doesn't "finish". After finishing the bulk of the zombies, the game would send out single runners every few seconds. At first, it was a just few zombies, but now I just had my first game where timer ran out and I "failed" the mission...

  • Amazing game!

    by Neverest11

    One of the best zombie related games I’ve ever played, including PC and console. I love the fact that it’s not just mind numbing zombies, but also rival survivor interactions in the storyline, PVP, and base raid. However, there are only 2 complaints I have. 1. You get to a point where you have to upgrade your town center 3 or 4 times in a region just to be able to upgrade the weapons to move on. Takes an insane amount of time just opening the app to pick up resources without paying real money. I don’t mind paying for a package every now and then, but that’s excessive. 2. When your base gets raided, and you revenge the raid, it becomes a back and forth contest of who swings bigger. In my opinion, a revenge attack in base raid mode, should end the interaction between opponents. You should not be able to revenge a revenge. You should be able to attack, or revenge, and then on to other opponents. The randomness of the finding an opponent will allow for the possibility of fighting the same opponents again, but let’s end the circle. Thank you for the great game! I hope devs consider my concerns.

  • Great game but...

    by GLEAZON

    I very rarely leave reviews for games but I’m hoping that the developers will see this and possibly take into consideration what I and alot of others are saying with the amount of time & materials it takes to advance through the game. I play quite a few games on IOS including this one and out of all of them this game unfortunately takes the longest to advance. It’s very fun as far as gameplay and as FPS, but you have to upgrade your weapons and facilities constantly for just about every aspect of the game. Which I understand there needs to be goals to work towards but it’s like every few boards you do you have to upgrade your weapons. Then once u get thru the boards then it’s upgrade the town center and so on, and so on. Everything takes so much time and resources to do that I have found myself losing interest in the game and it’s unfortunate because, when you can, it’s a fun game to play. Hopefully someone will see this and possibly makes some changes in the future as to how long upgrades take and the cost of upgrades before it’s to late...

  • Dmented Freak

    by dmented94

    For a mobile game this is one of the best I played, I’m an older player from the clan days on Xbox ( rainbow six, castle wolfenstein etc. ) so I know FPS games. it takes to long to gather the rss. And materials to upgrade weapons, I spend money every week to advance alittle faster through the game cuz I’m impatient. Upgrades to buildings aren’t too bad, even with the money I spend I’ve found myself stuck on the campaign cuz my weapons weren’t powerful enough to advance. All that said the developers need to reward players who put more time into the game, many players don’t have the money to advance faster so they must be stuck more often then the ones who spend. I only will stay patient with a game for so long, if things don’t balance out I stop playing the game then uninstall it remember developers... you have to give just as much as you get. BE FAIR!!! Not greedy !!! Thanx Dmented Freak

  • by The Druid

    I like the game. Graphics are pretty good but it takes forever to upgrade the town. Also, as you progress through the game, your acquired weapons become useless. You should design away to "sell-back" weapons for choices of cash, gold, blue tape, oil, crates, evolutions or consumables.

  • Wait time

    by BrIMucCoZ

    Like many others have said, the wait time to update the facilities in game in order to upgrade your weapons is overnight long. For example, the center needs the tanker to be level 7 to update, that’s 14 hours for the tanker to update. Then it takes 15 hours for the center to update. After all that waiting, you might be able to defeat one storyline mission and a few side quests, then your weapon needs to upgrade and the cycle starts all over. I feel like if you have the materials, you should be able to upgrade multiple structures at a time. But I have hope the developers are listening to the players and will hopefully update the game. For a mobile zombie game, it is really fun. It reminds me of the old arcade house of the dead games. I like that on a mobile. I also want to say that I would pay for the gold, but if it wasn’t so expensive. I think though that we should be patient and see how the game progresses.

  • by James Nation

    This is a good game. The progress can be slow to move through the levels, certainly due to the cost of weapon upgrades and availability. Helps to pay to progress. Storyline is good. Controls are excellent. Player V player is also very good, no lag. Good variation on activities and tasks. Get the game, play it, give it time.

  • by Aston Barnes

    Only been playing a while and I think it's a pretty solid game. Unfortunately they seem to have implemented some strange and unnecessary functions. For example you cant choose which weapon you take into a mission and the game usually doesn't even give you the appropriate weapon, narrow corridors you would probably be expecting a shotgun but no. Also the game starts in left hand mode even though it says it's right hand and you cant change it until you finish the tutorial.

  • Sorta boring.....

    by yomamajc

    Hi this is my opinion of the game so yeah.... I think it’s pretty boring and like there is nothing so fun in the game. When I read the other reviews it’s pretty bad. I mean like hardly I read it but I did. If I was you I would probably read this review and have an idea to not get this game. There isn’t really how to bring up how it’s boring. Maybe people like the game idk. It’s not fun or stressful like other games can be stressful But it’s fun at the same time. If the creater reads this than I want to tell you that it’s okay game. I would just not get it again because I delete it already. I know you tried your best on the game but your game doesn’t get me surprised or excited. I give you a three star because I love zombie games and movies. Second you tried your best on creating the game. And third of all I’ve never played a game like this. It’s just different. Thank you all for reading my opinion.

  • by Scotty D

    Good game. Graphics are great, controls are simple, progress is very slow if you don't pay for things, but it's possible to do it without spending anything. No idea how you get special items, guessing you need to buy them. No idea how to get the silver coins used as currency, guessing you need to buy them too. No idea what the oil is used for. But if you just ignore all that and play the missions, you'll have a bit of fun

  • by Daya Arsenal

    I need help and advice. This is a awesome game I have played so far. I just wondering why its needed so much time consuming for the any update or upgrade of building or etc in the game. ( the oil upgrade or the box ?) Its getting higher and higher and hard to accommodate the needs to upgrade the level. Its will for helpful if you can just lower it down and make the game for fun to play and release our stess. Thank you and have a nice day

  • by Primus pilus

    It has great graphics and gameplay.The only thing that needs fixing is PVP matchmaking.Lots of times you get 6-7 or higher level opponents with double the health and far superior weapons.You don't stand a chance.Also pay to win..if you have enough gold you can buy the best weapons and gear = money wins PVP not skill.Used to like this game but considering uninstall after all the gold players and higher level unfair matchmaking.

  • Boring? Yeah somewhat

    by Gmesa671

    I love this game! But here are my gripes: There is a lot of comments about it being boring especially after you completed campaigns’re left with only one mission per region for minuscule amount of cash. Rather than locking them out, how about you allow players to replay missions in the regions. You could always reduce the cash rewards but this would definitely solve most of the “boring” aspect in campaign mode. Lastly, how do you expect people to sign up for a subscription if you can’t upgrade once the town center is at level 16? Kinda defeats the purpose of and extra builder with the subscription package! Once all buildings are upgraded, guess what?! That extra builder is sitting around doing absolutely nothing. Glad I didn’t sign up

  • by Broken Bellz

    So, its not bad so far. Not freelance movement and that kind of dampens things. However does has some equal grounding between p2p and equipment that you already acquire. I defeated 2 people whom were 3 or 4 levels above me, I and a partner defeated them. Luck? No, it was skill and somewhat communication we had i.e. we both picked up on one target. Was easier to defeat a lot of players. I do give this a 3 star however, I think the timely manner for the veggies are a bit drastic.

  • Game controls need Work (updated)

    by SavageTylerr

    You can't shoot and move your cursor at the same time, which makes gameplay much more difficult than it needs to be. There should be a firing/shooting button on the left side of the screen, so you can aim with the right half of the screen and shoot with the left. Or adding the ability to shoot and move your aiming while shooting with the fire button... There should be better control customization like that in pubg mobile! UPDATE : Never mind I spoke too soon. You CAN shoot and aim at the same time by using the left half of the screen to aim and shoot with the right side...

  • by FieryCreature

    The game is awesome! Just if theres one way that you guys can remove the thing where your character moves by its own after killing the wave of zombies. So like you can move around and kill zombies. Now if thats in the game, the game would be totally fun and cool. It'll be like a console game by the movement and the other things from a mobile game.

  • Prepare to spend LOADS of your own money

    by CLOMBARDI23

    It’s fun and eventually it gets less fun because other players dump their money into this game and leave the normal players who cannot afford most of the in app purchases screwed. You can’t win against the high dollar spenders nor can you advance at a reasonable pace in the campaign without buying stuff. I’ve written a few reviews and messaged direct with the developers about this issue. They won’t change anything because they would make less money if they did so I guess you can’t blame them. This game is my escape from my life at work, time spent in hospitals and my children so I’ll watch the few videos to get free stuff and waste my time trying to find ways to progress instead of actually playing and enjoying the game

  • by A Google user

    Fabulous game i ever played in my life. The graphics are damn good & visuals are amazing. PvP & Base Raid are the best sessions of the game. I just love it. Thanks to the team who made such an awesome game. Its the only game about shooting which i like the best. Thanks Again 🤗🙃🤗

  • Folks, before you get into this game, PLEASE read!

    by bassplayer68s

    This is a great game with great graphics and great gameplay. But it is a total cash grab. Now, I completely understand the need of the developers to make money. But they’re doing it in such a way that it actually FEELS like a scam. You spend more and more and more to get just the OPPORTUNITY to open up a crate or something and hope you find the pieces you need to be ELIGIBLE to buy better weapons. Upgrades take days, and you have to upgrade many different parts to advance...I’m telling you, if you’re not willing to spend SERIOUS cash and STILL have to basically get lucky enough to “find” what you need, I highly recommend you not start playing this game.

  • Truth

    by chris laflamme

    Best games are those that take the most time. Who wants to find new games every month. Anyone who says it takes too long can go play games like fortnight. I'm 36, I've played games on Atari and every Game console, pc, and phone.. I played fallout new vegas for 6 years and never beat it because I didn't want it to end. The only thing that would make games like this that take forever to advance is taking away the ability to "pay to play" therefore leveling the playing field. But it's a free game and developers need to make money. I get it. So keep up the good work. Don't fold by falling weak at the knees to people with little attention span

  • Excellent Gaming Experience

    by BJunGaRcia8

    I have been playing “Left To Survive” for the past several days and really enjoy the variety of mission based campaigns, base building, PVP challenges, and base raid option! Nice storyline and great graphics are among the best features of the game! Free bonus crates and events to collect puzzle pieces for premium weapons or characters are cool incentives to play! The only suggestion I would like to share with the developers is introducing more choices for side weapons such as Molotov Cocktails (against the undead) and flash grenades (human enemies) along with other melee weapons like a hatchet or metal chain. Kudos to the development team for an awesome game app! Thank you!

  • Dope!

    by jay bello

    By far best iOS game I’ve played. The developers made it where you’ll have to spend money to move forward faster which can be a bit inconvenient, the deals on the other hand aren’t expensive buuuuut if you don’t pay attention you’ll spend way more than you intended too. My only suggestion would be to make it less about spending money and more about the enjoyment of the game without the pressure of continuous purchases. Promo codes should give a little more, free crates should be a little better as wells. Selling old weapons should absolutely be an option especially when you’re looking for ways to upgrade current weapons.

  • Amazing game

    by Dr pepper boiyo

    I’ve had this game for a few days and I feel like it is the only game I play now. It has absolutely amazing graphics for a mobile game. It’s a mix of clash of clans and a TPS. You level up your base but you also go out and kill zombies, a perfect mix. They also have a PvP mode, you can do online 2v2’s or 1v1’s. You update your guns as you play missions and you practically never run out of your energy because you farm it (it produces at a decent speed). Overall 10/10 game and I would recommend it to anyone who plays a lot of mobile games.

  • Monotonous

    by goaliegirl123

    The game is super fun in the beginning but as you get more experienced there is less room for growth. The PvP games are fun but the maps are the same two over and over, would love to see some new ones added to mix it up. Also the ranking system can be a bit wack at a level 21 I’m being paired against levels 18 or higher and just getting destroyed. It’s hard to level up when you’re being paired against much higher ranked players with superior guns. Also the fact that gold is the only currency for pitching additional guns is unfortunate as I play games not to spend money but to enjoy myself. Not sure I’ll be playing much longer as it seems I may have “peaked” in the free version of the game.

  • Gameplay is fun but will soon grind down

    by patrick132@@@

    Like many IAP games, it is fun at first but will quickly become a grind with long wait times. This game is no exception and surprisingly it kept me interested for about 3 weeks of constant playing. First the good stuff: the action part is a best part, zombies are cool to look at and relatively challenging. There’s limited freedom to move, its more of a rails shooter than a FPS. The different gun types are nice as well. Great mobile graphics, sounds, and gore. The bad stuff: unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money, the wait times to upgrade and level up could be days if not weeks. I made it to level 5 with bearable wait times but now it’s up to a week of waiting. This includes watching as many ads as possible and logging in every 4 hours or so to farm resources. Overall this game is fun to play for a week or two. Expect to spend a lot of money if you want to advance quicker. If you’re looking for a decent pay-once zombie shooter, check out N.Y.Zombies.

  • Has Gotten Worse

    by ronako

    I’ve played the game since the beginning and the game has gotten progressively worse. As more content has been added and tweaks have been made, it has gotten to the point where you can’t really progress due to the lack of resources you can steal in raids. So good luck reaching base level 21 unless you buy pay your way through. The strongest free gun for your helicopter can’t even touch level 15 flak cannons and unusually inaccurate. The burst fire on the rifle has been crippled where it makes levels more difficult and people would ignore them and rather just use a fast firing sniper rifle. I’m pretty much at the point where I’m going to stop playing this game.

  • Update review

    by RSpecTurbo

    They fixed the issue with requesting iTunes passwords at log in. I had to quit playing for about a week and when I returned it was resolved. Glad to see it fixed because I was opening the app to decide if I would keep playing or delete from my phone. Great game love the grind, somewhat repetitive.. it would be helpful if all weapon types were easily able to be bought like the machine gun and sniper without using gold. But they don’t have a cash option... great game and fun to play

  • Yes great game.

    by spot weld

    I’ve been playing for about two weeks now I’m sure I’ll rate better than 4 star rating later on but still working on figuring things out mostly already. But I’m looking to see if there is a multiplayer mode if there is I’m over looking it lol but if not it would be awesome to play together as a team with other people an possibly trade items are combining forts An having clans like on the show walking dead just saying an maybe drive vehicles bikes just unlimited places to go then I’d definitely spend some of my own real cash probably a lot actually lol.

  • Awesome game

    by theceltichulk

    Well I have played a few games my wife started playing this with me and she’s enjoying it and yes for a 3rd person game it’s pretty fun so far we, are only doing campaign l, but still fun we like it enough to do a subscription so that will happen soon.. (Wife’s Comment) the only thing that bothers me is that even though there is a vip setting that you pay for I would of liked to have more free crates contain medi packs and melee items which all cost gold if your not vip.

  • Amazing game but......

    by nightwing7700

    It’s my hands down favorite game to play on my phone but once you get further into the game it takes forever to progress. You have to continue to stock pile resources to eventually get to the next levels of the game which is incredibly frustrating. I don’t mind having my base attacked or vice versa but if you don’t play for more than a day you end up being set back with two days worth of work ahead of you. That is the most annoying part of the game and makes you want to stop playing sometimes.

  • Love this game. But...

    by Jeff_K

    I play this game far and away more then any other mobile game. Love to graphics and content as well as the challenges. But as others of stated it takes so long for upgrades to happen and buying items with real money seems overpriced. While I understand getting development costs back, they could offer diffident level add on packs for 3-5$ to make it more affordable and increase revenue. Or maybe let the player spend a couple bucks so upgrading town time can be cut in half. Just thinking out loud.

  • Good, but..

    by bott132

    I enjoyed the game but cost $$$ to get anything good. Takes to many upgrades(that take to long)to upgrade weapons. Campaign is to short and PVP gets old fast (need more maps). Maybe introduce some new weapons that don’t cost gold would be nice with more power. But IMO it is a fun game to past the time. Just need some minor work. I’ve updated my review to 4 stars the game has improved and I’m enjoying it more. I still wish building up grades didn’t take so long. Maybe a PVP mode that was gun specific would be fun ie shotgun only or sniper rifle only.

  • Good game

    by Honest1oshd

    It is fun and addictive. It can improve when being attacked indoor. It is too dark and can barely see the zombies most of the time. Also when playing PvP, it is most of the time unfair playing against others at much levels with better guns. Strange, I never played against anyone lower level than me. It should be limited to play against others at the same level or within few levels + or - . Also, it would be great to shorten the construction time and the upgrade time of weapons....

  • Disappointed

    by _I am_boog

    From the first day I downloaded this game I couldn’t stop playing because how much I was progressing but now it’s more frustrating because you have to have oil to upgrade everything which isn’t the issue what I don’t understand is if your not playing for a hr or so your oil you collected goes and takes forever to get back up I’ve been replacing oil for the past week an a half always ending in the same amount so I’m not progressing just repeating it’s really making not like the game anymore

  • Capture the intel is so bad design

    by Mimotaktak

    Guys we having a hard time with capture the intel because there are players who have good gear and powerful weapons that we can’t beat them so we are having hard time with this issue please let it be more fun like before and remove the capture the intel it’s okay for us death match No problem we can deal with hard players and powerful weapons no problem but please remove the intel

  • Events

    by terroyzer

    The game is great overall don’t get me wrong. The thing that seems stupid for me are the events. For example every week or so there is a new event in which you can earn extra money or tokens for better gear however, in order to remotely come close to completing one you need to spend money. I get that this game has in game purchases to help you progress faster but there should also be some incentive for everyday players to play these events or just make it actually attainable if you are diligent enough to participate at every single opportunity.

  • Pretty Good But...

    by Hulkcrash10

    If I May Say This Is A Indeed A Incredible Game But If I Could Ask For 1 Favor Its To Create A Character For This Game ————————————————— First Off Im A Black Ops Zombies Fan And I Wished There Was A Game I Could Create Rictofen Or Nikolai But If You Could Put A Create A Character And Put A Couple Of Clothes And Something Like What Nikolai Or Rictofen Are Wearing I Would Like It So Much I’d Give A 10 Star So If You Have The Time To Read This Thank You And Please Add The Create A Character In This Game If You Cant.. Could You Put Rictofen Or Nikolai’s Player Model In If You Could... Thank You And Keep Up The Good Work😌👍🏻

  • Shorten Animations

    by One issue so far

    Fantastic game!! But could you please shorten the animation that occurs after winning or losing a pvp match; especially when a change in rank number occurs. The normal gain or loss of a star should only take a second or two. The gain or loss of a number could still be a second or two. I don’t need to stare at my number changing for 7 seconds before I can move on and reque for another fight. Or simply allow me to touch the screen immediately, if I want, and skip the animation altogether.

  • Good game. PvP is unfair

    by Rjhoop12

    This game is really fun, but pvp is very unfair. If your just starting out and wanna play pvp be ready for very frustrating matches. You’ll have the very first starting weapon and go against a level 10 with a weapon 10 times stronger than yours. Lots of very frustrating deaths from late late late hit registration. Youll pop up shoot 2 rounds and go back down behind cover and 3 sec later the other guy pops and and shoots you when you’ve been behind cover for literally 3 sec. Please fix this this game is so fun but this really needs to be fixed.

  • Very fun zombie shooter

    by Ifitri3000

    The graphics are amazing for a smartphone game. The gameplay is paced well for short sessions (a minute or two per stage) but allows you to play longer when able. You shoot from a fixed position and move only between areas of cover. The lack of movement isn’t an issue to me as the actual shooting aspect is accurate and enjoyable. Definitely recommended!

  • Could actually be something

    by Ed Edd And Eddie!

    Not gonna lie, I had a ton of fun playing this game, only problem is the costs. I accept the fact that someone who makes a product deserves to get some kind of credit, but this is just a bit too expensive. I’m actually willing to buy something that is a bit pricey, but nothing really seems worthy. Again, I like the game, and think that this can be popular or a new trend, but it just feels greedy. I love this game, it’s characters, lore and the game in general and I hope it’s a success.

  • Good Game but has Bugs

    by BCD117

    The Campaign and Raids are fun and challenging, however, the upgrades take time and you are unable to upgrade multiple structures or weapons at the same time. Some updates may take 1 to 2 days to complete leaving you waiting before you can upgrade your weapons. You are able to watch videos for gold and extra fuel, however, there is a bug where after watching the video your reward never comes.

  • Fun

    by zzzzzzzzssssspppp

    The game is a blast, the only beef I have is it takes so long too upgrade your encampment and does get quite expensive. As soon as you upgrade one then you have too up grade another thing and then another thing. The game is very addictive and fun but takes too long too upgrade everything. I definitely recommend this game too friends.

  • It was fun but it got boring.

    by BADCompany73

    It was fun but now it has gotten really boring. Same screens over and over and over and over and over. Get the point. They have tons of maps to use but they use the same three all the time. Helicopter fights guess what the same over and over and over. PVP use two screens and they have four but I only the the other once in a blue moon so same thing over and over and over and over. Lost its pizzazz. Too bad cuz I would really enjoy it if they changed that.

  • Simple mistake

    by ZuelMan

    I like the game, been playing it for abit and I like the zombie idea and the game play. Only major problem I have with it is the pvp aspect. Yeah I like playing against actual people but it’s not fun when I’m a level 3 and it sends me to fight a level 28 whose got 3 times the gear over on me and shinning guns. It’s a simple concept but crazy how I would like a chance at winning and not be a mop on the floor. Bottom line is it’s a fun game on its own just stay away from the pvp area because I doubt the unfairness will change.

  • Perfect example

    by Retsaw

    Of Pay to Win (P2W). If you have cash that you don’t need and want to spend it on a fun game where you can dominate those who don’t have the cash and be the player that everyone hates and wants to be, then download and start paying now! But if you’re looking for a game to casually play and not spend money then don’t even bother. For those wanting to spend, be warned that the price is steep as the reward for your money is marginal. In closing, while the game is fun, it’s expensive to be competitive.

  • Great Game

    by Jordaz2062

    I really like this game a lot it has many options and the graphics are over the top. Been playing for a way and have made gains even without always spending money. When I have spent money to help finish a campaign the deals made it more affordable at 5 dollars instead of ten or more. Please keep up the good work and thank you.

  • Too expensive

    by Slim2nun

    I gave this game 3 stars because it’s too expensive. I like to play but everything costs so much to buy. I have over 60k in game money but I don’t see what you can buy with it. Maybe I’m missing something. I’m stuck at level 4 because my weapon isn’t powerful enough so I have to buy an upgrade. The next upgrade is 370 gold bars. Gold bars run anywhere from $5-$50. I hate to delete it but I’m not paying for gold bars. I’ll stick with my ps4 and Xbox one.

  • It’s okay

    by sodum84

    The game is fun when you’re able to make progress. It takes far too long & way too barrels to update buildings. It takes too long to find other survivors as well & updating equipment. When you want to keep playing (for free) you can’t because moving to the next step takes too much time. I just downloaded the update. Hopefully it’ll be some improvement. Thx.

  • Awesome

    by organ36

    I’ve been playing for a month and I haven’t missed a day since I started playing. This is my favorite game currently and I just wanted to let everyone know. Keep up the good work. Pvp can be challenging but it’s a lot of fun. Zombie mode is fun also. Can’t wait for the next region. Btw looking for a scout and wondering about the traveling merchant

  • Amazing game, hard to play

    by Bigefrommo

    Graphics are amazing, game play through level one and two is pretty good. But this game should be advertised as a free with conditions game. Anything past level 2 requires upgrades that cost, too much money to enjoy. I would continue to play this game but I am stuck on level 3 and see no end in sight because I will spend money on games, but your gold and improvements are WAY to expensive for the casual game player.

  • Great game but...

    by Trev4554

    I really like this game but I really wish you would let us build more building at one time and not make us buy a subscription to be able to build more. Also really wish you would work on is being able to get better things in the loot box. I have never been able to get anything good I always get med kits. Great game but needs to be fixed a little.

  • Great game

    by remc11

    I saw a few reviews on here regarding losing stuff you earned when not playing. Yes, that happens. Not because the developers are stealing fr9m you so you spend money though. It’s because your base was raided by another player. Raid them back. Fun game, the pvp is the best part. The rewards ar3 worth it and if your patient you can progress without spending money. It’s slower but it can happen.

  • Horrible PVP Pairings

    by Blurb Ninja

    While I really enjoy this game, even with all the little flaws such as long wait times in order to be able to upgrade weapons and such, I have to give this two stars because the pvp matchups are literally the worst I have ever seen in any game. I’ve been paired with people who are ten to fifteen levels higher than I am with weapons that can kill me in one hit, making the pvp games pretty much useless to try and frustrating.

  • Great Game but..

    by bhake123

    I love this game, my friend told me about it and we grind it together all the time. This game would be 10 times better if you didn’t have to upgrade your weapon. It makes the campaign slow and boring when you are caught just grinding the unlimited money levels! Which only gives you 200 dollars! Thank and please consider changing the upgrading system.

  • 👍👍👍👍👍

    by Riskylooks

    This game is amazing! I have played enough of these games to know you will have to spend some money. However, you gather quite a few perks and rewards as you play. I play with my headphones on, and the sounds are amazing. The game moves smoothly and I like the fact you get guidance each step of the way.

  • Very slow

    by Tzdvl70

    Giving this 3 stars is fair; would’ve given it 2 and a half stars if I can. I get that the company needs to make money on in app purchase but to improve any building takes very long hours and you can only improve one building at a time unlike other games that let you increase two buildings at a time. And they skim on bonuses. Would’ve been a good game but it’s just too slow. I particularly like the PVP.

  • Best game I’ve played

    by Xena192

    This is an amazing game I’ve been playing it for a while and I’ve had no glitches while playing everything’s good the only thing I don’t like is most of the weapons you have to buy with gold and that’s not easy to get especially a large amount of it

  • Too expensive

    by jlovesj2012

    I’ve spent way too much on this game and I’m sad to say I’m done with it. I don’t mind how long it takes to build up the base and such, it’s upgrading weapons that’s ridiculous. If they could change this feature so that I could actually do missions and play on pvp I’d consider downloading it again. I’ll check back for updates because it’s an otherwise fun game. Little incentive to play though.

  • It’s ok

    by Sooner-pilot

    Wait times for things to be built is absurd, I spend more time waiting and not playing than playing. Levels are too short, and needs different maps. Gets boring playing the same one over and over just to get money to buy stuff. Graphics are good, would like to see more gore when shooting zombies and not have them disappear after you eliminate them.

  • Most ppl dont like to play to advance

    by FanFart

    U see comments about having to pay to play. That is not true if u do missions and save ur gold for resources instead of building u can get thru the game no problem it jus takes time. This is a pull ur phone out game when ur bored not a ps4 game u can complete in one day.

  • Problems loading

    by cat225555555

    I love the game but it keeps taking too long for everything to load including after I win a certain part of the game I have to wait 4 minutes for it to fully load it’s annoying

  • I love it but

    by the real snipestalker

    It has not given me the rewards I purchased or bought with gold in the game I’ve spent real life money and it didn’t give me what I bought and all so if you could fix the PVP bug where if you get behind a obstacle but it will actually stop the shots

  • You either love it or hate it

    by Scoptic-_-Skills

    Personally, I actually enjoy this game. Although I can see what people mean that it’s boring, I think otherwise. It does seem a little repetitive, but still great. One thing I wish this game had, is the ability to customize our hud & also let us move freely. I feel like by adding this, it will enhance the user experience therefore making the game better.

  • Controls

    by BonesJones159

    Over all I think this game is pretty cool. They allow you to earn gold which is great. A lot of different guns and gear. Only think I don’t like as of right now is how your Grenades and health are on the left side. I move my character with my left thumb and I tend to throw grenades when I don’t want to

  • Great game

    by HysterYale14

    Wish there was a way to create an account I made it to region 3 on my last phone it messed up and I had to start all over wasn’t very happy with that wish progress was at least saved somehow but overall it’s been pretty fun playing

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Lucky Jha

    Good game

  • by Dharuma Singh


  • Great Game

    by Al D Moses

    Very addictive!!! It surpasses a lot of other survival horror games with action packed landscapes and pretty good gaming controls to dispense one hell of an experience.

  • PvP is one sided

    by Grimm7

    Great game overall but in the PvP I always seem to get paired with someone significantly stronger than me. Almost always lose. You need to make matches more even so there is a chance of winning. Very frustrating especially during events cause I can’t participate.

  • Great game

    by dut king

    Fun not overly technical and so far missions are short and sweet makes a good game when u don’t have a ton of time but still want to play a game

  • Walker

    by brushyourhairzombiez

    Best game ever

  • Review Great game

    by KyngJai

    Nice game please play.

  • Intense

    by alvarogiron

    Definitely one of the best Zombie games .

  • PVP is a mess

    by 194659292

    I enjoy this game throughly. The big issue is that the servers for pvp never really work for me. I’m constantly getting killed after being behind cover for a at least a solid half a second. I’m also getting shot by opponents before I see them pop up. This needs to be fixed. Takes away from the PVP experience.

  • Game

    by fifi-1350

    It's good

  • Great game

    by brandon&on&on&on

    For whatever reason, I’ve lost all sound in the game. Otherwise fantastic

  • Better match making and comms

    by Gilded-x-hero

    Make it so we can communicate with out other team mate in pvp, thanks

  • cool game, too expensive to continue

    by Dweitni463

    too expensive

  • Excellent Game

    by Fernando El Diablo

    A game good

  • Trouble connecting

    by tony1973$

    Its a fun game but many times it takes me several days to connect with server to play. The problem is not on my end as i can play any other game just fine.

  • LOVE this game but need to buy to go further

    by Vishal119

    I love this game. The graphics are great. The action is fantastic. I would recommend this game over and over but here is the problem. I have reached Level 10 on my headquarters. I cannot move forward to more battles until I upgrade my weapons. To upgrade I need to upgrade my base to 11. I have to upgrade my other structures. It takes 8-12 hours to upgrade a structure. I have to upgrade 5 structures. Once I upgrade all the structures, ten upgrade my base but it needs 10000 barrels of oil. My capacity is only 6000. Guess what, I have t upgrade my tanker another 4 times. It takes 3000 oil to upgrade the tanker. I only have 600 and earn 1000 a day. I have to wait 3 days to upgrade my tanker once. I have to upgrade it 4 times. 12 days. I fight PvP. I love PvP but others bought high powered weapons which kill me in one shot compared to me having to hit them 7-10 times. I either have to buy to proceed with the game or buy to play PvP. I love this game and hate I have to delete it because I have to pay to play. Also unfortunately it is not a $4.99 or even $10.99. I would probably pay. I will have to pay hundreds to continue playing this game.

  • Flee

    by flee808


  • Great game play...

    by Pimpin101

    ....and you can play without spending money...but it seems like requirements increased with the last updates making to more difficult to progress without spending money....but the game won’t pay for itself! I like the 3 game plays: story mode, PVP and helicopter PVP!

  • Great game

    by Scott Zalinger

    Very exciting to play! Really grabs you... unfortunately you have to spend money to advance. That’s the only downfall... otherwise great game

  • Existing game

    by Wolfman 2334

    This is one of the best games I play in this days

  • Nice

    by BurghSwagger

    Great shooter. I don’t play very often but I do log in every day to receive rewards. When I do play I have plenty of supplies and the experience is great. Just be patient, game is a lot of fun 5 stars

  • Zombie hordes events

    by bigpopi6

    This is a cool game but when somebody call you on the phone you lose your chance n your win streak I was at 60 they took that n my round of zombie horde when I gotta phone call in the middle of the game 🥶🤷🏾‍♂️😬🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Favorite game holl wide world.

    by showdoy

    Best game ever

  • DOPE GAME 🔥🔥🔥

    by King.3x

    Glad tht stumbled upon this bored days are officially over! lol

  • Nice

    by m1491

    I like very Interesting game

  • خیلی خوبه!! #division

    by hosein.tnik

    حتما بازی کنید کلن ایرانی هم داره

  • 😒

    by lovegirl360

    U guys need to fix some of the bug issues

  • Great game, but no options to add friends....

    by King of all Archers

    Nearly perfect but there isn’t anyway to play with friends, why is that? Would love to play with a friend who has an android... Why can you develop a good game like this but not be able to be open to multiplayer with friends? I find it pointless, but besides this, great game...

  • Fun at first.

    by Bry Man Photo

    At first it’s fun and you can move up levels quickly. The game is designed for the newer player unless you want to drop lots of money to upgrade your base and stats. Now I’ve been stuck in the same place for a month because I don’t want to pay monthly..

  • Dope!

    by jay bello

    By far best iOS game I’ve played. The developers made it where you’ll have to spend money to move forward faster which can be a bit inconvenient, the deals on the other hand aren’t expensive buuuuut if you don’t pay attention you’ll spend way more than you intended too. My only suggestion would be to make it less about spending money and more about the enjoyment of the game without the pressure of continuous purchases. Promo codes should give a little more, free crates should be a little better as wells. Selling old weapons should absolutely be an option especially when you’re looking for ways to upgrade current weapons.

  • Best mobile game I have ever played

    by ijayzo liberia

    This game have becomes part of me I just hope the developer will add a offline playing time to it cause if no internet no playing that is bad for we that live in Africa 😜👈🏿

  • Best game ever

    by viverachi

    You would never stop playing the game

  • Problems loading

    by cat225555555

    I love the game but it keeps taking too long for everything to load including after I win a certain part of the game I have to wait 4 minutes for it to fully load it’s annoying

  • Hoards of fun

    by SlitzStixk

    Super stoked about this game. Only downside, to make any sort of advancement quickly, you have to pay or make subscriptions. Someone’s gotta make dat money doh! If your patient, it’s a good way to zone out.

  • A review

    by ya boi ali-a

    It’s okay.

  • Fight

    by cthkufuctfumftukutfuft

    Game rocks

  • Hi

    by jackzeac

    I really looooooooooovvvvvvvve this game but the only flaw is how hard it is to get pieces of guns

  • It’s GREAT

    by MacD1539

    Simply amazing platform to play

  • Left to survive

    by Security40

    Love the game



    I was on WRONG! I did exactly what the instructions said, it WORKED! Very TEAM!

  • Left to survive

    by runwild357

    Great game, but I wish u could actually walk around and make level longer.

  • Awesome game

    by Primetime2380

    Great game!!!! Unlike other games as your base upgrades theres tons of other things u can do such as story line,pvp,heli missions,and more. A++.

  • Juego divertido y entrenido

    by el gran ugueto

    Muy bueno!!!

  • Pay to play

    by Preacher18

    I don’t like how you have to pay to make any real headway

  • Kool

    by Leftlanetrucker


  • Decent game

    by bigAssBallz69

    Decent app very addictive

  • Great game

    by remc11

    I saw a few reviews on here regarding losing stuff you earned when not playing. Yes, that happens. Not because the developers are stealing fr9m you so you spend money though. It’s because your base was raided by another player. Raid them back. Fun game, the pvp is the best part. The rewards ar3 worth it and if your patient you can progress without spending money. It’s slower but it can happen.

  • Love it

    by Footer24

    I love this game. Awesome visuals and realistic. Play it everyday. And also go buy a lot of gold for the game. Only setback. But love the guns and sceneries

  • It’s ok

    by Sooner-pilot

    Wait times for things to be built is absurd, I spend more time waiting and not playing than playing. Levels are too short, and needs different maps. Gets boring playing the same one over and over just to get money to buy stuff. Graphics are good, would like to see more gore when shooting zombies and not have them disappear after you eliminate them.

  • Rip off

    by jeffeydalhmer

    I really enjoyed this game, bought some gold to new playing. Once I got to map 5 I had to “evolve” my weapon? Really after all the time and money I put in the game wants a stupid upgrade. I stopped playing once they stated asking for me to buy crates. Good game have a great ideas just done the wrong way. Smh

  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    by Hollifer26

    Love this game and I normally don’t care much for these types. Love it

  • Hi

    by DionEris

    Great game, I love it and highly recommended to everyone.

  • Amazing game

    by Dr pepper boiyo

    I’ve had this game for a few days and I feel like it is the only game I play now. It has absolutely amazing graphics for a mobile game. It’s a mix of clash of clans and a TPS. You level up your base but you also go out and kill zombies, a perfect mix. They also have a PvP mode, you can do online 2v2’s or 1v1’s. You update your guns as you play missions and you practically never run out of your energy because you farm it (it produces at a decent speed). Overall 10/10 game and I would recommend it to anyone who plays a lot of mobile games.

  • Amazing game

    by Kazezay

    Really great job with this game y'all need to bring back Skylanders battlegrounds fright fight league of Anime those were really amazing games I don't know why y'all keep taking good games off the AppStore just because it gets low rating that doesn't mean it's not a good game they need to make something for iPhone that you can download any game like android with apk Files that would be really dope and that way if you're taking off the market and people still them they have a way to get the game back

  • 💪🏽

    by seba💪🏽


  • Not bad

    by professor bizar

    The graphics are amazing,the game play his smooth,very few glitches. The environment is intricate with stunning detail. The only draw back to this game is, there is only so far you can go in game, without spending a fortune. To progress.

  • Great Game

    by Chapulincolorado68

    The most entertained zombie game to date .

  • Awesome zombie game


    This game has good graphics I would recommend this game to anybody into zombie shooting games and challenges but I think this game could be a little better like adding more guns and adding new zombies but otherwise this would be a great game.Also it is a addictive game in my opinion I love this game so much I play it everyday! So I hope you guys like the game as much as I do I game this game a five star and the game over done it self and good luck if you make it out alive😉 peoples do you know how hard the creator work on his he deserves better and thank you creator for making this game 😀

  • Vicki Diamond

    by sonnyblack2001

    Glitches need to be fix

  • Advertising

    by Guardedspike16

    Your advertisement really made me want to download warface and I did because of you guys so thanks for the great advertising

  • 2 cool

    by bearaxed

    Base building is cool, but the combat Rocks!

  • Optional

    by georgianoy

    I like this game but it doesn’t have a good zombie frontier type of move to it

  • All around good

    by codygreer27

    It’s a all around game but for some reason it won’t let me upgrade my gear ( helmet, vest, etc...) it says check my internet connection but yet my internet (WiFi) work fine with the rest of the game please fix

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Left to Survive: Zombie PvP Shooter

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