La Vuelta19 presented by ŠKODA

La Vuelta19 presented by ŠKODA

Unipublic S.A

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  • Following la vuelta in a glimpse Sep 13, 2019

    By fzofzo
    Watching TV is very time consuming, it could take you minutes to see where all your cyclists are. With the app is very easy and fast. The visualizations and info at the racecenter is dense and simple. Just one question what is the megaphone icon for?
  • Excellent app! Aug 21, 2017

    By ekknox
    Great video clips and stage summaries.
  • Bad in 2014 Not much better in 2015 Aug 25, 2015

    By HentiCat
    I was very unhappy with the app last year and this year is only marginally better. At least it loads this year which is more than Eventec could manage last year but there's limited video and I can't get sound from it. The paid app for Le Tour is excellent and has been for years. This is an afterthought. If you want people to pay so they can watch the event no matter where they are in the world people will use the app. If you give away something that has limited functionality and doesn't work as it should expect nothing but criticism and ridicule.
  • Terrible Aug 28, 2014

    By BryanJV
    Nothing seems to work right on it. Hard to navigate. Content doesn't load. Riders last names are cutoff in the standings.
  • Garbage Sep 1, 2014

    By Colokean
    This app is garbage, all the data is stale from 2013. Find it to be a joke that all the official websites for La Vuelta recommend to download this app.
  • Malísima Sep 2, 2014

    By Jsrocharx
    Que aplicación tan fiasco, desactualizada desde el principio, que mala App. No la bajen
  • No funciona Sep 1, 2014

    Desde antes de empezar la vuelta no ha funcionado. Bases no tiene. Sin datos. Solo los equipos, mapas y posicion de corredores . Pero lo importante nada. Muy mala. Borrenla de