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Learn French for Beginners

Learn French for Beginners

Zeemish Labs

Learn French for Beginners in 31 Days

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Editor’s Review

  1. Speaking French for beginners! Learn a variety of words, phrases and key sentences crucial for business and travel
  2. Multiple ways to nail down your French: lessons, courses, audio, activities and quizzes
  3. Access audio and written lessons, from the alphabet to phrases to vocabulary and more

Reviewed by Kaylin on January 11, 2019

Review Highlights

  • helpful

    in 161 reviews

    Very helpful. There is a quiz to help us learn our mistakes and test our abilities

  • easy to use

    in 38 reviews

    This is app is is so easy to use and helped me alot in learning.

App Description

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Learn how to speak French with lessons, courses, audio, activities and quizzes, including the alphabet, phrases, vocabulary, pronunciation, parts of speeches, grammar and many more.

CLass 1 : Basics
-Alphabets Quiz
-Vowels Theory
-Vowels Pronunciation
-Alphabets Charts
-Numbers Theory
-Numbers Audio
-Numbers Quiz
- Noun
- Pronoun
- Verb
- Adjective
- Adverb
- Preposition
- Conjunction
- Body Parts
- Fruits and Vegetables
- 100 Common Words
- Vocabulary a-z

Class 2: Greetings
-Study List
-Slide Show
-English to French Reading Quiz
-French to English Reading Quiz
-English to French Listening Quiz
-French to English Listening Quiz

Class 3: Polite Expressions
Class 4 : Praise
Class 5: Days, Months and Seasons
Class 6 : Climate
Class 7 : Time
Class 8 : Common Questions
Class 9 : Directions
Class 10 : Instructions
Class 11 : Health and Safety
Class 12 : Shifts and Pay
Class 13 : Around the Office
Class 14 : Animals
Class 15 : Tools and Equipment
Class 16 : Measurement
Class 17 : People
Class 18 : Crops and Plants
Class 19 : Holidays and Sympathies
Class 20 : Agriculture
Class 21 : Food and Drink
Class 22 : Love
Class 23 : Physical Appearance
Class 24 : Conversation Starters
Class 25 : Internet Terms
Class 26 : House

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Learn French for Beginners

Learn French for Beginners

4.5 4K+ Reviews

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