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Kwit - quit smoking for good - smoking cessation

Kwit - quit smoking for good - smoking cessation

Kwit SAS

Quit smoking & become the ultimate Kwitter! Stop smoking habit & have fun!🚭

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App Description

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Use Kwit – Quit smoking for good – Smoking cessation to quit smoking for good, get tips to avoid cravings and reach the highest achievements. Make use of one of the most efficient and innovative stop smoking apps free for your mobile device. See why games, achievements and social media can be one of the best way to quit smoking!

This health app for your android can help you quit smoking for good using various game techniques, mechanics and thinking to encourage you to stop smoking. You will be able to access many statistics with information about how much time passed since you smoked your last cigarette, how money you saved and how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked. All these statistics you can monitor in live with this quit smoking app.

With this smoking app for your android you can get many achievements depending on the time that passed since you quit smoking. About 84 achievements you can unlock to see all the benefits of stopping smoking. Try to become the ultimate Kwitter with getting high rankings! With this smoking cessation, you are able to shake your phone and get a motivational card. With more than 200 available cards on this quit smoking app you will get through the cravings easier.

Unlock new achievements and get high rankings on this health app. Use Social media to share your achievements on this smoking app, help and motivate your friends to stop smoking.

✔️Quit smoking using various game techniques and mechanisms
✔️Unlock 84 achievements to see benefits of stopping smoking
✔️Get high rankings and become ultimate Kwitter
✔️Shake your phone and get more than 200 motivational cards
✔️Share progress on social media
✔️For phones and tablets
✔️Free for download

Quit smoking with this amazing app, get through your cravings and share achievements with friends.
See why we have been reviewed as one of the best way to quit smoking.
Download it now for FREE!

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Kwit - quit smoking for good - smoking cessation

Kwit - quit smoking for good - smoking cessation

4.4 2K+ Reviews

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