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KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

Compare flights, hotels and rental cars, track flights, get cheap travel deals.

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72.5% Positive Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Aaron N

    I like the layout and everything. I think my biggest suggestion would be to set up the "explore" option so that once you select a place to fly to, you can then search for hotels. If im going to go to a random place because I can get cheap flights, I'm also going to want to figure out where I can stay.

  • A joy to use

    by RedXIII_

    Kayak has been a fantastic company to use for anything travel! & has continued to impress me with their fun and very easy to use features. Airline companies often set standard pricing for their flights and the caveat that the normal person is looking for it matching all these flights with their specific needs i.e. layover timeline, # of bags, airline make/model, & flight times. A ‘Good Deal’ is a very generalized term and many other apps use that as their main means of persuasion when in fact it’s clear that sites like Kayak are so good at categorizing exactly what meets your needs and alining airliners to your schedule, like advertised they have a multitude of tools like bag number and layover timeline settings with a accurate representation of what the cost will be regardless if it is two separate companies. If you choose a flight selection that has a 2 hour layover for one airliner and you select ‘book’ the airliners website which it directs you to within the app has that selection already selected. I could go on and on about how easy and secure this app is to use so please give it a try.

  • I love this app

    by H3110 101

    I got this app for one plane flight, simple as that. I was planning on deleting it right after because I thought I had no use for it. But then I started to realize that any trips I was planning on taking would show up on this app and would be organized by time and date (because I connected my email). I’m planning on taking an Amtrak to the airport and then back again & accidentally chose the wrong date for the train back, and because Kayak organizes the trips so well, I was able to catch that but if not for this app, that would have been $20 down the bin & a missed class. I honestly love this app because there are no annoying adds that pop up when I’m trying to figure my plans out & it helps me organize everything so well. It also works offline when I’m looking at my already planned trips which will help out a lot when I’m abroad. I don’t use the search tool within the app for hotels cars or flights, but they have that option as well.

  • by Kelyee

    We booked our trip to Paris using Kayak. This is a great app. It has trip notification you can track the price drop and rises. Their when to buy when it's the cheapest was an excellent tool. We booked three tickets for under $700 each (estimated.) I gave a 4 star because I haven't use their hotel and car rental tools. I'm sure it's great.

  • Great Site

    by A1y2a3n4a5

    I've been using Kayak to book my flights for about 2 years now. I like them. Only thing that would make it better was if you could filter what types of flights you wanted for alert emails. I have two kids I'm flighting with this time and even though my last two flights basic economy was a great option because I'm not particular about where I sit, this time around I need to ensure my boys are beside me. I get really excited to see a price in a email just to see it's basic economy and the regular economy tickets are like $40 more. $40 difference is a lot when you need 3 of them. Another great improvement would be being able to mix and match the flight there and the flight back. Since we're going to New York to visit my fiancé I want a really early flight to get there and a late afternoon to come back. Sometimes they add up like that but usually they don't. I could book them separate but it would be a lot easier if they could just be chosen like that. Those are my only complaints. Still like and will use the site.

  • by Kimber Anderson

    i really like that you can have an open ended destination. i like to take short jaunts here and there, so it helps me pick where to go. I do wish there was a way to set up email alerts with more specific criteria. instead of staying within a certain radius, i would like to stay outside a radius - in my case, i don't want anything within 1K miles. but it is an easy app to use and the notifications are actually helpful and not overbearing in frequency.

  • Love KAYAK

    by Colonel Brian M

    As a retired military officer I’m entitled to “Space Available” flights on military aircraft. For the past five years I’ve taken advantage of this to fly from Travis AFB in California, through Yokota AFB in Japan to my final destination in Singapore. That’s when I start using KAYAK to investigate and book flights throughout South East Asia. Using KAYAK I’ve been able to comfortably book flights to Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and the Philippines. I also use KAYAK to get me to and from Orlando to Sacramento to start and finish the free portion of my travel from California. I’ve tried other travel sites and always return to KAYAK. I particularly like the feature allowing me to check the day before and after a travel date to get the cheapest flight. I don’t know how we’ll KAYAK works in other parts of the world, but where I travel it’s clearly the best.

  • Great except for one thing

    by Maddie1975

    The app is amazing. It is beautifully designed and works amazing. I only have one problem with it. It won’t let you search for a “youth’s” flight with no adult. Anyone above 12 is allowed to fly by themselves. They have a “youth” listed as a person between 12-17, whereas a “child” is 2-11. It would seem that they have this separated for the purpose of allowing someone to look at prices for just a youth; However, even when the youth ticket is added, when you try and delete the adult ticket selected on default, it will tell you that there must be one adult traveling. This makes it harder for me because different airlines charge different fees for unaccompanied minors, especially the ones that charge for the unaccompanied minor service no matter their age. As I am trying to book a flight for 2 teenagers, this is necessary for me. Disregarding that, the app is the most user friendly and easy to use booking apps I’ve seen.

  • by French Spud

    Great app, use it 6-7 times a year for domestic and international flights. Great experience, efficient and user friendly.

  • by Gregory Turner

    I used this app to book my trip over seas and was informed by the hotel I booked thru Agoda (thru the Kayak app) that it would be closed down due to government regulations. I canceled but was informed that thru the app that I wouldn't get a refund. Agoda is untrustworthy. They stole money. update: Agoda did refund my money after some communications and things worked out. booked another trip this time thru Kayak but it doesnt show up in the "My Trips" section. not sure why

  • Update!

    by Kwalter11

    This is such a good app so much better than Trip It or any of the other travel apps. But I really wish there was a way to automatically add the same passengers to different flights. So you don't have to add the same info for the same passenger over and over again. Also I wish that after you have put in a passenger/travellers info including their ticket number and seat number it would load mobile boarding passes onto the app for that flight. Or you could import mobile boarding passes. Keep up the good work Kayak. If you add these suggestions it will be 6 stars. P.S. I also wish you could change the profile of the travelers. P.P.S. Could you please add more games to do offline on your flight like: Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles,Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, Etc... -#1 fan

  • by Pamela Galan

    This app has always been my go to when trying to plan and schedule for trips. It makes everything so much more accessible and flexible to my routine. They even put up different websites selling a same ticket at similar or more affordable prices.

  • Kayak’s trip info is excellent

    by YuTube2U

    I LOVE this app. Yeah, it does a great job finding flights, cars and hotels but it’s real gem, the thing that makes this The Travel App is how it helps organize your trip. Everything neatly organized, in order. You can simply send your booking receipts to an email address and it organizes everything for you in one neat place. You can even pull up the booking receipt in the app, even if not generated by Kayak. There’s a cool way to show your taxi driver the address in a way that she doesn’t need to use reading glasses. One click and it’ll give you directions on your choice of Waze, google maps or Apple maps. This app Gets it Right. Way to go guys!!

  • Not always updated or working

    by H2018A

    It seems your recommendation for price change is not always appearing. Sometimes it recommends to wait as the prices will drop and sometimes does not show up at all. Then you want to follow it, but even the next day it does not tell anything, it makes it confusing to decide on waiting or buying the ticket at that time or still continue waiting as was suggested a day before. You buy the ticket due to uncertainty of the idea that in fact prices are still going up in those two days then after a week it starts showing up to wait again as the prices will drop. This is not costumer friendly. It is valuable to have such option for following, but if not consistent it becomes tricky.

  • by Arash Zolghadr

    Great app, best feature is that it shows total hotel cost including tax and fees that are typically hidden and hard to find. I wish it had the price chart feature and general dest like "Europe" similar to Google flights. What most travel companies dont understand, is that people typically had a target budget but not a specific destination. Imagine an app being able to search: Two week trip, must leave Fri, must be back on Sun, Non-stop flights, Europe, anytime in the next 6 months.

  • by Genvieve Robins

    I have been exploring this app fo 2 days now, so I am still getting acquainted with it. I shall return with a better review later. But so far so good. I like having options from all types of booking sites. ~TOODLES~

  • Great app, can improve

    by SriniVR

    Kayak is a great app, and I really like the explore feature. I have found great deals using this feature. With the explore feature you can set the filters to narrow down by month and $ amounts. However, once you select a destination to look at actual flights, and then try to go back see other flight destinations - you cannot...the search results are lost and you have to start over the search and reapply the filters, making it frustrating. Wish there was a way to go back to the explore search results with the applied filters.

  • by Feroz Feroz

    Exceptional - saved a lot of money creating own trips. Saved more than travel agents. Please add a search function allowing to choose Airbus or Boeing etc, followed by model number.

  • Ok for searching flights

    by 2man73

    Using this to compare flights. Works ok if you know how to work around the issues. Airlines are smartening up and for example offer very reasonable prices until you discover that your first checked bag, your hand luggage, your meal and who knows what else all cost extra, so to really compare apples to apples gets harder and harder. Also, what I don’t like are the constant nagging to register and constant app updates that seem to bring no new functionality (and it’s fine, if it does what it needs to do I don’t need an update - but it seems like I’ll be able to price compare my baggage cart, coffee, travel literature and parking garage soon once the developers run out of ideas) and just seem to be done to remind people to use the app.

  • by Meka L

    Love this app. been using for a few years and never had any issues. I like that I can see all airlines in one place. Every now and then find amazing flight deals

  • by Agha Ameeq

    This app is awsome. I am really surprised this app has such a great feature of tracking flights.

  • Why Kayak is the greatest must have travel app

    by Kmass81

    Today on southwest at 4am my flight was cancelled. No email from southwest, no call, no text. Without kayak I wouldn’t have known about this cancellation until arriving at the airport. Upon immediate notification of the cancellation kayak emailed me saying your flight has been cancelled this is your confirmation number here is southwests number to contact them etc etc. i never take the time to write reviews but this is by far the most pivotal program that kayak can have. Alerts before the actual companies you pay alert you.

  • by pranav kancharlawar

    amazing app for booking tickets. lowest rates they are offering. best app on the planet for flight booking.

  • And I thought it was just for booking flights!?!

    by debdebtig

    Recently went on a cross country trip and found that Kayak was more helpful than even the airline app. It tells you how long you can expect to take through security. And more importantly, how long it will take to get to the next get when you change flights. It has been spot on! You can also checkin from Kayak. The reminders have been a huge help. They almost seem to get flight updates BEFORE the airline app!

  • by Michael Janes

    Of all the apps and sites I have ever used (and believe me, I've used them all) KAYAK is my absolute favorite!

  • Please improve the watchlist

    by doxzero

    It’s a great app I use a lot, but it would be nice to have additional parameters in the watch list like a range of trip duration. A lot of times the chap flights being suggested are just not long enough and I would prefer to be able to just set the parameter to however many days max/min range I’m interested in to filter out the noise. Maybe that’s the answer, just allow day range as a filter option. Excellent work. I really enjoy and often use what you folks have created and I hope you will let your whole team know that.

  • by Mario

    mostly a great app, BUT you need to kick Snap Travel off your platform. They're garbage! They charge you immediately, but don't tell you it could take HOURS to actually check in to your room. If you have any issues, they have a No Refunds policy, so you're basically screwed.

  • I love using kayak

    by Herbicles

    I am an avid traveler of the globe. I only use kayak for plane tix, but I love the way it is set up and the idea behind it to begin with. I especially like the forecasted wait or buy label they added at the top. The only thing I wish they would add is the ability to enter a specific date range without a destination. There is a whole subculture of peeps who just want to travel on a budget, regardless of where. LonelyPlanet+ Hostelworld make their living off this type of traveler.

  • by Pravesh Bansal

    It really works.Prevents you from all the hassle of finding cheap air tickets. It does the job perfectly.

  • Best of the best

    by alejandra1814

    This app is my one and only go to app for travel. I love the feature that syncs your email reservations with the app because it will display your whole trip in a very organized manner, even if you book something outside of kayak. Although, I recommend using Kayak for bookings, they always have lowest prices. I just love this app so much. For someone that likes to keep things organized, and all in one place, this is the app for you.

  • My go to

    by Martha Twain

    I use a lot of discount sites and kayak usually has their price meet or beat. Can be a bit frustrating using the watch list feature as it often isn’t accurate when you actually try to book-still a big time and money saver. I recommend it often to friends, acquaintances, and coworkers. Experiences last and things don’t, everyone should travel more.

  • Easy and informative

    by CritterGuardian

    Kayak has been my default travel biking source for years. I use it for flights and hotels but have not yet used it to book a car. Easy to use, competitive pricing in search results. I like the notifications for flight delays. When my flights have been delayed Kayak had the update but the airlines app did not update to reflect the delays. Useful, helpful, and recommended.

  • More Than Other Apps

    by TessieTrueblue

    I have used every travel app out there and this one is my favorite. It eliminates the need to check the others because it does that for you, in addition to researching special rates the hotel has. That’s how I found a great price for the hotel I’m staying in right now. Clean and classic accommodations for a bargain. That’s what I use travel apps for and what Kyack delivers. I will keep on depending on it. 5 stars.

  • Not just for flights

    by atr747

    Great app, I use it all the time not only for myself but also to help others. The feature that I use the most is the trip planner, is so easy to use and the notifications about gates, and delays are super handy. I get notified by the app before the airline reports the delay. Having all the info about my trip at the tip of my fingers has been a life saver in many occasions. Very useful

  • Tracking flights minute by minute

    by jerumaria

    Love this app! Excellent for buying tickets and also for tracking flights already in effect. I love the fact that’s all in the same app. Clean User Interface, clean maps. When family comes over from overseas, I can check if their flights are on time or delayed easily.

  • Great App

    by Awesome music streaming app

    This app is awesome. I prefer the interface and filters to all of the other sites and the fact that they also search the other sites to find the best deal is brilliant. However I'm pretty sure that they used to have a feature that allowed me to search for flights a few days back and a few days forward from a specified date and now I can't find that feature. That's why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.

  • Love Kayak but the app is buggy lately

    by ammusic27

    I’ve been a Kayak user for several years now and have always had a good experience. As of late, however, the app has been extremely buggy for me. It takes FOREVER to load flight options and sometimes it freezes up. Perhaps this is just an issue with my phone, but hopefully if others report the same thing they will look into it. Will still continue to use Kayak, but probably via browser instead of app.

  • Kayak is so reliable

    by Diffi Cult

    I have used Kayak for years and it beats all the others hands down. Always great fares and hacker fares too. Never had a problem with tickets. If you can be open minded about dates and places that’s the best. Makes travel so easy and guilt free with these prices. Just have to read what is included in the fare and know what you want! Difficult

  • I wanted to take a canoe but went with Kayak

    by Chidder Chat

    I never travel anymore without using or at least checking out Kayak. Kayak makes it so easy to compare prices and get an idea of what I should or will be paying for my trip. Definitely have made some great memories over the past couple years that wouldn't have happened without Kayak.

  • Simply the best travel booking app

    by Anonymous. Fjdfjshdiw

    So easy to use with by far the best interface, and I especially love the explore feature. You always get the lowest prices. It also has awesome filtering tools so you are able to narrow down choices that exactly fit your needs. Overall a beautifully designed app, I love Kayak and won’t use any other.

  • Booking at my fingertips.

    by Daisy*05

    As I have been traveling often to facilitate my parents moving closer to home. I am finding I need hotels more and more. I love the ease of the app and booking on the go. Constantly comparing prices and location and functionality of each location to my needs at that time. Thanks kayak ! Well done!

  • Latest updates ruined it

    by IUSeymore

    Everything was working fine until the last couple of updates. Now, when I go to save a search on my Watch List, it changes the dates and drops all the flights (which then makes notifications pointless). Seems like a nasty bug. Use something else more reliable until this app is fixed.

  • Gets the job done... must of the time.

    by User 74

    The app gets it right... must of the time. However, there are some bugs and “fine prints” in this app that can make your travel interesting experience a bit more complicated than you wish. Maybe the app should have embedded warnings letting you know about possible situations you may encounter due to how fluid airline rules and regulations are. Also, based on the region you traveling, suggestions and warnings.

  • Gets the job done... must of the time.

    by User 74

    The app gets it right... must of the time. However, there are some bugs and “fine prints” in this app that can make your travel interesting experience a bit more complicated than you wish. Maybe the app should have embedded warnings letting you know about possible situations you may encounter due to how fluid airline rules and regulations are. Also, based on the region you traveling, suggestions and warnings.

  • Great app. Frequent user

    by || KP ||

    One improvement I always wished for is that I can save the filters. With every search, I need to set the filter again for my flights. I wish there is a way to lock and save my filters. Other than that, it’s a great app for searching the best available flight for the money. 5 stars!!!

  • Explore

    by maysagg

    I liked the app because I was able to do explore and look at tickets all over the world around my desired travel time. It must have just changed and I don’t really like it. I’ve been able to get crazy good tickets from the US to Europe and Asia because of the explore feature. I love to travel and when I see a good deal I never hesitate to buy the ticket right then and there. Really hope that they bring it back to the app!

  • Love this app !!


    My go to app at least twice a day to check the flights prices, compare, play with dates. Easy to utilize, 99% of the time the cheapest pricing in the whole entire web. Sends notifications before, during and after flights so you don’t get messed up on the road.

  • Used to be great...

    by Y2K'

    What happened.... I use the explore part of the app to get most of my flights. The newest update has made it where you can't select out of the country, and the even with in the states it won't work. I would give it a one star but I have used this app with handful of times with great success, I wish you guys wouldn't have ruined it. Make this App Great again With every update this app is getting worse and worse...

  • Quick & easy with great prices

    by KatieM1234

    Title says it all. It compares many airlines, hotels, and car rental companies in one place for quick cheap travel bookings. Southwest isn’t on kayak however, so be sure to check that separately. I use this app all the time... even to just curiously check the cost of flights sometimes.

  • Fantastic and flexible

    by FriscoNative

    Love this app for airline tickets. Many options presented, and the best part is the ability to sort search results by several variables. You can choose the amount of time for a layover, or remove certain airports from the list. Easy to use, excellent presentation and navigation.

  • No better planning app for travel!!!

    by shaunposey78

    I always use Kayak to plan all my traveling. The filters for flights allow me to quickly find the perfect flight to meet my needs. Plus, it’s super-easy to share travel info with my friends and family. There’s simply no better app to use!!

  • Great when it works!

    by ama_1

    I love this app. The best feature is how it compares prices on different platforms and presents the best one. App feedback: The app has been crashing on the latest update and i cannot save anything to my watch list. Deleting/reinstalling doesn't resolve the issues. iOS 12.1.4

  • Overall very good

    by Nomad_76

    I have been using this app for years for most of my travel plans. Only wish there was an option to set default filters ... for instance, I usually only search my alliance when looking for flights and it's a little cumbersome to apply new filters every time. However, still a great app for travel!

  • Won't show original e-mail receipt

    by BQ33

    Generally love this app. But recent versions block you from viewing your original email travel receipt (despite supposed option to do so) unless you are an "authorized user." I am the ONLY user, & logged in. Not clear how I "authorize" myself.

  • Traveling is easy wherever I go

    by livin89lyfe

    I just got back from a trip to Guadalajara, Jalisco. I remember when it was a pain to travel to Mexico. Kayak makes it easy to travel out there and have never had issues with hotels or flights when out in Mexico or in the States.

  • Only downloaded it 5 minutes ago...Absolutely Love it

    by nipponfraser

    This is the best travel app I’ve ever seen! Absolutely amazing how it organizes your trips from your email address and the reservation you send to that address. Makes planning trips easier than any other application. Love it!

  • Great app!

    by Order upppp fan

    I love the indicator to buy or wait! Plus the app searches airlines that some of the other flight search apps don’t include in their searches. They also mix match different airlines for the cheapest price. Another thing not many search apps do. I generally find the cheapest flights on here!

  • Overall great but flight tracking is terrible

    by DoxtypAKA

    Very convenient for looking up flights and booking. Interface is clean and just works. But flight tracking is just broken beyond belief - map is wrong, flights don't update, flight info is incorrect ( for example it routinely displays info for the previous leg of the flight). App is five stars if flight tracker is fixed.

  • Always helpful in planning trips and getting updated info to pickup your loved ones

    by 13khangura

    This app has made life so easier and gives you updated info when I am planning to pick my loved ones from airport. Also helpful in planning trips.

  • Each update forces me to delete the app

    by Tac196

    This problem needs to be fixed because each time I update this app it make searching flights saying error it’s so annoying and I have to delete the app and reinstall it and it’s works again please fix this please. And you remove most in flight amenities feature for this app to so please bring them back.

  • My go to...4 all things travel. i’ve never been let down… Thanks guys

    by Fashionfigure

    This is a great app. I’ve been using it for several years and have booker many trips through it successfully. I’m always happy with the prices and the places that I’ve stayed in.

  • Flights are great!

    by cheeseball408

    I always use kayak to get the best deals on flights when I visit home and I fly out twice a year. Sometimes I don’t get the notifications when my flights change so it is a hassle to sit at the airport and wait to see if they can do anything and then wait even more to catch a new flight but what can you expect with prices this low?

  • Easy to use

    by Dr Marg

    Very much like the way the information is displayed. It’s clear and easy to understand. Information on the site loads quickly. Haven’t booked anything as yet but will come back when I’m ready to book.

  • Great travel app for business

    by Nelsonal760

    This is a great app for business travelers you should allow us to block airlines. I myself will never ever fly Spirit for example. Other than that I enjoy all the features including the search for airfare and hotels keep up the great work!

  • Just Awesome!

    by JDP12323

    Literally everything I look for in a travel app/website. They have the cheapest flight options as well as costs of flights all over the country if you’re looking to travel but aren’t sure where.

  • Best travel app ever!

    by Torrance Carroll

    Kayaks Trips feature is extremely useful, tracks flights, lets you know if a flights been delayed or a gate change. Makes it easy to book hotels between stops. Mobile and web apps are equally fantastic.

  • Became just another app

    by Victorpdj

    Not great prices anymore. Google flights is where all flights, possible combinations and best prices are found. Only use Kayak to forward the trips and have them there on the app. You really can’t find cheap flights here anymore as it used to be. For full fare flights might as well just book with the airline app. Used to love Kayak Latest IOS. Iphone SE

  • Great, until you try to reserve seats

    by jd2020

    Kayak did a great job of helping me understand the options for an upcoming trip. However when I tried to book a flight it refused to save my seats or indicate they were saved. Kayak was helpful enough to tell me there might be an extra fee to book seats later. Great but I ended up going to the airline website anyway. #Kayakfail.

  • Kayak delivers in app for too :)

    by Mick Nengis

    Kayak is always such a terrific travel resource and there app is incredibly user friendly both for travel search as well as keeping all your travel info organized in one easy to find spot. Thanks guys

  • Tired them all this is the best

    by SenorDosXs

    I book trips for my whole family multiple times a year. And Ive found Kayak is leaps and bounds beyond other budget flight websites/apps. Best filters options to find just the right flight. My go to app!

  • First Trip

    by TravelMan135

    I took my first trip out of the country to Spain and Kayak made the trip so much easier. The way that the app is organized makes it really easy to use and not only that but they had the best prices as well. Really good app.

  • Great app...but!

    by Cikejiikejic

    Love this app but I’ve noticed you no longer have the price listening in the price forecast section. This was very useful for me and you could correlate the graph with the actual price and see if a drop on the graph was worth waiting the monetary value. Please bring this feature back!

  • glitching during search results scroll

    by playabilityjackson

    the app glitches during long search result scroll. user cannot even select other tab. I believe something happens in the main thread, because I’m on iPhone X (which is latest by the time of posting this review).

  • LOVE

    by Suzette_tj6

    I keep this app on my phone YEAR ROUND because they are so great and easy to use for quick searches. I love that they have “hacker” fares which combine different flights that will get you to and back to where you need to go at the best price possible!

  • Everything for travel in one app!!

    by Radventure Dad

    I really love the way the Kayak app encompasses all of your travel itinerary in one app! Everything syncs together, the reminders and notifications are timely and prudent. Navigation is simple and quick!

  • New Itinerary Feature is AMAZING

    by brentgrab

    Somehow they figured out how to aggregate all your flight, hotel, & car itineraries into one beautiful flow shown by trip right from within the Kayak app. Uh Mazing! Less time spent manually typing in my itineraries in phone calendar now.

  • In a crunch

    by Stankylegg

    I have used this app for many years. I have done several trips without plans or a place to stay. This app has helped me find cheap hotels/motels on several occasions. Between this app and air b&b I can keep traveling the way like, Care free!!

  • I am very glad to have this app

    by Sayed ilyas

    Its extremely helpful app, in term of finding cheap price for flights, hotels and renting car, also the latest update on your flights are available, i am so happy to have this app

  • Best app for traveling

    by Ijakdo

    I use other apps for other purposes but this is the best for air traveling for me. Right information at the right time. Extremely accurate so no need to look up and search. Thanks guys you are the best

  • Flight search needs help

    by Kkbmwt

    On a Computer you can search duration of trip but this is not a filter in mobile. I’ve been searching for a flight to the Caribbean for months and every time I do on mobile I get all excited when it finally drops below $900 until I realize it’s a trip for 3 days.

  • Pretty Good

    by Ellieanna_128

    When I try to look at flights and save them to my trip, it always says 'not available,' which it didn't do before the update. Otherwise, I like everything!!

  • Love the filters

    by halawisalah

    Many applications give you the prices and routes, however this app allows you to filter many items as well as avoiding pushing on you “sponsored” ads , flights and hotels.

  • Best flight search tool

    by Seamckit

    I have used this tool for years and always goto it to find flights and set alerts for certain destinations when prices change. It is an excellent tool

  • Mkhatib

    by sgrimp

    Ive used kayak for my flight booking for about 10 years and have always found the best deal on airfare and love the fact that they keep a watch on my flight to make sure I get the best deals.

  • Wish I could search "anywhere" like web

    by Sophidanyo

    This is a great app I love using it over any other type but the web version is great because you can search anywhere or you can search a place without an exact date.

  • Backpacked Europe All Last Minute

    by dan0763866

    With this beauty of an app and website, I backpacked all last minute and cost effectively from London to Lisbon to Rome to Prague to Amsterdam then back to NYC with ease. Seriously Kayak is super dope. Not need to download anything else unless you wanna clutter your phone storage.

  • Windsor Boutique

    by stacipod

    This is our favorite spot in Asheville. My hubby and I including the fur babies stay here every year we visit NC. Interesting to find out this year the hotel isn’t dog friendly, very disappointing! Hopefully the new owners will eventually make this hotel pet friendly again.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Danny Hernandez

    The best, easy and more information in detail, el mejor sitio en la web para consegún los mejores precios disponibles

  • by Bruce Depping

    Good car rental saves $125. USD.

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    by Giselda Castille

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  • by Mavlud Kibarov

    Perfect app

  • by Adam Schwenk


  • Awesome site. Easy to navigate.

    by Me

    Really good site to find best deal. I always use it.

  • by papa ka beta

    Very good

  • by French Spud

    Great app, use it 6-7 times a year for domestic and international flights. Great experience, efficient and user friendly.

  • by Luise Sommers

    Easy to use and good prices.

  • Not what it used to be

    by s01010

    Now owned by, kayak is just worse. They show some flights that don’t exist and give inaccurate prices from airlines.

  • Great app

    by sjdubeje

    Love the app, just wish it would save my watchlist for longer time period

  • More Than Other Apps

    by TessieTrueblue

    I have used every travel app out there and this one is my favorite. It eliminates the need to check the others because it does that for you, in addition to researching special rates the hotel has. That’s how I found a great price for the hotel I’m staying in right now. Clean and classic accommodations for a bargain. That’s what I use travel apps for and what Kyack delivers. I will keep on depending on it. 5 stars.

  • Mrs. Williams

    by Monica326

    Great app. I use it for all my travel needs.

  • Flight watch

    by EricAndrsn

    I would like to be able to restrict flight searches by time of day, like MSP-LAX to arrive before 1pm PDT, and LAX-MSP depart after 4pm PDT.

  • Very nice service

    by sandymoe

    Love to travel with kayak

  • Love It

    by Szolnokred

    This is one of the better travel apps ... intuitive, easy to use, everything you want at your fingertips!

  • Great App. Makes planning our trips a breeze.

    by travelers best app

    I love this app and use it, almost, daily.

  • Easy to use finds the best deals

    by jgk5317

    Great for multiple choices of prices and stops.

  • Very good prices

    by adamdudev09

    Keep it up

  • Important

    by bardia gh

    Plz add on your filters “all inclusive” option

  • Good

    by La shannon

    Seems to be pretty good I like there prices

  • Inaccurate availability

    by Cloudblot

    Used to love the app. But lately I have found that rooms appear to be available from both snaptravel and kayak but once you click through or share sms info in the former case, there is no availability. I ended up using my company’s Concur tool to get accurate availability.

  • Love this app

    by Dchavez519

    This is an awesome app.

  • Great

    by jaya bule

    Never got over price

  • Track Any Flight

    by NCAA Fanatic

    Awesome app, user friendly able to track any airline!

  • Crashes

    by hepfesta

    The app has been crashing since the last update. (Only exception is if turn the phone off and, back on, then open the App for the first time.)

  • Always a go-to

    by galaxy blasta

    While always having another option is good for affordable traveling, Kayak is functionally the only app I use for travel. Feature rich customizations make it simple to find the best flights. _ _ KYLE LONGACRE 949-698-2645

  • Crashing

    by Bassem's Review

    Since last update yesterday and the app keeps crashing. Hope they fix it as soonest. I love this app and use it on daily basis.

  • Air travel

    by CPL BrainMelt

    Used it once saved me money using it again they’re great tried several other companies Definitely the right choice

  • Son lo máximo!

    by VaneDK

    Súper feliz con el servicio de esta app

  • So easy

    by Maria_cruz1981

    Love it!

  • Amazing app

    by PeterRojas1986

    This amazing app helps me a lot! I can see all infomation related to my trips (past and upcoming). Excellent five starts

  • Angie M

    by Angee813

    Greatest travel site I’ve used. Gives you so many options. Really great

  • -

    by rohunter

    Great site. Recommended!!

  • Great tool

    by 7337(73)82(36*37)28(3*$3

    Great tool!

  • Buena app para buscar vuelos

    by José G. G.

    Me gustan las alertas que te envía para conocer el mejor momento para comprar boletos.

  • Excelentes precios

    by Humber2303

    Lo maximo

  • It's fine.

    by PSA fan

    Helpful for finding flights. Wish they had features for finding cheap flights last minute without specific destinations.

  • Fantastic and flexible

    by FriscoNative

    Love this app for airline tickets. Many options presented, and the best part is the ability to sort search results by several variables. You can choose the amount of time for a layover, or remove certain airports from the list. Easy to use, excellent presentation and navigation.

  • Nothing like Kayak

    by cherryblossom85

    Easiest app. Best prices. Tried and True


    by orchid_blue_

    There’s a minigame thing in the settings, and it won’t let me jump high enough to win. But app is nice

  • XO

    by Lexus Ethiopia

    Fast & Easy!

  • Traveling is easy wherever I go

    by livin89lyfe

    I just got back from a trip to Guadalajara, Jalisco. I remember when it was a pain to travel to Mexico. Kayak makes it easy to travel out there and have never had issues with hotels or flights when out in Mexico or in the States.

  • Kayak is my go to

    by Dolphin Seeker

    I’ve booked a few things through Kayak. Have never had a problem & always find good deals.

  • Me encanta

    by arariik

    Me encanta la aplicación aquí es donde todos buscan los mejores viajes

  • Easy and cost saving

    by LizinYtown

    Love the recommendations to buy now or wait

  • Kayak is totally awesome!!

    by Adams012301

    I don’t use any other app to find flights, kayak does the best job.

  • Nice

    by wilfree88


  • Viaje

    by vueloMariz

    Excelente atención

  • Best app for finding deals on airline prices

    by the craziest of cat ladies

    I love this app. It has helped me save so much money while booking travel

  • Multiple options

    by pickles596

    Loads fast. Love multiple options of flexible dates.

  • Improvements

    by manoelkuznetsov

    There is always someway to make it better

  • I am very glad to have this app

    by Sayed ilyas

    Its extremely helpful app, in term of finding cheap price for flights, hotels and renting car, also the latest update on your flights are available, i am so happy to have this app

  • Love tracking flights in real-time so I can be at the airport just in time to pick people up.

    by P0131


  • First step for all flight and car searches!

    by Briefski

    Easy, fast and accurate. What more is there to say?

  • Lots of possibilities, all in one place!

    by lindylu52

    App works well.

  • Always Go Here First

    by HumiditySucks

    Since the beginning, Kayak set the standard for aggregated travel info and booking. Always go here first!

  • Pleased

    by RpOntario

    Kayak has been my partner in my trips both personal and business for many years. This site has been very helpful for me. I am pleased with its services including the Price Alerts

  • Extraordinary Concierge services.

    by AMP-1

    Took care of all reminders, savings suggestions, best deals on Hotels, airfare, car rentals, and more. I wouldn’t use any other Vacation search app. AMP1

  • Great App

    by fettejk

    Keeps me up to date on changes in fares...!!!!

  • Apple watch titles get cut off

    by Pasta pasta

    Please fix it

  • Amazing app.


    Keep doing the good work, the app is amazing!!

  • So much easier than checking multiple sites

    by CovertGuy

    See updates in real time. This is my go to app. No more checking multiple apps only to lose out on the best price.

  • More options to choose from!!!

    by next trip!

    I have tried so many websites for my flight around the word, I found Kayak the best.

  • Military fairs?

    by marcdewain

    Love your app and I have always find your fairs are very competitive. Was wondering is there a military active duty option. I know some companies support a discount for active duty or veterans. I haven’t seen it on any other apps maybe your company can be the first.

  • Fiscardo Stay

    by greektnt

    One of the best places I could recommend to stay at in Fiscardo. Adonis is a great owner, and a great host! I’ve been back and will continue to go back. Bravo!! Harry Spanos

  • Fast, Easy, Helpful

    by CoolKidAllen

    This app is literally a joy to use!

  • Great Deals

    by Kitten_12234444

    Serve as a great advisor and deals to travel around the world. I used it often, hope you too as well. Felix

  • Amazing!

    by Paul4450

    I travel domestically & internationally extensively. This App has made my travels SO much easier! Not only do I get great pricing, the service, follow up, convenience, and organization of my travel, is amazing! I recommend it to everyone! I have used it for over a year & have NEVER been disappointed! Thank you to Kayak! Paul Salisbury

  • Andrew96

    by Toño60


  • Deals

    by JalW14

    I’ve gotten so many great prices from flights to hotels.

  • Great travel app

    by Tones1313

    I’ve used it for travel for years, I’d never switch.

  • Flights A1

    by Mak Dogz

    Amazing for finding a flexible and inexpensive flight

  • David Rexroat

    by david rexroat

    Best site out there for planning a trip

  • Nice.

    by albert g!

    Nice. Appt

  • Buenas opciones

    by Enrique600

    Agradable información de todos los hoteles y ofertas

  • The best

    by Austinzac

    Simply the best travel app there is..

  • Great App!

    by Peter's Mac Book Pro 2018

    This app is Amazing it will let you know next time to buy flight. I recommend it 100%

  • Hans

    by Coby1950

    Ik heb nog geen tickets geboekt maar ik hou wel van de site Ik vlieg 3 a 4x per jaar naar Florida en daarom ben ik altijd op zoek naar de beste tickets

  • Bueno

    by tx chulis

    Es algo complicado entrar directo a su página a comprar

  • Can you include quick view seat chart link on each listing

    by Tmackay

    You need to set search criteria for am or pm when booking flights

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